By: Andrea Ryan

She-PAC, a political action committee supporting “conservative women candidates with conservative ideals and principled leadership”, has just released their new ad.  In it they highlight five women poised to change “the 85% male-dominated Congress” that “84% of Americans are unhappy with”.

Their message:

“2012 won’t be a war on women.  It will be a war by women.  Help these five women stop Harry Reid.”

What a nice endorsement Sarah Steelman received.  In case you missed it, She-PAC’s first video, slamming Obama for his misogynist hypocrisy, went viral last month.



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  1. ++

    God Bless America/ns!!

    there is a God, and we are the people, Amen..


  2. Ehh…not bad.
    It needed more women in it in my humble opinion.

    There are literally dozens of high profile female politicians who are such positive role models.
    We need to put them front and center and let them tell America why they are Republicans.

    Sell the brand.

    How is this for a slogan…?



  3. Great video. Help make it go viral. (Tweet. Tweet.)

  4. Barack Obama overseeing a Federal agency, the Secret Service, that has made it an institutional practice to traffic in the sexual exploitation of foreign women: War on Women.

    Barack Obama, negotiating to surrender Afghanistan to the Taliban in exchange for political cover, recognizing the millions of Afghani women who have been educated since our intervention and removal of the Taliban will be sent to slaughter by Taliban hands: War on Women.

    Barack Obama, who holds old Soviet 5-Year-Plan concepts of command economies, who causes millions of American women to be structurally unemployed without a hope of a return to a job: War on Women.

    Barack Obama, who finds women useful for a one-night political stand by promising contraceptives paid for by property seized by hard working citizens, in exchange for the demand these women go out and vote for him: War on Women.

    No, I wouldn’t give up on the War on Women theme quite yet.

  5. sounds like a pretty sexist group to me. you shouldn’t vote for anyone because of their gender. that is part of the marxist divide and conquer strategy.

    vote for people because they are:
    share your beliefs and values

    don’t vote for anyone because of their:
    sexual preference

  6. OT

    Coke profits beat estimates.

    I drank six Dr. Peppers (I am in Ohio but it is bottled by Pepsi out of NY) a day for the past 10 years, that is some $6,500, I am drinking my first of many more Cokes right now.

  7. Women at home handle budgets, family, house and kids. They are more qualified than the children in Washington. They are strong and will change America. And if women can’t see this than they are Hillary Rosen.

  8. Great video. Kudos to Gateway Pundit for spreading the message.

  9. Awesome! Exactly what is being said by women everywhere. We pick our battles carefully and with thought and ShePac laser focus on Reid is the best news in awhile. Donate today!

  10. Excuse me…Laura Lingle (former Gov of Hawaii) is now running for Senate? She is the one who sealed Barky’s birth certificate.

    And, a “Republican” at that!

  11. MathMom.. that was my question… Is that Linda Lingle, the former governor of Hawaii… who lied about Obie’s birth certificate? who was a teamsters member…

    perhaps she is better than the alternative….

    but when the time came to stand up and be counted… seems like she walked away with her tail between her legs…(btw.. like ALL of the DC Republicans)

  12. I actually wrote Laura Lingle, didn’t I? I meant to correct that. Yes, Linda Lingle – who will replace the Maine RINO who’s bailing out.


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