Busted!… State Department Scrubs Damning Memo From Website Following Deadly 9-11 Consulate Attacks

On Wednesday September 12, 2012 blogger Speak With Authority discovered that five days before 9-11, the US State Department sent out a memo announcing no credible security threats against the United States on the anniversary of 9-11.

The Overseas Security Advisory Council, who posted the memo, is part of the Bureau of Diplomatic Security under the U.S. Department of State.

Here is a screengrab of the memo at the OSAC website:

The OSAC memo said:

Terrorism and Important Dates

OSAC currently has no credible information to suggest that al-Qa’ida or any other terrorist group is plotting any kind of attack overseas to coincide with the upcoming anniversary of September 11. However, constituents often have concerns around important dates, holidays, and major events, Often times, these concerns are the result of increased media attention to the issue, rather than credible evidence of a terrorist plot.

But now it’s gone.
The State Department scrubbed the letter from its OSAC website.

The damning memo is gone.
How convenient. They flushed the damning memo down the internet memory hole.

Dan Riehl has more.

We heard the reports about the chaos at the State Department.
But we had no idea they were scrubbing documents.

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  • Kate

    And so the cover up begins….

  • donh

    That one window with the light on all night long on 9/12 was Huma Abadin working late….> http://cdn.c.photoshelter.com/img-get/I0000BCyURTeSsy4/s/750/Fuller-Building-at-night.jpg

  • Granny

    Not entirely – somebody was smart enough to screen grab it. I could have sworn, however, that destroying government documents is a criminal offense.

  • Bill Mitchell


    From Intrade:

    You tell me…

  • Bill Mitchell


  • Liz

    Ever get the feeling we are getting played…..?

  • democraps suck

    That is because the mooslum in chief wants to kill Americans…it is their nature…he sticks with his mooslum brothers all the way

  • Rightdawg

    “Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this Presidency” – Obama


    Imam Obama and Mrs. Clinton knew about this threat and chose to do nothing about it. They have an agenda and damn if anything like a few threats get in the way.

    I believe Hillary new there were going to be demonstrations but did not expect violence, Imam Obama knew all along there was going to be violence and stood behind it.

    Hillary and Imam Obama have blood on their hands and both should be behind bars. They are complicent in this and have a agenda to do away with our constitution starting with the first amendment.

  • PegLeg

    Romney will not get away with this cover-up! Halperin, Mika, and Joe are working overtime this weekend to make sure of it!

  • Sasja

    Hey, McCain. I’ll bet Hilliary could use another tweet of support from you about now.

  • P. Aaron

    Scrubbin’ the memo? This must be the change.

  • bg


    September 14, 2012

    Obama administration warned of possible
    attacks, but failed to take precautions

    [Sources close to U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration revealed that White House officials apparently received warnings that there were threats made to attack as many as seven U.S. missions in the Middle East, on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, as early as September 4. Sources also revealed that additional warnings were received a few days later, with similar information, but that all of the warnings were largely ignored by the administration. Normally when such warnings are received by the administration, the threat level is raised at U.S. installations around the world. At this point, there is no evidence that the Obama administration communicated the warnings with Consular officials in Libya or Egypt in advance of attacks that took place Monday in Benghazi, Libya and Cairo, Egypt, leaving the U.S. Ambassador to Libya and three other Americans dead, with eight others wounded, including some U.S. military personnel.]

    more (#1 – page1)


  • Rhonda

    Republicans don’t need enemys we will do ourselves in. Did Rick Santorium really say that the elite, smart people will never vote for us?

    Liberals are eating that up. Santorium please do us a favor and stfu

  • stonedome

    let me be perfectly clear…i wish we could give politicians electric shocks every time they employ those useless catch phrases. “thoughtful”, “measured”, etc also apply…

  • James

    I’m sure the lib media will be all over this latest obama scandal.

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  • Skinner

    In the debates, Romney needs to ask questions directly of Obama.

    Ask the question, give the Romney response, ask it again.

    Screw the moderators and their BS agendas.

    Control the podium and drill Obama again and again and again.

    MSNBC and CNN and NPR and CBS heads explode. Romney wins in a landslide.

    Control the podium Mr Romney!

  • MrGoodWench

    We had 7 9-11 anniversaries during Bush Presidency .

    But NEVER a carnage like this .
    This is what happens when a hatefilled jihady lives in the WH

  • Barry S

    Wish Japan’s culture would come into play here: when someone screws up, they resign (or worse).

  • Mcashc

    We have no qualifications to be president, vp, or sec of state. We know we have no president at present time, this child is a fraud usurper. But hillary, are u effin me! What has she ever done? She is a communist like obungle. This great country has thousands of smart common sense people and this is what we have in control. Orwell 1984. It should be near impossible to be qualified to be president. And look what we have.

  • bg


    September 14, 2012 – ht Candy

    US-commanded MFO in Sinai under
    attack — dead reported in compound

    [Israel media – Channel 2 – just reported that the US-commanded Multi
    -National Force Observors headquarters in the Sinai is under assault.
    Salafists laid seige to the building this afternoon and some 50 armed
    men stormed it. There is fighting going on in the building and there are
    dead inside.]

    The MFO is the force that was established under the Israel-Egypt peace
    treaty. It is charged with guaranteeing the demilitarization of the Sinai.]

    anyone have any more info on this??



  • Bureau of Consular Affairs – US Dept of State – June 2012/July 2012.

    July 18, 2012 Global Threat Assessment memo;

    The Department of State remains concerned about the continued threat of terrorist attacks, demonstrations, and other violent actions against U.S. citizens and interests overseas. Current information suggests that al-Qaida, its affiliated organizations, and other terrorist organizations continue to plan terrorist attacks against U.S. interests in multiple regions, including Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. These attacks may employ a wide variety of tactics including suicide operations, assassinations, kidnappings, hijackings, and bombings…


    Credible information indicates terrorist groups also seek to continue attacks against U.S. interests in the Middle East and North Africa. For example, Iraq remains dangerous and unpredictable. U.S. military forces were withdrawn as of December 31, 2011 but the threat of attacks against U.S. citizens, including kidnapping and terrorist violence, is expected to continue. Methods of attack have included roadside improvised explosive devices, mortars, and shootings. Terrorist organizations continue to be active in Yemen, including al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). A U.S. citizen was attacked and killed in Taiz on March 18 and the press reports that AQAP claimed responsibility. Security threat levels remain high in Yemen due to terrorist activities there and the U.S. government remains highly concerned about possible attacks against U.S. citizens, facilities, businesses, and perceived U.S. and Western interests. U.S. citizens have also been the targets of numerous terrorist attacks in Lebanon in the past (though none recently) and the threat of anti-Western terrorist activity continues to exist there. In Algeria, terrorist attacks occur regularly, particularly in the Kabylie region of the country. In the past, terrorists have targeted oil processing facilities in both Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Some elements in Iran remain hostile to the United States. U.S. citizens should remain cautious and be aware that there may be a more aggressive focus by the Iranian government on terrorist activity against U.S citizens.

    The events of last year’s Arab Spring, which affected many countries in the Middle East including Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, and Syria, resulted in civil unrest and large-scale protests and demonstrations. U.S. citizens are warned that demonstrations intended to be peaceful can escalate into violent clashes. U.S. citizens are also reminded that demonstrations and riots can occur with little or no warning. U.S. citizens are urged to avoid areas of demonstrations if possible and to exercise caution if within the vicinity of a demonstration.


  • Militant Catholic

    Are you sure the memo was scrubbed or did one of Clinton’s people stuff it down his pants and sneak out of State with it?

  • mg4us

    Libygate or better yet Obamagate. . .the purposeful lying and cover-up of a do-nothing president

    He is violating his constitutional oath and Most Americans know this. . . even though MSM covers it up too. . .

    And anytime you see something on internet. .do a screen capture. .as proof and send out immediately. . .for others to see before WH and thought police do a cover-up and erase it. .

    Welcome to the Obamanation of Democracy!

  • Amash

    Republicans need to jump on this because we no longer have a media who will do their job.
    The LSM are another super PAC trying to get this excuse for a president elected again.

  • Tatersalad

    Why did Hillary Clinton, with the approval of The President & Valerie Jarrett and his vast knowledge of Muslims and their hate of gay people, send a gay Ambassador to a Muslim country?


  • BS61

    #16 stonedome commented:
    let me be perfectly clear…i wish we could give politicians electric shocks every time they employ those useless catch phrases. “thoughtful”, “measured”, etc also apply…

    I couldn’t agree more! Also when they say that they know that the majority doesn’t support it, and they vote for it anyway!

    At this point, I would shock anyone saying the word notion! 🙂

  • BS61

    Shirley I’m on the wrong thread if I’m posting to the #16 comment!

  • Sparky

    So, Hillary and Barack are totally culpable in the murder of the Ambassador and 3 other embassy staff members.

    And, the MSM is complicit as well.

  • john

    You’re on the right thread, and don’t call me Shirley.

  • Patty


    Sounding and Acting Like Reagan, Romney Has Them Terrified

    I knew Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan was a friend of mine. And Mitt Romney is reminding me an awful lot of Ronald Reagan.

    The comment for which Romney is being so relentlessly and viciously scorned by Barack Obama and his merry band of media puppets sounds to me exactly like comments Ronald Reagan would have made.

    It is indeed “disgraceful” for the US government to respond to the threat of an attack against an American embassy by issuing a statement condemning “the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims” and denouncing hurting their feelings as an “abuse” of free speech – and then as the embassy was being overrun and our flag burned issuing another statement saying they stand by that.

    “It’s disgraceful that the Obama Administration’s first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks.”

    Mitt Romney was simply but forcefully expressing, as Ronald Reagan so often did, what most Americans think and how they feel. And you can bet the Obama campaign realized this and found it frightening.

    They said that they were “shocked” that Romney “would choose to launch a political attack” — the usual and expected sort of political statement gibberish — but isn’t it revealing what they did? The Obama White House asked its media allies to report that the statement that Romney took such exception to “doesn’t reflect the views of the U.S. government.”

    What? Isn’t a U.S. Embassy an important part of the U.S. government, and all the more so when that embassy happens to be located in a country of great consequence to U.S. national interests? Isn’t the U.S. Ambassador who leads that embassy – as anyone who is or ever has been one loves to remind people – the personal representative of the President of the United States? Wasn’t the Obama Administration claiming that the U.S. government does not reflect the views of the U.S. government?

    No matter. The media fell in line and trumpeted the charade.

    Only days before, Democratic Party strategists had been boasting that this year they were going to turn on its head the usual order in which the Republican candidate for president is more trusted on foreign policy and the Democrat perceived to be weak because they were going to tout Obama “successes” overseas as a way to offset his failures at home.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/09/sounding_and_acting_like_reagan_romney_has_them_terrified.html#ixzz26bIvEH1W

    http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/09/sounding_and_acting_like_reagan_romney_has_them_terrified.html GO HERE TO READ MORE.

  • H20

    OSAC, Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Dept of State.
    OSAC Regional Analysis Bulletin.
    RAB January 28, 2011



    I. Friday of Discontent
    II. New Developments
    III. Possible Scenarios
    IV. OSAC Recommendations
    V. Additional Information


    Protestors call for resignation of President Mubarek.
    Protestor sizes vary;
    – 40,000 reported in El Mansura
    – 20,000 near Kasr al-Nile Bridge
    – 80,000 Port Said
    – 50,000 Beni Suef


    Egyptian Gov’t Imposes 6:00 PM Curfew, Disables Internet, Cell Phones, Social Media.

    – Egyptian Military sent to enforce curfew.
    – Effectiveness of military remains unclear.
    – Unconfirmed reports indicate violent clashes between military, protestors in Port Said.
    – Protestors overrun Foreign Ministry.


    Proximity to Western Interests

    – Hilton Hotel
    – Sofitel
    – Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel
    – US Embassy
    – Grand Hyatt
    – Tahrir Square

    Regime stability contingent upon media repression, increased role of military.
    Live fire, non-lethal methods effective. (PDF Scenario Flow Chart screenshot capture.)


    OSAC Recommendations

    – US Dept.of State urges Americans citizens to defer travel.
    – American citizens currently in Egypt should defer travel.
    – American citizens currently in Egypt are urged to stay inside residence.
    – American citizens currently in Egypt should not attempt to come to the US Embassy.
    – American citizens currently in Egypt must have identification and working cell phones.

    Sec’y of State Hillary Rodham Clinton:

    January 28, 2011

    “As a partner we strongly believe that the Egyptian gov’t needs to engage
    immediately in implementing political, social and economic reforms…
    We are deeply concerned about the use of violence by Egyptian police and
    security forces against protestors. We call on the Egyptian gov’t to do everything
    in its power to restrain security forces. At the same time, protestors should refrain
    from violence and express themselves peacefully.”

    (December 6, 2011 Cairo, Egypt RAB updated September 16, 2012.
    OSAC RAB PDF available.)

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  • if the people at OSAC were hired by hillary, they were not employed because they were competent. they were hired because of their gender, race, ethnicity, who they have sex with, because they are handicapped or whatever organized voter bloc that the jobs could be used for to buy votes. wake up america! affirmative action is the reinvention of the “spoils system.” this is what happens when you throw competence out the window.

  • Limousine Barry

    I have an excuse!

    I have a campaign to run! Money is most important to me. I might lose my limo and my job!

    I cannot be bothered with the security of our Embassies or our Ambassadors on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Let them twist in the wind!

    Sure, you may speculate that an attack could occur on that date and I should have beefed up security. But, I was too busy with Asselrod and my Los Vegas fund raiser. I completely forgot!

    Besides, it was Hillary’s fault. That fat women hates our flag and our crappy embassies. I am sure that Bill Clinton and Bill Ayers would hold the same position.

    If you like the way I stab Americans in the back then vote for me. And, this is important. Send me $30,999.99 before midnight. My campaign is going bust. Worse, my crappy donors what a refund of their donations to the 0bama Campaign!

    My campaign bus is belching fumes and Davy Asselrod is trying a new scam on my Hollywood donors. I cannot go into details but the scam is aimed at by Black Rapper donors. I hope it works. My last scam failed. Good day.

  • bg



    January 20, 2010

    Allan Nairn: Obama leads no war on terror

    don’t agree totally..

    however, it is just his opinion..


    Obama dreams of revolution.. (#18 – page 1)

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  • ca trumpet

    POTUS’s handlers know that he will need to do something that appears to be decisive and presidential in these last weeks in order to be reelected. Even if it means creating an incident. He will try to win at ANY cost. Keep your eyes open.

  • Bunni

    What else do you expect from the criminal scum in the WH and all his minions and handlers. He should be impeached NOW!

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  • I think this was common knowledge. How can the Obama government be so stupid. I even read about it on http://www.survivalbasictraining.com
    They also have an article on Iran’s next attempt called, Iran’s Smoking HEMP. This really can get serious.

  • Chuhyona

    Looks like a news blackout here in the US. This should be the lead story on MSM.


  • Steve Anderson

    It’s still there, just not on the front page.


    It’s amazing how people jump to foolish conclusions rather then take two seconds to see if there is actually anything going on.

    I’m not surprised Rush would talk about it, though, he makes money off scaring people.

  • Catherine

    WOW just like the Xmas pantie bommer another neutered.


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  • FatBurger

    9/7/2012 Regional Threat memo;

    Threats, Travel Warning
    Africa – Sudan – Khartoum

    The Department of State warns U.S. citizens of the risks of traveling to Sudan, urges U.S. citizens to avoid all travel to the Darfur region of Sudan, the Blue Nile and Southern Kordofan States, and advises you to consider carefully the risks of travel in other areas of Sudan. This Travel Warning replaces the Travel Warning issued on January 11, 2012, to note the political situation and to remind U.S. citizens of ongoing security concerns in Sudan.

    While the Government of Sudan has taken some steps to limit the activities of terrorist groups, elements of these groups remain in Sudan and have threatened to attack Western interests. The terrorist threat level throughout Sudan, and particularly in the Darfur region, remains critical, and the U.S. Embassy has implemented enhanced security measures to protect U.S. government personnel assigned to Sudan. These measures include requiring U.S. government personnel to travel in armored government vehicles for official business, and to obtain advance permission for travel outside of Khartoum. In addition, family members under age 21 of U.S. Embassy personnel are not allowed to reside in Sudan.

    If you are traveling or residing anywhere in Sudan, you should exercise caution at all times and closely monitor local and international news from reliable sources. Violent flare-ups break out between various armed militia groups and Sudanese military forces with little notice, particularly in the Darfur region, along the border between Chad and Sudan, and in areas on the border with South Sudan. Toward the east, near the border of Ethiopia and Eritrea, landmines and unmarked minefields are a critical threat. There are occasional clashes with local tribes, particularly those known for weapons and human trafficking, along with the threats of Ethiopian gangs crossing the border to rob people along the highway. Hostilities between Sudanese forces and armed opposition groups in Blue Nile and Southern Kordofan States, including the disputed area of Abyei, present real and immediate dangers to travelers. In addition, U.S. citizens found in these areas without permission from the Government of Sudan face the possibility of detention by government security forces. You should avoid all public demonstrations and political rallies, as even demonstrations that seem peaceful can turn confrontational and become violent with little or no notice. Demonstrations occur periodically, mostly in Khartoum. You should keep a low profile, vary your times and routes of travel, exercise care while driving, and ensure that your passport and Sudanese visa are always valid and up to date.

    The threat of violent crime, including kidnappings, armed robberies, home invasions, and carjackings, is particularly high in the Darfur region of Sudan, as the Government of Sudan has limited capacity to deter crime in that region. In addition, Janjaweed militia and heavily armed Darfuri rebel groups are known to have carried out criminal attacks against foreigners. In May 2010, a U.S. citizen working for a humanitarian relief organization was kidnapped in Darfur and held for more than three months before being released. More recently, a number of other foreign nationals have been abducted and held for ransom by criminal groups in Darfur. Because of the risk involved, the U.S. Embassy in Khartoum currently prohibits travel by U.S. government personnel to Darfur without express authorization by the Chief of Mission.

    The United States Maritime Administration (MARAD) has advised that elevated regional tensions have increased the risk of maritime attacks being conducted by extremists to vessels operating in the Gulf of Oman, North Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden, and the Bab el Mandeb regions.

    MARAD recommends vessels at anchor, operating in restricted maneuvering environments, or at slow speeds should be especially vigilant, and report suspicious activity. U.S. flag vessels that observe suspicious activity in the area are advised to report such suspicious activity or any hostile or potentially hostile action to COMUSNAVCENT battlewatch captain.

    -US Dept of State, OSAC.gov, Bureau of Dilpomatic Security, 9/7/2012.

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  • Playing Predator Playstation and whacking a few terrorists along with TEN TIMES AS MANY women and children from 8,000 miles away is what Obotos prove that he’s tough on terror.

    Shoot. He gets off on these snuff films watches them over and over.

    He let Valerie Jarrett talk him out of hitting Bin Laden four times. Panetta made the final call, not Obama.

    The worst foreign policy of any President and State Dept. AND THE MOST TREACHEROUS.

    Hands down worse than Carter.

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  • Have you seen the damning evidence of fraud and racketeering?



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  • jason

    Overseas Security Advisory released the following report on 6 September 2012:

    Terrorism and Important Dates


    OSAC currently has no credible information to suggest that al-Qa’ida or any other terrorist group is plotting any kind of attack overseas to coincide with the upcoming anniversary of September 11. However, constituents often have concerns around important dates, holidays, and major events, Often times, these concerns are the result of increased media attention to the issue, rather than credible evidence of a terrorist plot.

    While it is true that In the aftermath of the May 2, 2011 raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in Abottabad, Pakistan, several media sources reported on various documents recovered during the raid that suggested al-Qa’ida was seeking to conduct significant attacks on major holidays and anniversaries, there are no indications that any of these plans were ever operational. OSAC constituents should review their local emergency action plans and security protocols ahead of major U.S. holidays and anniversary dates.

    Terrorism and Holidays/Anniversary Dates

    Historically, al-Qa’ida and other transnational terrorist groups have not conducted successful attacks on major U.S. holidays and anniversary dates. One possible explanation for this lack of activity is due to the increase in security on major dates because of a perceived vulnerability. A terrorist group that has spent a significant amount of time monitoring a potential target, training operatives, and acquiring the weapons necessary for a major attack would be less likely to attack when security is at a heightened level.

    Terrorist groups are predisposed to conduct the attack first and justify the reasoning subsequently. One recent example of this predisposition was the June 28. 2011 attack on the InterContinental Hotel in Kabul. The attackers primary motivation was to kill as many Westerners and Afghan officials as possible; however, after media reports began erroneously claiming that an important Transition Conference was going to take place at the hotel the next day, the terrorists responsible for the attack claimed that they were in fact targeting that conference. Although specific dates may be important symbolically to terrorist groups, a near-term successful attack will likely be painted as both revenge for the death of bin Laden and a blow against the United States…

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  • unclemartin

    We need to get Rush Limbaugh as a monitor for the up coming debates to ask the right questions. We also all need to get into the Bible to see what God has to say about what is going on in the world today.

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