She’s No Math Major… Ding-Dong Sandra Fluke Could Have Paid 100 Bucks For 3-Year Birth Control Implant …Update: Walmart Birth Control is $9 a Month

Well she’s definitely not a math major…
Poor widdle 30 year-old women’s rights activist Sandra Fluke.
The busy “coed” drained her savings account paying $3,000 over three years for her contraceptives.

Too bad she didn’t know about 3-year implanon implants. You can get yours today at Planned Parenthood for $100.
Sandra could have paid it off in a month.

UPDATE: Walmart (who we just called) charges $9 a month for Tri-Sprintec and Sprintec oral contraceptives. They also stated that they offer several other contraceptives but only had those two in stock currently. They have offered this since 2007.

UPDATE: The Daily Caller has more on Sandra’s array of birth control device choices:

She has an incredible array of birth control devices and techniques to choose from — including birth control pills, patches, caps, rings, shots, diaphragms, implants, spermicides (foam, jelly, cream, film), male condoms, female condoms, morning-after pills, Depo-Provera, IUDs, pulling out, tubal ligation and, yes, abortion. Do they still make chastity belts?

She has the choice to have her boyfriend or husband pay for her preferred method of contraception. This seems like a reasonable accommodation assuming only he, and not all of society, is enjoying the pleasure of her company.

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  • Stephana

    dumb is as dem’s do.

  • Kate

    Maybe if she wasn’t so busy sleeping around she would find the time to stay up on current medical contraceptives. Just doesn’t have the time…..

  • Jeffery

    I visit the GP for a few days every year or so. Is this really how the extreme right spends it discussion time, inaccurately portraying the imagined sex life of college girls? Spinning assassination yarns? Chest-beating about invading the next Muslim nation? Gay marriage?

    No direct discussion of the economy, manufacturing, unemployment, import/export, energy policy?

    You guys deserve better from your leaders. Rush, Jim, Sean, Grover, Bill-O et al make a good living misleading you. No wonder you feel frustrated.

  • olm

    It is not the point.
    She has the whole country talking about how she is not a slut she is a victim of her gender and insurance companies should be made to pay for birth control
    She has been successful, she is a shill for the fundamental change that the progressives are trying to install.
    I seriously doubt she needs birth control.
    And yes, she absolutely is a slut. All day long, every day. Sorry.

  • Fuzzy

    Sigh. This whole thing is really not about birth control; it’s about the Obama mandate that infringes on religious freedom. The more we do this, the more we play into the left’s hands. They WANT us talking about birth control alternatives and choices and ANYTHING (including Fluke and Rush) except Obama’s proclamation against the Church. There’s a reason conservatives always lose, and this is a big part of it. We let them frame the narrative to suit them and then play right into their hands.

    I don’t care if birth control is a penny a year, churches and religious institutions should not be forced to pay or provide access to something that goes against their conscience. Period. That battle, we were winning. This one? We’re losing. And the left is thrilled. Of course.

  • shibumi

    Those costs are completely false. Look it up. Birth control pills cost an average of $25 a month, up to $50 a month. Probably much cheaper at campus health center.

    Or she could just ask her victims, I mean partners, to use condoms.

    Also… when did sex without pregnancy become a constitutional right?

    And if it is a constitutional right, what about men? Are rapists just men asserting their right to have as much sex as they want with whoever they want?

  • olm

    We are talking about this as a country becaause your guy Obama, made contraception an issue.
    He is either flying around on AF1 watching basketball or thinking of the next ridiculous topic to take the spotlight off his abysmal record.

  • IfTheAdministrationWereHonest

    If she were a crack addict,the Left wouldn’t be demanding the taxpayers of the nation furnish her with crack would they?

    If she were an alcoholic,the Left wouldn’t be demanding the taxpayers furnish her with all her alcohol would they?

    So why should taxpayers be forced to furnish her with birth control?

  • wanumba

    #3 March 3, 2012 at 11:25 am
    Jeffery commented:

    visit the GP for a few days every year or so. Is this really how the extreme right spends it discussion time, inaccurately portraying the imagined sex life of college girls?

    Did you send a self-righteous email to Susan Fluke and Nancy Pelosi for inaccurately portraying the imagined sex life of college girls so they can get votes for billion-dollar tax increases?


  • JIM

    Jeffy, tell me where in the Constitution it says that the fed. govt. can guarantee healthcare or birth control?

  • Adi

    Is this a taxpayer payed procedure?

    Because if it isn’t, that’s a no-go for Sarah. Yes, she’s a Fluke.

  • wanumba

    Planned Parenthood pitching to Black women to make sure no black babies show up. Barack Obama is okay as he thinks his own future black grandchildren would be burdens.

    Pretty blatant Democrat Liberal Left racism.

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  • Adi


    I like when everyone around me tells me everything is perfect and will become even more perfect in time.

    And all I have to do is keep dreaming, spot the unicorns and wait for that big pie in the sky.


  • Jess

    Hey “few days a year” poster – why no answer to the question @ forced by law (mandated) insurance coverages? Are you still asserting that it’s a good idea for forcing people to purchase coverage they can’t even use?


  • Joe College

    If she or those presenting her lied to Congress about her age are they guilty of a crime?

  • Jess

    “for” = “to force”. Need more coffee

  • patman

    Fluking off… Almost as good as ice cream and french fries.

  • regularguy

    Whew!!! Thanks, Jeff, for saving me from being conned by Gateway Pundit. What have I been thinking? You are a breath of fresh air that finally has woken me from an extreme-right-wing-induced coma that deluded me into believing that Ms. Fluke was nothing but a con-artist trying to politically-bludgeon the people of the country into paying for health care benefits that anyone can purchase from their own pocket. I was somehow led to believe that the government shouldn’t dictate to private entities what they should have to purchase, in this case birth control, against their religious beliefs. What we do without people like you to help us surrender our rights to a government health care system that knows better than we about how to take care of ourselves?

  • mackykam

    If she can’t afford contraception perhaps she could find herself a more profitable street corner .