Friday afternoons, when no one is paying attention, seem to be Obama’s favorite time to release his Executive Orders.  Last Friday, came another one; an update to an Executive Order created in 1994, the “National Defense Industrial Resources Preparedness”.  The order gives the president the power to take control of all domestic energy supplies for the purpose of protecting national security, as well as, delegating greater power to each cabinet member to achieve this.

As Fox News points out,

President Barack Obama issued an Executive Order on March 16 giving the White House absolute control over all the country’s natural resources in case of a natural disaster or during a time of war.

In the order, the National Defense Resources Preparedness Order, the President granted to himself the authority to approve the dispensing of all domestic energy, production, transportation, food, and water supplies as he deems necessary to protect national security.

Despite the national defense hurdle that ostensibly must be jumped in order for the order to take effect, the text of the document itself does not limit implementation to a time of war. In fact, the specific sections of the order make it clear that the President can take complete command and control of the country’s natural resources in peacetime, as well.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air gave an analysis of this new EO in comparison to its predecessors,

Note what this EO specifically orders: identify, assess, be prepared, improve, foster cooperation.  None of these items claim authority to seize private property and place them at the personal disposal of Obama.  What follows after Section 103 are the directives for implementing these rather analytical tasks, mostly in the form of explicit delegations of presidential authority to Cabinet members and others in the executive branch.

Why the update?  If one takes a look at EO 12919, the big change is in the Cabinet itself.  In 1994, we didn’t have a Department of Homeland Security, for instance, and some of these functions would naturally fall to DHS.  In EO 12919, the FEMA director had those responsibilities, and the biggest change between the two is the removal of several references to FEMA (ten in all).   Otherwise, there aren’t a lot of changes between the two EOs, which looks mainly like boilerplate.

Some people aren’t sure this is a big deal.  The rest of us want to know…what is our Marxist president up to?




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  1. imagine for one second that was George Bush.

    The outcry would be deafening.

  2. Hopefully if he pulls a Hugo Chavez the military will be with the people.

  3. Tell you what this Marxist president is up to…..planning on something right before the election,where elections are cancel and marial law is declared, if americans don’t like it … bad because the government now controls all water,food,energy resources….

  4. Odumbo is just laying the groundwork for a fake catastrophe right before the election so there won’t be one…in the interest of national security…why else did the mooslime POS need to do that

  5. Something very fishy here. Better scrub and fill the bathtub, oh, about Nov. 5???

  6. Of course it’s a big deal. What Morrissey and other pundits who are dismissive of this update to an existing EO are overlooking is what this means in the hands of this particular “transformational” – and autocratic – POTUS (and his regime with radical department heads and unconstitutional czars), who flouts the Constitution, the Congress, and the rule of law with unparalleled regularity.

    Later today, please listen to the replay of Mark Levin’s cogent discussion of the topic during the first hour of his show (

  7. Read the EO; takes over everything in the USA and puts it in the hands of Obama and his Secretaries the “Defense Production Act Committee.” Obama’s EO does this without requiring a National Emergency.

    Excellent Audio that goes through the sections of the EO is as follows…

    Alert! Obama Declares/Updates MARTIAL LAW Implementation – Executive Or…: via @youtube

  8. I question the timing coming from a man whose seems intent on not leading in any direction other than bigger government.

  9. Wake up all you frogs!!! The temperature in the pot just went up 10 degrees. You are only a few weeks away from slightly uncomfortable to well done.

  10. Far OT – some heavy duty Web scrubbing going on this afternoon. There was a story about first First Child tripping to Mexico for spring break, but the story is disappearing from nearly everywhere without explanation. And rapidly so. It started about 3PM EST.

  11. On the one hand, this is just prudent planning. On the other hand, this IS B.H. Obama we’re talking about. On the gripping hand, it makes you wonder what they’re afraid might happen in the near future.

  12. I am one that is terrified by this latest EO.

    I’ve heard opinions saying this is no different than others from the 50s or the 90s however, there is one stark difference.

    Obama’s plan is during war or PEACETIME.

    Now why would any normal president have to have a plan of that kind during peacetime.

    Because he knows that next November it will not be like November 2008.

  13. #2:

    Seen other posts like yours.

    Obama is CIC.

    Which means the troops won’t have access to the necessary weaponry unless.

  14. And many think the opposition is crazy.

    I’m awake and scared to death. Fight or flight

    Response. Got nowhere to run to so that narrows

    It down some. The military’s allegiance is to the

    Constitution, not the president. Marine corps

    head has specific duties in this regard.

  15. Is this preparation for when he loses the election?

  16. This EO coupled with the NDAA is extremely dangerous and a major cause for concern.

  17. So far the hysterical loony conspiracies the Left had about Bush creating a dictatorship are actually being fulfilled by Barry.

    And the Left cheers the takeover.

  18. Anybody checked the smoke detectors in the Reichstag lately?

    I have to agree with Lucky one that the Armed Forces would definitely be with the people, but it would still take some doing to break with 225 years of tradition.

  19. This is a huge deal. There is far more to the Executive Order than HotAir is letting on. The government can even take anyone with skills they want to use in any capacity they want. In the Ukraine and Poland, communists killed off everyone with an education – this is nothing new for communists. The government takes someone on the guise of using them, but offs them instead. Why exactly is this a priority for Obama right now? Is he getting nervous about pulling off another election through corruption and deception? Why sign this Order when he’s hoping no one will pay attention? I’m thinking there isn’t going to be an election this November 2012 – not if Obama feels he can’t pull off a win through any means.

  20. Don’t worry thats what Obama wants you to do. Keep you all edged up so you do something stupid that will give him cause. Every week he has done something to keep you on the edge.

    Obama can’t fly a jet and he sure can’t drive a tank. The serving military and retired have more weapons and ammunition at home than than the have access to on base. All is well in America. Just stock up on food so you have a months supply at least while they escort him out of the White House.

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