Terrorists Filmed Carrying RPG’s During US Consulate Attack – Obama Administration Calls This a ‘Protest’

You don’t carry an RPG to a YouTube protest
Video released this week shows Libyan terrorists carrying rocket-propelled grenades inside the US consulate compound in Benghazi, Libya.
This video appears to have been taken after Islamists stormed and torched the compound.

US Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were murdered in the terrorist attack.
Reuters posted the video earlier:

The Obama Administration insists the consulate siege was a protest over an anti-Mohammad YouTube video and not a premeditated attack.

Related: Senator John McCain told Face the Nation this morning, “Most people don’t bring rocket-propelled grenades and heavy weapons to a demonstration.”

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  • Francesca

    Yeah. I always carry rocket-propelled grenades to all protests. These people are insane and evil. Let’s quit dressing the whole thing up in ‘nice’ language. Let’s show some guts, for heaven’s sake. Where are the MEN and WOMEN who will tell the truth no matter what it costs them? I don’t see any so far. Hope springs eternal, but I am not counting on it.

  • USMC Thomas

    Think we’ll hear anymore campaign boasts, SØBama got Osama.

  • Stop it already.


    They’re not “terrorists”, they’re not “Islamists”, nor are they “protesters” or anything “radical” or “extreme”.

    They’re Muslims.

    Typical Allah-clingers.

    There is NO moderate Islam ; NO radical Islam and NO extreme Islam.

    Islam is Islam.

    And the few nations and people on the planet who can do something about it have been co-opted, or being run by the enemy themselves.

    You cannot “coexist” with evil.

    What you do to evil is eliminate it.

    To and through it’s core.

    — — —

    Kenny Solomon
    Oath Keeper
    Patriot Guard Rider

  • Swifty

    It was just some innocent kinetic protesting.

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  • lizzy84

    A crappy little video is released in July but on the key date of the anniversary of 9/11, it fires up a whole horde of muslims..they don’t have computers but they do just happen to have rocket propelled grenade launchers. “24 hours before this attack, none other than the leader of al-Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, released a video on Jihadist forums to mark the anniversary of 9/11. In this video, Zawahiri acknowledged the death of his second in command Abu Yahya and urged Libyans to avenge his killing.”
    Who other than an oBama and hIllary bootlicker could possibly believe this video bull**** strawman?

    oBama and hIllary have blood on their hands.
    There is NO ONE else to blame.
    They are the definitions of gutless traitors.

  • Mama Grizzly

    They also didn’t like Stevens because purportedly he was the first homosexual to be given an ambassadorship. Uh… what were they thinking? In a MOSLEM country? Totally crazy. Why not Brussels or London or anywhere but a Moslem country.

    Anyhoo, yes Islam is Islam, as the saying goes, but if the whole of Islam was as the jihadiis, we’d be seeing a different picture. A lot of nominal Moslems don’t like the bastards either.

    Just sayin’.

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  • Patty

    Video Obama has warned Fox and Hannity not to show.


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  • squeaky

    the downside of obama’s war….unsecured arsenals ripe for the looting.

  • squeaky

    as it may have been mentioned the brother of ayman al zawahiri is suggesting a hudna with the west. right as rain for the obama crew…Idiom Definitions for ‘Right as rain’
    IF things are right as rain, then everything is going well in your life……idioms for idiots and do we have more than a few. using an imaginary “peace dividend” to feather the nest of the entitlement crowd. looking for article i saw that highlight some of the foreclosed homes in florida
    [gated communities and all] that are now occupied by folks with a section 8 cert.


    Obama vilifies a video which mockingly tells the truth about the Prophet Mohammed because it’s deeply offensive to Moslem believers; but he sends a gay ambassador to a city of Moslem homophobes which is offensive to practically everyone living there. By doing this how did Obama show respect for Islam? Is this not emblematic of the incoherency and confusion of Obama’s Middle East Moslem outreach policies? Is it any wonder it’s going up in flames?

    Click my name for more on this subject.

  • Naive Nelly

    What is this admininstration up to?

  • Lars

    Never allow any zombies to use any American technology.

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  • Whistleblower

    “Golden,” the whitewashing of a Department of Justice crime spree


  • valerie

    The Iraqis learned that cell phones are a weapon, and so did the Egyptians. It’s nice to see that the Libyans know it, too. There’s all kinds of video showing up about this event, of various qualities and taken for various purposes.

    This administration has yet to learn that the only way to control the narrative is to tell the truth as best you can, every day.

    #4 September 16, 2012 at 9:20 pm
    Kenny Solomon commented:

    Kenny, I don’t fault you for taking the Islamists at their word. I would submit, however, that we will win this war just a whole lot sooner if we are willing to recognize potential allies where we find them. That is one reason why I distinguish between Islamists and Muslims.

    It is absolutely true that the Islamists have an advertising campaign to convince Muslims that they have an individual religious duty to kill every Jew on the face of the earth, and to re-conquer every square inch of land ever held by a “Muslim” regime. And it is also true that some of those M’f’rs are engaged in taqiyya.

    It is also true that all eight schools of Islam recognize their Abrahamic origin, and embrace the core beliefs Judaism and Christianity.


    I think it’s clear that the Islamists have rejected the great Second Commandment “Love your neighbor as yourself” which is acknowledged to be part of the core teaching of Islam. Their writings are blasphemy, and the Organization of Islamic Conferences have decided they are outside the ambit of Islam. This includes writings by uneducated terrorists like Bin Ladin. His “fatwah” was no such thing.

    We can’t, of course, depend upon religious leaders to really influence current events. They move like glaciers. It’s up to us. If we are aware of the people of good will who do exist, we win sooner.

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  • mstarfish

    Here are 95 examples of Barack Obama’s lying, lawbreaking, corruption, and cronyism: http://tinyurl.com/95examples

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  • Hussein knew it was coming.

    ‘Believe it or not, the biggest story of the day is not Kate Middleton’s invasion of privacy as she sought to sunbath topless in yet another Royal Family Lindsey Lohan moment. No, the biggest story of the day is how two Obama run White House Ops are imploding in a worldwide meltdown put in motion by Obama’s State Department.

    In the United States, Obama & Co. designed, developed, funded and ignited the Occupy Wall Street movement through their established community organizing organizations, all operating under the umbrella known as NetRoots. Across the Middle East, the same organizations were on the ground months in advance, using the same Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals to topple numerous foreign governments and organize the so-called Arab Spring.

    In both cases, Occupy and Arab Spring are brain children of community organizer-in-chief Barack Hussein Obama, using modern technologies and media minions to ignite civil unrest and class warfare across America and around the globe. None of it is at all accidental or organic in any way. All of it is the end game strategy for Alinsky radicals and their Marxist global agenda. They are a methodical means to an end.

    Organized and funded by the world’s Marxist misfits, international leftists seek social justice all over the globe via Global Governance, toppling nations from Egypt and Libya to the UK and America, all for a utopian greater common good, in short, free stuff for everyone, freedom for no one. That’s why Marines were forced to protect our embassies unarmed, and no action was taken to stop the attack in Libya despite at least 48 hours advance warning.

    Obama’s community organizers direct the Occupy movement in westernized countries and the Arab Spring in the Middle East. They had their boots on the ground months before, using the Internet, social networking sites, twitter and the media to organize and mobilize civil uprisings all over the globe. In the Middle East, that resulted in placing the Muslim Brotherhood in control of the most violent and unstable regions of the world.

    Contrary to Obama Administration propaganda, the Muslim Brotherhood is not some kinder-gentler political party from Egypt focused upon a democratic Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood is the mother-ship of Islamic Jihad against the west. Obama friends Dohrn and Ayers led the Arab uprising on the ground in Egypt.’…


  • ‘Is it really possible the President of the United States was informed Muslim radicals were ready to strike American embassies, yet literally did nothing to warn them or bolster security? If so, Barack’s presidency is no longer tenable. If the US had credible knowledge of an impending Libyan embassy attack and took no defensive measures—this government must not stand.

    If Obama knew of the threat, and was indifferent, he is therefore morally unfit to lead, and perhaps suffering from a grave mental or character defect. Or, Barack did not know, and therefore cannot possibly be actually in command of his position, and therefore—is likewise unfit to lead’

    The Day Obama Became Toxic: After Libya, We Cannot Trust Him—Barack Must Fall

  • crackermike

    Look, Obama isn’t a stupid man. He’s killing the economy because he wants to in order to establish Socialism. He’s destroying American influence worldwide in order to advance islam. Hilary IS that stupid, but not Obama. The lapdog media of course must wipe Obama’s feces off their noses before they can appear onscreen.

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