In 2007 Parents of some 24,000 children in Pakistan refused to give their children the polio vaccine because of a campaign by radical Muslim clergy.

A Pakistani health official in charge of a campaign to innoculate children against polio was killed in a bomb blast in February 2007, following rumours the vaccination was a US plot to sterilise them.(AFP/File/Ali Arif)

The Nation reported:

The District Health Department of Islamabad Capital Territory Administration on Thursday organized a ‘Stop-TB’ awareness walk at Rural Health Center, Bhara Kau, with a view to raising awareness in the masses about the disease and seeking early treatment and avoiding its transmission to the healthy people.

The walk was started at the Rural Health Center, Bhara Kau, Islamabad. People from all walks of life including TB experts, healthcare providers, lady health workers, children, students, notables of the area, private medical practitioners, traders community, farmers and representatives of NGOs took part in the awareness walk. DHO Islamabad Dr. M. Azhar, additional DHO Dr. Najeeb Durrani and officials of National TB Control Programme attended the walk with a commitment to stop the TB and make the country free from tuberculosis.

Addressing the participants, Director, National TB Control Programme, Dr. Ijaz Qadeer, said that each year 4,00,000 new cases of TB were reported in the country and over 5000 health facilities in the country were providing treatment facilities to the TB patients. He said that the role of lady health workers was of vital importance for creating awareness in the masses and providing counselling services for early treatment. He further said that the main focus of the TB control programme was its eradication and early detection of new cases of TB and to provide patients testing and treatment facilities for which community mobilization was also under way.

The polio vaccine rumors are broadcast from loud speakers at the local mosques in Pakistan.



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  1. Darwinism at work.

  2. 1
    Good one.

    The disease is our fault.
    The vaccine is a trick by us.
    The bomb blast was our fault too.

    Eerily familiar. Is this Pakistan a place or a person? I think I dated her in college.

  3. The nations are seriously in danger of spreading TB and God only knows what other diseases that could be carried back by our troops are those flying back and forth to other nations.

    It is truly incredible that the work of Doctors without borders and these Doctors have to face a barrage of lies and misinterpretations of something so serious and if an outbreak occurs and they get sick then what. We they understand, then the importance of a Nation Wide vaccination program.

  4. As sad as this is, I’m honestly not surprised. Islamists, much like their Marxists buddies, cannot understand true charity because it is so completely counter to their way of thinking. Everything they do has some angle, some hidden motive to further the cause of Islam. So when met by people who do good simply for the sake of doing good, they cannot fathom such a thing and try to find the do-gooders’ hidden motives. This is why they accuse doctors of sterilizing children, this is why they poison school girls who simply wish to learn, and this is why we can never be true allies with any Muslim nation. They will always assume we are plotting against them, because they cannot conceive of a person or people who does not speak of peace without desiring war.

  5. CC #5

    Dead right.

    We send food aid to a lot of countries, and some of the countries insist that the food be taken out of our packaging and transferred to theirs and that they be the ones who administer the handing out. Then as they’re handing out the aid, they say “eat and be strong so we can defeat the infidels”.

    I’ll throw Rick Perry a bone here. I do think all US aid should be reset to $0.00 for every country on earth, and then only proven allies should be given even the slightest bit of aid.
    If anybody disagrees with the policy, they should be allowed to donate privately, but only if they deliver the aid in person. Then maybe we can get rid of some of the weaker-minded sympathizers in this country.

  6. ++

    that’s okay, the NEW WORLD ORDER requires MASS DEATHS.. :cry:

    [please click on and follow connecting links, also scroll threads for more
    info, or not, just don't tell your grandchildren you weren't informed.. 8O ]


  7. more people to perish through attrition…less terrorists in the future

  8. In 2007 Parents of some 24,000 children in Pakistan refused to give their children the polio vaccine because of a campaign by radical Muslim clergy.

    Shades of Nigeria.

    Here’s what to do: Build a wall around the place, staff it with guards with shoot-to-kill orders, and let the inhabitants who unquestioningly follow the proclamations of their Muslim clergy die off.

  9. Nothing intelligent about these backward people. No wonder the left loves to wipe their asses when they commit atrocities.

  10. If it weren’t for the nukes and missiles the Paki’s possess my recommendation would be to pull our people out, pull our aid out and leave them in the 6th Century where the Islamists seem to want to live.

  11. What is really so sad is, someone who is trying to help and we are talking major help, here. What happens they are killed, held hostage or beheaded, stabbed or raped. You know there is a real problem trying to help these people when they hate anything that could be beneficial and important to live. Just live a healthy and happy life.

    It is an uphill battle and it truly wears on your nerves and takes a toll.

  12. OT

    Sun 22 April,Earth Day….remind Liberals who their hero ,the founder of Earth day (Ira Einhorn,the Unicorn Killer)really is..A convicted MURDERER..this is the link to the coward

  13. Sterilization in Pakistan tribal areas? Sounds like a good idea to me

  14. To quote Ron White, “You can’t fix stupid!”

  15. ++

    Pakistan has Nukes..


  16. ++

    Tim in Cali #13 April 20, 2012 at 11:31 am

    well, he may have been the founder of Earth Day..

    but Muhammad was the Environmental Pioneer.. /holy goricle sarc gaia/


  17. Isn’t there some way we can blame the jooos for this?


  18. Uh-oh. My children weren’t vaccinated either. Guess I won’t be popular, here.
    Seriously though, the article seems to be a mix up between two different diseases…which are they concerned about-TB(tuberculosis ) or Polio?
    Unfortunately, there is a campaign to put the “useless eaters” out of Our misery. Likewise sterilizations through these tainted innoculation programs do occur in third world nations, as it’s people have been forced to be vaccinated in exchange for free foodstuffs.
    Yes, there Is a conspiracy to poison and experiment upon vast populations with the added ingredients in vaccines that do not need to be included.
    Please take a bit of time to look into the efficacy of vaccines, the questionable aduvants and the programs of evil behind some uses of vaccines.

    PS. My children are all alive and quite well…three of them have reached adulthood. Our things have been in areas with outbreaks of “diseases” and didn’t contract them. Go figure! It appears only the vaccinated were effected. Why would THAT be?

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