MASSIVE LINES at Chick-fil-A on “National Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day” (Several Updates)

Today is “National Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day.”

After intolerant and First Amendment-hating Chicago politicians blocked Chick-fil-A from building a restaurant, former Governor Mike Huckabee announced his support for the restaurant chain and its Constitutional right of free speech. He declared today Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day.

Allen sent this picture from west county St. Louis.

Allen added: People are standing in line 100+ deep to go inside. The lines go out and around the building. Two lines of drive through cars are around the shopping center.

Gwilym and Ari David sent this from Los Angeles.


St. Louisans also came out in huge numbers to show their support for the First Amendment.

The lot was jam-packed…
(Mike took these photos in Chesterfield, Missouri.)

The line goes around the block.

The line of cars wraps all the way around to the main boulevard, where the line still continues.

The surrounding streets and parking lots are packed.

The restaurant is full and the line goes out the door.

Normally, with this crowd volume you would expect short tempers and bedlam. That’s not the case today at Chick-fil-A. While the surrounding restaurant chains are empty, the people in this line are happily making a statement, talking to each other with smiles on their faces. They’re patriots taking a stand against a gross violation of our First Amendment right. And they are doing it in 100 degree temperatures.

Any bets if this will make the MSM tonight?

If you have more photos please send them in!

Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) bought Chick-fil-A for his office staff today.

Here’s a photo from Texas.

Ruth Wendelken sent this from Texas: This is at 11:15 at the Los Colinas Texas Chick-fil-a. Notice the line is three cars wide around the building. The line of foot traffic is huge. Notice the sign of 315 cars served at that time. Now in center line. Its a great day for Freedom of speech. Take that Boston, Chicago and San Francisco!

Bud from Virginia sent this: We have 3 stores here in Fredericksburg, VA and each one was jammed packed with cars; the drive-thru lanes wrapped around the building and overflow parking was required.

The attached picture shows overflow parking on the right and the Chick-Fil-A lot on the left.

Chicago values? These nuns were spotted at the Chicago restaurant.

Via Hating Breitbart

Here’s more from Chicago.

More… Here’s a picture from the Las Cruces, New Mexico store.

Thanks to Rachel and John

Here’s a shot from the Boise Chick-fil-A.

Via Michelle Malkin

More… Ryan M. sent this from Virginia:

I recently moved to Reston, Virginia with my new wife Amanda and I wanted to let you know that the Chick-fil-A here was PACKED to the brim all day. I went up there at 7pm hoping to avoid the lines but I ended up parking at a hotel several hundred feet down the street. I stood in line with hundreds of fellow supporters for a half an hour just to get two lemonades and a brownie (for the wife). I would have bought chicken, but alas, I am allergic. Anyway, just wanted to let you know.

** Here are pictures from Irvine, California.

Here’s a shot from the Northridge, California Chick-fil-A.

Here’s a photo I took from today, August 1, 2012…. The cars in line for drive thru window went down the street (at least 50 cars on the street before the driveway), plus the people in line to walk into order ran around the back of the building. This Northridge California franchise is owned by a young woman in her 20’s. God bless America!
Nicole Ericson

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  • Patty

    Thank you, Mr. Jim


  • Patty

    The American Spirit. Something good in our life.

    It makes you proud to live in America.

  • Patty

    One more:

    If you believe they will come!


  • kato

    And the Democratic Party wants to put gay marriage on the party platform.


  • Patty


    😆 😆

  • Patty

    #4 August 1, 2012 at 1:16 pm
    kato commented:

    Oh, don’t ya just love it. Now, spin this you liberal lamestream media outlets.


    Adam & Eve = Chick-fil-A Values.
    Adam & Steve = Chicago Values.

  • kato

    It seems odd that there should be four empty spots right in front even as folks are lined up to get in. They don’t appear to be restricted spots.

    In any event, reports here in Cleveland indicate long lines of people and cars at the local franchise.

  • ohiochili

    Think Obama has a chance in November?
    Look at the Americans turning out for this company.
    Eat more Chick-Fil-A!

  • Warthog

    I passed by two CFA’s while out running errands here in north-Metro Atlanta, both were stuffed to the gunnels. Lines in the drive-thoughs were wound around the store and back out into the adjoining strip-mall parking lot.

  • bigkahuna

    Awakening a sleeping giant… Keep it up liberals.

    I am sure this will be all over cBS,nBS,aBS,cnnBS,msnBS tonight…. well maybe next week after they report the latest viral funny kitten video on youtube in a 15 second blurb before signing off…

    I can see it now….. On a final note tonight… About 50 Racist TEA Baggers line up at Chik Fil A all over the city last week promoting anti gay Romney vote. They were carrying guns and shouting racial slurs. Romney was leading the charge.

  • dba…vagabond trader

    First amendment in action. We were just talking about the nearest one, up by Boston, ironically. Road trip!


  • Redwine


    No Chick-Fil-A anywhere in Washington State! Wish I had the $$$ to fly some in!

  • bigkahuna

    I hope the CEO of Chic Fil e thanks those idiot mayors of liberal sh*tholes.

    Oh and I love those racist black pastors who support Chic fil e and are damning Rahm E.

  • Frito

    WHooHooo I just polished off a most excellent sausage, egg & cheese biscuit and washed it down with a fantastic peach shake. 20 minute line, Temecula Calif. and growing as we left.

    Best quote in line: ” We have the right to not be insulted and have our constitution trampled by those elected to govern”

  • bigkahuna

    Wait till the gays show up for a Kiss in and the Conservatives show up and tell them to Kiss OFF on Friday…

    Then we will see masssive MSM coverage. Mark my words.

  • penny

    Yes, the local Chick-Fil-A here in Brevard County, Florida is inside a mall and it is packed today with long line stretching through the mall! Protecting our 1st amendment rights!!

  • snap boy

    70 minutes at Chick-Fil-A. The entire time there were 40-50 cars in the drive-through line. When I arrived (and foolishly opted to go inside) I was the 24th person standing OUTSIDE the door. Never been there before but will go again; great food, super pleasant personnel.

  • archtop

    “Wait till the gays show up for a Kiss in…”

    I’m sure nothing will happen to them – they’ll probably even buy some food, like it, and wonder what all the fuss was about…

    Meanwhile, the intolerant mayors of Boston and Chicago will send out the police if CFA dares to sell a single chicken sandwich in their cities…

  • Kiliman

    Just got back from Chick-fil-A here in Chesapeake, VA. It was controlled chaos. The restaurant was jam-packed, but the employees were like a well-oiled machine. You placed your order, and within 5 minutes your name was called.

    The one thing that always impressed me, besides the awesome sandwiches, is how friendly everyone is. I’m glad I was able to show them my appreciation today!