Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Morsi wins the Egyptian presidential election.
The radical Morsi will replace former American ally Hosni Mubarak as leader of the largest Arab nation.

Morsi promised Islamic Law in Egypt during his campaign.

Egyptian secular leaders blasted the Obama administration’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood this weekend.

USA Today reported:

The announcement of the president was supposed to be the end of Egypt’s post-uprising transition to democracy. However the military made a series of last minute moves that stripped the office of president of most of its major powers and kept those powers concentrated in the hands of the military. A court ruling a few days before that dissolved the freely elected parliament that was dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood.

In Cairo’s Tahrir Square, the birthplace of the pro-democracy uprising, a swelling crowd of thousands gathered in sweltering midday heat awaiting the announcement. They were a mix of supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and ultraconservative Islamists known as Salafis along with some of the revolutionary youth groups that drove last year’s uprising. A separate pro-Shafiq rally of some 2000 protesters gathered in northern Cairo district of Nasr City.

UPDATE: Mohammed Morsi told supporters earlier this year,
“Our capital shall not be Cairo, Mecca or Medina. It shall be Jerusalem!”
Via Breitbart:




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  1. Obama’s Brothers win….. ‘Im shocked !!!!! Shockingly shocked….

  2. Comrade Obama and his thugs will be celebrating today!

  3. my comment got eaten…

    I used moo and slime together as one word and another word for wrapping a bath cloth around your head. Did that trigger some sort of BS kill switch?

  4. This is a disaster. But just what Obama wanted.

  5. So much for hoping. Let’s see what the Egyptian Military thinks.

  6. Anyone want to make a bet that Zippy is going to hand the Muslim brotherhood a boat load of money?

  7. War in the Sinai tomorrow morning.

  8. Ella…

    You mean increase the size of the boatload of money they’re already getting?

  9. Tom, yes. You got me. Sigh.

  10. The caliphate begins to gel…and we will fund them as long as the child in chief is in office.

    God help Israel.

  11. obama is dancing in the streets as the radical muslims are advancing across the globe.
    unfortunately this means the US taxpayer will be paying to advance our own destruction and the destruction of our allies.

    the death toll attributed to obama for this fiasco will be far greater than the fast and furious death toll.
    somehow it will all be blamed on GWB.

  12. just like hillary and barack wanted. oh the joy of “smart diplomacy.”

  13. The caliphate begins to gel…and we will fund them as long as the child in chief is in office.

    I believe the Republicans control the House, so aiding the enemy would be something both parties agree on.

  14. #13 – We haven’t cut off Pakistan have we?

  15. CNN is reporting on this as some sort of glorious victory for “democracy” in breathless and adoring terms. All but ignoramus’s see this for what it is: the equivalent of the Nazi’s sweeping into power across Europe in the 1930’s. All this would have been stopped in 2009 if Obama had supported an ACTUAL democratic revolution by the students in Iran. He supported the Mad Mullah’s as they murdered Neda and thousands of other kids to keep the Islamofascists in power. No other conclusion can be reached: OBAMA WANTS THIS!. There will be World War sure as hell.

  16. So much for the idiotic Camp David Accords. And for all the peace-mongers who loved to shriek about the quiet in Sinai all these years (in exchange for an important and highly strategic piece of land … the border with SYria has been quieter than the Sinai border all this time and Israel didn’t give jack back to Syria.

    Enough of this Land-for-pretend-peace nonsense. The only advantage in giving back Sinai was that Egypt became a pariah in the arab world, but that only lasted a couple of decades. Too short of a time to put Israel at such risk.

    The next time I hope Israel isn’t so stupid as to give back the Suez, either … for a third time.

  17. I don’t think our president could do more damage to the USA domestically or internationally if he was trying. Makes you think.

  18. *lol* our capital shall be jerusalem?
    so their nation is going to be assimilated into israel
    and become a part of it…

    cuz jerusalem is gonna remain under Israel

    ….the arabs need a total war… it will set them straight.

  19. #15 You are correct and it’s been going on for quite some time. This story from Feb of 2011:

  20. A victory for Obama…

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