Ambassador Susan Rice was on with Jake Tapper on This Week this morning.
Rice insisted that the terrorist attack on the Benghazi consulate a spontaneous reaction to an obscure US YouTube video.

The attack included over 150 Islamists equipped with rocket propelled grenades and assault rifles. Al Qaeda already admitted the attack was revenge for its leader’s death earlier this year. In fact there is no evidence that a protest even occurred before the consulate came under attack.

This is just loony.

The Obama Administration was warned three days before the 9-11 attack about the deteriorating security in Benghazi. And despite the fact that there were four previous Islamist attacks in Benghazi since June, the Obama Administration refused to provide even “standard security” at the consulate compound.




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  1. Never like this pick, but never have liked much of what Obama has done.

    She is delusional and with most statement coming out of this administration, they must think we are a bunch of DUMMIES.

  2. Where is Joe Wilson?

  3. Obama’s book should have been called “The Audacity of Bull***”

    The amazing part is that a REAL press would eat him alive for this. Unfortunately our press will just nod in approval and move on to find something else to pick on Romney about.

  4. It’s sad to witness the mass suicide of a once great nation (that’s us!!). It’s akin to Jim Jones’ Guyana. Years from now this unrest and the misguided reaction from the US government will be one of the catalysts cited.

  5. . . .just waggin the dog . . .

    Who knows, it may even work.

  6. Ambassador Susan Rice and the Obama Administration have lost all credibility on foreign policy with their deceptive or incredibly naive position that the attack on the American embassy was spontaneous. The State Department’s attempt to cover up this failure and the MSM’s attempt to provide cover for the Administration is blatantly obvious.

    The Obama Administration’s foreign policy is one incompetent lie.

  7. The stupidity that continues to spew out of the mouths of those who claim to have such intelligence (this administration) is down right flabbergasting. The people who are not aware, due to the fact that they do not pay attention, are many… and they vote. They hear sound bites shoveled out by the ‘media’ (or their chosen choice for information, the ‘entertainment’ industry) and that is what they base their opinions (and their vote) on… *sigh*

  8. Rice U.S. diplomat loves Dictators.

    read article here.

  9. We can list thousands of similar crimes that have been committed by Meles Zenawi, but the above 3 alone would have been enough to bring him to justice. It is this dictator whose hands are soaked with the blood of hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians that Susan Rice referred to us a dear friend.

    Shame on President Obama for sending this morally bankrupt person to represent the United States of America and insult the people of Ethiopia. You can stop counting on the 50,000+ Ethiopian votes in Virginia, which is one of the must-win states for you.

  10. It’s 3am and you’ve reported your outpost thousands of miles away from America is under attack. Sorry, we only got a spontaneous warning three days before your attack and now you’re dead.

  11. These people are so dangerous to America it borders on Treason. This administration is full of indoctrinated morons just like this. This is the result of Affirmative Action plain and simple. These people couldnt rub two sticks together and come up with smoke and our lives are directly in their hands? Govt is the problem.

  12. I guess now it’s time for ‘Everyone Film Mohammed Day”


    This all could have been prevented and now, once again, for the 100th time, he doesn’t accept any blame.

  14. Answer at in the movie, 2016!

  15. Fire them all. Blood is on their hands through their inept ignorance, which they’re now double-downing on.

    The world is much to dangerous a place to have our nation led by willfully ignorant, ideologically confused fools.

  16. The nazi propaganda machine can’t hold a candle to the Demoncrapic political machine, with the MSM as part of the cadre.

  17. Susan Rice is directly responsible for the Islamic Fascists control of the UN. In a sane society, our media would have reported her actions and she would be in jail for treason.

    Of course, she lies to cover her ass and ensure the success of Obama’s plan to to destroy our country.

    Two other Obama surrogates , who always lean Islamic Fascist, are Samantha Powers and Hillary Clinton.

    These women work for our demise, and their names should be vilified by all Americans. Their work always endangers our troops and our country.

  18. They want our free speech. Period.

  19. Andrew McCarthy got it right read this!

    Obama vs. the First Amendment

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