There are growing calls for President Barack Obama’s super PAC, Priorities USA, to return a million-dollar donation from comedian Bill Maher. Why? Because president Obama has blasted Rush Limbaugh for his degrading comments about a Georgetown law student — he even called her to console her — but Bill Maher night after night uses filthy language to degrade women.

Today ShePAC released a video demanding Obama’s super PAC to return Bill Maher’s $1 million donation.

Tell President Obama to lead by example. President Obama, who’s calling for civility while failing to offer it, needs to tell Bill Maher he doesn’t want money from someone who treats women this way.



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  1. ++

    must. go. viral.


  2. Share it!

    Maybe we should link it to #Kony 2012 on twitter to make it go around faster?


  3. Won’t give it back and nothing will come of this.

    Obama has his faithful in the MSM.

    They ALL worship at the altar of evil.

    Gonna get worse too.

  4. Great ad.

    ..and it doesn’t even stratch the surface of what vile names Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham, Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin have been called.

    As these women know, this level of hatred would not be spewed at them were they not incredibly competent and effective.

  5. Email the link for that video to everyone you know.

    What a great way to show how Obama is a two face.

  6. In this day and age when everything is recorded it’s going to be harder to maintain the double standard without looking like a fool.

  7. Let’s do it their way. DEMAND that Obama ask Maher to apologize. That is really not asking too much. Don’t just ask him to give the money back.

    DEMAND the President ask for apologies.

    This is an excellent ad. Finally.

  8. Great ad — hope ShePac does more of these. We need to wake Democrat women up so they recognize how they are being used by the Progressives/Socialists.

  9. Hmm, what does Obama have to do with any of this?

  10. SO what’s with the ‘Campaign Reform’ to limit individual donations for a couple thousand $$ … so expressly limit any ONE person to have undue influence over a politicians, and here we have Maher orchastrating a HUGE publicity stunt to theatrically present a lavish $$$MILLION ostensibily personal check out of Maher’s huge personal fortune (bragging much?).

    Given it was on TV, even the presentation had massive monetary value in TV broadcast minutes that Obama didn’t have to pay for. Maher didn’t just drop a check torn out of his checkbook, into the mail, but had a lottery-size facsimile produced for a grand presentation designed to encourage other people o donate.

    This was ALL a campaign AD for Obama. It should be reported as such, and one wonders if Maher who doesn’t look like or behave like he has a philanthropic bone in his body, actually used his OWN funds, and the costs of everyone involved in it, producers, writers, how much did the airtime cost, ALL of it.

  11. while being a huff n’ puff article – there is some answer why the deviance from donation limits.
    there’s always a way around things.


    ShePAC what a appropriate name. Remember he has no sponsors. So, devil may care, he can say any hateful thing he wants?

  13. Guys, we really need more ads like this. It’s simply one of the most effective ads I’ve seen in years because it uses liberals’ OWN WORDS against them.

    I’d love to create an ad myself of all the hateful things Maher, Olbermann et al. have said, but I don’t know how exactly to locate the numerous clips. :(

    To the conservative media: MAKE MORE ADS LIKE THIS ONE!!!!!!!!

  14. Obama, lead by example? Surely you jest. President Zero isn’t a leader or statesman; he’s a “bomb throwing” community agitator, a product of the very worst of leftist education and Chicago politics.

  15. My cable company asked me if I wanted to subscribe to HBO. I told them I would not pay for HBO no matter how low the price was because I would not contribute to Bill Maher’s salary. Call your cable company and cancel HBO. They make not have sponsors but you can hit them directly in their wallet.

  16. Great video. This needs to be shared throughout the US!!!!!

  17. Remember, the packages the cable and sat companies charge are bundled. So you really only watch say 8 channels at most, but your sub subsidizes all the 100+ others, most of which would have died years ago, and most of which are LEFT, so they get a cut of your money, which keeps them on the air, to your detriment.

    DUMP ALL of it. It’s easier living without. Buy series you like – DVD, use internet. Go to theatre, sports, not movies. Support the local sports leagues instead of the national teams. The local teams, theatre, events people will be happy happy.

    It’s more obvious to people who leave the US and then return to notice how corrsive pervasive the TV noise is — relentless and annoying, frantic, and despite all the whiz and flash, ALL THE SAME.

    The brain actually has to detox from it. Bad sign.

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