Big Update: MYSTERY DATA MINING COMPANY REVEALED – Dem Group Ran Illegal Robocalls for “Women of 99%” in 25 US Districts & 12 States (Developing)

Late last week a shady liberal group (they don’t even have a website) calling themselves the “Women of the 99%” made tens of thousands of illegal robocalls across the US attacking Rush Limbaugh and Republican lawmakers in battleground districts.

Here is one of the robocalls that is running in Wisconsin.

Thanks to Meg Ellefson for capturing this call and sending this in.

The calls were placed in at least 25 Congressional districts in at least 12 different states across the US.

* This map has changed some due to redistricting after the 2010 census.

Here is the (growing) list of the districts where the illegal robocalls were made:

Coffman (CO-06)
Heck (NV- 03)
Denham (CA-10)
Lungren (CA-03)
Biggert (IL-13)
Schilling (IL-17)
Dold (IL-10)
Benishek (MI-01)
Renacci (OH-16)
Walsh (IL-08)
Ribble (WI-08)
Tipton (CO-03)
Webster (FL-10)
Buchanan (FL-16)
King (IA-04)
Bass (NH-02)
Buerkle (NY-TBD)
Bill Johnson (OH-06)
Fitzpatrick (PA-08)
Bilbray (CA-52)
Bartlett (MD-06)
Cravaack (MN-08)
Sean Duffy (WI-07)
Polis (CO-02)
Mary Bono Mack (CA-45)

The organization “Occupy Women of the 99%” is not a registered PAC or lobbying group. Therefore, it is illegal for this group to make robocalls. The group is making the calls anonymously – which also is illegal.

Also, the cost of running a robocall message list this large would be well over $100,000. So who is this group? And, who is funding this group?  And is it just a coincidence that most of these districts are DCCC targeted “Red to Blue” districts? (We’ll find out more later.)

So far there has been only one media outlet who has reported on this story – The Daily Mail out of Great Britain.

So where is the American media on this?

Why is the media hiding this story from the American public?

BIG UPDATE: Sources in Washington DC say the contact data came from Catalist, a liberal company that represents several democrats in Congress. The data warehouse represents every liberal/progressive group in existence including Organizing for America, the DNC, Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid. The group is also affiliated with the AFL-CIO and Planned Parenthood.

What this means: Once we find who was writing the checks to Catalist we will know who funded these illegal robocalls.

The illegal robocalls were going out in at least three Colorado districts.
The Denver Post had more on Catalist.

“Collaborative and well-coordinated, the groups not only funded television and radio ads, but put large amounts of money — almost $600,000 for one state Senate race — into canvassing neighborhoods, phone calls and direct mailings that often contained withering attacks on GOP opponents.”

“Additionally, Democrats have Catalist, a for-profit company that has an uber-voter file: demographic, political and commercial/marketing information for 280 million Americans.
President Barack Obama tapped into Catalist for his 2008 presidential race, according to The Atlantic, and Colorado Democrats say it was used for U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet’s race. In the final two weeks, Democrats said, they targeted voters household by household, helping Bennet win by a narrow margin.”

—-This story is developing.

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  • Jack

    Maybe if some proof is offered they might report on it…after the election.

  • let the republicans do it, then american tass will be all over it.

  • maraz

    Liberal media is also hiding this story…

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo presents compelling evidence that Obama has presented fraudulent documents… and by LAW… a fraudulent Selective Service card means Obama is not allowed to hold any public office… criminal acts are now under investigation.

  • maraz
  • Tired

    Q: Why is the media hiding this story from the American public?

    A: The media isn’t “hiding this story.” I didn’t pass the media’s basic reportable test.

    You can take the basic reportable test by following the “Rules” below:
    a) If the story looks like it’ll cause harm to the Left’s cause, ignore it. Pretend it never happened or make a “minor” report about how “crazy” the Right really is.
    b) If the story looks like it’ll cause harm to the Right’s cause, report it right away and keep reporting about it. Don’t let up. You have an obligation to report just how “evil” the Right really is.

  • maraz

    @ Tired #6

    LOL… that sums it up perfectly.

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  • #6…you just defined america tass. i give you an A!

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  • Freddy

    This is not somethng that can remain ‘hidden’. Many people will be going through court proceedings.

    Unless of course, Eric Holder decides it is only a federal crime. Then he can decide not to prosecute it as selecting which laws matter is part of his normal procedure.

  • pretty much makes me sick at my stomach!!!

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  • Sickofobama

    Unfortunately Polis is my rep.

    He’s a proud gay Communist and he is on board the “Get Limbaugh Off The Air” campaign or any other matter against our Constitution.

    He along with my 2 Communist Senators vote for anything Obama wants them to.

  • chuck in st paul

    “Nothing to see here folks. Move along now. Nothing to see.”

    As far as the LSM is concerned the “law” is only to be followed if convenient. Besides, Rush deserves to be kicked off the air. Why he called an activist slut a slut. My goodness.

  • Joe College

    If that message doesn’t get Republicans elected nothing will.

    Look at Obama’s crumbling Rasmussen numbers since he started this ‘war on women’ shtick.

    A lot of people think the ‘women’s’ shtick is designed as a distraction, but I think they are leading up to replacing Biden with Hillary on the ticket.

  • squeaky

    maybe it’s disappointing that the average joe on the street is satisfied with just one part of the whole equation….that being the one that is least threatening. the rest of the equation is the disturbing reality of life. obama will wash away all of your sins from the wallets of others and then try to call it social justice. bad choices in life quite often lead to bad results in life. sandra fluke innocent victim is what they want sandra fluke dem opperative/battling ram is what they don’t want to know. one thought usually leads to another and God forbid the obama worshiping masses wake up and realize they’re not in kansas [dorothy] anymore.

  • squeaky

    “. but I think they are leading up to replacing Biden with Hillary on the ticket.” ahhhh…book end alinsky-ites. doubling down..when people mention hillary they should consider her own alinsky connections. obama is the wrecking ball version of alinsky and someone did consider the possibility that he was brought in to break the place up and that he did.

  • Kelsonus

    Hello to some Soros group

  • wanumba

    So White House: ‘Rush Limbaugh is the ‘de facto head of the Republican Party,’ and ‘Rush is the ‘spokesman for the Republican Party.’ As if he’s on salary, when he’s only doing his own entreprenurial job.

    Now maybe they have a practical point… who is exactly supposed to be the ‘spokesman for the GOP?’

    We see Debbie Wasshername all the time … where’s the GOP face?

  • DomesticGoddess


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  • ProfessorNell

    Add Massachusetts to your list. Two weeks before the Super Tuesday elections, there were 5-6 calls daily telling Dems and Independents to vote for Santorum. Worse, the Monday before Super Tuesday. Walsh, Chairman of the Mass Dem Party was all over the radio telling Dems and Independents to vote for Santorum to help President Obama’s election.

    Now they have “Internships” for people tow wrk the summer to help Obama’s Camapaign Meaning We the Taxpayers are going to be footing th bill for a large chunk of Obama’s Campaign.

    Where are the Republican leaders in Congress, and why are they not speaking out about this vote rigging and frankly theft of taxpayer dollars?

  • exdem13

    There is definitely something to this story. No-name Leftist groups are springing out of the weeds to plug for lefty candidates this year. Many of them are unregistered. Near where I live in Ohio, a long-term Democratic personality was abruptly defeated in a primary by a no-name, no-platform, no-campaign candidate whose sole support was an unregistered PAC. It left me to wonder how many more scenes like this were played out across the state, and all during Super Tuesday.

  • WAR!: In “Dangerous Liaisons”, the Glenn Close character is being bullied into sexual submission by the one played by John Malkovitch. She DOES NOT roll over and take it. She DOES NOT compromise. A three-prong battle strategy to counter the elite media and Obama’s minions is provided at the link. We are in TOTAL WAR.

  • Mitch Rapp

    It’s not illegal when done by Obamatrons, Obamarettes and the liberal media types.

    It is called acts of patrioutism

  • Patty

    Obama Administration Blocks Law Requiring Texas Residents to Show Photo ID Before Voting

  • I’ll tell you this, there is record of where these calls originated and who paid for them. They can’t just put something on the phone providers server’s and it goes out. It has to originate from somewhere and somebody has to be responsible for payment, and set up as to when they go out, and to who they go out to. If we had a FBI, or FCC that wasn’t being controled by Obama and Holder then we’d be able to find out who it was who posted these calls. The State Justice Dept. can act on this and forget about the Federal boys doing their job, they aren’t. So back to states rights as to what goes on in a state needs to be taken over by the states.

    Governor’s of these states; take this as a crime in your state and investigate it just like any other crime. Don’t act like the Soviet Union and wait for the Federal government to tell you what to do, do it yourself and find these people.

    You know damn well there’s a paper trail, or a money trail that will lead to who did this. This just doesn’t just fall out of the air and then there it is. Find these people and throw their butts in jail. The reason why people do this stuff is because no one is punished for committing crimes right on up to the White House. Obama has been allowed to commit so many crimes he’d get ten lifetimes in prison, or a firing squad. I would prefer the latter.

  • MilitantCatholic

    So what happens now? How do we get the effing FCC to step up to the plate and fine the hell out of these guys?

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  • Linda Hurry

    I received similar calls in Maryland. A few weeks ago they were calling against Roscoe Bartlett whose district has been redrawn. I wasn’t aware the changes went into effect immediately. Got the call again late last week but hung up before listening to the drivel.

  • Beef

    Prediction: Not a single person will be prosecuted for these illegal calls. Yes, I have the gift of Nostrildamous.

  • DomesticGoddess

    Code Pink.

  • Conservative Ken

    34 Beef

    You nailed it!

  • You know whoever it is that owns this data warehouse is somebody high up because Pelosi and Reid aren’t going to trust some fly by night outfit to send out info on her and Reid and not be accurate, that could cause her to lose her job or some other mistake could happen.

    As soon as it is found out who owns this warehouse may say, “I didn’t know this was going on!”, or “I didn’t have anything to do with it.”, “We let many people house their info in our facilities. I don’t know who it is, nor would I care. I don’t pry into other people’s private information, or how they use it.” Or some other lame excuse. But I agree, nothing will happen to them because of who they are. If Pelosi and Reid are housing their info at that warehouse, it’s probably someone from way back in their past, or that they got to.

    It seems to me that if something like this was pulled off then it may very well be one of these leftist groups, like Media Matters, or this “Organizing For America” that sounds like some Alinsky front group, or Communists.

    I think the CIA needs to cross check this list to see who is Communist and who are front groups for the NEW PARTY, YOU KNOW THE ONE OBAMA BELONGS TO. Whoever it is, I only hope they can be shut down before it gets any later. There’s no telling what Obama is going to do with it, or could do with it since Obama is expert at using such things as this.

    I’m telling you right now that Obama is a criminal mastermind, and needs to be locked up out away from being able to get in touch with anyone for any reason. He is such a dangerous person that he needs to be put out in the SuperMax in Colorado, just for safe keeping. You know? Kinda like Gitmo West!

  • Pink

    The founder of the data warehouse was Clinton’s deputy COS — see Dan Riehl’s blog

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  • Texmom
  • Conservachick

    Weird. Looks like this is going on up in Canada, too. This is from an article dated 3/9/12:
    “The robo-caller identifies herself as Lori or Laurie McDonald of Guelph and says she is appalled by Mr. Burke’s beliefs on women’s rights. “Conservative candidate Marty Burke believes that under no circumstances should a woman have a right to choose…. The race in Guelph is very close — vote strategically on Monday to protect our rights from Marty Burke and his extreme views.”

  • Beth

    I got one of these robocalls as a voicemail. I saved the message and also still have the caller id. I don’t know if I have any information that can help in researching this.