Despite Four Previous Benghazi Attacks – US Refused Even “Standard Security” at Consulate (Video)

There were four previous Islamist attacks in Benghazi since June.

One of the attacks was an IED atack at the US Consulate on June 6, 2012.

Yet, the Obama Administration refused to provide even “standard security” at the consulate compound.
The BBC reported, via Free Republic:

The US consulate in Benghazi, where the US ambassador to Libya died in an attack on Tuesday, was not given the standard security contract offered to many American diplomatic missions in the Middle East, private military contractors have told the BBC.

The consulate’s walls were breached in just 15 minutes, guards were outgunned and overwhelmed and four US personnel were killed, including the Ambassador, J Christopher Stevens.

US embassies and consulates in areas of the world where they are deemed liable to attack are usually offered a formal security contract called a Worldwide Protective Services Agreement, known in the industry as a ‘Wips’.

The contract, or so-called tasking order, is between the US state department and any one of several major private military contractors such as DynCorp International and Aegis Defence Services.

Under this agreement, extensive security precautions are put in place, including low-profile armoured vehicles, run-flat tyres, sufficient weapons, ammunition and trained personnel, as well as a tried and tested command and control system.

But sources have told the BBC that on the advice of a US diplomatic regional security officer, the mission in Benghazi was not given the full contract despite lobbying by private contractors.

Instead, the US consulate was guarded externally by a force of local Libyan militia, many of whom reportedly put down their weapons and fled once the mission came under concerted attack.

Good Lord, our murdered ambassador didn’t stand a chance.
And, yet the state-run media was more worried about ambushing Mitt Romney?

Then there’s this…
** Libyan Officials Claim US Was Warned 3 DAYS BEFORE Deadly Benghazi Consulate Attack
** State Department Scrubs Damning Memo From Website Following Deadly 9-11 Consulate Attacks

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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Don’t tell me – increased security would have offended the locals, right? RIGHT?

  • Multitude

    Hey Obama!

    Edward Said called (yea, from the grave). He wants that freaking Peace Prize back.

    Leave it to Mr. Professor (who strangely didn’t show up for class, and according to credible sources, had a D average but was remarkably advanced to elite ranks) to get it wrong on the philosophy he claims profoundly influenced his vision.

    Said, were he alive today, would clearly point out that Obama is “orientalizing” the Middle East. “Why, them folks are noble savages, so colorful and innocent in their worship of their faith and all. That is, until some corrupt Western filmmaker comes along and contaminates their perfect mind with such horrible thoughts. That kind of encounter is an infection, a violence that the lesser mind of the native cannot handle without being angered, irrationally so. Why, those movies are causing great agitation and violence because the noble savage cannot possibly know what to do when confronted with them!”

    In simple talk, Obama is an arrogant bigot. A hater. A racist. He looks down upon Islamic people, making them out to be simpletons: idiots moved by the trickery of a movie. This is the contemporary analog of blackface, of referring to Blacks as “such simple but musical people. Emotional, of course! Hell, they can’t entertain a rational thought if their lives depended on it. But my, are they a musical people, with their dancin’ and singin’ and movin’.”

    You’re a racist, Barack Obama, and Edward Said would call you out for it.

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  • Texas_Treeroach

    Standard Security?
    How can you bring up the subject of “Standard Security” at a time like this?

    We’re talking about a President who, until a few days ago, likely and innocently suspected that Ben Ghazi was nothing more than a sympathetic and deep-pocketed Hollywood actor; or possibly one of the mis-remembered Arab States (There are, after all, 57 – and he [at one remote time] correctly tried to equate them with our own — for our own edification, of course).

    You MUST be understanding at a time like this; and NOT accusatory: There is golf – golf, ad infinitum for this poor over-taxed man; and there are fundraisers; and there are meetings (that do not, of course. include national security briefings); — and please do not forget the endless radio and TV interviews on airwaves that no one has ever heard of. Priorities are premium, people. What more can a reasonable person expect of our President?

    For you to bring up “standard security” at a time like this is unconscionable. Even our Secretary of State cannot be expected to insure that the detailed and mundane aspects of “standard security” are addressed and managed in light of the prevailing circumstances of her impossible schedule. Please remember that Hillary Clinton embarked upon nothing less than a Columbian expedition, a protracted Olympic tax-payer covered world tour of discovery. Time was limited and the itinerary, deep (who can find fault her, when considering the husband?)

    With all of these dazzling circumstances in mind, we must all broaden our own perception of Presidential and State responsibility. Is it any wonder that a slight and inconsequential oversight of “standard security” slipped quietly by, while the lives of patriots were silenced forever?

  • Economan

    Once a person decides that innocent life is cheap and disposable, their conscience becomes damaged and the only life that matters is their own. What matters to Obama is Obama and damn everything else.

  • lynno

    Oh, November can’t come soon enough!!! Please American voters please vote this fraud out of office. I’m going to the hills and wait out the next four years if Obama get re-elected. I want to die in the same country I was born in.

  • Spartan

    This is exactly why Romney came out with that presser the other day and why he’s getting hammered by the media and the administration!

    If its true what Rush said on Friday, that Romney started getting intelligence reports last week? Then he could see what was taking place! And judging from the information pouring in now. It was clear to him at that point, that we indeed have amateurs running our country! And that’s putting it nicely!

    So BRAVO Mr. Romney for showing us all what true leadership is.

  • BarbaraS

    Could it possibly be that this whole shebang was part of obama’s master plan? We never could figure out why he bombed Libya in the first place. I’m not going along with the theory obama is stupid. I don’t think that for one minute. And I wouldn’t put it past him to use this potential crisis as a distraction for his horrible record. He sure is callious enough. And it probably went further than he planned and is coming back to bite him.

  • BarbaraS

    Also, I hope the answer to the question of why was Stevens at that consulate at that time in the first place, I hope he came to burn crucial papers. That is usually the first thing embassies and consulates do when attacked. I wonder if we will ever know.

  • BarbaraS

    Also, I hope the answer to the question of why was Stevens at that consulate at that time in the first place, I hope he came to burn or shred crucial papers. That is usually the first thing embassies and consulates do when attacked. I wonder if we will ever know.

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  • Limousine Barry

    What’s wrong? I had to gut security at our embassies!

    Your better off now then you were four years ago! Just ask our Ambassadors… well, ask the ones that are still alive!

    Let me be clear, it takes a lot of money to run my election. The Booze, the Coke, and the weed… it all adds up! I spent millions on my crappy Rap Los Vegas fund raiser – and I still lost money!

    That is one of the reasons why I had to gut the security for our crappy Embassies in the Middle East.

    Besides, who cares about them? I don’t! So, what if our embassies are plundered, the American Flag burned, The Black flag of Terrorists put on the flag pole and our Ambassadors slaughtered?

    So what if it looks like I am weak. I have a campaign to run! Screw American Ambassadors! Money come first. I may lose my limo and my job!

    If you like the way that I stab Americans in the back and cause Gas Prices to go Sky High – then vote for me! And, this is important. Have a garage sale and give me your money. My crappy campaign is going bust!

    What? You lost your house and don’t have a garage? Well, just steal some of your neighbors stuff and take it to a local pawn shop. Remember to send me the money! My campaign eats money like a pig.

    My bus is running out of expensive fuel and Davy Asselrod has a new scam for my Hollywood Talking Heads – they always vote for me!

    It’s a version of the Brooklyn Bridge scam where I sell some idiot donor my Jumbo Jet for $3,000,000.00! They I take the money and have Eric Holder arrest him for offering a bribe to me! Ha-Ha!

    My campaign my suck but once I fleece my Hollywood donors it will suck worse. Good day.

  • Stan

    How much of a brain-dead Obama-bot must the ambassador have been to not only accept this post, but remain in it under these circumstances being revealed. He’s a sap. Or he was a sap that fed the crocodile that is Islam.

  • Americans tend to learn quickly from our mistakes… yet the nation seems to be in a protracted denial re. Obama and the press.

    Lets hope this shameful debacle at last exposes to all this vile regime and their MSM bootlicks for what they are… diningenuous, self serving SCUM

  • nobody in the democratic party-media complex will think there is anything wrong with this. talking about it is bad.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    To the sycophants in the Commie DNC Propaganda Machine (dba ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and NPR), the ONLY thing wrong about this whole situation is having the audacity to mention any of it while on the air.

  • bg



    ‘I will stand with the Muslims should the
    political winds shift in an ugly direction.’

    September 16, 2012

    Forensic profiler: Meet Obama – the ‘sandman’

    [“The track record of Obama’s pronouncements on a wide range of issues
    suggests that anything he says is a message written in sand, and easily
    blown away by the next political winds.”

    trust me, there are not only people who have listened, but have
    proved to be quite prophetic proficient and prescient at reading
    between Barry Dunham Soetoro Barack Hussein Obama (by any
    other name) lines.. yeah, like this crazy old lady trying to warn
    you of the dangers the Obama’s have not only wrought US.. but
    heaven help US, what is coming, because “You ain’t seen nothin’
    yet!” ~ BHO *sigh*


  • mike191

    Paging David Brooks: Hubris always trumps common sense,something you and President 44 both lack.Post 6 ,sums up the intellect of Obama: “…Ben Ghazi was nothing more Than a Hollywood deep- pocketed actor..”This is the” mensa, “Brooks and others in the vaunted “Fourth Estate” prop up ,while the Nation decays under his Presidentcy.

  • bg



    September 11/12, 2012

    US ambassador killed in ‘co-ordinated al Qaeda revenge
    attack by terrorists who used Libyan Mohammed movie
    protest as cover’

    [Officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they
    were not authorized to publicly discuss troop movements.

    It is believed that the attack, which occurred on the 11th
    anniversary of the September 11 attacks, was a planned
    ambush carried out by terrorists using a pro-Islam protest
    as cover.]

    Obama administration warned of possible
    attacks, but failed to take precautions

    [Sources close to U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration revealed that White House officials apparently received warnings that there were threats made to attack as many as seven U.S. missions in the Middle East, on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, as early as September 4. Sources also revealed that additional warnings were received a few days later, with similar information, but that all of the warnings were largely ignored by the administration. Normally when such warnings are received by the administration, the threat level is raised at U.S. installations around the world. At this point, there is no evidence that the Obama administration communicated the warnings with Consular officials in Libya or Egypt in advance of attacks that took place Monday in Benghazi, Libya and Cairo, Egypt, leaving the U.S. Ambassador to Libya and three other Americans dead, with eight others wounded, including some U.S. military personnel.]

    more here (#1 – page 1) & here & scroll thread for more..


  • bg


    on FNS w/Wallace

    Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee
    on Intelligence.. U.S. Representative Mike Rogers..

    many in Egypt & the Middle East haven’t seen the film yet..


  • Chris

    This is because Muslims are peaceful and they wouldn’t dare storm a US embassy and murder, rape or burn anything. Oh wait….

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  • They knew. As a former intel type who helped prepare PDBs for Reagan it’s an insult to say that they didn’t know and that there was no intel.

    I’ve called on my former colleagues to get out the truth, leak, leak, leak. Amb. Stevens, two former seals and the best gamer in history deserve better.


    Well what do you expect? What with hardly any beefed up security and then NOT allowing the marines to carry LIVE ammo? They were shooting bean bag rounds !!! This state department is DISGRACEFUL

  • Sean

    In solidarity with those who died,Obama should give himself the same level of security as he offered them.

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  • Skandia Recluse

    The Obama administration gets repeated, multiple warnings, from multiple sources, and refuses even minimal security at the Bengazhi consulate. Instead, The Obama Administration prepares a rational to explain away any protest, even violent protest, by blaming an unknown and obscure youtube video. Then, claiming the youtube video incites violence, the Obama Administration prepares the US population for limits on free speech. Limits which can be used in a second Obama term to limit public criticism of The Obama Administration; criticism that will be labeled hate speech, and racist speech, and anti-government incitement.

    This is not an accident.

  • Patty

    The White House and Press Create a Fairy Tale Version of History



    Many in the World Trade Center chose to jump to their deaths, but Christopher Stevens chose to remain inside and die rather than face the tender mercies of his attackers. Stevens had spent enough time in Libya to have seen what the jihadist fighters did to their captives and must have known what horrors he could expect at their hands. The photos that have been released, along with claims by Libyan jihadists that they sexually assaulted his corpse, suggest that he made the right choice. And perhaps in those final moments, facing that terrible choice, Christopher Stevens finally understood the true horror of the Muslim world that he had fallen in love with as a Peace Corps volunteer.

    “He was an avid student of Islam and the Middle East, and consistently strove to build the proverbial bridge between our two cultures in the face of sometimes overwhelming antagonism and bitter misunderstanding,” a friend from the diplomatic service tells us. But though Christopher Stevens may have studied Islam, he had learned very little about it, and so his final lesson was the bloody one that Westerners who never really learn what Islam is about end up receiving.

    “The world needs more Chris Stevenses,” Hillary Clinton said, but does it really? Does it need more tall dead blond Americans lying bloodied in the gutters of Muslim cities? Does it need men who give up the hopes and dreams of their country to take on the dreams of their enemies without ever realizing where the fatal road of those dreams leads?

    None of this seems to be making any impact on the White House operations. Obama neglected to attend the intelligence briefing before the attacks and didn’t participate in the briefing afterward, choosing instead to fly off to Las Vegas for yet another fundraiser. Maybe Leon Panetta should try to find a way to combine the briefings with the fundraisers.

    Christopher Stevens Feeds the Crocodile

    The only reason Christopher Stevens had lasted this long is that the jihadist fighters had known a useful man when they met him. And Stevens proved to be very useful, but his usefulness ended with Gaddafi’s death. Once the US successfully overthrew Gaddafi and began focusing on stabilizing Libya, Stevens ceased to be a useful idiot and became a useless nuisance. Attacks soon followed on the Benghazi consulate and on other consulates as well, but the Marines were not brought in and Stevens continued relying on local goodwill to secure his offices. It was only a matter of time until the attackers got through.

    Stevens, like Clinton and Obama, made the hopes of Islamists his own and they repaid him for it, just as Afghans repaid America for supporting them against the Soviet Union, as Lebanon and Somalia repaid America’s peacekeeping efforts by killing American troops and on down the litany of gratitude in bombs and bullets that have come America’s way from the Muslim world.

  • Valerie

    This information, if true, suggests that somebody in the US government was, at minimum, careless with this particular diplomat’s life. Other actions by this administration, such as the Fast & Furious program, suggest the same carelessness for the lives of other agents and citizens of other countries.

  • Patty

    The Day Obama Became Toxic: After Libya, We Cannot Trust Him—Barack Must Fall

    Is it really possible the President of the United States was informed Muslim radicals were ready to strike American embassies, yet literally did nothing to warn them or bolster security? If so, Barack’s presidency is no longer tenable. If the US had credible knowledge of an impending Libyan embassy attack and took no defensive measures—this government must not stand.

    If Obama knew of the threat, and was indifferent, he is therefore morally unfit to lead, and perhaps suffering from a grave mental or character defect. Or, Barack did not know, and therefore cannot possibly be actually in command of his position, and therefore—is likewise unfit to lead

    There can be no other interpretation of events. The world is suddenly so dangerous, we Americans must return to our senses to save ourselves and the rest of the free world. It is time to end this diseased experiment in political correctness, and progressive fantasies.

  • Patty

    There can be no other interpretation of events. The world is suddenly so dangerous, we Americans must return to our senses to save ourselves and the rest of the free world. It is time to end this diseased experiment in political correctness, and progressive fantasies.

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS LINE. And we are not socialists. It is the wrong direction for America before Obama and even more since Obama and he couldn’t be more of an example why America has been downgraded economically and in the Vision in which other nations see us.

  • mstarfish

    Here are 95 examples of Barack Obama’s lying, lawbreaking, corruption, and cronyism:


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  • Michele

    I have read that Benghazi doesn’t even have an embassy or consulate.

  • Francesca

    “But sources have told the BBC that on the advice of a US diplomatic regional security officer, the mission in Benghazi was not given the full contract despite lobbying by private contractors.”

    HOW can we learn who this US diplomatic regional security officer is? He is either a fool or a traitor.

  • Eric Nordstrom

    Of course, what the BBC and Private Military Contractors fail to mention is that the Government of Libya has upheld and reissued a degree that made foreign armed security illegal in Libya. The BBC should know better since the UK Embassy was in the process of replacing its contractors with Control Risks and Garda with direct employees.

  • WarEagle82

    Wonder how long it is going to take to fill State Department the vacancies in Libya?

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