Poor Sandra Fluke… She Wants You To Pay For Her $9/Month Birth Control As She Frolics in Spain & Pompeii

Just when you thought you’d seen everything.
Poor Sandra Fluke, the 30 year-old far left activist who wants you to pay for her $9 a month birth control, is dating a rich socialist.

They recently traveled to Spain and Italy together.
It was a lovely getaway for the women’s rights activist and her rich socialist boyfriend.

Here the two lovebirds are roughing it late at night in Barcelona – drunk.

And, here the poor little darling tries to make ends meet in Pompeii.

What a brave woman. How does she manage it all?

Brooks Bayne has much more on Sandra and her very rich boyfriend.

So does anyone else find it a bit odd that she would go before Congress and ask America to pay for her $9 a month birth control rather than asking her rich socialist boyfriend? Weird.

UPDATE: And would you selfish taxpayers please buy her rich boyfriend a new pair of trousers. The poor guy wore this pair out – in the crotch.

UPDATE: And here’s another shot of Sandra slumming it in Barcelona last year before her testimony to Congress.

The non-stop suffering of this little angel… How does she stand it?

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  • Aaron Z.

    How could anybody resist her?

  • Bob

    This website makes conservatives look really bad…
    I hope that the people who comment on this site are just ignorant, immature kids.
    (I’m sure the comments I receive will only make yourselves look worse.)

  • jeannebodine

    The poor woman! Is there no end to her suffering? Where can we send money?

  • John Fembup

    “dating a rich socialist”

    rich socialist? Very rare breed I hear.

  • Patty

    Sorry, this is one big barf alert.

    I can’t wait to see what the liberals do with this. American I love you, if you vote this man back into office we are doomed.

  • Christopher

    Bob – your comment was both insightful and enlightening. Though I may not match your targeted demographic, I appreciate you taking your valuable time to foster an open and candid dialog from which we all will no doubt benefit. You are an American hero in the truest sense, and I salute you.

    Also, how is the weather under your bridge?

  • pretty soon vacations will be one of her natural rights and we will have to pay for them too.

  • Patty



    Then leave. Please. Things in America are bad enough and we need to be adults here. So, if you can’t or if you have a dislike for what others say, I sincerely suggest you leave.



  • Texas_Treeroach

    I’ve been told that all of the male dogs from Naples to Barcelona are howling and tearing at their tethers. (Dogs are so stupid)

  • Patty

    Fluke has a screw loose somewhere. She tweeted this for this very reason. She doesn’t want herself to fade away from the limelight she so much is looking for.

    Seems them liberals love vacationing and then telling America want they should do with their tax dollars. Oh, happy day when Obama, Reid and Pelosi are out of Washington. The debt will be reduced alone without their vacations. And maybe America can finally be free from all the vitriol.

  • J. W.

    #6 Christopher: Dang, what a good response.

  • me

    You can help end the poor thing’s suffering by purchasing her birth control for her. She’s obviously in a bad way financially, so it’s the least that everyone can do.

    Leftists like it when other people are forced to buy them things.

    While the free things are nice, it’s the forcing part that they really get off on.

  • an observer

    Perhaps Adam can answer the question that all America wants answered about Fluke: Spit or swallow?

  • an observer

    Clearly, Limbaugh underestimated her ability to select her, um, economic milieu. Nothing common about her, at all.

  • olm

    This is exactly what we need. I’m sorry. This is how liberals do politics.
    They throw flames, in this case, Fluke (or Fluck or whatever the he** it is), starts the left’s “War on Women” garbage and then goes on to live quietly or, in Sandra’s case,look for the next bomb to throw.
    The right never exposes this stuff. I think this is terrific. A woman who goes to Georgetown, travels to Europe and is a Dem operative.
    She could care less about birth control. She wants Obama in the WH for as long as possible.

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  • Adi


    Unlike Karl Marx, who married rich.

  • bg
  • OxyCon

    That Adam Muttperl is a real cheap bastard and a lousy boyfriend…not taking care of his girlfriend’s personal needs. Fluke must have really low self esteem…screwing a guy who obviously doesn’t care about her needs.

  • Adi

    Sorry for the CAPS but:



    :feel free to insert the hysterically laughing smiley:

  • Forget aspirns between the knees, swallowing pills, inserting mechanical devices or donning “banana raincoats”, this method is only 56 cents for a 2 gram bottle…cheaper than the $9/month birth control and lasts much longer…and no changing your mind after you apply it.

  • Adi

    One thing we know for sure: she will not be silenced. 😆

  • MrGoodWench

    Her pimp er…er I mean her ” boyfriend” 😉 needs to be investigated too , specially for his relationships with Dunn and other marxists/islamists in this regime . HOW did he get to be so rich ??

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  • RKae

    Of course, if you don’t pay for her birth control then she’ll go have an abortion!

    …In other words: “Give me what I want or the fetus gets it!”

  • El Guero

    It is very easy to be a socialist when you are rich. If you are not rich, it is even easier to be a marxist.

  • John H Dorge

    Oh dear lord, has this site turned into satire? A woman has a boyfriend, took a vacation, and thinks that insurance policies should cover contraception. If you can actually have a problem with this, you’re so amped up on resentment you’re unable to see straight.

    You all should be ashamed.

  • MrGoodWench

    The Mutterperl family, via Adam’s great grandfather Sol’s handbag fortune, established the “Mutterperl Scholarship Endowment Fund” in 1951 for Brandeis University. This school, as some people call it, is named for Louis Brandeis, a secular Jew, Zionist, and United States Supreme Court Justice appointed by Woodrow Wilson. Brandeis was a self-proclaimed socialist. Herbert Marcuse, the famous Frankfurt School Marxist, came to Brandeis in 1954, three years after the Mutterperl fund was created. Brandeis University is one of the nation’s leading petri dishes for anti-American and neo-Marxist thought.
    Brandeis University, the hangout of ….Anitra Hill !
    Yeah, THAT Anita Hill

  • Mary P.

    #21 Opaobie

    She seems to have already applied it …..to her mind.

    Is there a difference?

  • Jimmy


    Rush was correct.

  • John H Dorge, if you think that is all there is to the underlying issue, you are the one with the problem, and you should be ashamed…by the way, would you mind buying me a tank of gas, or are you just an advocate for taxpayer-funded contraceptives for Leftist feminist activists…with a lot of time and other people’s money to blow…no pun intended.

  • Multitude


    I’m serious this time. Back off, you tea baggers. Sandra’s a hired actress, a woman who’s done very little in her professional career and is hoping to break through via activism. She’s got a new acting gig, thanks to Anita Dunn, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi, and has done her part perfectly. But she’s the trash, the disposable player in this racket.

    She did everything she was asked to do. She can’t help it if Nancy causes most dogs to run the opposite direction, or that Obama is so cursed that every team he picks ends up losing. She’s a good kid – confused, of course, and sort of believes that other people should pay for crap she wants. But she’s just a bit player.

    So Anita gave her a nice check. What is it… $10K? You wanna talk about a Capitalist racket… Anita should have paid her $500K for that stunt, especially if she still believes in Mao. But no, they throw the poor girl a bone so she can go off to Europe with her boyfriend. Look folks, she’s 30, he’s… not 30. This is like the girl’s last chance to find someone to latch onto, in spite of her claims that she needs some 3000 condoms a year so she can party it up all slut style. (Most porn actresses would be astounded at a track record like that).

    So back off my girl Sandra here. She’s confused, got in with some bad Capitalist Maoists, and got taken advantage of. She’s got a boy who sort of likes her, in spite of her claims of being the Uberskank and that’s a cool thing.

  • Checking her profile on Facebook (and on Twitter and on Yahoo), her favorite song title (obviously she never bothered to listen to it, though, just thought the title “fit her lifestyle”) is that old Connie Smith C&W song from the 1960s, “Once a day every day all day long”

  • #29 Mary P, …she has a mind?

  • Her boyfriend, not to be outdone, has a couple of gems on his profile…guess they are big on C&W…

    “It ain’t love…but it ain’t bad” and “I went to bed at 2 with a 10 and woke up at 10 with a 2”.

    Oh, and I found out what they were drinking. Seems they walked into a little bar in Barcelona where an American bartender was working. They said, “This calls for a celebration, we’ll each have a 15”. Confused, the bartender said he wasn’t familiar with that drink and asked how it was made. Sandra immediately categorized him as a stupid sexist, homophobe, Conservative, and bellowed at him, “Everybody knows how to make a 15, hello, Seven and Seven”…

  • Mary P.

    #34 Opaobie

    Her mind is the one part of her that needs the contraception removed.

  • dirtydog1776

    The next step is the fight for the right of individuals to have all the sex they want, whenever they want and with whoever they want and be guaranteed fantastic orgasms. All at government expense.

    Laws should be written that a pretty girl cannot reject a homely guy or that a heterosexual cannot say no to a gay person. If discriminated against, people should have the right to sue.

    If you think I am kidding, the British government has allowed mental disabled and emotionally impaired individuals to experience sex in European brothels at tax payers expense. After all, it is their right to express their sexual feelings and desires.

  • dirtydog1776
  • Adi

    Frolicking in Spain and Italy with a 1%-er is a woman issue, and Govt should alleviate the burden on poor Sandra.

  • Adi

    Exit question: did her boyfriend got his WH 3 a.m. phonecall while in Barça?

    Women issues.

  • What/who chose her to speak before Congress?

    Some questions need answerin

  • YourMaster

    y’know what she should be asking for instead of birth control pills….
    …..how about a lobotomy…. that would help her more.
    think about it… would anyone really f*ck a tard?
    ….I bet there are very few people who would….
    which makes her… unable to find a mate
    and if she can’t find a mate… she can’t propagate *lol*
    ….it would save her a lot of money: she wouldn’t even need birth control pills
    she wouldn’t need to pay motel rooms because she isn’t going on dates
    and her rich b/f would CERTAINLY dump her @$$.

    ….so how is this a bad plan?

    btw… have you seen what politico’s leftist alex burns wrote
    after seeing the 0bama’s approval ratings tank because of surging gas prices
    here is a portion of it

    Alex Burns of Politico has developed a bad case of Peter Jennings Syndrome, right down to accusing the voters of a “tantrum-like response” directed at Obama on gas prices. So far, he writes, the campaign “has been more like a game of Marco Polo, as a hapless gang of Republican candidates and a damaged, frantic incumbent try to connect with a historically fickle and frustrated electorate.”

    The voters are a gaggle of Gumps: “And ‘fickle’ is a nice way of describing the voters of 2012, who appear to be wandering, confused and Forrest Gump-like through the experience of a presidential campaign. It isn’t just unclear which party’s vision they’d rather embrace; it’s entirely questionable whether the great mass of voters has even the most basic grasp of the details – or for that matter, the most elementary factual components – of the national political debate.”

    For voters to disapprove of Obama’s energy and economic policies may be completely rational. But to reassess a president’s performance in the context of a short-term increase in gas prices is more of a tantrum-like response to a new feeling of discomfort over which the president has relatively little control.

    “We’re seeing that kind of thing more and more. I think it’s a function of increased political polarization and voters just digging in their heels and refusing to consider the opposing facts once they’ve formed an opinion about something,”

    Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/tim-graham/2012/03/14/politicos-alex-burns-voters-are-forrest-gump-lack-most-basic-grasp-detai#ixzz1pAIZOLzs

    yup you read it… democrats think voters and independents are the ‘forest gumps’
    that need to be lead by the most enlightened people on the planet …the communist lefties. Because you are too braindead to make your own decisions… so you need them and the progressives to make the decisions – for you. This is a brilliant way to win over voters and make them vote democrat, isn’t it? Blame and berate them…. *l*

  • Ron

    Am I the only one shocked to see her with a GUY?

  • EBL
  • The internet gives us all a chance to be tabloid fodder.

  • Chicago Nick

    Man she’d have to pay me to take her anywhere during the daytime using daylight savings time as the ‘out of the house’ benchmark … 😉

    As for this, how’s anybody surprised? She’s cashing her DNC / superpac paycheck and like the people in Goodfella’s who couldn’t wait after the Lufthansa heist to blow the wad, they’ll get whacked by the powers that be and chucked that nut Sheehan off the back of the bus when she outlived her usefulness.

    This one won’t even last that long, as she’s got a career nowhere after this other than leftist circles and her cover is blown, like she apparently blows everything else.

  • #27…contraception is covered by medical insurance. fluke and the obama administration want the catholic church to pay for it. the catholic church feels having to pay for insurance with contraception included violates their religious beliefs. thats the question, can the government force people to violate their religious beliefs, not contaception being covered by medical insurance. up until now in the united states the answer has been no, but fluke and the obama administration want to change that. most people here feel that is an violation of religious freedom. get your story straight, your the one that should feel ashamed for misrepresenting the argurment.

  • Chicago Nick

    “#43 March 15, 2012 at 1:54 am Ron commented: “Am I the only one shocked to see her with a GUY?”

    Well yes and no, as she’s the monica type where guys do stuff with them they won’t do with the women they actually CARE about…. ya know, headboard bangers ball and stuff like that!! 😉 lol, she’s still good for that….. but she sprouts a couple more pounds and she’s Rosie’s love slave for sure, as then she’s into no man’s land! ; )

  • FurryGuy

    #4 March 14, 2012 at 11:23 pm
    John Fembup commented:

    “dating a rich socialist”

    rich socialist? Very rare breed I hear.

    Not as rare as you think since many of the rich Socialists got that way because of governmental interference in the free market. Google, Costco, and ex-GE CEO Immelt come to mind without any effort. There are probably lots more companies and executives that would surface with a bit of digging.

    Oh, the execs at Fannie and Freddie getting multimillions in bonuses as they ran both institutions into the ground despite the massive government, taxpayer funded bailouts.

  • FurryGuy

    #43 March 15, 2012 at 1:54 am
    Ron commented:

    Am I the only one shocked to see her with a GUY?

    She’s not with a guy, she’s glommed onto a fat bank account, overstuffed portfolio and massive networth until she’s sucked it dry like a leech.

  • FurryGuy

    #45 March 15, 2012 at 2:48 am
    American Pundit Fighting commented:

    The internet gives us all a chance to be tabloid fodder.

    Most people don’t actively pursue the paparazzi attention. She was more than willing to be used as a political prop, to push a purely partisan agenda. She was thrown to the wolves by Pelosi and the Dems.

  • ignatzk

    I swear Fluke looks like Elijah Wood (Frodo).

  • wanumba

    Actually this makes her look less evil. She said she’d planned over three years ago to insinuate herself into Georgetown Law School expressly to attack Georgetown’s First Amendment rights … three years in the works, so she’s an absolute soul-less, dishonest manipulator who is still twisting and dodging and outright lying about Rush to cover her rotten actions and motivations to destroy our Constitutional freedoms.

    Totally confirms she’s an upper 1% aristocrat brat, living a very priviledged and uber-connected power lifestyle. How come she wants to destroy everyone else’s chance to achieve in the USA?

  • Sick and Tired


    Insurance ALREADY COVERS CONTRACEPTION!!!! IDIOT!!! Its down to $9 a month now. The issue was a Catholic institutions right NOT to pay for it!!

    I don’t have my meds paid for by my employer, so why should a Catholic institution, of all places, be forced to pay for this? This issue is about religious freedom, not some fake war on women. Its ridiculous.

    I don’t go to jiffy lube and assume my geiko car insurance is going to pay for the oil change… Insurance is for when you have emergencies.. like bigtime surgery. Its not for this crap. Thats not what insurance is for. GET IT?

    Then when the person crying that she’s broke because she cannot afford $9 a month out of pocket for some pills goes on a $3000++ vacation, it starts to look like even the person who started this political theater is tired of the charade


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  • PJSolarz

    Let’s help Sandra out,


    Sandra Fluke C/O Georgetown University Law Center
    600 New Jersey Ave., NW,
    Washington, DC 20001

  • Tony Torquato

    In 2008 we would have never had the ability or the outlets to “OUT” this type of set-up. Thanks to our desire for a better America we now have sources that report the TRUTH and FACTS. obama’s propaganda machine has been disabled. The end is near and America shall return BIGGER & BETTER. BEAT OBAMA 2012 …..

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  • Sandra Fluke is liberal Jerk Ball tree Hugging hippie

  • Cheri

    #2 Bob, how does this make conservatives look bad?? Should we pay for her dinner too?? Whatever happened to personal responsibility?? Geeessh She goes to school on grant money, wants free birth control and has time to travel abroad. I must be doing something wrong… I work, pay for my own school, insurance, health care, house payment, car payment, kids, utilities and don’t have enough $$ to travel abroad or time. I am sick of liberal women and their rantings, whining. Get real

  • mg4us

    Fluke is part of the RATs (DemocRATs) “deceive & conquer” strategy to keep people addicted to government handouts and socialist transfers.

    Time for Americans to wake up and smell the foul stench of this Administration. . .starting with Obama, Reid, Pelosi. . .

    And realize that radicals and leftists are in the government.

  • cutesywootsy

    Her boyfriend is a bit cute. I’m guessing he’s blind. I like to use my 9 bucks on Starbucks a couple of times a month.

  • Victor

    Not sure she needs condoms or any sort of contraception . She is a very unattractive woman . I am guessing she wants to get pregnant from the first guy who actually wants to sleep with her ! May be the first and the last so make it count !

  • DapperDon

    John H Dorge – This has absolutely nothing to do with insurance companies paying for contraceptives. It has EVERYTHING to do with the government forcing insurance companies to pay for these things.

  • michele

    Rush was right. ‘Nuff said.

  • Tim in Cali

    If you’re fluking like poor Sandra,you’re going though more rubber than Goodyear !!!

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  • myohmy

    Rich and privilege are now the new freeloaders. We have come a long way as a nation.

  • squeaky

    sandra thinks that gender reassignment should also be covered by insurance…. and if the person receiving gender reassignment decides that it was a mistake and wishs to undo would sandra demand insurance cover that also ?

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  • Phillip

    Truth is an absolute defense to any charge of slander or libel. The question is whether this flowering example of Marxist loveliness will meet the standard?

  • Jacob

    On behalf of Democrats and progressives everywhere, please keep this.

  • dries

    #43 “Am I the only one shocked to see her with a GUY?”

    I am somewhat surprised. BUT now knowing she’s a hetero, I am not surprise in her choice of a rich beta-male, with socialist pedigree several generations deep. She has more testosterone in her bloodstream than him. Find a picture of her hands taken during testimony & compare 2D-4D ratio ( index-to-ring finger). She was exposed to a dollop of testosterone in a womb. Also, she’s sexually dominant in her relationship with this Mutterperl herbivore.

  • donh

    No doubt this mother flucker has heard the voice of strangers say ” GET A ROOM “. …the kind of woman who’s favorite place for sex is out in public on a park bench….who then chucks the used condom on the sidewalk . Maybe Rush was holding on to some inside information when he asked for the sex tapes. Seems like the kind of woman who would pay her college bills by slutting it out to the camera.

  • DW Pepper

    She made the crotch of his Pants rot away too? She needs to bleach down there or something.. I believe Liberals should not Breed everyday . Does this Make me a racist ??? Can I go to Spain now ???

  • coolidgerules

    Hammer them, but this is all being purposefully done. Trying to get a violent reaction out of someone. They know that we are going to find out about this.

  • luckyone

    No wonder she is a darling of Nancy P. Both epic frauds.

  • Chris in N.Va.

    Pompeii — how utterly appropriate a destination for someone who’s already made a Grade-A, public ASH of herself.

    Now, for a gentle gust of wind to blow her into the ash-bin of history…

  • Greg

    I was thinking about a vacation but am too busy getting my quarterly and annual tax return and payments together so I can help spread the wealth. The libs are always happy with receiving what they perceive as “entitlements” as long as they don’t have to shed any burden in cost.

  • lizzy84
  • JRM

    I will pay for a lifetime of contraception for Miss Fluke in the expectation that she never procreates.

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  • Gimme a Break, I’m a Tea Party Hobbit

    #81: Best idea yet.

  • Matt

    Still trying to figure out why she quoted $30000.00 per year for contraceptives when the pill should run at most $300.00 (most likely $120.00). Also why should the Catholic churches have to pay into insurance that goes against their teachings and policies? I do believe if she is concerned about this, she could pay herself or do what I did in grad school and pay for personal health insurance!

  • democraps suck

    i would gladly pay any amount to sterilize the slut

    buck fobama 2012

  • WordsMatter

    Okay, it’s true I’m a slut. Can I get my free European vacation now?

  • donh

    No fluck….There is a mysterious reincarnation to the human existance…..Margaret Sanger also travelled to Europe and hooked up with a sex freak phsychologist Havelock Ellis…> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margaret_Sanger

  • The Elector of Saxony

    “Oh dear lord, has this site turned into satire? A woman has a boyfriend, took a vacation, and thinks that insurance policies should cover contraception.”

    Wrong as always, Lefty. She advocates that contraception is a natural human right which must be provided at no cost to the user even when the insurance buyer is a Church which has a fundamental opposition to contraception. Remember the First Amendment? The
    “separation of Church and State” you people are always screaming about? Oh, I guess you only want them separate when it suits you? Fluke and you have the guaranteed right to attend law school or college elsewhere. Fluke and you have the Human Right to work someplace else if you disagree with Catholic doctrine. No one can force you to work for the Church or to attend a Jesuit institution. It’s about State control: it’s about Fascism. It’s not about sex or contraception or any other groovy thing that you can understand.

    Her complaint, by the way, was that the costs of contraception were putting the health of women like herself, who attended or worked for Georgetown and other Catholic owned institutions, at risk. Of course, she cannot or will not name the “person” she testified about. Under oath, that would be dismissed as hearsay, but since she was at a fake hearing, who cares about integrity? The fact that she runs in the sort of circles that vacation in Europe and run around in bars, we can assume that the people she knows can well afford contraception on top of Georgetown Law’s 50k/year tuition. If what she meant to say is that she knows people who can’t afford tuition at G-town, plus a nearby condo, plus ski trips to Aspen and Spring Break in Europe, Iphone service, shopping trips to New York on the weekends, expensive shoes, AND contraception, well then she might be correct. I’d love to see her medically at risk “friends” cell/cable bill. Anyone want to bet on 300 a month?

  • Political prick

    I’m now convinced more than ever that this slut will bed anything. Rich,poor,homeless, or disabled. Did’nt take a genius to figure out she was a fraud all along!!!

    Unless your a lib!

  • Naya

    Does your ignorance know no end? Nobody is asking you to pay for her birth control. Do you not understand how health insurance works? She pays in to it so that she can get health benefits out of it. Birth control should be one of those benefits, not just for preventing pregnancies but for a whole host of other medical conditions.

    And as far as making health insurance premiums go up, it’s a lot less expensive than the health care costs of children!

  • Evan

    It’s a good thing she’s not fat! I’d hate for her to have to take Lipitor too!

  • SturJen

    Now here’s why the average Joe or Joan finds this chick offensive:
    Like Greg, my taxes were done and sent off. I’m on unemployment and I’m paying taxes on it. Which is, if you think about it, a tax upon a tax. My employer pays Unemployment tax and I pay tax on that tax. The government just double-dips.

    Due to Obamacare, a chump health insurance policy went from $230/month to over $380 for the same policy. I cannot afford to pay over 70% of my income to pay for health insurance. BUT Obamacare promises to ‘fix’ that, right? I’m not holding my breath! I’m childless, over 35 and unemployed: Death panels will recommend my death as being a drain on society.

    Retirement? Oh yeah, that bit that did not tank in the stock market went to help pay for heating this last year. There’s nothing left of that. And I am certain that all that tax money I paid into Social Security won’t be there when I am old enough to retire. So I got screwed in that also.

    YET, here’s this Chippie, whining about her bc bill while strolling through Pompeii. I just want to punch her, and kick that boyfriend of hers in the cojones.

    That jaunt through Spain and Pompeii would have covered my costs for health insurance for the entire year. Yet, the libs tell me to stop complaining, HER ‘needs’ come before mine.

    EFF that.

  • Maryann

    I am very sad for America that so many people believe whatever Rush Limbaugh says, even though with just a few clicks of your mouse, you can find the truth. However, I can see that you don’t really want the truth. You just want to crucify someone in your most Christian way.

    Don’t bother to respond or call me a troll, as I will not be back to read your comments.

  • Still waiting for someone to show me exactly where and when Sandra Fluke said she wants taxpayers to pay for her birth control. OH WAIT SHE DIDN’T! These attacks on women speaking out for their reproductive rights are disgusting but it’s about what we’ve all come to expect from the thugs on the far right. Has Michelle Malkin gone through Fluke’s trash yet?

  • Southernlites

    I just wish someone would buy her a bottle of shampoo…….yikes.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Hypocrisy like this DEFINES every Marxist who ever lived: They all love money, but hate capitalism.

    And, any woman who declares to the world (through Congressional Testimony no less!) that she is “having so much sex” that she needs her birth control costs subsidized by the Catholic Institution she attends, is EXACTLY as Rush described her, AND THEN SOME…!

  • This is 2012 not 1950

    A couple of points to consider…

    1) Contraception has been covered by insurance companies for decades.

    2) Employees PAY for their insurance, either sharing the cost of their premiums with their employers or paying the entire premium out if their pay.

    3) College students pay for their OWN insurance; the institution contributes nothing towards their medical plan; it is offered by a third party with no participation from the college.

    4) Facilities & Universities run by the Church receive fed funding (medicare&medicaid; FEd & State FinancialAid) at the same time benefiting from TAX exempt status.

    5) Tax payers are NOT funding Ms Fluke’s or your sister’s or daughter’s or mother’s or wife’s birth control, any more than I am funding some guy’s Viagra. If we get to choose what our insurance policies cover, than can I opt out of covering ED treatment? Vasectomies?

    If your going to embark on a smear campaign, then at least get your facts straight. Otherwise you all just come across as stupid and immature.

  • GOD

    I want rabidly have dirty sweaty sex with this slut!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rammer12

    Any liberal or progressive who DOES NOT see the hypocrisy in Ms. Fluke as the poster child for the down-trodden, poor impoverished women supposedly needing birth control/contraceptive care/abortion paid for by the government of the United States – in light of her – having the MONEY to travel abroad [claiming she can’t afford the very services she wants rendered from the government o the United states] is a person who can leave this country TODAY. Bye, Bye, so long.We don’t need you and you’re a drag on what America is and all it stands for.

  • GOD

    Please!!!To do this,who of her entourage must I contact????!!!!!!!!!!Yes I know I’m God & technically I should already know this;but gees,I can’t be on every single damned issue at the same time!!!So elucidate me on my request!!!Where can I get ahold of this SLUT?????

  • Stewart

    None of this makes any sense. How did this become a “buy my birth control” issue? This is about insurance plans–which the policyholder pays their premium for–covering basic medication that is used for more than just not getting pregnant. I’m not sure if people are simply uneducated about what the actual issue is and just trusting Limbaugh and the like, or if there is willful cognitive dissonance going on. Either way, the fact that this has become what is has is nonsense that ignores reality and reflects badly on all of us conservatives.

  • Crackermike

    RE#2. Yep Bob, that’s correct. ANYONE that disagrees with you is an ignorant, immature kid. Only an ignorant, immature kid would demonstrate the utter stupidity of disagreeing with you. Would you please send me a list of your approved behaviors and opinions. I”m sure you can forward them to me from the White House or Media Matters websites. Thank you Bob. Crackermike.

  • Tom

    I don’t know. Maybe in this case giving her birth control may be in our best interest. We don’t need any more flukes.

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  • donh

    Its about corrupting healthcare to define pregnancy as a disease and abortion as a “healthcare” service….which raises the cost of insurance coverage for treating real illnesses. But to the left paying higher insurance to fund abortions actually LOWERS the cost of healthcare because killing babies saves money.

  • xqqme

    This is ultimately about ‘rights’. ‘Rights’ given us by the Constitution, are the right to pursue or act. A right is not an obligation upon my property or talents.
    No one is denying Fluke the ability to pursue birth control. No one is stopping her from using it. There is NO War on Women. But the ‘Abused Spouse’ syndrome displayed by Obama supporters is disturbing. The song that should accompany this controversy is ‘Wasn’t Me’ -Shaggy. No matter what Obama is caught doing, he’ll get a pass.

  • Tom

    This is 2012 not 1950. This isn’t about who pays for what. It IS about government telling citizens that they must purchase a particular product/service, whether they want it or not, under the threat of prosecution! Wake up to what is happening. It is called Socialism, aka Communism, Fascism, Naziism, etc…

  • freejamius

    Can we stop it with the accusation that she wants the government to pay for contraceptive services. That isn’t the case at all. Her goal in speaking was to support employer health coverage to include contraception. Now, I don’t know about any of you, but I see a large portion of my pay go toward my health insurance. It’s far from free or even paid for at all by anyone other than myself and my employer. For women with serious medical conditions (ovarirn cysts, etc.) where birth control is a legitimate prescribed treatment, there should be proper coverage available to them. She’s not a slut or prostitute and anyone calling her such, let alone trolling her Facebook page and making accusations about her personal life is a rotten human being. Period.

  • wanumba

    Sandra Fluke has a rich toy boy.

    Now we know how she made up $3000.00 Probably looked perfectly normal to someone who’s used to paying three times the price for a useless undergraduate degree, vacations in Italy and has a 35 year old Richie Rich main squeeze.

    Has Sandra Fluke had to pay for ANYTHING the last 8 years?

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  • I have a better idea…why don’t we all pitch in a little extra and just get her tubes tied? I’m sure we’ll save money over the long haul, AND we’ll ensure that she won’t be diluting the gene pool! What say ye? 🙂

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  • Justrand

    Fluke probably just boarded the airplane without a ticket…and then SCREECHED that they were “Denying her access to Spain!” when they tried to remove her.

  • This is 2012 not 1950

    #105 -This is getting tiresome…FYI, insurance companies do not cover abortions unless it is medically necessary, ie mother’s health etc. And insurance companies LOVE to cover contraception since yes, it saves them money in the long run. If that’s morally unethical to you, take it up with the insurance companies. After all they are only running a market based, pro capital business.

  • wanumba

    #108 March 15, 2012 at 9:30 am
    freejamius commented:
    Can we stop it with the accusation that she wants the government to pay for contraceptive services. That isn’t the case at all.
    Her goal in speaking was to …


    Was to rip up the COnstitution by denying Georgetown’s Ist Amendment right to freedom of religious expression, which they do by a number of actions including NOT PAYING FOR CONTRACEPTIVES OR ABORTIONS.

    Are you used to dealing with people who don’t take drugs? Guess what. WE REMEMBER THE ISSUES, even if they are more than one week old. Amazing, eh?

    Go yell at Sandra Fluke for making a fool of herself and YOU, not us.

  • Noir

    I would like to know what handbag is on her shoulder – is that a CHANEL????

  • Cynthia

    Doug – I was about to suggest the same thing. A better deal for all around would just to pay to get those pesky tubes tied, then the whole contraceptive thing is a moot deal (and a real cost reducer I might add). I might suggest that we also encourage her “rich socialist” boyfriend to have a vasectomy. That way we are all sure that the survival of the fittest does not include these losers.

  • This is 2012 not 1950

    #107 Tom, then why bother having health insurance at all? Why should my premiums go towards covering Viagra, or vasectomies, or Flomex, or Prostate exams or even diabetes meds or chemotherapy if I’m never going to use it, or in the case if the Blount Amendment, ANY medical treatment I find morally objectionable? Because lets face it, it’s obvious that from this place that anyone’s private healthcare coverage should be open to public discussion and judgement.

    Again, Ms Fluke testified on behalf of Pres Obama’s request that insurance companies waive co-pays for birth control. I wonder if the moral outrage would be the same if condoms were only available by prescription.

  • Cynthia

    Excellent response wanumba. All the liberal obfuscation in the world does not change the fact that this is not a “contraceptive” or even a “women’s health” issue – this whole mandate is an effort to make faith-based organizations to bow to the will of the state instead of the beliefs that they have regarding these issues. I’m not Catholic, and my denomination does not have problems with contraceptives. However, I’ll fight to the death my Catholic brothers and sisters being forced by the government to go against their beliefs. Because just as sure as this mandate is forced on us, the next mandate will take one more right away, and bit by bit the first amendment will be a joke. And as soon as that happens the rest of the bill of rights and amendments, not to mention the constitution itself will be a nice, interesting historical document that will be studied along the same lines as the cuneiforms of ancient Egypt – and have as much significance in the lives of people.

  • Peppercorn

    This is disgusting. I don’t understand how you can act so rudely and patronizingly to a fellow human being, just because she doesn’t share your beliefs. Did you even watch the speech she made? This young woman is very smart, well-spoken, and informed, unlike the misogynistic haters who keep criticizing her plea for women’s rights to proper healthcare. I have been on birth control since I was eighteen years old- not because I’m a “slut” or “prostitute” who just wants to have sex and not deal with the consequences, but because I have literally cripplingly painful menstrual periods that prevent me from going about may day-to-day life for a week at a time, every month. I am also at risk for endometriosis- without the birth control pills I am taking, my uterus would cease to properly function and I would be unable to have the children I want when I am ready. As a person living on a single income, paying $40 a month for these pills, every month, for years, can add up to be quite a total. My insurance does not cover them, though, because apparently even though they are a necessary medication for me to even function for 1/4th of every month, they are also an indication that I could, were I to choose to do so, have sex without any consequences. Sandra Fluke is not a slut or a prostitute or a hussy or a silly little girl who doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She is a strong woman who is simply asking that women requesting birth control, for whatever reason, be allowed to have the same rights to medical coverage as anyone else.

  • Sparky

    More Fluking moments can be found in Adam Mutterperl’s photos on his Facebook page.


  • donh

    Look at how Fluck chose to be photographed facing the fountain pine cone…Here is an article on how pagans love pine cones> http://www.cuttingedge.org/articles/RC125.htm …In ancient Greece Dionysus festivals used pine cone staffs to pray for fertility. This issue is about making a Church founded on an immaculate conception…A faith that promises Abraham countless descendants to submit to a Eugenics cult of infertility.

  • valerie

    Gee, when I was in law school, I got an offer to travel overseas at somebody else’s daddy’s expense, too. I turned it down, because I considered it an offer of prostitution.

  • dba…vagabond trader

    Of course, why would a commie pay for her own toys when she can command serfs to foot the bill.

  • This is 2012 not 1950

    #119 Cynthia, if Georgetown or any other church-affiliated business want to practice their constitutional right to freedom of religion, then they can give up their taxpayer funding and/or their Tax exempt status. Can’t have it both ways.

  • dollvomit

    Yes, nothing says “whore” like going on vacation with your boyfriend of all people. Look at that slut, kissing him on the cheek! You’ve done some real hard journalism here, great reporting! Keep shaming the woman who wants fair health coverage for all in the 21st century, while gulping down your GOP flavored hateorade. FYI, our elected officials put their hand on the Bible and take an oath to uphold the constitution, not the other way around. If you can’t accept the variety of faiths in America and the separation of church and state, you’re more than welcome to leave.

  • Gloria

    #93 Maryann: “I am very sad for America that so many people believe whatever Rush Limbaugh says…”

    You’ve got that backwards, Maryann. Limbaugh says what so many people believe.

  • Frank

    She never asked Congress or the taxpayers to pay for her birth control. She never spoke about herself. Her message to Congress was about other women and their problems. Just for once listen.

  • valerie

    #120 March 15, 2012 at 9:52 am
    Peppercorn commented:

    “My insurance does not cover them, though, because apparently even though they are a necessary medication for me to even function for 1/4th of every month, they are also an indication that I could, were I to choose to do so, have sex without any consequences.”

    This isn’t true. I know this because my sister had a similar medical problem, as a teenager. Birth control pills were offered to her as one alternative treatment. Birth control pills have been offered to treat acne since about the 70s, too. A lot of kids had a lot of fun with that one, and the denial of medication came from the parents, not the physician or insurance company.

    What is true is that insurance companies appear to have an established policy of turning down a percentage of the legitimate claims they receive, and the reasons they give are similarly specious. They way to handle this problem is simply to re-submit claim and enforce your rights under the terms of your contract.

    If anybody is serious about addressing this particular issue, they can put a stop to this practice, at least with respect to denial of this small subset of claims, by disclosing the name of the company, and a copy of of the signed physician’s recommendation and the denial of coverage. All it would take would be public exposure of a handful of instances, with recent dates.

  • myohmy

    Do you really want the insurance to administer contraception when you can get contraception for 9USD/month in Walmart today? What does Pelosi promise the pharma giants, hmmm?

  • Patty

    “And would you selfish taxpayers please buy her rich boyfriend a new pair of trousers. The poor guy wore this pair out – in the crotch.”

    The whole matter goes to show just where we are and what is important. FLUKE and this?

    She really needs to get out of the limelight. She isn’t doing herself or her cause any good, now.

    As long as Obama care is overturned and we have a new president, I could careless who she sleeps with or where she goes in life or vacations.

    We have more serious matters in Washington. Liberals! The Fluke thing was a dog and phony show brought to us by either Pelosi or Schultz.

  • I am soooo tired of hearing one end of every story. Anybody complaining when products like viagra are covered by medical insurance?…what about treatment for alcoholics and drug addicts….or procedures for people with weight problems….???? From a financial standpoint, the insurers likely benefit from the program since pregnancy costs are substantially higher than prevention costs. For those of you that advocate abstenance, good for you but you are in the vast minority. And stop with the socialist name calling crud…please read the definition of socialism…it is as uninformed as calling republicans imperialists or monarchists. By the by…I am a Republican and I did not vote for Obama but given the mess he inherited (not all Bush’s fault by the way) I think he has done very well. I would love to vote Republican again this time but give me a non-phony non-idiot with a plan not just a nay sayer. Man…if the Democrats were for clean air to breathe at no cost to anyone the Republicans would be against it. I want ideas and solutions not rhetoric and uninformed alarmist accusations.

  • valerie

    #128 March 15, 2012 at 10:15 am
    Frank commented:

    You do understand that she was not presenting information as an expert, or even under oath. You do know that this was at a press conference presented to look like a hearing, and that she was asking for action that would directly benefit her, and that the ONLY way she would be allowed to testify in hearing is if she represented a definable group, not merely herself, don’t you?

    Pay attention. Don’t be stupid.

  • Seeing past the misdirection

    @This is 2012 not 1950

    Nice try. This is about forcing an institution to participate in a program that is directly in conflict with it’s reasonable values. And we can stop with the nonsense that this is about covering birth control for medical reasons. The program she was in allowed for coverage when the drugs were used for medical reasons and not just pregnancy prevention.

    Be honest. This is not about protecting women. This is about expanding the power of the federal government and diminishing the power of religious institutions even within their own organizations. It’s just another step towards socialized medicine.

    It’s also an attempt to manufacture a crisis and distraction from our very serious fiscal problems that this administration has absolutely no intention of trying to address in any serious way.

  • amcg

    This is a joke, right? Because you’re making yourself look really idiotic. I believe you know the facts but instead are choosing to make this stupid argument to fire up the base or get people to read your blog. Choose facts over ignorance.

  • Gloria

    #108 freejamius —
    Ovarian cysts run in our family. Cousins and I have all had them. Not only did we survive; we all went on to have beautiful, healthy children and some of them have already had beautiful, healthy children. There was life before The Pill! And there are many ways to treat medical conditions besides forcing religious institutions to violate their teachings, or forcing the consequences of voluntary pleasure activities onto other insurees.
    Insurance is for emergencies or catastrophic costs, not for everyday care. If you are an adult, you must pay your bills, such as your own healthcare needs. If you can’t afford a car, don’t expect others to buy one for you. If you can’t afford to have sex or an unplanned pregnancy because you are in law school, don’t have sex. This is known as “personal responsibility.”

  • Chris W.

    More please, thank you

  • Remarkulus

    This is brilliant. We’re long past the point where you all should have stopped digging, yet you just keep buying shovels.

  • valerie

    #132 March 15, 2012 at 10:19 am
    Brad commented:

    Here you go:


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  • Patty

    President Obama perplexed by ‘war on religion’ charges

    Read more: http://www.ewtnnews.com/catholic-news/US.php?id=5073#ixzz1pCVZp7zi

    PROBLEM IS OBAMA, Fluke is a liberal activist distraction. She was a no body before and she will be a no body after.

  • nana

    Actually, she’s worst than a slut and wanted me to pay her $9.00 birth control pill.

  • Patty

    You can almost hear the note of surprise in their voices when you read the Washington Post and New York Times reporters’ stories on their papers’ latest political polls. Surprise! Just when they thought that Barack Obama was pulling ahead, with positive job ratings, and just after the mainstream media have been savaging Republicans for two words Rush Limbaugh uttered on his radio program, Obama’s numbers seem to be tanking. Actually, the numbers are not so striking or so surprising. The media narrative for the last four weeks has been that the president’s job approval has been rising in response…


  • This is 2012 not 1950

    #134 @seeing past the misdirectin:

    Does Gtown’s insurance policy cover Viagra? Or do they need an affadavit verifying it’s use by a married man for the sole purpose of procreating? Otherwise that med is only used by men for recreational sex. And I bet you have no problem with Georgetown or any Catholic hospital or university covering it.

    YOU be honest. Pres Obama proposed a work around solution where church related businesses wouldn’t have to use their own money to cover birth ccontrol, rather making the insurance company offer it free of charge. Which they’d love to do btw. Still the church balked. This is all about the church not being able to control their flock since 90% of them use birth control. And it’s about the right’s obsessive mission to get rid of ACA. Hope you never get denied for a pre-existing condition.

  • Patty

    In other words. Fluke doesn’t matter one iota in the big scheme of things.

  • Patty

    I will donate $9.00 dollars for her to just stay on vacation!

    Then fade away like the sun in the west. Ooopsss but the sun keeps coming back.

  • valerie

    Let’s rebuild the country that we love.


  • Supporter

    We should support her with all the birth control she wants. Or can we just neuter her? This will stop the chain of lazy liberals born into the system.

    Just read India, to solve the stealing and free loading problem, is paying people who captures monkeys for neutering. We should do the same.

  • The middle

    This is parody, right?

  • John

    You guys do realize that if Carholics get an exemption on medical insurance for employees due to conscience it follows they should get an exemption on taxes since the Catholic church is against war (and an exemption on state taxes in those states that still have the death penalty)

    Granting financial conscientious objection exemptions is dangerous due to a slippery slope.

  • Remarkulus

    “Just read India, to solve the stealing and free loading problem, is paying people who captures monkeys for neutering. We should do the same.”

    Let’s compromise. Let’s take that 9$ fee and apply it to English writing classes for Supporter. Who’s with me?

  • Ryan

    $9.00/Month x 12 = $3,000.00/Year (Liberal Math applied)

  • wanumba

    #120 March 15, 2012 at 9:52 am
    Peppercorn commented:
    This is disgusting. I don’t understand how you can act so rudely and patronizingly to a fellow human being, just because she doesn’t share your beliefs. Did you even watch the speech she made

    Yup. Sure did. FLuke CLAIMED that her fellow students ALL needed someone else to pay for their contraceptives which Fluke estimated at $3,000.00 for thre years of Georgetown Law School.

    Fuke presented ZERO data or a survey or even a permission slip from any one of a female student population there of several thousand that permitted her to speak on THEIR behalfs, and she didn’t correct ie ‘set the record straight’ during ANY media interviewer that she didn’t actually “testify” nor that it was NOT “hearing.”

    That’s all pretty disgustign on Sandra Fluke’s part and more disgustign you aren’t calling HER out on her malicious mischief. We are the innocent ones, who were minding our own business until SHE shoved herself into the scene.

    HOw many of us have been on vacation during this Obama-made economic disaster and this 30 year-old STUDENT is living HIGH, and is long used to living in a very elite and expensive circuit?

  • I think Bill Maher can best describe this fluke of a “wymyn”: c***.

  • Korla Pundit

    I wouldn’t hit that.

    Of course, I think somebody already did, with a Stupid-Stick™.

  • Johnathan

    You’re an idiot. No one is asking for the government to PAY for birth control. They’re asking for it the be available for them to purchase at a reasonable price. Add to the the fact that Sandra Fluke was talking about A FRIEND, as in NOT HERSELF, not beig able to afford birth control. Add to that the fact that not all birth control works for every woman and much of it cost more than $9 a month. And unlike condoms, it’s not like a woman has to pop a pill every time she wants to have sex; the pill is taken daily. Not to mention the thousands if women on birth control for reasons other than pregnancy prevention. Grow up.

  • Korla Pundit

    Fluke? You want “fluke” pictures? I got’em here:


  • Taqiyyotomist

    Witness, both sides of this issue, if you will, the the difference between a conservative blog and a “progressive” blog.

    If this were a “prog” blog, 99% of our instalanche of contrarians would have had their comments deleted, immediately.

    But notice that there have been few, if any, deletions here.

    See, we conservatives value debate, and happily engage in same.


    You WILL be deleted. It’s the Leftist way. Complete intolerance of opposing views.

    Go to almost any conservative blog, be it Ace of Spades HQ, GP, or Flopping Aces, and you will see that there is vigorous debate with REGULARS who disagree with the majority of posters.

    Granted, most of our contrarian posters just drive by and shoot, never to return and read rebuttals (naturally).

    We conservatives also don’t do that. We don’t go to Progressive blogs and leave remarks like “Boy are you people all crazy, or WHAT?” and then return two weeks later with the same remark.

    The difference between the right and left blogs is stark. The difference between the right and left commenters is just as stark.

    Credit where credit is due: “This is 2012 not 1950” has stepped away from the prog M.O., and stuck around to debate (no matter how wrong this commenter is). And it is a near-certainty that whatever prog-blog he or she frequents would NOT allow such disagreement to remain un-deleted.

  • The Elector of Saxony

    “Again, Ms Fluke testified on behalf of Pres Obama’s request that insurance companies waive co-pays for birth control.”

    It’s not a request. It’s a FEDERAL MANDATE! Cover birth control with no copay or face legal sanctions.

  • Korla Pundit

    It is true that we SHOULD consider any potential offspring of a Fluke to be a public health hazard. However, their embryonated eggs are passed through the feces of their host, so even 10,000 dollars worth of birth control pills aren’t going to help.

  • Korla Pundit

    Fluke is an old radical, anti-religion, leftist, fake-feminist, who intentionally went to this university SPECIFICALLY to target the Catholic Church, and to claim that it costs thousands and thousands of dollars a year for something that you can already get for free, and to do it in front of Congress, gee, isn’t that perjury???

    P.S. Is that supposed to be her “boyfriend”? [snort] Yeah, sure.

  • Basil Meech

    Let me understand this, if you give someone $9.00 to have sex, what is she? If she wants sex and protection, she can pay for it herself, she can afford.

  • wanumba

    #126 March 15, 2012 at 10:07 am
    dollvomit commented:
    Yes, nothing says “whore” like going on vacation with your boyfriend of all people. Look at that slut, kissing him on the cheek!


    Rule NO ONE: If you scream and wail that people shouldn’t use tht sort of langauge, don’t use it .. and stop projecting on people are minding their own business until Sandra Fluke told the entire world that the entire female student body of Georgetwon Law SChool needed $3000.00 worth of contraceptives to get thru Law School.

    Why Fluke called ALL those innocent women … what? She said it wasn’t HER who needed all that, but EVERYONE ELSE. Isn’t that slander? WHo the hell is Sandra Fluke to annouce to the world she KNOWS the sexual activities of her classmates?

    Did Sandra Fluke singlehandledly ruin the career prospects of over a thousand women? “OH, we see here you graduated from .. oh, oh dear. Georgetown Law School. Well… ah … ahem.”

    Didn’t Rush Limbaugh’s quick reaction actually save the reputations of all those OTHER women who Sandra Fluke sexually maligned on national TV?

  • Korla Pundit

    You’re an idiot. No one is asking for the government to PAY for birth control. They’re asking for it the be available for them to purchase at a reasonable price.

    No, Jonathan. You are a liar, just like your fellow travelers.

    “Making it available for a reasonable price?” What does that mean? That means telling a private company that they have to take a loss on something, or it means they have to pass that cost on the general population, who don’t all want to subsidize somebody’s free-wheeling sexcapades.

    And for the feds to MANDATE that the Catholic Church pay for such a plan that covers such things that they are religiously opposed to VIOLATES THE CONSTITUTION.

    Then again, maybe you think your not a liar, in which case you are a simpleton.

  • wanumba

    #101 March 15, 2012 at 9:13 am
    Stewart commented:

    None of this makes any sense.


    Poor thang. Have a contraceptive pill. Dr. Fluke says it’s good for all that ails you.

  • Joanne

    Why should she have to pay for her own birth control, when obviously, she doesn’t have any monies left after travelling to Europe. Duh!


    Attack the messenger instead listening to the message….there’s a new one. By that same rationale, I suppose a senior citizen that gets prescription drug assistance can’t go on vacation, or for that matter, no citizen who receives ANY government assistance can ever go on vacation….great, let’s start with the farmers and all their subsidies. They suck on the government tit constantly, and you mean to tell me they are financially strapped and don’t go on vacation? Then you haven’t seen today’s farmers…most are millionaires with hundreds if not thousands of acres of land, and they get fat government checks every year.

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  • Joanne

    The difference is conservatives believe in taking care of themselves and their needs; leftards believe taxpayers should take care of them and their needs. Contraception is just one more thing the leftards want the government to make sure the taxpayers fund. Unfortunately, morality has gone right down the tube. There was a time when society would frown upon this woman’s sex life outside marriage, and she would be branded a ‘slut’. Fluke has no shame.

  • Pingback: NEWS: UN Human Rights Council to investigate American voter-ID laws | Pitts Report()

  • This is 2012 not 1950

    “And for the feds to MANDATE that the Catholic Church pay for such a plan that covers such things that they are religiously opposed to VIOLATES THE CONSTITUTION.”

    The Feds ARE NOT mandating the Catholic Church to pay for birth control. Churches have always been exempt. The ACA is mandating that religious affiliated businesses – hospitals, universities – cover BC as part of their insurance coverage employee benefits. Again, institutions like Georgetown receive Federal and State funding. If they truly want to remain free they would refuse tax payer funding or give up their tax exemptions.

    Once again, where is the moral outrage that the catholic church covers Viagra for non-procreation?

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  • Joanne

    Albert when a person is complaining about not being able to pay for contraceptions, then it means they don’t have the monies to pay for it. If you take vacations to Europe, you can surely pay for contraceptions. Why should taxpayers pay for contraception for a woman; what is so wrong about a woman actually having sex and getting pregnant, especially considering the outcome of sex is pregnancy. So women should have their contraception paid for them, so they won’t get pregnant? Pregnancy isn’t a disease – it is a natural condition. If you don’t want to get pregnant, don’t have sex, or pay for your own contraception.

  • Radegunda

    The issue is not contraception, or even insurance. The issue is what legitimate power the government has (or hasn’t) to force some people to buy or subsidize something that other people think they ought to get “free.”

    Dem women say they ought to get contraception “free” — i.e. someone else (other than their sexual partners) should pay at least part of the cost. What is the moral basis for that demand?

    Dems believe the government should force some people to provide things to others that they want to get “free.” What is the constitutional basis for that demand? Do Dem-leftists put any limits on the power of government to redistribute other people’s money?

    Funneling any expense through insurance makes it costlier than if it were paid directly. Dem-leftists therefore want to make contraception MORE expensive — and force others to subsidize the cost to themselves.

    All the references to non-contraceptive uses of contraceptives are just a distraction. Leftist women simply want others to pay the expense of their own contraception.

  • Korla Pundit

    I’ll tell you what. If somebody can get a time machine, go back to 1960, and get Barry’s mom on the pill, I would happily pay out of my own pocket the full cost of the prescription, and would even chip in for the time machine.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    The contrarians seem to be missing something.

    Hmm. What could it be?

    Ah, yes. It’s the ability to “get it.”

    Or, maybe it’s just obstinate fealty to the Party.

    They don’t WANT to get it.

  • Neck Beard

    Anecdotal evidence presented at a fake congressional committee hearing reagarding a non-issue. Priceless. I have to take medication not on my insurance company’s formulary. Since it is for a medical condition, and my doctor deemed it medically necessary, the insurance company covers it. I’d like to know what the name of the specific medication is, what “her friends” condition is, and then ask the insurer why it’s not covered. Otherwise, this is a fabricated story.

  • Kumar

    Focusing on only the cost factor of this is falling for the Democrat spin, it wouldn’t matter if birth control only cost 9c a month, the problem is they are infringing upon other’s rights to freedom of religion and conscience, so lets not work from the skewed Democrat premise for what the debate is about, first and foremost it is about the constitution and freedom, not cost . Which was why Fluke was never allowed at the congressional hearing, since she knew Fluke all on the matter being discussed there, and instead had to have her own staged ‘mock hearing’ from the botox queen Pelosi.

  • None_of_your_business

    Thank you for demonstrating to any rational person that right-wing wackos are vicious and mean-spirited.

    Slate magazine is already using you as an example of how the right gets their facts wrong. http://www.slate.com/blogs/weigel/2012/03/15/the_sandra_fluke_co_ed_conspiracy.html

    Exposing somebody’s personal life is as low as you can go. From now on, progressives shouldn’t hesitate to do the same to the right. Like the scumbag who runs this blog.

    The few rational people here who are trying to reason with you are merely proving that we can’t reason with you, because you don’t understand what reason is.

    The only way to deal with you is to organize the decent progressive Americans to defeat you.

    And we will. I’ll see my fellow progressives at Occupy Wall Street.

  • pope m

    it’s bizzare that people that people think they have the right to judge someone else’s health care decisions. Talk about big brother. It is a personal matter. If people think that there should be no regulations (from the government) stipulating what health insurance companies cover, then say that. Then we can discuss how business people running insurance companies will decide what kind of care they will pay for out of their profits. If you’re going to die in a few years anyway, why would it make sense to waste a lot of money on your care. It’s just like when you get diagnosed with cancer and they cancel your health insurance. Of course that has nothing to do with the ceo living in a castle, driving one of his Ferraris from his collection. That’s immoral. Forget about private sex life, what about trading profits over life of folks who paid for care?

  • Former Repub

    If the goal of all your comments was to convince people that Republicans are so insane that they see conspiracy theories everywhere, then great job! This Nov. will be the only time in my life I’ve voted Dem, and that’s because I can’t stand to be grouped in with you bat-sh!t crazy nut-jobs.

    I love how no-one even takes the time to review Fluke’s testimony, where she talks about her friend who needs the Birth Control hormones to prevent ovarian cysts. But then, today’s Republicans never let the facts get in the way of a verbal assassination.

    REAL Republicans, like Lincoln, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Regan, would be ashamed.

  • Linda Day

    Have we reached the point where lying is now a Christian trait? Facts no long matter? She never asked any taxpayer (the “you” in these misleading stories) to pay for her birth control. She wanted it to be covered by her insurance. I don’t know anyone who’s private insurance is paid for by the “taxpayers”. Most people pay for insurance out of our wages! You should be asking, “Do you really want more unplanned, unwanted pregnancies or do you want lower insurance costs?” Birth control only runs about $360 per year, much less than the average of $12,000 birth cost. And let’s not forget, normally, when a woman is having sex, there’s a MAN involved too! What responsibility do the men hold?! Are you okay with Viagra being paid for by insurance for single men and married men who’s wives can’t pro-create? Because that scenario IS currently covered by almost ALL private insurance (as well as Medicaid/Medicare). If you are, then you’re okay with men having sex merely for pleasure. The question is then, why are you so adamant that women can’t have sex for pleasure or intimacy? And please, stop acting like only Democrats, liberals, sluts and prostitues have sex – there’s always Gingrich, Weiner, Folley, Haggard, Cain, Duvall, oh, the list could go on and on and on….. Humans have sex. Nothing new to report there.

  • The Elector of Saxony

    “The Feds ARE NOT mandating the Catholic Church to pay for birth control. Churches have always been exempt. The ACA is mandating that religious affiliated businesses – hospitals, universities – cover BC as part of their insurance coverage employee benefits. ”

    –and if they want to adhere to their conscience they can just be shut down by Federal Agents, right? The Leftists ultimate fantasy; Churches shuttered by men with guns, clergy in handcuffs. It has happened in every other Socialist country, why not here under our new Socialist masters?

    The HHS mandate requires the Church to offer an insurance coverage that runs counter to its conscience. Churches are NOT exempt from this mandate. There are no exemptions. All plans must conform or they are unlawful. This is what happens when the Federal Government takes over 1/6th of the economy and places it under the control of bureaucrats.

    There is no more “private market” in health care after Obamacare. It may appear that way, but with HHS able to mandate coverages, prices, copays, and terms, for all intents and purposes HHS IS the US health care industry. They decide who covers what for whom. It may be a tyranny you and the other anti-Religious zealots enjoy seeing, but at some point they’ll be coming for your liberty too.

    I hope Georgetown and every religious employer simply dumps their insurance plans and throws their employees on the federal exchange market. It’ll bankrupt the government faster and we can see what it’s like to live in Greece! Perhaps we can rebuild without the freeloader classes?

    Maybe the House should ask the CBO to rescore Obamacare again, this time accounting for a scenario in which every religious employer sends its workers to the exchanges and the Church closes down its hospitals? Instead of double, it might be quadruple the Obama fairy tale numbers!

  • jay youn

    Right on! “You all should be ashamed.”

    I am mortified to see that so many people — Americans and otherwise — are scapegoating Sandra Fluke just for speaking on behalf of so many of us American women. She has the same right to freedom of speech as Right to Life people who protest and so NOT end up being demonized for where they travel or who they date.

    I find it a bit ironic that the people who claim to be the most morally offended by the idea of abortion, family planning or birth control are the same exact kind of people who ostracized me for being single and pregnant; the same people who were completely unforgiving and foamed at the mouth to call my child a bastard whenever they saw my back was turned.

    Sandra Fluke pays her premium on an monthly basis and has the right to expect her birth control to be covered just like any other medication! Rush Limbaugh and the rest of you hypocrites should go to confess your sins to God before you pass judgement on others so freely.


  • Tom

    @118 This is 2012 not 1950 commented.

    Your response shows you didn’t understand, or more likely ignored, the gist of my post. Typical. Good luck with whatever the future holds.

  • Patty

    Biden just said, “Everyone will be held Accountable” he was speaking about the system not this Fluke thing. But how many times will we suffer through Obama/Biden saying these 5 words. Who are they Fooling.

    They can’t believe their words or this thing with Fluke and the defamation of Conservative women would be over.

    Come November their Propaganda will have no meaning.

  • Patty

    The have no purpose now. It is amazing what this nation has been going through for the past 3 years. Their liberalism and fake words are sickening.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #179 A$$hat

    The few rational people here who are trying to reason with you are merely proving that we can’t reason with you, because you don’t understand what reason is.

    The only way to deal with you is to organize the decent progressive Americans to defeat you.

    And we will. I’ll see my fellow progressives at Occupy Wall Street.

    Hey throw a few bricks through some windows for the Cause, okay? Make sure you harass as many children on their way to school as you can. It’s for the cause. Oh, and be sure to scream obscenities at anyone dressed NOT like a stupid hippie, after crapping on a cop car or in a cathedral.

    Actually, you should step it up and get into arson, IMO. You know. For the Cause.

    Oh, and you should probably, in the interest of being rational and defeating us who don’t understand reason, ramp up the rapes and murders and assaults a bit.

    Come on, use the brutal attacks on Bautsch and Brown in NOLA as your guide to defeating us. Google it. That’s who you people are: fanatic cultists whose only method of persuasion is violence and hatred.

    Stay true to form, Commie.

  • Sasja

    This is not about the fluke’s of the world getting their contraceptives. This is about a government, or a president, dictating to the private sector what it must provide to their employees, or customers. If we had been faithfully following (and teaching) the constraints on government as defined in our Constitution, we would not be on this road today.

    Far too many people do not even have a modicum of knowledge about the Constitution, thinking that it applies power to a government entity over its people. When, in fact, it is just the opposite.

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  • Andrew

    I’m not pro-abortion, but when I see her face the phrase “post-birth abortion” keeps popping into my head.

  • CommonSense

    I think it is hilarious how the libs turn everything around and manipulate their “thoughts” to sound reasonable. Consider this, give them birth control, give them iuds, give them condoms, vesectomies, ANYTHING to keep them from breeding more worthless leaches.

    Birth control is free but how embarassing is it to go to a county building for the elite libs! That is discrimination!

    Kids are liberals because they have big ignorant hearts, adults are liberals because they have no brain!

    O, and Obama, how is the money savings going by bulk purchases of paperclips for White House?? Going well?

  • Emma

    So you’re saying that anyone who uses health-insurance-provided birth control shouldn’t go on vacation? Does that included all 95%, give or take, of women in this country who use or have used such birth control? Or just the women for whom you harbor such a strangely perverse distaste?

  • bg

    March 3, 2012

    Evangelist says atheist’s issues are moral

    ‘Reason why anyone would be ignorant is clear.’

    Hitler, God, and the Bible


  • bg


    Emma #193 March 15, 2012 at 1:16 pm

    more like saying anyone who can afford (on taxpayer dollars) to go to
    a prestigious religious University, and then condemn it because they
    cannot afford their birth control because it goes against the Universities
    religious beliefs, ergo, insurance policies, yeah, she’s a hypocrite activist..


    no one is taking her birth control rights
    away from her.. or any other woman..


    it is about SEPARATION OF CHURCH & STATE..

    oh you know, that insignificant unwritten law that anti-religious groups have SMACKED RELIGIOSITY IN THE FACE with ever since THEY decided God doesn’t exist?? /s/


  • Mac

    When will the uprising occur? How long will the American people keep getting screwed by the top 1/10th of 1%? All politicians need to be removed, by vote or force… term limits for everyone and should follow the same rules as president: two terms max, Natural Born Citizen, etc… and their income/net worth shouldn’t be greater than a 15% variance of the average or median income of their constituancy, and their income should not be allowed to increase more than 25% as a result of their political office. No more career politicians! Everyone has the same campaign cap…no more unlimited campaign funds allowing candidates to be bought by rich contributors… and no outside PAC campaigning… No more personal perks for anyone in a political position, no trips, no free meals, no nothing!!!

    All lobbyists must be removed!!!

    How’s that sound… how about representation by people who understand those they represent, not a bunch of rich people who only have more wealth to gain by becoming a politician!!!

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  • Liz

    Can Spain pay for her stuff since she’s working their side of the street?

  • This is 2012 not 1950

    Tom @#185: I understood the gist of your comment just fine. You don’t believe in government mandates. Perfectly reasonable opinion. Unfortunately that is the only way that insurance works; specific coverage can’t be provided based on members picking and chosing what is acceptable. Where does it end? Not covering diabetes cos Betty’s fat? Denying chemo because coworker smoked? And then when you throw in reproductive rights, it gets really ugly.

    In this country, it is not illegal to use birth control. And no one is forcing the church to pay for it.

  • bg


    #199 March 15, 2012 at 1:47 pm
    This is 2012 not 1950



  • to all you woman’s rights advocates, if we are supposed to have equal rights in the eyes of the government like all good liberals say, what the hell is a “woman’s” right?

  • Taqiyyotomist

    And no one is forcing the church to pay for it.

    OMG, you really don’t get it, do you?

    That right there is exactly the point of this whole debate.

    The government is attempting to force the church to pay for it.

    It must be some weird form of glaucoma or retinal disorder or that only obscures this ONE fact.

    Or just obstinate, intentional “will not see” blindness that affects the Party Loyal.

  • joe

    Maybe you should leave. I used to be a Republican, but this sort of ignorant redneck crap caused me to change parties. I’m not happy with everything about Obama, but noe the alternative is people like you…so all I can say is: 4 more years!

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Denying chemo because coworker smoked?

    Oh, that’s just around the corner when healthcare is, by necessity of economics, rationed.

    Don’t worry, though: STDs will still be covered for those who engage in male-male buttsex.


  • purusha

    Private health insurance is not supported by tax dollars.

    When will republicans stop lying?

  • Taqiyyotomist

    joe! You are the 1,000th “seminar caller”!

    You win!

    (Oh, and nobody believes that you were ever a Republican. This tactic is TWENTY YEARS OLD.)

  • Patty


    Look, I never made up your mind for you. You have made up your mind all by yourself.

    “Everyone will be held Accountable” 🙂 even YOU!

    You have just been Breitbarted!!

  • joe


    You don’t get it. If the RCC was to operate outside businesses like hospitals to swell its already fat coffers, it shouldn’t get a pass on having to follow the same laws as everyone else. No one is forcing these creepy pedophiles to pay for birth control for church employees; only for those outside businesses. Of course they will fight that to the end, because there’s nothing they like more than poor people with large families. Lots more young boys for them to “initiate:, too.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Judging by the number of seminar callers and mobys and trolls on this thread, who have never once commented at GP…

    …the Left is scared, and panicky. This issue is very important to the Leftists.

    They’ve been “organized”, folks. And it is obvious due to their identical talking points, and their immediate, concerted efforts to flood conservative blogs with them.

    Remember, folks: Money Is Not Free Speech! (Unless it’s George Soros’ money.)

  • Dick Nixon

    “So you’re saying that anyone who uses health-insurance-provided birth control shouldn’t go on vacation?”

    People who go on European tours and attend $50k a year law schools shouldn’t complain about $9 a month birth control.

  • Patty

    Boycott threats recently led more than 98 companies to suspend their sponsorship of the Limbaugh show, but Rush and his associates insist (very plausibly) that many other firms have eagerly rushed in (you’ll pardon the expression) to fill the gap. To underline that point, El Rushbo even turned away one repentant sponsor who apparently changed his mind and wanted to come back to the show after a few days off the air; the indignant host declares he wants no part of on-air partners whose support for his work seems wobbly or tentative.

    Meanwhile, the Limbaugh apology for crude language (including the epithets “slut” and “prostitute”) in his three days of ridicule of free-contraception activist Sandra Fluke poses an uncomfortable question for his critics: now that he’s said he’s sorry, repeatedly and somewhat emotionally, what, exactly, do they mean to accomplish with their continued pressure to try to force sponsors to sever ties with the show?

    Other than raising big money for their anti-Rush jihad, the leftist pressure groups clearly intend to reduce Limbaugh’s national reach and media influence or, even better, to put an end to his show altogether. They tip their hand when they claim that his attack on Ms. Fluke is only typical of the “hate speech” which has always characterized his show. They object to far more than a few minutes of one particularly controversial monologue; they resent the very existence of a program that’s been wildly successful for 24 years and spawned a powerful conservative talk industry which reaches an overall weekly audience of more than 40 million and which more than one-in-eight Americans describe as “very credible.”

    Limbaugh’s critics seem unable to accept the fact that many of their fellow citizens actually appreciate the opportunity to listen to his opinions on a regular basis, so rather than persuade those poor, benighted souls to listen to something else, they mean to take away the broadcast that they enjoy.


    The left and even Joe listens to Rush, he is one of them who is looking for anything, any shred of evidence that the Right is the enemy.

  • bg


    The Constitutionality of Mandates To Purchase Health Insurance

    • Other Relevant Constitutional Rights: Challenges under the First
    and Fifth Amendments relating to individual rights
    may arise, but
    are unlikely to succeed. The federal government should include an
    exemption on religious grounds to a health insurance mandate as
    an added measure of protection from legal challenges based on
    religious freedom
    . In the alternative, the federal government can
    simply exempt a federal insurance mandate from existing federal
    legislation protecting religious freedom.

    they are HELL BENT on creating a New World Order..

    more here..


  • joe

    Patty, Brietbart burns in hell. Maybe someday you will get to join him.

  • Patty

    I have noticed that the lefties here love to make their incendiary comments after I or others leave.

    Surprise, I am back!!

    Breitbart is smiling on all of us, here. That’s to the familiar patriots, keep up the great work, guys.

  • jorgen

    The taxpayer should offer to instead pay for her sterilization so she doesn’t reproduce.

  • Tom

    @#195 This is 2012 not 1950 commented

    I will use smaller words – the president has no right/authority to tell any American consumer what they must purchase. Do you understand that? When a ruler, in this case the president, tells citizens what they must purchase with their labor it is called Communism, Socialism, etc. You needn’t respond to this. I don’t argue with idiots.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    joe, there you go again.

    Did you know that students in public k-12 schools are more than ONE HUNDRED TIMES more likely to be sexually molested by the staff of their schools?

    No, of course you didn’t. Would it matter if you did? No, of course it wouldn’t.


    Study was commission by the Dept. of Education, BTW.

    Which means: it’s probably ten times worse.

    But you get all your info from stand-up comedians, I’m guessing, so I can understand your ignorance.

    Are you willing to call ALL TEACHERS AND SCHOOLS: “creepy pedophiles”?

    What about the United Nations, whose most grand achievement has been in setting up child-brothels in every single nation they’ve gone in to “help”?

    What about Hollywood? Are they all “creepy pedophiles”?


    You are clueless, ignorant, and proud of it.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Hate for the Church is the only thing that matters to folks like Joe.

    …and “perspective” is a word with no meaning to these folks.

  • This is 2012 not 1950

    #202 no Taq, the gov’t is not forcing the church to pay for it. ACA always had an exemption in place for churches and secondary schools. The new compromise takes out the requirement that church-based universities and hospitals pay for it and having the insurance companies cover the entire costs for those employees.

    Actually this debate is a good argument for getting rid of employer provided healthcare insurance. This way all Americans are free to purchase any kind of coverage they deem medically necessary. The only issue is how the heck to pay for it. Perhaps Medicare for all ages? Keep in mind the average cost if healthcare insurance purchased from private entity for a family of four is $1000 a month. What’s the solution?

  • Dick Nixon

    Joe, layoff the threats. Be a shame if something bad happened to you.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    One (x) is bad.

    A hundred (x)? No problem.


  • Patty


    Yes they are but I have been praying every day that the Supreme Court will follow the Constitution and do the right thing. Seems they have no wiggle room to do anything different. The cost in just a few years will be over 1 trillion and some say 2 trillion.

    Defeating Obama care is by only wish. Seriously if I had 3 wishes, this is one of them.

  • Herman

    This is your brain on stupid, and in the words of Ron White “You can’t fix stupid” so you are all destined to be that way for a long time. Don’t forget everyone, your methadone clinic has moved. The new hours will be 6 – 7 am. Please bring your script from your dealer.

  • The Elector of Saxony

    “Private health insurance is not supported by tax dollars.”

    The THE DAMN BILL! There’s no more “private insurance”! HHS strictly governs every aspect of the health insurance market under Obamacare and tax credits are being offered to almost everyone to pay the premiums. It’s all public now.

  • bg


    joe #208 March 15, 2012 at 2:14 pm

    re: pedophiles

    you obviously have a computer, and it obviously contains all sorts
    of information one could easily access in order to educate oneself,

    however, what is also obvious is..

    “one can lead a prog-dem-lib to knowledge, but
    one cannot force a prog-dem-lib to think..” – bg


  • Taqiyyotomist


    Tort reform comes to mind.

    The main reason healthcare is so expensive — by a long shot.

    Hmm, which party blocks tort reform every time it’s offered?

    Oh, that’s right, the same party whose biggest contributors (and members) are trial lawyers.

  • Jason

    What a bunch of awful people you are, especially repeating the canard that she was trying to “get you to pay for her birth control.” Not only are you foul scum for calling her slut, you’re also liars about the premise of her testimony! You are just awful human beings, Jesus and Benjamin Franklin hate you.

  • joe

    Rush Limbaugh is an ignorant drug addict. He did much more than call Sandra Fluke a prostitute and “slut”, he went on and on with his perverted sex fantasies about her and eventually demanded that she perform on a “sex tape”….of course, since this foul pig can’t hold onto a wife, this must be the only form of sexual release he can realistically imagine. Of course, the right wing is full of dullards who are outraged now…who is the women who has the audacity to think that she is in control of her own body? How dare she think she can advocate for birth control before a panel of sleazy old men? The rage that animates many of the unfortunates posting on this board would seem to be nothing but resentment…Fluke is a student at a prestigious law school…the right wing is this country seems to be composed of losers, has-beens, and never-weres that rage against “elitists”, aka people who have accomplished something with there lives. How many professionals listen to Rush Limbaugh or watch Fox News?

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #223 Herman, and whichever other “real people’s” names you’ve posted under today:

    See my #158

    We see you, troll.


  • Lab

    You guys haven’t actually read her testimony, have you? Nowhere does she say she wants you to “pay for her birth control.” That’s just a moronic fantasy on the part of right-wing bloggers.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Herman! Jack! John! Nancy!

    We’re normal people! With human names!

    We used to be Republicans, but “slut” is just too much. We’re going to switch to the party which uses kinder terminology, like “c**t”, for no discernable reason! Believe us! We’re credible people!

    Laughing out the f&&k loud at you intentionally deceptive (like your Father) trolls.

  • joe

    bg, how long did it take you to come up with that?

    And Patty
    “Defeating Obama care is by only wish. Seriously if I had 3 wishes, this is one of them.”

    Not a cure for cancer, not world peace, no, just taking away health care from people who work for a living.

  • Scott

    If someone could please read her testimony and tell me where she once said that SHE couldn’t afford birth control I would like to see it. She testified in front of congress on behalf of other students: She talked about other people. Once she made a statement of ‘students like her’ but was speaking about scholarships, not hardship.

    The hatred some posters display simply because she believes something different from you, shameful.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Yesss…. give in to the hate, young Skywalker!

    Feel the hate within you! Let it out!

    Like a good Leftist!


    Dance, Lefties! Dance!

  • Herman

    Jason, this is the new Tea Party recruiting tool. These pages are popping up all over the place and the more radical they are, the more they want you to join their fun wagon of racism and lies. Anyone that actually saw her statement can plainly see, she never asked to have her pills paid for, and at no time did the statement mention anything about her sex life. That was all fabricated by Rushie “Oxyhoe” Limberdick. He had to come up with a way to try and make a reasonable, intelligent woman look bad, because he clearly has mommy issues, and this is the result. The people that can only follow the absurd and ignorant are assembling on sites like this to show the rest of us how dumb they are.

  • KornKing

    Good to see Lab is putting that econ degree from Guadalcanal Community College to good use, isn’t it?

  • joe

    Taqiyyotomist, good job spinning the party line that equates the perversion of Rush Limbaugh with the vulgarity on Bill Maher. Unfortunately, like most right wing extremists, you have a loose grasp on the facts. Bill Maher is a fringe comedian, more libertarian than liberal (he recently cheered on a group of US marines who urinated on the corpses of people they killed…the sort of thing that probably appeals to gun rack inbreds, but not to many liberals) who gave some money to Obama, who he frequently criticizes. Rush Limbaugh is the godfather of the Republican party. Republicans are terrified of him, and even named him an unofficial member of congress in 1994. In addition, he did not just call Sandra Fluke a name, he went on and on with his sex fantasies about her. Bill Maher calling that Sarah Palin a c*nt is no way equivalent. i agree its was a vulgar term…lying, trailer trash, snowbilly grifter would have been more apt.

  • bg


    in 10, 15, 20 years, we will have public option..

    he lied, he lies, he will continue to lie, and his useful tool fools
    will back them up til death they do part, most likely their own..

    Obama et al “honest debate” = “i mandate, you sacrifice”.. 🙁


  • Dick Nixon

    Joe, all MS Fluke has done is get into a law school and lie about birth control costs. And go on expensive European trips and retain an expensive PR firm, ran by Obama confidants.

    Here’s a cookie.

  • This is 2012 not 1950

    #219 Malpractice costs account for less than 2 percent of health care spending. The real trigger for high costs are over-utilization, fraud and administrative waste, all issues that ACA addresses.

  • KornKing

    203 Joe
    Anyone who says they “used to be a Republican” and “4 more years” is either a moron or Ed Schultz..but I repeat myself

  • Patty

    Obama owns US an Apology and for Joe, I could careless if you give anyone an apology, or who you are damning to Hell. We have greater things to be worried about. Anyone, even you have the right to speak your mind. But I do believe the Education system has failed you, badly.

    For lying to the America People

    For Obama Care

    For nasty Class Warfare

    For giving our Children astronomical Debt

    For abuse of Power

    For the racially motivated Abuse of Power

    For the arrogance his arrogance

  • Dick Nixon

    “Bill Maher is a fringe comedian”

    Who gave $1 million to help re elect Barak Obama.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Yesss….. feel the hate! Let it burn within you!

  • Patty


    Obama, you have manage all of this!! And the left still seems uneducated and hateful.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    joe, I think you should don a mask, go out with some buddies and beat some conservatives nearly to death with tire irons! For the Cause.

    Because we’re incapable of reason.

  • bg


    Dick Nixon #243 March 15, 2012 at 2:49 pm



  • Taqiyyotomist

    10 bucks says joe doesn’t believe in the concept of “hell”, and is just being incindiary — because that’s what Libs do. Really, it’s all they have in their toolbox.

    But “hell”? To them, “hell is other people.”

    Mao, Stalin, Hitler. Same cloth.

  • Patty

    #232 March 15, 2012 at 2:37 pm
    joe commented:

    Wow, showing your ignorance. The Education System has truly failed you.

    Sarah Palin was exactly right about death panels as this caller attests. Tonight, a brain surgeon called into Mark Levin’s radio show and said that he had just recently visited Washington DC to review Obama’s new health care plan for advanced neurosurgical care for patients over 70 years old, issued by HHS. The plan, that included “ethics panels”, stated that if your were over 70 years old and on government supported healthcare and you visited an emergency room, you get “comfort care”:

    Here’s an expert from the call:

    Caller: Basically what the document stated was that if you were over 70 and you’d come into an emergency room and you’re on government supported health care, that you’d get “comfort care”.

    Mark Levin: Wait a minute…what’s the source for this?

    Caller: This is Obama’s new health care plan for advanced neurosurgical care.

    Mark Levin: And who issued this? HHS?

    Caller: Yes. And basically they don’t call them patients, they call them units. And instead of – they call it “ethics panels” or “ethics committees”, would get together and meet and decide where the money would go for hospitals, and basically for patients over 70 years of age, that advanced neurosurgical care was not generally indicated.


    Read in its entirety!

    Under this administration Cancer treatment are being denied and people have died.

    Look it up and please, research before making you ignorant comments.

  • bg


    joe #232 March 15, 2012 at 2:37 pm

    poor poor pitiful joe.. *sigh*

    btw, i came up with that years ago,
    ask any of the regulars, they know..


  • joe

    Taqiyyotomist, feel the stupid! Rage against the “librul media”! Rage against public schools and the guv’mit!
    Patty, “Class warfare”? The republcan battle cry for the bast decade has been about “the elite”! “For the racially motivated Abuse of Power” yeah, well I guess if your a Klansman you might see it that way. “For the arrogance his arrogance” That’s a lot coming from you.

    Obama the evil anti-American homosexual Muslim atheist fetus eating Nazi communist is winning. Your only hope is to flee! Perhaps Glen beck will make room for you on the Mormon planet of Koleb!

  • wanumba

    #182 March 15, 2012 at 12:26 pm
    Linda Day commented:

    Have we reached the point where lying is now a Christian trait? Facts no long matter? She never asked any taxpayer (the “you” in these misleading stories) to pay for her birth control. She wanted it to be covered by her insurance.

    Her tuition wasn’t even out of her own pocket. She CHOSE Georgetown to attack their LONG-STANDING insurance plan. SHe had 40 other choices to go elsewhere, so she’s denied NOTHING.

    Sorry, you have to work with what she said and she said she entered that UNI under false pretenses, and her media statement was one false pretense upon another, as she totally ruined the reputations of thousands of other women who had NO IDEA what she was up to.

    SHe lied when she implied she represented other women.

  • George

    To the poster who says he never heard of a “rich socialist”, does the name George Soros ring a bell?

  • Patty

    Preventive Care Obama Style

    Provenge, the first cancer vaccine, stalled at the FDA for years. Once approved, it faced 18 months of additional delay while the Obama administration figured out whether to pay for it. The gauntlet cancer patients face with Provenge is being extended to everyone waiting for a medical breakthrough under Obamacare. Before a medical innovation can be used or paid for, the government will now demand additional research demonstrating that a new product will be more effective and cheaper than existing technologies. Since most new products come from small start-ups with limited cash, such a requirement means life-saving innovations will not be available at all.

    Similar regulations have been used to delay and deny access to cancer drugs in England, Canada and Australia. Drugs such as Avastin, Revlimid and Herceptin are barely used in Britain’s cancer wards because government decided they were not valuable. The people who could not use them are dead. Those — mostly in America — that did are alive.

    But now this de facto rationing is coming to America. Before the cancer drug shortage there was the decision that women under 50 should not get mammograms. Both Provenge and Benlysta, new treatments for prostate cancer and lupus respectively, are hard to come by because of uncertainty about reimbursement by health plans and government.

    The death and suffering flowing from such delays are the result of policies promoted by those who want to use the FDA and increased government control over medicine to slash access to new technologies. In their mind, rationing of cancer drugs frees up money to expand the welfare state. The shortage of old drugs is simply one side effect of this malevolent strategy.

    It would be simpler to claw back regulations and let markets work. But stockpiling is part of a larger effort to centralize the development and use of medical services. The administration has gone silent on the wonders of Obamacare even as it issues regulations and hires bureaucrats to replace free choice with government edict. But it will emerge as a campaign and social issue. In America no one should go without medicine because they can’t afford it. And this shouldn’t be a nation where people are denied treatments because their government makes medicine impossible to produce or obtain.


    Talking about Contraceptive payments is one thing, but the cancer patients are being denied and dying, this is real issue. Not some airhead wanting her contraception paid for.


  • joe

    “SHe lied when she implied she represented other women.”,

    She represents most of the women I know.

    “Her tuition wasn’t even out of her own pocket.”

    How many people pay tuition out of pocket at real universities?

    Yes, she could have gone to other schools. As a good students that worked hard she had choices (again, there’s the resentment of achievement that lies at the heart of right wing fanaticism), but I seriously doubt she chose Georgetown because she thought that access to birth control was suddenly going to be an issue sin 21st century America.

  • D. Sanchez

    Taqiyyotomist commented: #217

    “Did you know that students in public k-12 schools are more than ONE HUNDRED TIMES more likely to be sexually molested by the staff of their schools?”

    From the article you linked:

    “…the physical sexual abuse of students in schools is likely more than 100 times the abuse by priests…”

    “One hundred times more likely” and “likely more than 100 times” do not mean the same thing in this case.

    Of course, you knew that, but you also likely know that Ms. Fluke’s testimony primarily dealt with women’s health issues like ovarian cysts that are treated with hormonal birth control rather than sluts wanting to bang.

    Protect that narrative at all costs. Lying from now until November is your only glimmer of hope.

  • wanumba

    #255 March 15, 2012 at 3:05 pm
    joe commented:
    but I seriously doubt she chose Georgetown because she thought that access to birth control was suddenly going to be an issue sin 21st century America


    You are saying your mind totally blanked out when Sandra Fluke read her opening statement announcing that she chose Georgetown EXPRESSLY to make access to birth control this an issue.

    Take a contraceptive pill. Dr. Fluke says it cures everything, maybe even amnesia.

  • MADgirl91

    Going on vacation while you’re in law school? Georgetown should flunk her out.

  • bg
  • Patty

    Obama’s failures speak for themselves.

    Obama’s friends have some real radical views for America.

    Holder, no ID’s
    Holder wants civil courts for the terrorists in Gitmo
    Holder wants the release of 5 prisoners for favors, for one American being held in Middle East.
    Holder Fast and Furious and the death of innocent people and Brian Terry.
    Chu wants higher gas prices while Obama was us to inflate tires and use Algae.
    Obama vetoes XL pipeline
    Rahm Emanuel has made it almost impossible to carry a gun in Chicago.
    National debt…16 trillion and almost 5 of that is all Obama.

    Yet, the talk of the day is a nobody, Fluke.

    And this is a dog and pony show to win the women vote and now his approval ratings are in the tank.

    And what a distraction from the serious problems we are facing. Simpletons in Washington believe we are like them. What a shame, this is the topic of the day, Fluke.

  • joe

    Patty, you use an anonymous caller on some loony right wing talk show as evidence that Sarah Palin’s lie about “death panels” are true?

    So glad that people like you are on the other side.

  • edgar sparkle

    The federal government is nationalizing the family, with disastrous if predictable consequences. A little rich girl who can afford Georgetown Law goes before Congress to cry and demand that taxpayers pay for her contraception and when that does go so well, the abortion that is sure to follow. Fluke, like everyone on the left is a whore.

  • cr

    what could she possibly need contraception for?
    She has her face and obese corpulence to manage that

  • Radegunda

    To all lefties:
    When Ms. Fluke demands that her contraception be “covered by her insurance,” she’s demanding that OTHER PEOPLE subsidize or pay for it, AND that her insurance company take a cut for administration etc. Maybe you’re all too stupid to understand the latter point.

    Why are you all so outraged at the concept of paying your own way? Bearing the cost of your own choices?

    Why do leftist men not want to share their wives’ or girlfriends’ contraceptive costs? Who do you think is supposed to pay for it?

    Why do you think the government should command me to subsidize your personal expenses?

  • Patty

    Obama care, is unconstitutional. We cannot be mandated to purchase health care.

    This was intended to help those who didn’t have health care. More and More will be without healthcare the longer this administration stays in office. They are killing jobs.

    Regulating us to death, taxing those who create jobs. Sending our technology to China.

    We are under their controls and Obama has spent 5 trillion, for what. Mandated Health care.

  • Patty

    The Impact of Obamacare on Seniors

    Like most seniors, Ann Lorenz relies on Medicare as she copes with serious health care challenges, including Parkinson’s Disease. Ann sees a number of doctors and depends on a variety of prescription drugs and therapies to stay independent. She worries that Obamacare threatens her access to doctors, treatment options and insurance plans – and her neurologist shares her concerns.

    The SolutionGive seniors greater choice of doctors, private health plans, and services under Medicare.
    Obamacare Facts & Figures

    Nearly one-quarter of all seniors rely on Medicare Advantage, the private health care option in Medicare. However, Obamacare makes such deep cuts to that program that half of those covered will no longer be able to keep the coverage they have.
    New taxes on drug companies ($27 billion) and medical device makers ($20 billion), as well as new reporting requirements and regulations imposed on physicians, will make access to health care and services more costly and difficult for seniors under Obamacare.

    Read The Full Report

    Obamacare: Impact on Seniors

    Obamacare: Impact on Taxpayers

    Seniors Will Lose Big Under Obamacare

    The Right Way Forward for America

    After repeal of Obamacare, Congress should pursue targeted policy solutions that address practical problems faced by millions of Americans in a step-by-step and fully transparent legislative process. The elements outlined above are at the core of transforming today’s health care economy into one where individuals and families can control their own dollars and make their own decisions.


  • Patty

    So, contraception issue was, so they thought, a winner for the Woman Vote. This one another one of Obama’s thrills, so he thought.

    It backfired and thanks to all those Breitbart fans we aren’t ever going to stay silent and we will throw it back in their face.

    But research and be civil. You see this is something the left simply hates.


  • Dick Nixon

    ” well I guess if your a Klansman you might see it that way. ”

    What does Robert Byrd, D WV, have to do with this?

  • Dick Nixon

    “She represents most of the women I know.”

    Joe, your mother and grandmother don’t need contraception.

  • Robert

    I find Republican blogs difficult to masterbate to.

  • Korla Pundit

    >Patty, you use an anonymous caller on some loony right wing talk show as evidence that Sarah Palin’s lie about “death panels” are true?

    OK, instead of death panels, since the Dems seem intent on enforcing the right of dead people to vote, how about we refer to them as “Democratic Party Voter Registration Panels”?

  • Herman

    @Taqiyyotomist What’s the matter there big fella, you don’t like it when you get yourself in return? No, I haven’t posted under any other name here, it’s not worth my progressive, liberal time. You and some others here are busy twisting the truth to fit your agenda. I happened on this page while looking for some interesting fodder, but there was none. After reading some of the bologna here, I felt like joining the flow. You have a problem with that, tough. If you notice, I didn’t isolate anyone and insult them or give back the bigoted bull you so easily dished out. A little tough talk behind your computer, in your mom’s basement, is your Modus operandi, which is the best you have. Stay Racist people, it suits you!

  • Korla Pundit

    Or how about we call them “Life Panels”? They get to decide who lives.

    That sounds much more benevolent.

  • Korla Pundit

    >I find Republican blogs difficult to masterbate to.

    I guess you should go back to the Disney Channel where it’s much easier for you.

  • greenfairie

    Yikes, given that family’s history, maybe I *should* spring for Miss Fluke’s contraception.

  • Korla Pundit

    >” well I guess if your a Klansman you might see it that way. ”

    Please! Let’s not mention the various offshoots of the Democratic Party in their efforts to keep the black man down, to resist the end of segregation, to suppress the black vote, to fight the Republican Civil Rights Bill, and to battle that Republican troublemaker, Martin Luther King!

    It’s upsetting to Libtards like yourself.

  • Dennis Nail

    She don’t need my nine bucks. She’s got the answer to her birth control blues right under her nose. Look at the look of agony on the mug of her guitar pick’n boyfriend. Notice the gapping crotch. She just needs to capture that land shark rottwieler that seems to have ran off to distant lands after having ripped the nuts off ONE of her boyfriends.

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  • uncivil & right

    Wouldn’t fluck that with Husseins dick.

  • libarbarian

    I’m confused.

    I thought Class Warfare was bad?

    Could someone refresh me on the rules again?

  • Korla Pundit

    If Fluke had any class to speak of, we could talk.

  • Herman

    @Taqiyyotomist – You Suffer From the Dunning-Kruger Effect. You’re a lifer I’m afraid.

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  • tessa

    Sandra Fluke is a beard.

  • AuntieMadder

    She’s obviously poor; look at her jeans.

  • wanumba

    If Sandra Fluke is so smart, how come she’s dating a complete idiot?
    Oh, wait … he’s a RICH idiot. Nt just a little rich, but RICH RICH.
    Sandra Fluke, feminst icon of liberated womyn is … gasp … a gold-digger?

  • Taqiyyotomist


    Shouldn’t you admit the possibility that you may be projecting a bit, there?

    I’m just a restaurant worker/handyman. I’ve no pretensions at superiority.

    You may also be suffering from the usual leftist belief that “coming to a conclusion” is “closed-minded”. Knowing one is right, or believing that one’s prognostications are likely to bear out is not pretension or arrogance, despite what you’ve been taught by the “there is no truth” crowd.

    And, yes, I had to look up that term. Did you know it by heart?

    Now is the point where you should list all your advanced degrees — you know, to prove that I suffer from the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

    Shinebox. Now.

  • wanumba

    Sure his name isn’t ‘Ali’ ?


  • RL

    > #282 March 15, 2012 at 4:04 pm
    > Herman commented:

    > @Taqiyyotomist – You Suffer From the Dunning-Kruger Effect. You’re a lifer I’m afraid.

    Taking the liberty for this to appear on two threads:

    “Doubtful, but I think it more likely little Hermie boy suffers from what we could term the dunghill-krugman effect.”

  • Sasja

    Little Hermie was only posting what he has been told. I doubt he had even heard the term Dunning-Kruger until told by his handlers. I have seen this at two other places today; can’t remember where off the bat.

  • Taqiyyotomist


    I have seen this at two other places today; can’t remember where off the bat.

    Oh, now that’s funny, indeed.

    So concerted, these folks. So “organized”. As in, they’ve been.

    A few months ago it was the Palin threads that got Jim the advertising hits from these folks. They ran past 400 comments usually. Those and the Ron Paul threads.

    Now it’s this one issue. This one completely pre-designed and play-acted issue. And the marching orders go out… and the troops march.

    All saying the lines on the script, with no reasoning ability whatsoever.


  • Nena

    This woman is an embarrassment to America and the parents that raised her to be without morale concience. I am sure she will want the American tax payers to reimburse her for what she paid for her luxurious Spain vacation.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #288 wanumba

    I’ve got a nice center-channel speaker about 2′ in front of my potentially-beer-spewing mouth.

    Please warn us next time.


  • Taqiyyotomist

    Rule number one on the blog-trolling talking points sheet:

    Use a normal SWPL-sounding name, either just the first: e.g. Jeremy, or both: e.g. James Mason — our psychology departments have determined that it gives you credibility to use a white-person-sounding name on one of these right-wing hate-blogs.

    Just make a few up, and then…

    …we are on to rule two:

    Post comments that include these phrases — feel free to word them differently — using as many of these made-up vanilla-sounding names you’ve made up as possible….

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Our contrarians, in a nutshell:


    Heavy emphasis on nut…

  • wanumba

    #294 March 15, 2012 at 5:13 pm
    Taqiyyotomist commented:
    Rule number one on the blog-trolling talking points sheet:
    Use a normal SWPL-sounding name

    1) Don’t forget the ever useful urban dictionary from which trolls pick innocuous sounding names that decribes vulgar acts.

    2) Never click on a Bollywood movie link without putting a keyboard saver on first


  • Hot Carl

    #296 wanumba

    1) I don’t know what you’re talking about.

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  • wanumba
  • This is not a first amendment issue as much as it is a Laissez-faire issue.

    A company that does not want to provide a service or product should have the right to act
    freely. Catholic institutions that are self-insured would then have no problem.

    The Obama administration does not believe that businesses should be left alone. That is the real problem here.

  • Gloria

    #292: “This woman is an embarrassment to America and the parents that raised her to be without morale concience. I am sure she will want the American tax payers to reimburse her for what she paid for her luxurious Spain vacation.”

    It worked for Michelle…

  • Joanne

    The Viagra issue – not being able to obtain an erection is a medical condition, so it is covered. Where women need birth control for medical issues it is covered. Wanting birth control to be covered where there is no medical condition should be a person’s own responsibility, male or female.

  • wanumba
  • Political prick

    Come to think of it, she could find a job in porn, doing it with young guys. Question though, would she expect the porn company to pay for her contraceptives?

  • bg


    Patty #265 March 15, 2012 at 3:19 pm

    and i really don’t know what to say to anyone who hasn’t realized
    that Obama is neither working alone, nor working for US by now..



  • Rich Wilson

    The church should let their insurance recipients choose how they use their own health care. Not put regulations on it. These are the same people that don’t pay taxes, molest children and believe in a mythical creature that created the world in 7 days. It is embarrassing to even hear them complain. If God didn’t want Obama to regulate health care laws, he would snap his fingers and take care of it. Keep preying to the giant talking rat or what ever you think built everything.

  • Joanne

    I just listened to Fluke. It is all about forcing Catholic Christian institutions to have their health care plans provide contraception. Why should these Catholic Christians institutions be forced to provide a service under their health plan that they deem to go against their religious teachings? That is the question. No doubt Fluke is not a Christian, and her agenda is to force Christian organizations to go against their beliefs. How about abortions? Will these Christian organizations be forced to provide this service under their health care plans as well? Damn straight, it means just that. Start off small, and before the Catholic insitutions know it, they will be secular institutions where no mention of Christian beliefs will be allowed. This is all about the attack on the Catholic Church.

  • Rich Wilson

    If the Catholic Institutions did a better job of hiring or accepting its students, they wouldn’t need to worry about giving recipients a free choice to get birth control or get an abortion. How come all of these holy ‘Catholic Institutions’ have employees that don’t believe in the same things? Why do they have to force their users not to use these options? Why don’t they just trust that God will help the insurance recipients make the right choice? Don’t they have faith?

  • Joanne

    Rich Wilson – you are an atheist, and you have a right to believe in whatever you want, just like others can believe in God or whatever they want. Atheists seem to think that because they do not believe in a God, that no one else should have the right to believe in God. A good many Christians tithe their earnings and donate these monies to Christian organizations, which in turn help the poor and suffering….that is why these organizations do not pay taxes, or very little.

  • DeeDee

    You just cannot understand, you are a Republican. She is doing all of this for the little people that attend Georgetown (A Catholic University) and somehow need their birth control to be paid. /sarc

  • bg


    February 20, 2012

    2,500 Religious Leaders Sign Letter Protesting Obama Mandate

    [Family Research Council President Tony Perkins led a news conference
    today during which he is unveiling a new letter signed by more than
    2,500 Catholic, evangelical, Protestant, Jewish and other religious
    opposing the new Obamacare mandate.]

    February 21, 2012

    Here We Are

    Women who stand in favor of religious liberty

    [Those who invoke “women’s health” against those of us who disagree
    with forcing religious institutions or individuals to violate deeply held beliefs
    are more than a little mistaken — and more than a little dishonest. Even
    setting aside their simplistic equation of “costless” birth control with
    “equality” and “women’s health,” note that they have never responded
    to the large body of scholarly research indicating that many forms of
    contraception have serious side effects; or that some contraceptives
    destroy embryos; or that government contraceptive programs inevitably
    change the sex, dating, and marriage markets in ways that lead to more
    empty sex, more non-marital births, and more abortions. It is women who
    suffer disproportionately when these things happen.

    more here..

    February 22, 2012

    Protestants Object to Government Mandate Too

    [The issue for religious groups and for Republicans is the federal
    government mandating that religious organizations pay for something
    which goes against religious beliefs. Democrats, however, and President
    Barack Obama are attempting to frame the issue as one of denying
    women birth control.

    There has been a lot of play in the media over the standoff and the fight
    between the President and the Catholic church. Many seem to believe it
    is only a Catholic issue. But Protestants have issue with the mandate as
    well, but not with allowing women access to birth control.]


  • Rich Wilson


    I if believed that church’s actually spent most of their money to the poor and the suffering, i would be more apt to side with you. However, too many churches use their stance on abortion and contraceptives to sway voters to a particular candidate. As was seen with the Atlanta Mega church last October, the Dallas mega church last October which endorsed Rick Perry, and many others that have been audited by the IRS.

    So while a good many Christians donate to the right church that does the right thing, too many churches, pastors and bishops get caught doing the wrong things. Believers think that churches do no wrong and that is definitely not the case.

    Thoughts on this….

    How come all of these holy ‘Catholic Institutions’ have employees that don’t believe in the same things? Why do they have to force their users not to use these options? Why don’t they just trust that God will help the insurance recipients make the right choice?

  • Herman

    @Taqiyyotomist You are the proof. BTW, Taqiyyotomist if that is your real name? LMAO The only one I care to impress is….. wait, I don’t need to impress anyone, I’m right where I always wanted to be… You sound like you would rather be someplace else though.

  • Taqiyyotomist


    Let your bigotry SHINE!

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Well, that settles it.

    I am the proof. Of what? I have no idea. But let it be known: I am the proof.


  • bg


    Rich Wilson #308 March 15, 2012 at 6:20 pm

    yes, they have faith in the Constitution..

    what Joanne #309 said, and imo.. it’s not your place to
    question anyone’s personal beliefs, that’s what policies
    are for..


  • Rich Wilson

    DeeDee, not to have their contraception paid for, to have the option of it being paid for. How do you justify taking away their right?

    I can’t imagine having a president like Santorum that thinks contraception is a grievous moral wrong. The CDC released a statistic that 99% of women between the ages of 15-44 have used birth control at some point in their lives. Catholic institutions should either hire the 1% or get with the times.

  • Rich Wilson

    BG – Section 8 of the constitution:

    The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States;

  • Taqiyyotomist


    Which is why I believe in Chist, and his Word. Not the “church”.

    You are correct, though. Most churches (as was prophesied) have “fallen away” from the truth, and are nothing more than super-fun-rockband (h/t Ann Barnhardt) chuches where the center of worship is the self, and where, just like in secular society, “It’s All Good!™”

    Most churches think John 3:16 says For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, so that whoever believes whatever the hell they want, and acts accordingly, and no matter how bizarrely, may have eternal life.

    That’s because, like every single other of our American institutions — including, but definitely not limited to: Hollywood, the Art World, the music industry, the comedy circuit, Broadway, our every public education hovel from K-PhD., most of the television industry including the “hated” “right-wing” FOX, and more — the American Christian church has been largely taken over, quite intentionally, by marxists.

    People think the so-called (and tiny as hell in comparison to the sick, twisted, pedophilic depravery of the Public Schools, the entire United Nations, and of Hollywood) “pedophile priest” scandal is a fault of religion and God’s Word.

    They are wrong. The church is at fault, yes. For allowing homosexuals to take over their seminaries because the church was, to homosexuals, an “all-you-can-eat buffet” of teenage boys.

    The same reason these Frank Marshall Davis- and Roman Polanski-loving Marxists want to infiltrate the Boy Scouts of America — who have, for now, successfully rebuffed their sick desires.

    The Catholic Church did what you idiot Marxist morons wanted, and allowed practicing, and here is the key word: UNREPENTANT homosexuals into their ranks. Just like you wanted.

    The homosexual priests did what homosexuals do, and now you attack the very church that YOU demanded let them in, by not attacking THAT STUPID, NAIVE DECISION, but by attacking the very Word of God.

    And you stupid, moronic, idiot, hyprocrite marxists have not one damn word about Islam that isn’t RAINBOWS AND UNICORNS AND HIPPY-DIPPY PEACE.

    Idiots, most of you. Completely ignorant, most of you. Some overlap in the two classes.

  • bg


    Rich Wilson #317 March 15, 2012 at 6:50 pm

    re: [to have the option of it being paid for.
    How do you justify taking away their right?]

    what the h??

    where in the US Constitution does it state women have a
    right to have an option to have their birth control paid for??

    not to mention that none of your nonsense has anything to do with the
    Constitution in the first place.. how prog-dem-lib typical bait and switch
    avoidance of facts of you..


  • bg
  • wanumba

    #314 March 15, 2012 at 6:42 pm
    Taqiyyotomist commented:
    Let your bigotry SHINE!


    THis is the quality of the trolls who are … ah … defending the dishonor of Sandra Fluke:


  • Bill

    So she wants the american people to pay for her to Fluke? What the Fluke is going on?

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  • Rich Wilson

    BG – That is a quote from the O’Neil Institute. Good suggestion by them. But here we are making new laws. The Constitution was meant to be unfinished and a new law requiring religious institutions to allow their employees/students to decide what health options to take on their own is a step in the right direction.

  • Rich Wilson


    And your moms fluke, your daughters fluke and 99% of women you have ever known, their fluke too. Sounds like the majority to me. Hoooray for saving unwanted kids from entering the world!

  • bg



    March 15, 2012

    Roy Moore, Ousted as Judge Over Ten
    Commandments, Close to Getting Job Back

    [Roy Moore, the former Alabama chief justice who was ousted nearly a
    decade ago after he refused to remove the Ten Commandments from
    his courtroom, is close to regaining his old job after a decisive primary

    Moore beat the current chief justice and a former state attorney general
    in the Republican vote, and is now considered a shoo-in for victory in the
    overwhelmingly GOP state in November.]


    there is a God, and we are the people, Amen..


  • Taqiyyotomist

    #325 Rich Wilson

    Thing is, they have that freedom already.


    They can, with the same freedom, CHOOSE TO WORK ELSEWHERE.

    Wow, you folks are incredible sometimes. Boggles the mind.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Like beating the noggin against the desk with these Leftys.

    Oh, well. I’m sure they’ll eventually resort to violence.

    Since we cannot understand reason, that’s the only other option.

    I’m sure they’re frantically re-writing the next DSM as we speak.

  • Rich Wilson

    And soon, they will be able to choose where they work and what they spend their health insurance on. That must really boggle your mind.

  • bg


    Taq #328 March 15, 2012 at 7:45 pm

    ROTF 😆 MBO!!


  • bg


    Rich Wilson #330 March 15, 2012 at 7:49 pm

    freedom to choose??

    do you really understand what you’re saying??


  • Rich Wilson

    Yeah, are you keeping up BG? In the future, you will be able to make your own decisions as an individual no matter where you work. It’s gonna be great. I can’t wait for all the heads banging then. Let the whining begin.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    And soon, everybody will be exactly the same, no matter how much sweat, risk, and capital they put into life!

    Imagine no posessions…..
    It’s easy if you try….

    Keep digging, Marx. It’s for the collective! The glorious worker!

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Mao is cheering you on, from the grave, Rich.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    In the future, you will be able to make your own decisions as an individual no matter where you work.

    And yet, others’ freedoms will be taken away as a result. “You” only applies to the employee in your mathematics. Those other supposedly “free” individuals who own companies will be forced, by law, to violate their consciences and pay for, with their capital, what the other, MORE DESERVING “You”s desire.

    Freedom for me, not for thee.

    According to your stated philosophy, the southern Democrat slaveowners could have claimed their “right” to the freedom to own people, and to claim the product of those peoples’ labor for their own. After all, who are we to deny people the right to own other people? Like, mind your own business.

    My how times haven’t changed.

  • Rich Wilson

    haha. I love the jump to no possessions(I mean whining) and Mao/Marx comments. It came faster than i thought, just one post! I am ready for the Brave New World quotes…bring them on.

    Or you can just say realize the true economic effect. Less deadbeat parents, less 3 and 4 children families, and less cost in the long run for the economy. Actual logic at work. I would love to hear how that is not the case from someone, and how contraception is going to cost more. Please bring that argument someone….

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Can you still have fun, Wilson? — Phish

    Only if other people are forced to pay for my fun. — Rich Wilson

  • Taqiyyotomist

    “Killing babies is GOOD for the economy!” — The Left, including Rich Wilson

    Hey, I know, let’s do like China did and force abortions on those evil “breeders”!

    Let your inner Mao shine, Rich.

  • Rich Wilson

    You still applies to everyone, regardless of faith, race or sex. Stop comparing a company’s rights to individual rights. That is the argument in the first place. You state it like you are making a point.

    And jumping back in time 140 years to prove a point, doesn’t prove a point.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    It’s for the good of humanity!

    Which I so love.

    But there are way too many members of humanity.

    So we must, as Ayers and Holdren called for, reduce the population, actively, by about, oh, say 75%.

    Actively. As in: mass graves and forced abortions and sterilization.

    Oh, and we progressives get to decide who gets to breed, and who gets to be worm food.

  • Taqiyyotomist


  • Rich Wilson

    I actually own a company with 20 employees and make great money. And I let my employees choose how to use their health insurance. I actually even took them all on a cruise last year, so yeah, we still are all having a lot of fun!

    Another Mao comment, way to go! You are really looking intelligent now! Why argue how it effects the economy when you can just reference China! Good job bud.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Go ahead, Rich.

    Start a company.

    And don’t bi^ch when the government tells you what you must buy your employees.

    By the time you succeed and have a company with a good number of employees, you’ll probably be forced to buy their food, clothes, lodging, broadband, and vehicle.

    Those are all “rights”, too. Say goodbye to your freedom, new-company-owner.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Wow, Rich.

    What does your company produce?

    Anything tangible?

    Are you another “green” company like Solyndra and Evergreen?

    Do you receive special benefits from the Obama government for your fealty to the Crown?

  • Rich Wilson

    Employers get lots of rights. I choose who i hire for one. I choose what i pay them and seeing how taxes are as low as they have been since the 50’s, i get to keep quite a bit of money at the end of the year. Make some good decisions, start a company and you don’t have to worry about China or the gov stealing your possessions. You only need to worry about stupid people.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Lemme guess: Environmental Consultancy


  • Taqiyyotomist

    You choose who you hire?

    Not if your Democrat Left has anything to say about it.

    Your future is hiring whomever the government tells you to hire.

    A certain percent black, a certain percent hispanic, a certain percent disabled, a certain percent hetero, a certain percent homo, a certain percent bi.

    Don’t worry, though. I’m sure it’ll all be “fair”.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    It’s been a fair debate, Rich.

    Which is rare for the GP contrarians who come here.

    Good night.

  • Rich Wilson

    True…have a good one. I think i got cut off..too many posts or something. Software business, i get taxed by AMT, worse then the super rich. it sucks.

  • Craig

    Bob – Shame on YOU!

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  • Kathleen

    Isn’t it possible that this so called vacation is merely damage control because so many people thought she is a lesbian, and she is, so they gave her a high profile “boyfriend”, took pictures and made sure they got out to the public. It would be very bad for them if the public found out that the birth control princess was actual a lesbian.

  • David Kramer

    HEY LEFTIES!!!!!!!

    Thomas Jefferson told a Supreme Court Justice to enforce the rule he implemented.

    I say to you arseholes, enforce the rule and takeover you implemented! I will not submit and millions of others will not either. The INSTANT you Stalinists attempt to enforce your crap, all out war.

    Bring it ON!

  • dangermaus

    Whoa, you mean this woman who made uncontroversial, straightforward statements in front of Congress also went on a vacation and has a boyfriend?

    And took pictures at one point?

    And apparently HAD a nice TIME?

    someone get me a chair to sit down in, i am all dizzy from these REVELATIONS

  • dangermaus



  • dangermaus

    She don’t need my nine bucks.

    You’re Georgetown University?

  • bg
  • there are still people here who think sandra fluke testified before congress. and they are calling other people stupid.

  • bg


    dangermaus #355 March 15, 2012 at 9:34 pm

    Sandra Fluke was never sworn in (iow: not under oath), Sandra Fluke
    answered scripted questions (iow: prepared) asked of her by a strictly
    Democratic attending audience (iow: no Reps it Indies allowed)..


  • bg


    hey Rich, close or what?? 😀


  • sandra fluke specifically choose georgetown university so she could force the people that run the university to do what she wanted. that is the nature of the liberal to be a tyrant and an oppressor. the school never said that she couldn’t purchase health insurance with contraceptive coverage they just said they didn’t want to do it. but in liberal america there is only one way allow; their way.

  • bg


    I have a similar question: What do you call a senator who claims to
    be “one of the greatest conservatives in the history of this country,”
    yet votes for Wall Street bailouts and serial increases in the national
    debt; loads bills with expensive earmarks, and supports an individual
    health care mandate?]


  • bg


    #362 March 15, 2012 at 10:18 pm
    tommy mc donnell

    spot on..

    But communists could not be wrong.

    After all, their knowledge was scientific, based on historical materialism, an understanding of the dialectical process in nature and human society, and a materialist (and thus realistic) view of nature. Marx has shown empirically where society has been and why, and he and his interpreters proved that it was destined for a communist end. No one could prevent this, but only stand in the way and delay it at the cost of more human misery. Those who disagreed with this world view and even with some of the proper interpretations of Marx and Lenin were, without a scintilla of doubt, wrong. After all, did not Marx or Lenin or Stalin or Mao say that. . . . In other words, communism was like a fanatical religion. It had its revealed text and chief interpreters. It had its priests and their ritualistic prose with all the answers. It had a heaven, and the proper behavior to reach it. It had its appeal to faith. And it had its crusade against nonbelievers.

    What made this secular religion so utterly lethal was its seizure of all the state’s instrument of force and coercion and their immediate use to destroy or control all independent sources of power, such as the church, the professions, private businesses, schools, and, of course, the family.


  • Stewart Hart

    Pound that lie!
    There sure a lot of folks ignorant to believe that Fluke ever said she needed help affording birth control. It never happened. But keep pounding it and people will believe it. All it takes is to watch the video tape to know the truth.

  • injunjoe

    heaven forbid it happens again, but it probably will. if another dem ever gets elected… Justice fluke???

    ugh… dread the thought…

  • gwhh

    If this is the BEST our ganster president and company can throw at us. We are going to win so big in NOv. they will be able to see it from the moon!

  • Ted

    Is it legal to just pull somebody’s personal facebook photos, comments and all, and put them on a website?

  • bg


    Stewart Hart #365 March 15, 2012 at 10:41 pm

    does it really matter??

    Fluke was NOT sworn in, nor did she give
    testimony to a Congressional Committee..

    however, the LIE is in fact that there were two women who
    were sworn in, who did “testify” in front of a Congressional


  • BrinyDawg

    Ms. Fluke isn’t asking for your tax dollars or her employer’s to pay for her contraception. She speaks for millions of women who want to get the discounted rates that insurance companies negotiate for their customers. Ms. Fluke will pay for her own insurance– either directly in premiums or as part of a COMPENSATION package for her work.

    It’s too bad that you nimrods who misapproriate private photos and post them on your website can’t understand that. Keep waging your war on women and their health care. You’re assuring Pres. Obama’s re-election. I can’t wait to revisit this miserable website the day after the election and see your howling and gnashing of fangs.

  • eclecticdog

    Who do you want to make choices for you — your employer or yourself. The true Conservative answer is yourself. Birth control is a personal choice and should not be made by anyone else but yourself and your health insurance should cover it just like every other normal prescription drug. That is not liberal, its conservative. Mr. Conservative, Barry Goldwater, supported Planned Parenthood, because choice is freedom. Wake up morons, you’re upset about the wrong things.

  • While the information is a good catch I’m assuming no one has read the whole piece or his comments on it – which seems to emphasize her boyfriends Jewishness as evidence of perfidy. It’s almost as if there were online leftists who pretend to be on the right who seed their long posts no one will read with anti-semitism or racism so that we all look bad.

    I mean c’mon – phrases like “typical Jewish variant of socialism” and “Either way, Sandra’s connection to this particular Jewish-American socialist dynasty is a “little” secret that they don’t want you to know” are littered through that piece. Isn’t it clear that Brooks Bayne is a moby getting ahead of this story so that when we criticism Fluke the left can just call us racists?

    The fact that she’s rich and demanding the rest of us pay for her lifestyle is an important part of this story – which we’re letting be taken away from us by a leftist plant.

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  • Big Al

    Is it Fluke,drop a u and add a—–FLAKE–She is trying to get media attention–so she can go hollywood.She reminds me of Zasu Pitts.,old movie star.

  • wanumba

    #345 March 15, 2012 at 8:15 pm
    Taqiyyotomist commented:
    Wow, Rich.
    What does your company produce?

    #361 March 15, 2012 at 10:17 pm
    bg commented:


    Gee, folks. Don’t you know that EVERYTHING ‘Rich Wilson’ does is awesome excellent?


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  • Jon Sawyer

    How the majority of you manage to turn what amounts to stalking someone, then chatting about it online into some sort of self-righteous irrelevant crusade is beyond me. Don’t you have something better to do than hate for reasons that are, frankly, ridiculous? The girl went on holiday. It wasn’t Cancun or Las Vegas. She posted pictures of them online, and somehow you find a way to use it against her? If that’s the worst you can come up with, then it’s time you take a step back, go find your bathroom and look in the mirror. You have allowed your ill-placed HATE to cloud any sort of reasonable judgement. Not to mention, if others were to stalk you the way some of the posters have stalked this young lady, I’m sure you’d be very happy if all they found was pictures of you on holiday. Get a grip America. This is why we are becoming irrelevant to the eyes of the world.

  • wanumba

    #377 March 16, 2012 at 5:56 am
    Jon Sawyer commented:
    Not to mention, if others were to stalk you the way some of the posters have stalked this young lady

    The only thing that’s stalking Madame Fluke is the facts… and her willful, contrived, deceptive sham of a ‘testimony.’ Oh, and her age … ah and her lying claim to speak for her fellow students, when no one gave her that permission … who would after what SHE announced about them?
    I wouldn’t trust Mme Fluke to report the weather in my neighbor’s backyard correctly, after listening to her outlandish claims.

    You mad at the disgusted public about how pathetic it was? Yell at her and her political buddies like Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats for picking a transparent fraud to be the mouthpiece and face of their anti-Catholic agenda.

  • olm

    Wow, this thread is still going.
    Fluke is a Democrat operative, a well connected one.
    Fluke’s job was to create controversy and she did it beautifully. Better than expected when Limbaugh accurately protrayed her.
    Fluke doeesn’t give a flip about birth conntrol. Or her fellow man. Fluke’s all about tearing down the institutions that prevent a “fundamental change” in this country.
    She did her job well but is now missing the fame.
    This thread is full of lefty’s. Don’t take the bait.

  • as a righ twing inbred, i be offended that this silly ilittle slut be all over the world, with a jew of all peoples! may as well have been one them muzzies!

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  • JennW


  • Oedipa Mossmoon

    Boy, you people are nutty. You act as if you’ve never heard of someone believing in something enough to petition Congress for it.

    BTW, I went to Barcelona last year. I’m not rich by any measure.

  • EFoli

    Nice website. Very thoughtful exchange of ideas.

  • Texas Patriot

    What the Fluck? She’s the biggest SLUTE since Moanica!

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  • bg


    March 16, 2012

    See, I Told You So: Obamacare Will Eliminate the
    Option of Employer-Provided Health Insurance …

    [Are you Republican or Democrat?

    (neither will exist in our great-grandchildren’s future)

    Are you old or young?

    (death panels will decide: from each according
    to his ability, to each according to his need …

    All those things come into play, and the government’s gonna be the only place you can go and the only people making those decisions as to who gets treated and how thoroughly. It’s where we’re headed. He just said that’s what he wants, and that’s what his bill does.]

    actually Obama told US so, most however,
    did not listen, can they hear him now?? /s/


  • Jeff I

    Does anyone read and get actual facts to your lame criticisms of Fluke? Please get out of your garage or basement and try to expose yourself to some of the real world, not just what your parents or the bear trap of your narrow mind. If you can’t figure out that corporate America runs this country – you are out of touch. If you don’t have faith in this president who is the first who’s had a sense of integrity in 12 years…Then please do yourself a favor and at least try to understand the facts and obtain some knowledge. Just because someone writes a book doesn’t make it accurate, just because you hear it on TV or reported on the news doesn’t give the entire story. if you base your life on assumptions without doing some work, then you perpetuate ignorance. You contribute to the mendacity.

  • bg



    By Frances Rice

    Condemnation of conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh driven by the left-wing media was swift and feverish. Outrageous is how they described one of Mr. Limbaugh’s signature humorous observations about left-wing absurdity, for which he has since apologized.

    Mr. Limbaugh’s remarks were prompted by the appearance of 30-year old Georgetown University law student and liberal political activist Sandra Fluke as a witness before an unofficial hearing convened by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Ms. Fluke complained that the student health program of Roman Catholic Georgetown University did not provide contraception for her, forcing her to pay $1,000 per year for contraception.

    Considering that birth control pills cost as little as $9 per month ($108 per year) from pharmacies at Target stores, Mr. Limbaugh surmised that the only way Ms. Fluke could spend $1,000 per year was to buy condoms, which costs around 55 cents each, and purchase enough to use five condoms each day of the year (365 X 5 = 1,825). To illustrate the absurdity of Ms. Fluke’s claims, Mr. Limbaugh humorously observed that the only women who are having sex five times a day, 365 days per year typically were called either prostitutes or sluts.

    Notably, poor people get birth control through Medicaid from the federal government. An additional $300 million is spent by the federal government to provide contraceptives to low-income and uninsured people who can’t qualify for Medicaid. This spending to help poor women was supported even when Republicans controlled the White House and both houses of Congress.

    The above facts about the ready availability of inexpensive contraceptives show clearly that Ms. Fluke’s testimony was based on falsehoods. Plus, her record as a reproductive rights activist demonstrates that, instead of being promiscuous, she is in reality waging a war against Roman Catholic Georgetown University in particular and religion in general.

    An even more amazing observation is the fact that Ms. Fluke’s appeal for government help runs counter to the mantra that women want the government to stay out of private decisions about their bodies.

    Lost in the media-generated brouhaha ginned up by Democrats and their media allies to paint Republicans as engaging in a “war on women” are the two real issues.

    One concern is whether President Barack Obama can violate the First Amendment to our Constitution that guarantees freedom of religion and force religious organizations to pay for something that violates their moral conscience.

    The other issue is whether Mr. Obama can force private insurance companies to cover certain procedures or medications. If the answer to either or both of these questions is yes, then we no longer live in a country governed for the people by our elected representatives. Instead, our nation has been changed into a socialist dictatorship and we are living under the tyranny of Mr. Obama who is governing by executive fiat, not restrained by our Constitution, the law of our land.

    In their rush (pun intended) to discredit Mr. Limbaugh, liberal journalists either fail to mention or downplay the above two important Constitutional issues, but are quick to display rank hypocrisy with their righteous indignation over name-calling.

    There was the sound of silence from the left-wing press when a black Republican woman and congressional candidate, Charlotte Bergmann, was called a “token negro”, “stupid” and a “curly-haired nigga” to her face by Democrat liberal talk show host and DJ Thaddeus Matthews while Ms. Bergmann was a guest on his show. If ever there was a show of wanton vulgarity and cruelty, this was it. The article “Outrage subdued after DJ goes on racially charged rant on GOP congressional candidate” by Judson Berger can be found on the Internet.

    To see a video of an interview of Ms. Bergmann about the demeaning treatment, click here.

    A video of the actual trashing of Ms. Bergmann by Mr. Matthews can be seen on YouTube.

    An article with further evidence of how Democrats conduct a “war on black Republicans”, using vile and reprehensible personal attacks because we do not toe the liberal agenda line, calling us “sellouts”, “Uncle Toms” and “House Negroes” is posted on the NBRA website.

    One of those racist cartoons demeaning Dr. Condoleezza Rice was published in The Washington Post. Will the editorial board of the Washington Post ever apologize in the name of civility and for the good of our American political culture?

    Will the liberal press demand that Democrats in Congress denounce Mr. Thaddeus and repudiate the racist attack on a citizen who is seeking to become an elected representative of the people? Will President Obama make a supportive call to Ms. Bergmann?

    President Obama, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Senate Leader Harry Reid and others Democratic Party leaders need to say without equivocation that such gutter rhetoric uttered by Mr. Matthews and other Democrats against black Republicans has no place in their party or in our American political discourse.

    Further, when will the Democratic Party issue the long overdue apology to black Americans for that party’s nearly 200 years of racism? Not one liberal journalist bothered to give press coverage to the historic occasion when Rev. Wayne Perryman sued the Democratic Party, requesting such an apology, but the Democratic Party hired an army of lawyers to defend their racist past; thereby, avoiding doing the right thing and issuing an apology. An article about the lawsuit can be found on the Internet.

    As author Michael Scheuer wrote, the Democratic Party is the party of the four S’s: slavery, secession, segregation and now socialism. In his book, “Dreams From My Father”, President Obama described what he and other Democrats do to poor blacks as “plantation politics”. Details are contained in our NBRA Civil Rights Newsletter that is posted on our website.

    In spite of Mr. Limbaugh’s apology, seven of his sponsors have withdrawn their advertisements, playing into the blacklisting game of the far left, the same strategy that liberals used to get Mr. Ronald Reagan removed by CBS as the host of the “General Electric Theater” in 1962 because he criticized President John F. Kennedy. In his article “Rally for Rush” Jeffrey Lord exposes how the seven companies who pulled their ads from Mr. Limbaugh’s program are connected to far left-wing groups funded by George Soros, including MoveOn.org, America Coming Together and Democracy for America.

    Lord wrote: “They exploit race and gender to try and destroy First Amendment protections. People who support a philosophy long on record as supporting every racial gambit from slavery, segregation, lynching and the Ku Klux Klan right on through to the violation of voting rights by the Black Panthers, racial quotas and illegal immigration have no scruples.”

    The supposed desire for civility expressed by the liberal media would be credible if journalists placed as much emphasis on holding Democrats accountable for their overt racism toward black Republicans. Also, our country would be saved from being turned into a failed socialist nation by President Obama if the liberal press devoted as much time trying to stop him from shredding our Constitution as they spend trying to silence a talk show host who has no power to deny Americans anything, Constitutional or otherwise.


  • Raymond

    Bob said: “This website makes conservatives look really bad…
    I hope that the people who comment on this site are just ignorant, immature kids.
    (I’m sure the comments I receive will only make yourselves look worse.)” No, Bob! You do that all on your own. No one has to respond to you to make yourself “look worse.” Just keep on talking. If you stand around & support hypocrites like Sandra Fluke after they’ve been exposed for the Fraud that She is, then you & your Liberal Friends are not doing yourselves any favors! So, just keep talking like You always do!

  • Rich Wilson

    You just did Raymond. Bob wins.

  • Definitely imagine that which you said. Your favourite justification seemed to be at the net the easiest factor to understand of. I say to you, I certainly get irked while other people think about concerns that they just do not know about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the top and defined out the whole thing without having side effect , folks can take a signal. Will probably be back to get more. Thank you

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  • satch

    Bob you don’t see or understand what’s going on here right under you nose then your the stupid one.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #393 😆

    Hey, who sent Ace’s ad-spammers here?

    What? No lace wigs?

  • berryf

    So, who’s blaming Rush for calling this slut ‘a slut?’

  • Nimbus

    90% of the comments here are just unintelligent, blindly directed hatred. I would like to hear a well-reasoned argument about the benefits and costs of using insurance to cover contraception, because I personally have not made up my mind on this issue. It seems that the people visiting this website are simply uneloquently expressing their irrational hatreds through such nonsensical means as Sandra Fluke’s vacation (who cares if she went on vacation???), and her long-time boyfriend (doesn’t the fact that she is in a committed relationship make her less of a slut???). I cannot imagine having an intelligent conversation with over 90% of you.

  • Do you really think that you are contributing to conservative politics with tripe like this? Do you think you are making a meaningful contribution to the public dialogue with stories like this?

  • Scooby

    #2 March 14, 2012 at 11:09 pm
    Bob commented:
    “This website makes conservatives look really bad…
    I hope that the people who comment on this site are just ignorant, immature kids.
    (I’m sure the comments I receive will only make yourselves look worse.)”

    WHAT are you talking about, Bob?? Do you remember Joe the Plumber? Do you remember that just because he dared question candidate Obama how the MSM went into a frenzy to uncover every, single, minoscopic detail of his life? This woman demanded that American taxpayers pay for her sexual contraception…she is the one that brought it to us…it’s about time someone expose the fraud for who she is.

    As for conservatives, we are finally sick and tired of the one way street…one-sided…ignore-liberals-and-scorch-earth-policy-for-conservatives treatment we get. We have found our voice…finally!!

  • charlotte

    I doubt Ms Fluke cannot access contraceptive methods herself, but thats not the point. I think she was merely making a point that students should have the option of having their contraception paid for. Students (male and female) have sex, I don’t think this will come as a surprise to any of you (unless you are being delusional). Contraception is not a luxury. Some students can’t afford to get on the Pill, let alone go to Spain – maybe its not her case, does that make her point less valid? Do we really want more teenage pregnancies, more abortions, or do we want to pay for safe, effective contraception (and, as you mentioned, cheap), so that our children can continue living a normal life – going to a good university, having friends and girlfriends and boyfriends – just living their youth without pregnancy scares??
    Sexuality is an inherent part of being human. Can anyone commenting here certify that they never, ever had sex for other reasons than procreation? Don’t be hypocritical.

  • alphonsegaston

    What. planet. do. you. folks. who. are. obsessing. about. a. 30. year. old. law. student’s. private. life. inhabit?

    In other words, what is wrong with you???

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  • jokr8790

    What, are you stalking her? Very freaking creepy!!!

  • MereelSkirata

    pffffft, conservative americans, you are all so wise. you all seem to be rich folks around here who never will need a helping hand. good for you. but never complain when mister bossman comes around the corner, fires you within the glimpse of a moment and you ll never get a high paid job again. you loose your car, house foreclosed, you have to take the money out of your kids college funds, no cell phone, no tv and all whats left is food stamps. wonder how conservative you still will be!!!

  • Chris

    I still can’t believe conservatives have chosen to defend Limbaugh by repeating and amplifying his attacks on Sandra Fluke. And scouring her personal life to pretend a vacation justifies Limbaugh’s 3-day attack just makes it worse. The fact is that conservatives have now engaged in a nearly a month long attack on a young women for testifying that the pill should be covered by private health insurance. That’s not even news, since the pill has been covered for decades. But I guess conservatives think all these women are also sluts and prostitutes. Some might have even taken vacations (gasp).

    Do conservatives really want to undermine private insurance coverage of birth control while simultaneously arguing that women who get pregnant can’t have an abortion? Santorum argues that women who are raped should not have an abortion.

    Or are conservatives so disconnected from reality that they think their lies about Sandra Fluke and other women can be justified because of their “deeply held religious views”? Talk about giving Christianity a bad name!

    There are a number of churches that believe medical intervention is a sin… showing a lack of faith in God. Conservatives would allow them to deny all coverage on the basis that it was against their religion. Birth control is part of fundamental health care for many women. To side against women on this is almost as bad as siding with Rush Limbaugh against Sandra Fluke.

  • Sandra Fluke never asked you to pay for her birth control. She just expects that the prescriptions she gets from her doctor will be covered by her health insurance (which is the minimum standard that millions of other women get), without interference from her school or her job. That is not about a government handout. That is about getting the FULL VALUE from the health insurance that SHE PAYS FOR or SHE EARNS for herself. That’s about wanting to keep her healthcare PRIVATE (between her and her doctor), and not have her school or job get involved in her most personal medical choices. That’s just common sense.

  • gregorsamsa

    We should applaud the courageous and self-sacrificing Sandra Fluke. A paltry $9 a month is a small price for us to pay to watch the projected 3.5 million Americans lose the health insurance coverage they want in exchange for the government-issued “insurance” they neither want nor can afford. If Obamacare is good enough for Sandra not to want anything to do with herself, we ought to thank her for her selfless example.

  • Joe

    Take Chick-Fil-A for example. Everyone is screaming they should pay for birth control – but they already DO. CFA objects to abortifacient forms of birth control only – a small subset.

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