By: Andrea Ryan

If you play with fire you get burned…unless the fire you’re playing with is violent Islamist  radicals.  Then you get beheaded.  Abu Mansour al-Amriki, born in Alabama Omar Hammami and raised a Christian, was beheaded on April 5th by the group al-Shabaab, an ally of al-Qaeda.

Pat Dollard reports,

Excerpted from SomaliLandSun:     The al-Qaeda-allied group al-Shabaab executed US-born jihadist Omar Hammami on April 5th, according to unconfirmed Somali media reports.

Hammami, known as Abu Mansour al-Amriki, said he feared for his life from other al-Shabaab leaders because of strategic and ideological differences in a statement released last month.

According to Somalia’s Gedo Online, Hammami was the only one absent from a recent meeting attended by top al-Shabaab leaders in Baraawe.

Al-Shabaab reportedly hunted down Hammami after he left Marka in the Lower Shabelle region. He was reportedly beheaded on the spot and buried somewhere between Marka and Baraawe.

According to the report, the alleged execution angered some al-Shabaab leaders, who accused al-Shabaab leader Ahmed Abdi Godane of ordering the execution.

A group of foreign fighters and other top al-Shabaab members, including Fuad Mohamed Khalaf, also known as Fuad Shongoole, reportedly fled to the Galgala Mountains following the news of the execution.

Other leaders who left upon hearing the news include Hassan Dahir Aweys and Mukhtar Robow, Gedo Online reported.

Aweys recently accused other al-Shabaab leaders, including Godane, of shedding the blood of Muslims and murdering innocent civilians in the name of Islam. He described the actions of al-Shabaab’s leaders as far removed from Islam.

Somali analysts say the al-Qaeda affiliated al-Shabaab group is on the verge of splintering due to deepening internal divisions exacerbated by recent military setbacks.

When they keep beheading adults it’s no wonder al-Qaeda has a shortage of jihadis.  It looks like they’re left training young children.



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  1. ban soccer gateway to islam

  2. I guess the guy just lost his head.

  3. he was head over heels…. :) no loss just another radical down the drain

  4. Ha, Ha,

  5. awww

  6. And yet, regardless of all this muslim-on-muslim violence, we’re supposed to believe that if only Israel didn’t exist, there would be peace throughout the Middle East.

    Yeah, right.

  7. Passport & shots? $140
    Oneway ticket to Jihad? $2800
    Getting beheaded by your fellow Jihadists? Priceless!

  8. I’ll hoist a brew and down a pork sausage sandwich in his memory.

  9. Ever shrinking circle of jihadis, doing unto each other before the same is done to them.

  10. he was last heard saying “my headache hurts so bad, i wish somebody would just cut my head off!” leftist muslim sympathizers, please take note…you will not escape the blade. just ask robespierre about that….

  11. Good news to start the week!

  12. Chickens come home to roost.

  13. In case you didn’t click on the guy’s background: He was raised in south Alabama, in the Mobile suburb of Daphne, near Fairhope and not too far away from the back gate of Pensacola Naval Air Station. He was raised a southern Baptist, his dad immigrated from Syria, he was sophomore class president in high school, an All American boy. In college, he became leader of the Muslim student group, and from there made bad choices, all the way to Somalia.

    If American Muslims really wanted to help their own people in this war on terrorism, they would teach their young men and women about this guy, and teach them that this isn’t a game.

  14. Did you have man-on-man Islamic sex with him first, like they did Gadiffi?

  15. They are making the whole thing up in an effort to stop the drone attacks because he was the target of many of the attacks. If they really killed him they would post a video on the web.

  16. No tears shed here. .

    Omar thought he could get “A-HEAD” by leaving the US and joining this group of reject.

    Insted it appears he was in WAY OVER HIS HEAD!!!

    And eventually LOST HIS HEAD on how he Muzzy pals like to operate.

    He should have quit while he was A-HEAD!

    LOL. . .

    What a loser!

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