The Muslim Brotherhood just took the presidency in Egypt after taking the parliament in Egypt.
Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt over the Fast and Furious scandal.
Unemployment rate is still over 8%.
Barack Obama goes golfing.
The Hill reported:

President Obama waited for the temperature to cool just a bit before heading to the golf course on Sunday.

Obama is golfing at the Fort Belvoir course, according to a White House pool report. The president is golfing with White House chef Sam Kass, staffer Mike Brush and White House trip director Marvin Nicholson, a frequent golf partner of Obama’s.

The temperature at the course is a steamy 89 degrees but a slight breeze makes it feel a little cooler, according to the Weather Channel. Washington is in the midst of a heat wave, with temperatures hitting 100 degrees on Thursday.

This will be the president’s 101st round of golf since entering office according to a count kept by CBS News’s Mark Knoller. He was last on the course on Father’s Day.




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  1. Total incompetency!

    Here’s something to scare you…

    If he manages to lose the election in November, he can still come back and run again in 2016 or 2020 or 2024. The way things are going, by 2024 half of Africa and the Middle East will be living in North America anyway, so I guess he’ll be well accepted by then.

  2. Any bets on how long it will be before he welcome’s with open arms the new Egyptian Pres to the WH (like he did the socialist PM from France)?

    Birds of a feather. . .

  3. obama has done more to advance the muslim conquest than anyone since muhamed

  4. He sees the writing on the wall. He is only going to get one term, so he has to play as much golf as he can, so no future president can ever golf more times than he did.

  5. Nero – fiddle; Obama – golf.

  6. He pumped $200 million of OUR money into the Egyptian campaign in a concerted effort to bring the Muslim Brotherhood to power. Of course he is celebrating with yet one more golf game!

  7. Nero played the fiddle: Obama played golf

  8. Good thing Obama claimed executive privilege – – – allows him to spend more time on the links

  9. Think it’s bad he’s playing golf throughout all this? You should see how bad it would be if he were fully engaged in it all.

  10. Playing golf is obama’s idea of acting presidential because he has seen pictures of other presidents playing golf.

  11. Please give the President a break. Have you seen what he is married to? With this heat, everybody is cooped up inside. Staying at home means she’s around, and no doubt the heat is making her cranky. This way 0bama is out with the guys, and probably can have a smoke without the “Let’s Move” police busting his sorry ass. Being President is hard.

  12. #13 June 24, 2012 at 7:49 pm
    Milwaukee commented:

    Michelle Obama is gone a lot, and she takes quite an entourage with her.

    I’m not worried about when their out: it’s what they do when they’re in, that worries me.

  13. @gotfreedom:

    Yeah, Egypt will be punching above its weight soon.

  14. He went to play golf right after attending worship services, right?

  15. This will be the president’s 101st round of golf since entering office according to a count kept by CBS News’s Mark Knoller.

    Only 50 more rounds and Barky will have played as many Precedential rounds as his average golf score (even excusing his kicking the ball out of tight places after every other shot and making pretend no one saw it).

    Anyone who bowls a 37 shouldn’t even pretend to try and play any sport. It’s offensive.

  16. Saul Alinsky is chuckling and telling Lenin, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

  17. Thats fewer than the number of campaign events this year

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