Another day… Another death at an #Occupy Camp…

A man is found dead inside this tent at the Occupy Tallahassee camp. (

Unreal. The protester had been dead in his tent for days.

Dang. These #occupiers are going to need PTSD treatment by the time this criminal activity comes to an end.
The Blaze reported:

The police are investigating the death of a man discovered Thursday night at the Occupy Tallahassee camp, according to Officer David Northway of the Tallahassee Police Department.

Though there is no indication of foul play at the current time, it reportedly took several days “or longer” for fellow Occupiers to discover the man’s body.  “When somebody goes to their tent and goes to sleep, you leave them alone..Nobody‘s really prying into anybody else’s business out here, so it’s understandable,” one Tallahassee occupier said. He was allegedly found after occupiers noticed that he had been absent from group activities for several days, and went to check on him.

The movement’s local spokesman, Larry Hendricks, declared, “Unless they find out otherwise, I think it was a natural occurrence.”  Apparently the now-deceased man had revealed he was a diabetic when signing the Occupy Tallahassee “covenant” several weeks prior, though it remains unclear whether this is related to the cause of death.

“It’s natural.  It’s still safe here,” another occupier at the camp maintained.

It’s not the first time an #occupy protester was found dead in a tent.
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  1. 90 % of them are brain dead ..they just havent been discovered either.

    I guess Obamacare didnt help them

  2. I guess that the stench of the decomposing corpse was no different that the usual stench of an OWS camp.

    The perhaps unintended pun, “no indication of foul play”, pretty much “embodies” it.

  3. “than”, not “that”

  4. is this another twenty year old that died of “natural” causes.

  5. That’s what happens when one’s body emulates one’s brain. And notice that no one complained about the smell? They probably couldn’t tell the difference!

  6. Will there be a March by the Civil rights leader on this. Doubtful. It is amazing with videos, video games, slather of innocent kids in gangs. How numbing is our society in this day of rage and the things our kids watch daily.

    There is injustice when a human life is left to rot in the elements. Evidently clear, our families are failing and our kids are suffering and where is the media. Where is the vigils or prayer for what has happen in this wonderful nation to ignore a dying body. We have become a society that pits two sides against the other. No real human contact and it seems everyone has a protest but here is the real protest, we must protest for our kids, they are getting the shaft.

  7. They noticed his 2-liter urine jug hadn’t moved in three days so they decided to fight through the normal stench to find out if he wanted some lobster bisque soup that was just delivered.

  8. Why do you dislike the OWS people so much? Seems to me they are just fellow Americans exercising their free speech. I understand why you would disagree with them. But calling them brain dead seems a little over the top.

    Liberals feel the same way about Tea Party protesters. They not only disagree with them, they have a strong dislike for them personally. I don’t know why they can’t see the Tea Party protesters as fellow Americans exercising free speech.

  9. Obysmal & today’s democorrupt party are a full replay of Adolph and his National “Socialists” (Nazis)1923-1933 in the Weimar Republic. The OWS are Ozero’s paid street goons dedicated to precipitating violence & political theater against his political opposition.
    Obysmal and the democorrupts are now trying hard to augument their OWS street thugs with legions of black juvenile street hoodlums riled up by his ceaseless playing of the race card. No good can come of Obysmal & thr democorrupts actions.

  10. #8:

    There’s a difference between legal and responsible protesting vs. defecating hippie leeches who contaminate our public areas, break every law in the books and leave rotting corpses in their wake.

  11. “Why do you dislike the OWS people so much? Seems to me they are just fellow Americans exercising their free speech. I understand why you…” for a starters.

  12. Hey Old One, where do you get ideas like that? I think Obama is a bad president. I didn’t vote for him and I’m not going to vote for him. But a Socialist? He’s a rich guy and I’m sure almost all of his friends are rich, powerful people. He doesn’t want to share his wealth.

    What’s he done as president that’s so radical? Sign the health care bill – Obamacare?

  13. #8
    You know we all have to defecate. Lol. That’s no reason to dislike a fellow American.

    Free speech is expensive. I think it is worth the price.

  14. People are found dead every hour of every day.. This is a non-news item!

  15. Here’s what I think happens at these OWS camps, or whatever they are. There are lots of homeless people in every major city and many of them are mentally ill. I’m sure they are attracted to these places because they can mooch food and it safer than sleeping alone in the park.

    I’m sure the real protesters don’t like dealing with them, but what are they going to do? They can’t kick them out. The homeless folks have just as much right to be there as everyone else.

  16. Old one….Are you kidding ? These leeches occupy public and private property for days or months dirupting peaceful citzens, businesses, and traffic. They have been violent, break laws like its normal behavior, the smoke dope, do drugs, Crap on everything, break windows , harass banks, and other legal businesses, kill and rape people, take up tons of police time ( and money) trash the very places they occupy and leave behind a slimey bunch of crap and trash for US to pay to clean up and demand free money, desruction of private and public businesses and generally are a waste of sperm on society….

    Whats not to love?

    Tea party protests are peaceful( until libs show up and start fights) short, usually a few hours or a day at the most. They clean up after themselves and leave it cleaner than when they came. They m,ake sense, fight for cosntitutionally limited government, balanced budgets, honest politicians, against illegal alioens, against illegal Obamacare and against corrupt Obama policies, crony capitalism and scam green businesses, lying Presindents who dont hate Isreal and other allies.

    They want to drill for our own energy and create millions of jobs Just like Brazil and Saudi Arabia are encouraged to do by Obama but hated here.

    ‘They want to Cut wasteful bloated govt spending and lower taxes so jobs will be able to grow and prosper here without overriding Govt red tape.

    Whats not to hate about that ????

  17. It was also reported that the departed OSW Hero has apparently lost his hand knit CHE! T shirt.

  18. Since they don’t bathe and defecate/urinate on the sidewalk; it is probably difficult to determine if they are dead or just smell bad.

  19. Monkeywrench,

    I’m gonna do a Lee/Barr tweet and give all Occupy retards your address. I’ll tweet we have a $10k bounty on the first smelly hippie who poops in your mailbox. And that you’ll pay $3k for their contraception…

    Go back to KOS now…

  20. This proves that a person can die from a few hundred lice bites.

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