Another Prominent Democrat Rides The Obama Rejection Wave

Fund-raising...Obama's last ditch effort to cling to his failed presidency.

What do former President Bill Clinton, Mayor Cory Booker, former Governor Ed Rendell, and every other Democrat in non deep-Liberal parts of the country have in common?

They want nothing to do with Obama.

Obama’s failed Socialist policies and feckless “leadership” have made him a national pariah among members of his own party.  Even Obama’s own surrogate has rejected his Socialist talking points.  Now, another one to ride this Obama rejection wave is Arizona’s Democratic U.S. Senate candidate, Richard Carmona.

According to Free Republic,

Democratic Senate hopeful Richard Carmona distanced himself Monday from President Barack Obama, saying he had “no connection” with the man who urged him to run for office.

His comments come months after it was first reported the president personally called the former U.S. surgeon general and asked him to get into the race.

“Let me set the record straight, OK,” Carmona told 3TV. “I have no connections to President Obama.”

This marks the second time in as many weeks a high-profile Arizona Democrat has publicly shied away from a president who has become increasingly unpopular in this Republican-leaning state.

During a debate two weeks ago, Ron Barber, who is trying to replace retired Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, declined to say if he would vote for the Democratic president. Barber later issued a written statement clarifying that he would vote for Obama.

Put together it appears Democrats are becoming uncomfortable with Obama in an election year. Both the Carmona and Barber races are very important for the president as well as the Democratic Party.

It’s not good when even Obama’s hand-picked candidates are denying association with him.  No wonder all Obama does anymore is fundraise.  He’s going to get clobbered and the rest of his party knows it.  No one wants to be attached to a loser.

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  • snap boy

    My bet is that a group within the democrat party trying to undercut Obama. They’d like Obama to withdraw and Hillary to be drafted for a 2012 run…

  • Granny

    How fast can you say “lame duck presidency” – besides not fast enough.

  • Tim in Cali

    The rats are jumping ship,while Obama rearranges the deck chairs

    Have the band play something nice,while you’re at it Barry…

  • DANEgerus

    Are you @TheAndreaRyan ???

  • Andrea Ryan

    Yes, I am. But, Twitter is a sea of chaos to me, so I don’t use it much. Except to joke with Jim.

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  • Brandon In Baton Rouge

    My bet is that a group within the democrat party trying to undercut Obama. They’d like Obama to withdraw and Hillary to be drafted for a 2012 run…

    It’s a little late for that.

    I figured that the saner wing of the party would have ditched him long ago in order to save their own asses, but it hasn’t happened. And at this point, tossing him aside causes about as many problems as it solves.

  • mcc

    Speaking of jokes, late last night I read this and now this AM it’s getting more attention (via Drudge):

    About as subtle as his middle finger “scratching” his face.

    Presidential material…not. Is it any wonder the Rats are fleeing the ship…

  • Patty

    Come On!! Every politician is looking at his or her self interest. If the constituents are leaning one way or another then that is where the Politician winds blow.

    If thing are looking good for the President, any President in that moment, then the politician urges him or her for help.

    And Obama has done a lack luster Job. He has been one of the most irresponsible, inexperienced and delusional in the history of Presidents.

    When anyone in a leadership position is leaning so far left as Obama is, here is America he will be treated like the plague. So, this “prominent” politician is doing what they do best, throw the guy under the bus for their own selfish desires to try and defeat their opponent. Politics 101!

  • Patty

    Throw Obama under the bus. But then if he wins, you and I not he will sing a different tune.

    They all do!!

  • Patty

    Obama Caught Lying Again: He Was Member of Socialist ‘New Party,’ Says Kurtz

    What person with Obama’s background could be president. NO ONE WITH HIS BACKGROUND SHOULD EVER BE PRESIDENT. Now, after four years the tide has turned. Why, after 4 years and hard four, could Americans ever vote him back into any office. Shameful that the media upheld Obama to higher standards and lied to the American Public. …. VIEW THIS

    Now, why are they leaving Obama out to dry, or in their dust. This is why, and it is shameful we have had to live through this and find out all about Obama 4 years TOO LATE.

  • mcc

    Re #8 – This isn’t a joke:

    I’m sorry for you, Mrs. Young. I hope you find the answers and peace you seek.

    Imagine reelecting Obama, the whole sordid mess of his life then fully exposed and we’re stuck with it as the world – and our country – continues its downward spiral.

  • Patty


    Yes, this is true but no one has reported it that I know of. It is very strange indeed and I am waiting when a shock and awe worse, if possible, will finally be reported. It make take years or a few months. Hard to tell because we have never throw a President WAY UNDER THE BUS, like I can imagine will happen to Obama. You can hide things for so long and then the chit will hit the fan.

    I have been saying this for awhile now. I have said Obama should be impeached. But with Holder and dems in the senate, won’t happen. But I do believe he will go down in the history book as the worse president in history. Again, goes back to his lack of experience and socialistic visions.

  • oldguy

    listen! Can you hear the cock crowing? Maybe by the third time the cock crows he will be gone.

  • mcc

    #13 Patty – I know…and I’m sure you’d agree we simply can’t afford to have someone as sick – and compromised – as this one at the helm at any time in our nation’s history — and certainly not now when the world is in such chaos and we hang precariously close to collapse ourselves.

  • Highlander

    Democratic hopeful on Barack Obama – he’s just” a guy who lives in my neighborhood.”

  • Patty


    I wish I could express my true thoughts 🙂 like I haven’t!!! But I do believe there will be something big and it will shock this nation. Everyone will be shocked. It may not happy before elections but it is going to be explosive. Providing there are some sharp investigations and journalists. Yes, there are some great people out there that are going to find the truth. It will come out, it always does. This is my opinion, I have thought about this for awhile now.

  • Patty

    When you are a leader of this nation, you are informed of your duties and you never allow this nation to be vulnerable. Washington has allowed this nation’s top secrets to be leak.

    There are some patriots in Washington trying to get to the bottom of this. I believe that this administration is so intense on winning the elections that they are dropping the ball and using any thing at their disposal but in the meantime our national security is at deep risk.

  • democraps suck

    that is what they are saying publicly to retain their seats…however come november they will all vote for the mooslum…it’s in their blood

  • Patty

    So, what politician would associate himself with anyone in this administration?

    So, this democrat is smart in that respect. Did I just say that? 🙂

  • Patty

    #19 June 7, 2012 at 12:20 pm
    democraps suck commented:

    that is what they are saying publicly to retain their seats…however come november they will all vote for the mooslum…it’s in their blood

    #10 June 7, 2012 at 11:40 am
    Patty commented:

    Throw Obama under the bus. But then if he wins, you and I not he will sing a different tune.

    They all do!!


    my thoughts, exactly.

  • Patty

    Jackson Browne Cools On Obama….another one leaves Obama in the dust. 🙂

    Browne said he remains “involved politically” but won’t raise money for any presidential candidate this election cycle.

    “It’s a game of chicken. So I’m not going to participate,” he said. “Every day it’s like a fever. Like, ‘Oh my God, if we don’t have $27,000 by tonight the DCC won’t think we’re being effective.’ I mean I’m sorry, I can’t.”

  • illini guy

    Barry is consciously imploding so we run to Romney. Williard is another progressive who will look sane and moderate compared to BHO….mark my words….in about 4 years the Tea Party will wake up and realize we have been played….MR and BO are cut from the same cloth….doing the bidding of the power elites!

  • bg



    June 7, 2012

    Occupy Capitalist Ice Cream


  • bg


    it’s totally frustrating how convenient memory lapses are..

    June 7, 2012

    Obama just caught in big lie?

    [During the 2008 presidential election campaign, Obama’s camp
    categorically denied he was ever a member of the New Party, which
    sought to elect members to public office with the aim of moving the
    Democratic Party far leftward to ultimately form a new political party
    with a socialist agenda.


    “When we spoke together at New Party events in those days, he was
    blunt about his desire to move the Democratic Party off the cautious
    center where Bill Clinton had wedged it,” wrote Nichols in a January
    2009 piece published at

    Now, researcher and author Stanley Kurtz, writing at National Review
    Online today, reports on documentation from the updated records of
    Illinois ACORN at the Wisconsin Historical Society that “definitively
    establishes” that Obama was a member of the New Party.

    Kurtz reported Obama also signed a “contract” promising to publicly
    support and associate himself with the New Party while in office.]

    this news is so freakin’ old that i’m about
    the only thing i know older than it.. gah!!


  • Militant Conservative

    #23 June 7, 2012 at 12:43 pm
    illini guy commented:

    Not the same. Obama is a black liberation theology

    With lots of socialism thrown in.

    Romney is no Reagan but at least he believes in

    Capitalism. Couple this with a huge majority in the

    House and senate. Romney can only sign what

    Those houses send up.

    We are looking at dismantling the lefts handiwork.

    Powder is dry

  • illini guy

    Sorry…but MR is progressive lite…
    he will champion big govt solutions to small problems….the “smart” set just know more about what is needed….and we will fall for it again. Haven’t had a small govt type in WH since Coolidge

  • illini guy

    I agree. ….the power Art1Sec1 vests power in the congress…they just needed to assert their authority….and WE need to assert responsibility

  • squeaky
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  • Dave in NYC

    Bill Clinton wants nothing to do with Obama? That must be news to him, since he spoke at an Obama fundraiser — alongside Obama himself — in New York earlier this week!

  • mg4us

    Let’s keep the momentum going. . .

    From Obama’s poor launch on May 5th with Forward to a half empty arena,
    to 40+% of WV Dems voting for a convicted felon in their primary
    to same in Arkansas and Kentucky
    to poor jobs numbers last Friday
    to Wisconsin Win for Walker and BIG loss for Unions and Obama
    seems Obama having a tougher time. .
    and wait til all the truth about him is revealed in October. . .

    Mitt is not McCain. .he hits hard
    And TEA Party Patriots running the ground game. . .
    Americans are engaged. . . and concerned. .
    and willing to stand up and make a difference

    Dems are starting to worry that the Amateur-in-Thief may not get a second chance.,9171,2116715-1,00.html

    And dollars will flow away from a loser to a winner. . .
    Winner not a Weiner . . . .like that sleeze Dem Congressman

  • el polacko

    for it is written : three times shall carmona deny The One before the cock crows.

  • mg4us