Taliban Shoots UN Polio Doctor and His Driver in Karachi

In 2007 parents of some 24,000 children in Pakistan refused to give their children immunizations after a radical Muslim clergy opposed the local polio vaccine plan.

Also in 2007, a Pakistani health official in charge of the campaign to inoculate children against polio was killed in a bomb blast, following rumors the vaccination was a US plot to sterilize them.(AFP/File/Ali Arif)

Thanks to regional paranoia to vaccinations, each year 400,000 new cases of TB are reported in Pakistan.

Now this…

The Taliban opened fire on a UN vehicle in Karachi wounding a foreign polio doctor and his driver.

The Nation reported:

Armed men opened fire on a UN vehicle, wounding a foreign doctor working on a polio immunisation campaign and his local driver in Sohrab Goth area of Karachi on Tuesday.According to police sources, unidentified gunmen sprayed bullets on UN vehicle (X-68-3686) when it was moving towards Hassan Noman Colony located behind Al-Asif Square. The injured doctor, identified as Constand-Dedo, son of David Rahoja, received single bullet in his abdomen and was shifted to private hospital.Sohrab Goth SHO Muhammad Sultan said the African doctor was among a team of UN polio workers. He was going to launch the polio campaign at Hassan Noman Colony. The police officer said it was premature to say anything about the incident as investigation was underway. Agencies add: The shooting highlighted resistance to a widely publicised three-day vaccination campaign, which began Monday. The Taliban have banned immunisations in the northwest, condemning the campaign as a cover for espionage since a Pakistani doctor was jailed after helping the CIA find Osama bin Laden using a hepatitis vaccination programme.“A WHO vehicle was fired upon with gunshots. One international staff and one local driver were injured in the incident,” Maryam Yunus, spokeswoman for the United Nations’ World Health Organisation, told AFP.

And, just think, these ignorant baboons want to rule the world!

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  • snap boy

    A plot to sterilize them might be a good idea….

  • Greg

    A tragic taking place with each child being kept from immunizations a risk of horrible death or very difficult life. I wish that each victim would have the opportunity to embrace each of these horrible zealot leaders and convey their pain and suffering

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  • valerie

    Well, in the United States of America, Baltimore and the District of Columbia have an HIV infection rate comparable to a third-world country (if you count the blacks). Why would this be? Well, there’s a preacher, and his buddies, who have been telling their congregations that the US government invented the HIV virus for the purpose of killing people of color. Their congregations (and also the Africans who heard this message) have been heavily resistant to anything people attempting to deal with the epidemic have tried to tell them.

    If the Rev. Wright can get away with his howling lies, who are we to talk about ignorant Taliban preachers?

    I grieve for the crippled children.

  • bg



    July 21, 2012

    Finally! Veil lifted on Muslim rape epidemic

    [Until now, when a case from the United Kingdom
    has proven so egregious it could not be ignored.

    The BBC reported that nine men were convicted of child sexual
    exploitation in Greater Manchester, after they had “groomed”
    girls as young as 13. But even there, the report identified the
    convicts only as “Asian” while revealing their victims were white.

    The Guardian took one more step and labeled them as “Pakistani,” but
    it took a lesser-known online news site, The Salfordian, to identify the
    suspects as “Muslim men” who “plied girls as young as 13 with drink
    and drugs so they could use them for sex ‘several times a day.’”

    Now, the subject that long has been ignored or suppressed finally may
    be getting the attention a major crime wave would deserve, regardless
    of the political correctness of the facts.

    Officials at The Gatestone Institute, a non-partisan, not-for-profit
    international policy council and think tank dedicated to educating
    the public about what the mainstream media fails to report, have
    spoken up.

    In a commentary just days ago, the organization noted that the
    three-month trial where the “nine Muslim men were found guilty of
    raping dozens of British children” revealed that “police and social
    workers in northern England repeatedly refuse to investigate Muslim
    pedophile gangs: they said they are afraid of being called racist.”]

    we not only know it’s not just happening in Europe, but that it’s been
    going on for centuries, and unfortunately, not only by Muslims, yet for
    some reason, Muslim crimes have been secreted for centuries as well,
    and it’s way past time this sick side of Islam was exposed.. 🙁


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  • gobblemom

    The third paragraph should read 400000 cases of polio, not TB (tuberculosis – not the same thing).

  • gorgo

    Well, polio and other diseases ARE caused by the will of Allah. Or jinns living in your butt. Whichever.

  • AndyN

    I’m sure it helped a lot for the Obama CIA to enlist a doctor doing community outreach in Pakistan to try to gather intel on bin Laden, and then to not protect his identity after the raid. It would be a little easier to paint these nutcases as nutcases when they accused foreign doctors of being in on a CIA plot if the CIA didn’t include doctors in their plots.

  • is there a tea party in pakistan?

  • atticcellar

    Polio vaccine causes polio.. Bill Gates is a NWO, son of a bankster who’s charity end goal is population reduction.. Google polio vaccine caused polio.. Here’s one of the links; http://www.thinktwice.com/s_polio.htm . This is the reason for the exploision of autisim, cancer and many other illnesses in the US.. Autisim went from 1 in 25,000 to 1 in 25.. I have not taken one of their vaccines for 25 years and have not had a single flu. Obama tried to make it a law that every American had to take the N1h1 shot. He went as far a to purchase 200,000 doses at taxpayers expense. Sorry Nobama, I will not take your BIG PHARM poisons..

  • atticcellar

    PS; When I was young, I used to get the vaccine’s.. Every year I would get sick.. Vaccines cause desease and big profits for BIG PHARM!

  • atticcellar

    #12; SHOULD READ 200,000,000

  • atticcellar

    Bill Gates; Bringing Roundup drenched soil and GMO poison waves of grain from sea to shining sea!

  • atticcellar

    Cafateria at Monsanto serves only non-GMO food.. They know the score!

  • badactor51

    See? We even have anti-vaccine idiots living in the US! How can we criticize Pahk-ee-stan if we have atticcellars in our midst?

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  • atticcellar

    There are in fact many of us Americans, who believe that God has provided humans with an imune system which is far superior to the poison laden injections that big pharm offers.. You can take your shots which contain mercury and non human DNA gentic strands along with the cancer and other health problems that comes with big pharma’s “cure’s”.

  • atticcellar
  • atticcellar

    The big pharms with their partners in crime “US Government” will declare a pandemic when one in 100,000 people are killed by an illness.. They then inject the masses killing a far larger percentage of the population leaving their bodies with “extra’s” built into the medicine which will insure that big pharma will continue to make profit’s in the years to come..

  • atticcellar

    Furthermore the US Government has passed law that protects the big pharm from law suits when their “medicine” injures and or kills citizens.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Childhood_Vaccine_Injury_Act

  • Estragon

    We have our own half-witted morons campaigning against vaccines – Jenny McCarthy and her ilk are putting innocent lives at risk by spreading ignorance.

    Polio would have been eradicated from the planet if not for unwarranted fears of the vaccine, which was made available to all. Whooping cough was practically eradicated in this country in my childhood due to vaccines; stupidity is bringing it back, and raising measles to a major public health problem again.

    No, it’s not as horrible as killing the doctor delivering the vaccines, but the children still don’t get immunized.

  • atticcellar

    Rest assured.. Along with Obamacare will come “mandatory vaccine’s”, for the safty of “the rest of us”. RFID will be used to enforce compliance. If you doubt Obama will be relected consider this, over 50% of the population is on the government dole.. Add that to the union workers and Barry is unbeatable. Free government healthcare, bread and circus for the masses of Babylon.. “Barry” bin Obama.. 2012

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    The Taliban opened fire on a UN vehicle in Karachi wounding a foreign polio doctor and this driver.

    Isolate and quarantine the place and let them battle it out between each other, then bump off winning side’s forces and followers.

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  • bobdog

    Now where did I put that tinfoil? I kinda lost track of it as soon as that weird music started playing…hard to make out….no lyrics, but it kinda sounds the theme song from Jaws….

  • Stan

    I was going to post something about how the inbreeding causes the sterility in Pakistan, but then the nuttiness in the comments led me to ask, 1 in 25 kids born in the US are “turned” autistic because of the polio vaccine?

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