WHITE HOUSE WAS WARNED – Islamists Said They Would “Burn the Embassy Down on 9-11”

The US released a report before 9-11 warning of possible Islamist violence.

The protest in Cairo on 9-11 included a “Who’s who” of radical Islamic thugs – including the brother of Al-Qaeda number two Ayman al-Zawahiri (on left). The sons of the blind sheik, terrorist Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman (on right above) were also in attendance.

A report filed by the Department of Homeland Security warned that Islamists would burn down the US Embassy “with everyone in it” if the US did not release the blind sheikh.
FOX News reported:

Fox News has obtained a three-page intelligence report showing that two days before the deadly attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya, a statement incited “sons of Egypt” to pressure America to release the so-called blind sheikh “even if it requires burning the embassy down with everyone in it.”

The web statement, apparently posted on Sept. 9, was in reference to the embassy in Egypt. It preceded a throng of demonstrators breaching the U.S. Embassy wall in Cairo, supposedly in protest over an anti-Islam film. Obama administration officials claim that attackers in Libya then took their cue from Cairo and seized the opportunity to attack the consulate in Benghazi.

Though the administration’s version of events is still evolving, the three-page Department of Homeland Security intelligence report further highlights potential threats that were being picked up before last week’s attack.

The DHS report, released on Sept. 11, said an “unidentified user” on an Arabic-language forum posted the statement “inciting Egyptians to target the U.S. Embassy, indicating the U.S. Embassy shouldn’t remain in Egypt” until Omar Abdel-Rahman, also known as the blind sheikh, is released. Abdel-Rahman, who played a role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and other attacks, is serving a life sentence in U.S. prison.

Also, Islamist webistes called to burn down the embassy several days before 9-11.
MEMRI Blog reported:

Prominent Shumoukh Member Calls To Burn Down U.S. Embassy In Egypt With All Staff Inside In Order To Pressure U.S. To Release Blind Sheikh

Nasser Al-Qaeda, a prominent writer on the Jihadi forum Shumoukh Al-Islam suggested burning down the U.S. embassy in Egypt with all workers inside in order to pressure the U.S. to release Sheikh ‘Omar ‘Abd Al-Rahman aka the Blind Sheikh.

Commentary has more.

Maybe this explains why the Obama Administration scrubbed a State Department posting that said there were no threats on 9-11.

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  • Bill Mitchell

    If you ever wondered whether Gallup favors Democrats wonder no more. Look at this headline and article:

    Voters’ Reaction to Romney’s “47%” Comments Tilts Negative

    September 19, 2012
    Thirty-six percent of voters say GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s “47%” comments make them less likely to vote for him, while 20% say the comments make them more likely to vote for him and 43% say the comments won’t make a difference.

    In other words, the vast majority says it makes no difference at all. In addition, the question should have been, did Romney’s words make you shift your vote from Romney to Obama? The 36% who said it hurt Romney were most likely voting for Obama anyway.

    So, THIS was the story that was supposed to KILL Romney’s candidacy and apparently, the VAST MAJORITY either liked it or don’t care.

    When Gallup says, tilts negative, he is comparing 36% who didn’t like it against 64% who either liked it or don’t give a damn. Someone they stretch “tilts negative” from this.

  • mg4us

    Eventually the truth will come out

    Obama Lies – Ambassador dies
    Obama Lies – Americans dies

    Need to rid our country of this POS pox ASAP. . .

    He doesn’t even know what the National Debt is. . the dimwit president hasn’t a freakin’ clue as to how much debt his redistribution policies have cost us. . .That is welfare mentality

    Letterman throws out $10 Tril. . (which is close to half of what dumb$#it spent). . we crossed $16 trillion a while ago. .soon it will be approaching $17 Tril and by year end $18 Tril. . .

    OBAMA is an affirmative action disgrace. . .and a liar at that!

    but what is worse is MSM talking heads lying and distorting the truth to prop this idiot up. .so who then is the bigger fool?

  • Bill Mitchell

    You know what I learned watching Obama on Letterman trying to answer the debt question? Obama does NOT like to be challenged. He gets pissed.

    This does not bode well for him in the debates.

    6 weeks of bad news and 3 debates in which he is likely to struggle and we are tied now? This is looking for like a Romney landslide by the moment.

  • Bill Mitchell

    During the debates Romney should say, “Oh Mr President, the national debt is $16 trillion. I noticed you seemed to forget on David Letterman…”

  • jonnot

    I don’t know what FOX is talking about–this information was rerported by Breitbart, or DC or maybe Agence France Press (I can’t remember now exactly where I read it) on line nearly a week BEFORE the attack on the Egyptian Embassy. Not only the blind sheik, the demands were also for the release of all Egyptian prisoners held at Gitmo and other US fascilities around the world. That this should be announced now by FOX as something new is ridiculous. These threats were made well in advance of the events…and summarily ignored by BOTH the White House and the State Department.

  • Bronson

    You guys realize that what the Obama and the MSM are attempting to pull is something would make Goebbels stand up applaud right?

  • bg


    New Info Reveals Terror Attack Was Planned

    much more here, in connecting links, and threads..


  • bg


    ht Patty

    SHOCK (not): Obama To Apologize To Muslims For Mohammed
    Movie By Freeing Blind Sheikh Who Bombed World Trade Center

    Lockerbie part two.. Obama’s revenge for
    the powers that be for taking Gaddafi out..

    Leader of the Green Committees Movement Addresses the World

    click & scroll for more here & here ..


  • donh

    MB wants the Dajjal * Blind Shiek * released….using terror to extort his release….Obama bowing…..Our nation should be on HIGHEST RED ALERT …A major terror attack appears to be in process of going down…..All the fingering of the movie ” innocence of muslims ” is laying the groundwork for blame….All the angry mobs distracting our embassy staff…disrupting our spy networks….This is manufactured chaos to overwhelm the chatter box monitors and enable the muslim trigger team to penetrate our defenses and detonate a WMD.

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  • squeaky

    [SHOCK (not): Obama To Apologize To Muslims For Mohammed Movie By Freeing Blind Sheikh Who Bombed World Trade Center]
    hmmm? even if they don’t release him doesn’t mean that they weren’t planning too. something about getting caught with your hands in the cookie jar. heard that the guy had a blood transfusion…wonder who the donor was [tsk tsk tsk]. vicious rumors and all.

  • Jenny

    What the heck did they have against the Ambassador? They knew and did nothing. . . murder by terrorist?

  • WoW

    Evidently we are at “war” with terrorists so just a thought. Execute ALL terrorist prisoners before the weekend to show we WILL NOT SURRENDER

  • Patty

    I would suppose that when Obama says the Muslims will keep us safe. We are doomed.

    Obama tells Letterman he expects the Muslim world to ‘keep our people safe’


  • coolidgerules

    Hotel maids don’t scrub this much. Scrub, steal, incinerate, lie, hide, subvert. Nothing that the DC Politburo does can stand on its own merit. Even with mouthpieces in the media.

  • US Navy Corpseman

    This was covered in the intel briefings that Jugears skipped to play golf and beg for money.

    Of course he had ‘no knowledge’ – he’s a cowering, clueless twit.

  • Whistleblower
  • aprilnovember811

    So, how do we know they’ll ignore it when they plot an attack on our soil in the near future. Hear that media? I hope it’s you at ground zero. I wouldn’t life a finger to help you. I hope you all die, for the monster you created.

  • anti-bho

    See moslems?
    No flag burning, killing, and brainless rampage when idiocy is ‘revealed’ to Christians. And although she’s not the pick of the litter this woman is secure in her first amendment right to discuss a subject such as this without fear for her life.

    Doubts over Harvard claim of ‘Jesus’ Wife’ papyrus


  • Flintstone F.

    Hillary still has a job.

    Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, still dead.

  • flyover

    Bad Santa?

  • bg


    re: Jenny #12 – page 1 September 19, 2012 at 3:28 pm

    just my deducing..

    payback for Barry’s Mammy Qaddafi
    & two more SEALS for Osama Obama..

    [Chris Stevens, an American who risked his life to help Libyans
    overthrow dictator Moammar Gadhafi, was killed overnight in
    the former rebel capital of Benghazi — a city he helped save,
    making it an especially tragic place for him to die, President
    Obama said Wednesday.

    An Arabic speaker who loved Libya and understood it deeply,
    Stevens died along with three other Americans when an angry
    mob stormed the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. He was the first
    U.S. ambassador to be killed in the line of duty since 1979.]

    and just a little reminder:

    Shock Audio: New Black Panther Leader & Farrakhan
    Colluded With Ahmadinejad to Overthrow America ….

    more in comments, unfortunately a lot of
    links have been ‘disappeared’, go figure..


  • bg



    September 12, 2012

    Sunday Times front page story on ‘Islamic child brides

    [“Muslim clerics in Britain are prepared to conduct sharia marriages
    involving child brides as young as twelve, an investigation by The
    Sunday Times has discovered.

    “Two imams told an undercover reporter that they would be willing to
    officiate at the wedding of an underage girl to a man in his twenties,
    despite the possibility of the youngster then having sex with her


  • bg
  • bg


    re: #24 – page 1 September 19, 2012 at 11:08 pm bg

    oh crap, they switched links..

    Ayatollah Khomeini’s Religious Teachings
    on Marriage, Divorce and Relationships ..

    between GP’s new set up, along with Obama’s black hole
    machine, way too many links are being “disappeared”.. 😡


  • His lack of leadership on the economy has gotten us to record debt and high employment, despite laudering billions of American tax dollars to his Union (UAW) buddies and cronies (Solyndra), Now the shine has fallen off his diplomacy strategy, kissing Mooslims asses and apologizing for American exceptionalism. while they hate us even more. The terrorists recognize weakness. Fort Hood and a dead US Ambassador. At least George W. kept us safe. Ozero is the worst President ever, and his naivity and narcissism represents a clear and present danger to everything that was good about the US. He is the Destroyer, by his own hand and his arrogance and incompetence. He is a cancer that must be removed in November.

  • H/T Gateway Pundit for what appears to be a true grit American spirit about its Commenting procedures. Whatever DISQUS does not like, DISQUS does not post. The problem with that is that its ‘EDIT MINISTRY’ has a manic pro-censorship charter to shill for Obama’s Anti-American Censorship agenda; they do it – obviously – to cover his derriere. As Obama’s Snitch Police, DISQUS selectively edits posts – when they aren’t rejecting them outright – which provide documented facts about Mr. Obama’s subversive activities – starting with critical historic facts documenting his precise agenda, that lie behind ‘HIS’ Arab Spring strategy, DISQUS doesn’t like any historic facts being provided about Islam’s agenda to rule the world. DISQUS permits only inane complaint chatter against Obama, that makes Commenters feel good about blowing off steam, because they are harmless, they provide no instructive documentation. Facts scare the DISQUS EDIT-MINISTRY, they interrupt their control of the message. Try biting that apple on any site that is monitored by DISQUS. This writer is an essayist, and hasn’t posted more than a half-dozen comments on any site, before this past week – deciding to test the threshold of Free Speech, finding that it’s a myth on websites ‘monitored’ by DISQUS – and, very likely all other tech-orgs facilitating social media such as Facebook. The results were not disappointing; learned that DISQUS in full ‘drag’ posing as a harmless-tech facility just there for general housekeeping purposes, when, in fact it is a CENSORSHIP-Operation, operating to the extreme.

    It seems quite plausible that the ‘DISQUS DUO’ in San Fran, who founded this operation in 2007 while Obama was kicking off his campaign’s rant against Middle-America, might be quite anti-social by definition of their profile; probably are first generation Americans at best, or precocious immigrants from a Mao-ist cultural indoctrination that fits easily into the Obama-Marxist/Communist party-line strategy. But, at first glance it would seem odd that they also cover for Islam ‘as if’ the religion itself is not ‘radical’ and as if Mohammed himself was not a murdering terrorist – however, their cover for Islam becomes plausible when recognizing that Obama is using Islam to achieve the world dictatorship that he has designed for himself, intended to be in full throttle after his re-election. Those fellows in San Fran are named YA-W-N AND HEE-HA. Does that sound like someone you could entrust with your ‘thoughts’ on a serious subject? Those who do are fools – ignorantly contributing to their bank accounts, and getting nothing in return for their indenturement. If you must post comments do it on websites that are not Monitored by Leftist Anti-American tech-orgs.
    Click on the following links “A Boudica Point of View”, “Treason & Shroud; Iran Escorts Obama to World Dictatorship Thru Straits of 2012″; Boudica Scoreboard; BPOV Index: link to “Treason & Shroud commentary to Drudge 12-13-12 re Team Obama-Iran (predictions made 3 years ago, by this writer, in the Veni, Vidi, Vixi Diaries concerning what Obama would do and how he would do it, how his subversive Iran agenda would go down, has all occurred precisely as predicted – and on the timing predicted – because, it’s all in the Qur’an and the Hadiths in Mohammed’s own words; “Letters To The Dreamers, Schemers & Reamers” – in chrono order: The Envy Class, Warren Buffett, Barack Obama. .