Strength Through Appeasement… Obama to Share US Missile Secrets With Russia

Despite giving away nuclear secrets and implementing a policy of appeasement, the Russians announced in November that they will deploy new missiles aimed at U.S. missile defense sites.


But that didn’t divert President Obama from his mission of appeasement.

President Obama signaled Congress this week that he is planning on providing Moscow with US missile defense secrets.
The Washington Times reported:

President Obama signaled Congress this week that he is prepared to share U.S. missile defense secrets with Russia.

In the president’s signing statement issued Saturday in passing into law the fiscal 2012 defense authorization bill, Mr. Obama said restrictions aimed at protecting top-secret technical data on U.S. Standard Missile-3 velocity burnout parameters might impinge on his constitutional foreign policy authority.

As first disclosed in this space several weeks ago, U.S. officials are planning to provide Moscow with the SM-3 data, despite reservations from security officials who say that doing so could compromise the effectiveness of the system by allowing Russian weapons technicians to counter the missile. The weapons are considered some of the most effective high-speed interceptors in the U.S. missile defense arsenal.

There are also concerns that Russia could share the secret data with China and rogue states such as Iran and North Korea to help their missile programs defeat U.S. missile defenses.

Hat Tip Maria

For the record… Obama met secretly with Gorbachev in March 2009 where they discussed ways of reducing their countries’ respective nuclear arsenals.
Hat Tip Chris

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    Is there any doubt about Imam Obama’s planned destruction of America?

  • Valerie

    We used a battleship to shoot down a falling satellite, with a single round. What else do we need to tell them?

  • I wish we could blame his incompetence on the Hawaiian water he just drank! How much more VULNERABLE does he plan to make us? Geez…

  • OMG…….

    Aid and comfort.

    when is enough, enough?

  • retire05

    Well, with the Middle East rapidly descending into total chaos, and South American nations cozying up to Iran and China, we better hope to hell the next president understands warfare.

    Obama’s policies are rapidly leading us into World War III.

  • coolidgerules

    I don’t know how the next adult president fixes all these gaffes. I’m thinking that this is setup so it will render it almost impossible to fix. Burn the country to he ground so he can rebuild it his way, or if the elections don’t go his way-scorched earth. He is daring us to do something- and he is just waiting anxiously for it.

    I always suspected it, but there is all the confirmation I need. This is what a coup looks like.

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  • Jimmy

    Why is this man still the President?

  • HolyCrap, Obbie!!

    Isn’t Russia a Rogue State?

  • they are all snakes

    Why why are we not impeaching this man???? When will congress act??? Are you kidding me we do nothing about this????? We surrendered to IRAN, RUSSIA CHina???

  • thebronze


  • he already gave Russia UK nuke-secrets……… ………….its all apart of Obama’s jihad against America and its allies…….just sayin

  • sablegsd

    Hello, TREASON!

    Didn’t they hang people for that? Or was it the electric chair?

  • retire05

    bg sends her apologies. She is busy trying to prove that Rick Perry is a Bilderberger on another thread.

    Meanwhile Alex Jones is telling her, and the rest of the Ron Paul lunatics, that the Mayan calender is right and the world is going to end this year.

    Maybe I wasn’t so dumb in Santa for ammunition.

  • Rose

    TREASON!!! IF he were a CITIZEN of these United States of America.


    As it is, Insurgent Foreign Agent Guilty of Internal Plots of Destruction, working with Traitors…

    Same penalty.

    Who will stand by and allow him to successfully pull off ALL the REST of his plots!!!

    WHO is TRYING to do anything to stop him – AT ALL?????????

    Orly Taitz is the only one I see.


  • Gandalf

    This guy has a possible Impeachment rap sheet a mile long. Where is the Congress in bringing the charges? Sure the Senate may not conduct a fair trial but who knows – maybe there are some Democrat Senators with enough integrity.


    How far is this traitor going to push us? This is an act of war on the American people because it could potentially cost us thousands of lives if Russia/Iran/China, etc use this technology to defeat us.

    Is this what the downed drone to Iran was all about too? Giving the drone to Russia via Iran?



  • Rose

    HANGING! The Founding Fathers said that the Firing Squad is for HONORABLE enemies and is not to be used INSULTINGLY to HONORABLE ENEMIES by using it for SCUM, like Treason, and Spies.

    But the British hanged Nathan Hale, an Honorable Man, so even THAT is NOT FIT for Odrama Queen.

  • Rose

    #3 January 5, 2012 at 4:13 pm
    MustComment commented:
    I wish we could blame his incompetence on the Hawaiian water he just drank! How much more VULNERABLE does he plan to make us? Geez…


    How much more are you prepared to take?

    Frederick Douglass: Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will. Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue till they have resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they suppress.

    “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations pursuing invariably the same object, evidence a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government…” – Declaration of Independence

  • none dare call it treason…

  • ilikai

    Treason hell!!! This is HIGH TREASON!!! The bastard is killing America and kissing everyone else’s ass.

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  • “In the president’s signing statement issued Saturday in passing into law the fiscal 2012 defense authorization bill, Mr. Obama said restrictions aimed at protecting top-secret technical data on U.S. Standard Missile-3 velocity burnout parameters might impinge on his constitutional foreign policy authority.”

    In a perfect world, we’d have a congressional declaration to the effect that:

    “The President’s brain and cojones are in recess…therefore the U.S. will not be sharing missile secrets; And WE won’t take no for an answer on that, Mr. President!”

  • Joanne

    The U.S. has a president that is giving away military secrets to their enemy, Russia, who aids and abets the terrorist nation, Iran. Wake the cluck up…..damn it all to hell.

  • Joanne

    DEPORT OBAMA – you are too kind – he needs to hang for treason…and that being if he is even a U.S. citizen, since he doesn’t even have his own SSN, but uses that of others.

  • Redwine

    This is not appeasement.
    This is High Treason!

  • Shawn

    Obama just signed that bill where he can lock up US citizens for being a terrorist. He should lock him self up and throw away the key. Obama is a traitor. The leftys will destory this country so they need to be locked up as well.

  • Shawnet

    From the moment I first saw and heard him speak an alarm went off in my head and I knew something with this guy was terribly wrong and there would be hell to pay if he won the election. My instincts were dead on and my feelings about him have not changed. I used to vote Democrat. I was raised in a union household. My relatives were farmers who believed in the Democratic Farmer Labor Pary here in Minnesota.
    I woke up about 8 to 9 years ago. What Minnesotans have done with their votes continues to embarrass me and a lot of other Minnesotans; Carpetbagger Franken being a lovely example.
    Obama has committed high treason over and over and Democrats continue to support his treason.
    The last time we had a Republican President and Republican majority in both houses of Congress was during Eisenhower’s terms in office. Things got done then. Immigration problem? Ike asked retired General Joseph “Jumpin Joe” Swing to fix the problem. He did; copy this link and enjoy the read:

    The time has come to fight for our country the same way Ike did. Period.

  • RickS

    Good Lord. Who in their right mind could have actually voted for this treasonous idiot? Thanks Ann Althouse et al.

  • Sasja
  • USMC Thomas

    SØBama is just repeating scumbag clinton’s technology gift to China.

  • Alana

    Sometimes I just sort of skitter around in my skin, scared about all of our stuff that Obama gives away.

  • Oh Noes!

    Now, if any of us try to get together and protest at the capitol / we might be held as a terrorist on the bill he just signed quietly on Saturday. We would not get our due process or an attorney just dissappear never to be heard of again. Somethings up with Obumbles, the clown who wants to be king.

  • Bloodless Coup

    In the end people get the Government they deserve. Why do we have a President with a forged birth certificate and an invalid social security number sitting in the Oval Office? Why do we have a President with known ties to communists and domestic terrorists sitting in the oval office? Why do we have Congress and a Judiciary that refuses to do anything about it? WHY? WTF is wrong with us? Really!

  • Alana

    “From the moment I first saw and heard him speak an alarm went off in my head and I knew something with this guy was terribly wrong and there would be hell to pay if he won the election. My instincts were dead on and my feelings about him have not changed. ”

    Shawnnet, when I woke up the day after the election, I felt like I did when I woke up the day after 9/11.

    Later, Iowahawk put this feeling into words for me, regarding Obama’s election, when he described it as “existential dread.”

  • Oh Noes!

    Strength Through Appeasement… Yeah, that will work like kenysen worked for the economy.

  • Patty

    When I came into the Pentagon at the beginning of the Reagan administration we found ships that couldn’t sail for lack of fuel, planes that couldn’t fly because pilots didn’t have the minimum training hours, and tanks that were patched together with spare parts cannibalized from other equipment. And most shameful of all, we had Vietnam Veterans whose medical needs were not met, and enlisted military personnel whose pay was so low they qualified for food stamps.

    That was the legacy of the Carter administration’s defense cutbacks.

    The legacy of the Obama cuts will be even worse, and invite aggression against U.S. interests around the world. Because, guess what, President Obama has only begun to cut back on America’s defenses. There is another trillion dollars of cuts on the horizon.
    read much more @ link

  • #20: “How much more are you prepared to take?” Rose, that is a better question for our Congress and Senate, is it not? I did not vote for for the man who currently occupies our WH, the man I refuse to call my president. As far as quoting Frederick Douglas, his words and/or thoughts from the 1800’s (although profound) give little solace. Our government has morphed itself into an impenetrable institution of elitists who could care less about You or I. Voting, protesting, town hall meetings, e-mailing, and phoning has made NO DIFFERENCE. I should know, I’ve been at it since 2009.

  • Obamas regulation destroy jobs

    OMG…and we do NOTHING!!!!! NOTHING!!!! NOTHING!!!! He has just sold us to Russia/China. It gets worse every friggin day! The republicans and Boehner do nothing!!!! We have all been duped and Romney is another Obama another Mccain who will talk really sweet and not offend Obama–who dreamed that you could just walk in and just say CLOSE the COAL Plants (DONE!) STOP the DRILLING (DONE) STOP ALL health care NO CHOICE (DONE);SHUT down the Military DONE! ALLow GAYS in our military DONE! GIVE away our military secrets (DONE) SHut down DEFENSE sheilds (DONE) Let terroris worse taliban killers out! DONE!!on & on…..we have a traitor in our house and no one does NOTHING!!!!!

  • Carbon Pootprint

    He’s just paying off those student loans to attend all those Ivy League terrorist training camps. bahahahaha

  • readdy jim

    Every day one has to ask himself, “Who’s side is Obama on?”

  • bg


    and exactly what is so different this time, i
    mean, who or what is going to stop him??

    the 2012 election??



  • Molon Labe

    Lets hear from the Obamaists! Tell us why this is a rational move.

    I have no doubt Ron Paul approves. He is such a nutter.

  • bg
  • squeaky

    from drudge – downsizing the military [half a million]. back when lybia was wrapping up i believe it was biden and pannetta crowing about how lybia was handled – from above and no American boots on the ground [no U.S. troop deaths] – viewing it as the way future events will be handled. where’s the lancet report when you could use it? no pictures of innocents injured or killed.

  • bg
  • MJ

    Whats next, people? Obama surrendering the nation to Russia and China? As part of the Commie goals to destroy America????

  • squeaky

    when you think you have the ability to reason with the devil – psychopaths. i was reading about an interogator who thought you could reach the detainees without torture and remembered a discussion of dealing with psychopaths who are more adept at of conning you into thinking you’re actually reaching them. really on topic when you discuss obama.

  • charlie

    Dye your hair, learn spanish, get a good tan and RUN for the border.

  • Robert

    He has already given them the stealth drone technology.

    It is obvious now that Congress must pass a law restraining the President’s desire to give away American high technology.

    There is no way that this should be solely under the authority of the Executive branch, we now know this.

    And for him to state that foreign policy has to involve giving away American assets and advantages is baloney!

    And what do the Republicans or the wondrous presidential candidates have to say about this?

  • doesn’t anybody else in the government have anything to say about this or is the myth a complete dictator? i think he gets away with this because the entire democratic party supports whatever obama does. they learned their lessons well from teddy kennedy, “the democratic party uber alles”.

  • UpChuck.Liberals

    #41 January 5, 2012 at 6:38 pm
    readdy jim commented:

    Every day one has to ask himself, “Who’s side is Obama on?”

    Every day? I only had to ask it once, that was before this dickwad was ‘elected’. It sickens me that we’ll be paying this security and pension for the rest of his, hopefully short, miserable life.

  • SpideyTerry

    Wow. Just when I think Obama couldn’t get any dumber…

  • bg


    readdy jim #41 January 5, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    re: “Who’s side is Obama on?”


  • gus

    He’s already shared our STEALTH DRONE TECHNOLOGY you know.

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  • Economan

    Obama is a plague that gets worse every day. What hasn’t this goon done that we don’t know about? If it isn’t treason, it’s destroying the economy, gutting the military, arming our enemies, using the Constitution as toilet paper, denouncing Capitlism, praising Socialism, bowing to our enemies…

    He’s destroying us on purpose and the moral cowards in the media love him. Incredible..

  • aprilnovember811

    This is from American Thinker in Oct. 2011. Is Zero being blackmailed? How is this any different from Bradley Manning the spy? Isn’t this Treason, or don’t we have Treason Laws anymore? Can he commit treason too, and get away with it? Can he just do anything he wants, even if he puts the nations security at risk?

    October 28, 2011
    Who is Barack Obama?

  • aprilnovember811

    His Muslim Brotherhood appointees gave Iran the drone, and they set up our Navy Seals for murder. Our Congress sits by while it all happens. He’s black ya know. Actually, he’s half black. Maybe they could just focus on his white half, and say, we’re removing his white half, so don’t yell at me, big, bad, media. Don’t yell at the Speaker of The House because he’ll cry.

  • chris

    Obama is dangerous. He should be arrested, if that is the word, for treason. Maybe “indefinitely detained” as his latest liberty destroying bill suggests.

  • aprilnovember811

    Vote for Perry. He’s our best chance out of this.

    Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler
    Thursday, 05 January 2012

    Gobsmacked. It’s the word Brits use when they are stunned by something ridiculously astounding. Late Tuesday night (1/03), I was beyond gobsmacked when I heard the results of the Iowa Caucuses. Now it is Thursday (1/05), and I remain profoundly shaken by the stupefying stupidity of the Iowa caucus voters.

    It tells me that Zero’s election in 2008 was no fluke, no spasm of temporary masochistic insanity. That voters are into reality-denial up to their ears. That whatever part of their brain they are using to vote with, it is most assuredly not their ratiocinative part.

    Iowans have no idea what they did to their country Tuesday: they substantially increased the odds that Zero will win re-election in November. It wasn’t Romney or Santorum who won in Iowa. It was Zero who won, hands down.

    I have been just as delusional as Iowa voters in my own way for a long time, so I owe them a soupçon of gratitude for snapping me out of it.

    I should have realized America was in mortal peril when the video went viral of Zero’s preacher, to whom he had listened and followed for 20 years, praying for God to damn America – and instead of it nuking any chance whatever of Zero’s electability, Americans just shrugged it off.

    Yet I chugged on, convincing myself that voters would come to their senses, that it was as impossible as a cat giving birth to puppies for Zero – the most laughably unqualified candidate in presidential history, and the most explicitly Anti-American to boot – to actually be elected. And he was.

    Temporary insanity – that’s what it has to be, I deluded myself. Then came the Tea Parties. Yes! I exulted. The insanity was over, Americans are being Americans again! The overthrow of the Pelosi Congress in the 2010 elections with a Tea Party Congress in its place convinced me more than ever.

    But as 2011 dragged on, and the Tea Party Congress morphed into the Boehner Defund-Nothing Wimp-Out Congress, my conviction faltered.

    During the summer, I read Rick Perry’s book, Fed Up!, which raised my hopes and dashed them at the same time. It advocated exactly what is needed for America to be America again – eliminate the federal government’s unconstitutional powers and programs via the 10th Amendment – yet its author clearly had no intention of running for president. No one with that intention would ever write such unmentionable truths as Social Security is a Ponzi scheme.

    Then Perry looked at the Pub field full of folks driven by their ego and oblivious to their inadequacies. He felt a calling, a God-given duty against his desires to do his best to rescue his country from the abyss. It was too soon. He had to have serious back-surgery, the pain medication made him dingy, he said dumb things in the debates, his support melted away and looked elsewhere.

    But there was no elsewhere. Romney was McCain redux, who excited no one, with a ceiling of 25% composed of folks supporting him only because they thought he could beat Zero. Gingrich was a Rockefeller Republican in conservative drag, angry, vindictive, and mean.

    Cain imploded. Bachmann had no qualifications beyond being a nice classy lady with good values who had been in Congress for four years. Paul had a following of folks who thought it no problem if Iran nuked Israel.

    Huntsman was a glowarming Chicom lover. Santorum was an earmarking deficit spender who couldn’t get himself reelected senator, losing by 18% to a Dem neophyte.

    And every other marquee name refused to run – Mitch Daniels, Chris Christie, Tim Pawlenty, Paul Ryan, and of course, the heartbreaker, Sarah Palin.

    So at 2011’s end, there was no one else – if you wanted a real deal small government 10th Amendment conservative – but Rick Perry, flaws and all. Besides, there isn’t a conservative alive who doesn’t want leftie journalists put in their place like Perry did to Politico’s Mike Allen.

    Iowans thought otherwise. One primary reason is they would rather have their country collapse as long as they keep getting their ethanol money. Perry was the only candidate to clearly say ethanol subsidies and mandates would not exist in his presidency. The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association hammered him on this, and built up Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum, pro-ethanol panderers all.

    So let me tell you about a meeting that could change the world.

    A news story appeared yesterday (1/04) about a meeting of the principal “movement conservatives” in the country to be held “next weekend” to try and unify behind one conservative candidate.

    It will be at the home of Judge Paul Pressler near Houston, Texas, one week from tomorrow, January 13. I’ve known Paul and Nancy Pressler for many years. I know most everyone who will be there, and I expect to be there too.

    There will be strong advocates for Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, and Perry. There might even be a Paulista, but probably no one for Huntsman.

    It’s very doubtful they will go for Romney. 75% of Republicans just don’t want him. There’s no enthusiasm, and you can’t win the presidency without it. So much for his “electability” argument.

    Yet this meeting cannot be merely a Stop Mitt conspiracy. It cannot be about preventing a negative. It has to be choosing a positive, uniting behind the best conservative who can defeat Obama and, as president, start actually tearing down the federal monster.

    Gingrich’s anger makes him unelectable. Santorum would be torn to shreds by the Obama media – he’s against contraception for married couples, for Pete’s sake. He’ll be ridiculed to the moon, turning every social value of conservatives into jokes – far more successfully than the left has ever done before.

    Worse, he’s a Big Government conservative who has no intention whatever of dismantling it. Plus he has no executive experience at running anything, not a state, a city council, a corner store. He supported Arlen Specter against Pat Toomey. If he couldn’t get reelected in Pennsylvania, he sure can’t get elected president of the United States.

    Perry passionately advocates the best possible mechanism for reducing the government to its constitutional limits: the 10th Amendment. He has the executive experience to accomplish this, and the best track record in America at job creation and improving an economy. It’s inarguable that he’s the most successful governor in the country.

    He is also passionate about getting the government out of the way of the most revolutionary technology of our day — hydraulic fracturing — that can provide cheap and abundant energy to power our economy, make us energy independent, and destroy the left’s dream of a pre-industrialized America.

    All of this, plus his inspiring personal story, add up to a candidacy to be truly excited about. Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum don’t come remotely close.

    I will make this case to those at this meeting, and one final point. This election has an importance far beyond any single issue, no matter how strongly individuals may feel about it, whether that be abortion, illegal aliens, homosexual “marriage,” or whatever.

    The federal government is metastasizing in its power to control our lives, bankrupt our economy, and demolish our freedom as Americans. Zero has accelerated this, with his reelection resulting in a full-blown fascist dictatorship.

    The key point here is that this metastasizing of government has enormous inertia – which will keep right on going unless there is a force strong enough to stop and reverse it. It is absurd to argue that Romney, Gingrich, or Santorum could be that force. It is not absurd that Perry could be.

    The fate of America may well depend on the choice made next Friday. If these conservative leaders unite, positively and enthusiastically, for Perry, it will catalyze conservatives across the country to finally unite — and then small government conservatism will triumph in November. If they do not, it will not. And the odds of four more years of Obama will be very high.

    We need those odds to be very low, and the odds of continued federal fascism even lower. What we most need is someway or someone to snap folks out of the reality-denial trance they’re in, to enable them to be Americans again. I see only one man on the horizon who can do so.

  • Molon Labe


    Retarded Harpy brays again. One tires of this bitches BS when the only concern she has is immediate amnesty. If Perry dropped this she’d drop him like a hot potato. And as usual Retarded started the name calling. What a nasty creep, BG is one of the strongest commenters here, and can at least support what he says and provides a coherent ratinal rather than resort to pure assertion and lies. But you measured against BG have been found wanting time after time.

  • Interesting

    Maybe Obama knows he CANNOT win the election and is trying to get a civil war so he can stay in power? .. Declare martial war when the tiger he keeps poking in the eye reacts?

    Although I believe he will do irreparable damage to the USA’s national security during his tenure, there is a lot can be made up by a good President being put in after a bad one. Look how good Reagan did after Carter… though the magnitude is completely off the charts here in the present when comparing the Reagan era to now. After all, Carter was merely not very competent..

    Yet, it is a comfort to believe God does not want the destruction of the USA, only her return to sane policy and belief… with “God and country first” – as before. Let us pray He will get what He needs with the minimum of destruction at the hands of America’s enemies – both from within and without.

  • gus

    Obama has done immeasurable harm already. He has emboldened our enemies and pissed off our allies. He is SLASHING the MILITARY and sharing our TECHNOLOGIES.

    I do not believe he is this stupid. He is DELUDED and UNBALANCED. He is doing some of these things, because he is a fool.

  • bigL

    But how does Obama know that the terrorists won’t strike at D.C.? Or if he is away that the terrorists won’t go after his family. How much can Nation Of Islam protect him?
    Seems like a very reckless road he is traversing.
    He may want to stick it to the USA. But how does he escape?

  • midusdew

    This little prick has gone to far.

    It needs to stop now. A lot of Men have died for this county and for this ass wipe to betray everything that this country has stood for is now becoming dangerously serious.

    He ought to think twice…..

  • Ned Noodleman

    Well, it’s nice to see so many ignorant and violent RWers in one place. At least they won’t be harming anyone else. So please, keep posting and, help keep decent Americans safe! Thank you.

  • Questionman

    1. Impeachment

    The House would need to serve him with Articles of Impeachment. But Obama would have needed to break a law in order to be convicted of any crime. It’s not against the law to do recess appointments, just like it wasn’t against the law with W., H.W. and Reagan (peace be upon him) did them. By the way, Senate are not in recess, yet they are all out-of-town. Yeah, that sounds exactly like what the founding fathers intended.

    2. Obama the Marxist

    Really, there is no excuse for you. If there actually were a god, you would have been eating that sandwich. I can’t forgive you for being so stupid that you’d call Obama a marxist. You clearly don’t know anything about either Marxism or him. But to deny that this man is, on all available evidence, a good husband and father, is irrational, immoral hatred carried to an obscene level.

    3. Conservative propaganda towards Military cuts

    The US spends more than 13 TIMES as much on our military as China – if we cut it back to only 12 times as much, it’s not really that big a problem. Not to mention that we’re borrowing the money FROM THEM to spend, which means we are actually PAYING THEM to build up their military – which is insane. But that’s what happens when you start wars on a Chinese credit card, for which we have the Republicans – and only them – to thank.

    And when you throw words like “traitor” towards The President, you and your conservative friends should be looking in a mirror, as your overt attacks on the middle class and the poor to reward your wealthy friends and benefactors is far more traitorous to America than anything Obama has even said, let alone actually done.

    Fictional Dictatorship, Factual Hypocrisy

    4. Republicans use political trickery to keep the senate from recessing and Obama uses the Constitution to appoint his people. Then you call it tyranny. How many people did Bush appoint in recess appointments?

    Yet Obama is called Caesar because of doing this? When Bush appointed 171 recess appointments was there an outcry of Totalitarianism? When Reagan made 243 recess appointments did you call him Reaganista the Czar? When H.W. Bush made 77 recess appointments did you want him impeached?

    Someone forgot John Bolton… the UN… sometime in George W. Bush’s Administration? America elects their president every four years and limits them to two terms that’s the last time I checked, anyway. Which means President Obama is NOT a dictator.

    5. Racist Birthers

    So when he was born should he have had ‘natural born citizen’ stamped on his arse? Get it right the only reason why ‘birthers’ are up in arms is because a black democrat beat a white good old boy republican, sadly in the year 2008 our country was apparently not ready for a black president…shows you how far our country has come doesn’t it!

    There are relentless constants in the manic drive by GOP ultra conservatives, tea party leaders and followers, and unreconstructed bigots to make President Obama a one term president. One is their drumbeat, non-stop barrage of racist depictions, slurs, digs and vilification of Obama. The other is their drumbeat, non-stop barrage of racist depictions, slurs, digs, and vilification of First Lady Michelle Obama.


    6. Un-American President (LIE), Un-American hypocrites (TRUE)

    Doesn’t seem un-American

    I’ve come to ignore most of the wild charges made by these GOP candidates and their bigoted supporters against The President. The GOP is, as one person calls them, FDMP (Facts Don’t Matter Party). But Rick Santorum’s recent charge that Obama is un-American demands a response. What are the scumbags talking about?

    Is it un-American to go after and kill Osama bin Laden, who killed 3,000 Americans? Is it un-American to bring the troops home from Iraq, a war that America should never have fought, and that Santorum supported? Is it un-American to restore America’s place in the world community? Is it un-American to try to assure that everyone has health insurance and can go to a doctor? Is it un-American to try to restore the middle class and to try to make the richest 1% pay their fair share in taxes? Is it un-American to give those in the military the chance to love who they want?

  • crackermike

    Upon hearing this treason, I just can’t keep from thinking: Julius and Ethel Rosenburg.

  • Benson II

    Obama is not an appeaser he’s a traitor and needs to be impeached before he can do any more damage to the United States.

  • thegoldman

    Somebody tell me why a president can’t be tried for Treason ?

  • SSBN 627(B)

    Back in the day, I could have scored some serious coin providing the Russkies with knowledge obtained at the expense of my government. If only I had known that one day CINC would infer approval…

    All of that stuff is completely outdated now, but I could still languish in Leavenworth for spilling the beans – because I TOOK AN OATH that DUTY and HONOR compel compel me to comply with in perpetuity.

    This action implies a blanket pardon onto all of America’s enemies currently imprisoned for parting with defense technologies (remember Johnie Walker Red?).

  • John Fembup

    So THIS is what she meant by “reset” !?!

  • OldSailor

    The technology Zero is thinking of turning over to the Russians deals with the Navy’s top of the line surface to air missile, the SM-3 which has the added ability to engage theater (medium range) ballistic missiles. The latest version has (with modifications) the ability to take down satellites in low orbit as we demonstrated a little while ago and could probably engage ICBMs and SLBMs.

    Does anyone seriously believe that anything we hand over to Moscow won’t quickly end up in the hands of Beijing, Pyongyang and Tehran despite any assurances the Russian President might make?
    The word “treason” comes to mind.

  • OldSailor

    We might just as well turn that little weasel Manning loose.

  • pancho villa

    i dont know why congress has not acted on obama, it is high time to impeach obama.

  • pancho villa


  • Nam Marine

    Of course! Who do you think Obama works for? The Russians! They trained him for this job!

  • susanm


  • susanm


  • Retro

    When obama took the oath of office and swore on the Bible to protect and defend the
    Constitution, he lied, he has done anything but. obama has a prearranged date with
    the devil. Don’t believe a word out of his lying mouth.

  • The idea of the God of the creation dealing with nations the same way HE dealt with Israel. Just as Israel sinned against God, did not keep HIS commandments and went after unknown gods, so too America was a creation of God and today is doing the similar thing that Israel did; sin against God, not keep HIS commandments, and worse – claiming there is no God.
    America is spreading evil around the world (TV, Hollywood), paying other countries to abort their children, involved in wars that need not be fought. Pride and arrogance and the evil ways are bringing judgment on America. Bin Labin, Osama – wrote a paper about America,
    it spoke of al the evils that America thrusts upon the world. Some preachers here in America are doing the same, some preachers
    no longer preach against America their voice has gone silent. Other voices like the black one that Obama sat with for 20 years
    preaching that God should damn America, still more voices from other sections of society (Louis Farican a Muslim) speak the same thing.

    Some say that America is not in scripture, but Israel is there. I say that America is in scripture; it parallels Israel as having been planted by the bible. God is dealing with America similarly as HE dealt with Israel.

    Followers of the Messiah (Jesus) have long been saying that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed and America, because of sin could suffer the same fate. I hardly hear that line of thought anymore.
    Some in America trust September 11 2001 was a wake up call, and were in Church soon after the 9/11/01 event. Those churches are now back to the amounts before 9/11.
    For a while after 9/11 there was humble hearts here in America, soon that was replaced with “American Pride” bumper stickers, it was back to ‘No repentance-full speed ahead’.
    There is a display of this pride in the Bible, Isaiah 9:10. Here the people of Israel have had a wall and trees fall down. It might have been war or earthquake that brought them down. But they missed the point that it was God who allowed it to happen, their wall of protection was found to have a hole in it. In that verse the people of Israel are in sin and fighting against God. They then say “the bricks have fallen down but we will rebuild with cut stone, the sycamores are cut down, but we will replace with cedars. This was a pride moment to proclaim we will do this and that and be better! This rhymes with 9/11. That was a ‘SIGN’ for us to see as a warning.
    The day after 9/11 a politician (John Edwards) got up and proclaimed, “the bricks have fallen down but we will rebuild with cut stone, the sycamores are cut down, but we will replace with cedars” that politician did not know he was pronouncing judgment on America. That was one witness. That was a ‘SIGN’ for us to see as a warning. (John E. soon fell from power)
    Three years later a cut stone and a cedar tree was set up near the Twin Towers in New York in a ceremony and another politician spoke those SAME words and vowed “the bricks have fallen down but we will rebuild with cut stone, the sycamores are cut down, but we will replace with cedars” That politician soon fell as well. (Tom Daschle) That was a ‘SIGN’ for us to see as a warning. That was one witness.

    I am sure there are more witnesses between the previous statement and our President B.H. Obama, but I do not know about them, so read in the bible in 1 Samuel 8.
    It is about the people of Israel sinning against God (way before Isaiah’s time) there they were asking for a King to be like other nations.The people of Israel demanded a king, are insistent to have a king, told all the leaders of Israel to get the people to want a king and when warned that what they were doing was wrong and against God, insisted on having a king. God gave them a king, King Saul. This man that was tending his father’s donkeys. (a democrat) Just like America wanted a leader similar to the European Nations (socialist) America wanted a king from the east, so gave them Obama from the east. Isaiah 41:2 Who raised up one from the east? If 1 Samuel 8 then Isaiah 41:2 Answer is: God. We the Americans have been given a king to rule over us because of our sin, pride and arrogance. Our own way Read 1 Samuel 8 again, “he will take” is written many times. That is what Obama is doing “taking”. That is a ‘SIGN’ for us to see as a warning. Another witness.

    Back to Isaiah 9 “the bricks” there is another parallel to scripture. Verse 11 So Isaiah 9:11 therefore the LORD shall set up the adversaries of Rezin, against him (Israel) and spur his enemies on, the Syrians before and the Philistines behind….
    Wow, here in verse 9:11 that speaks of an event with Israel that parallels the American event that happened on 9/11. The news reported on the Hijackers of the aircraft as being from Syria. Another witness-sign. These “Philistine” people could be displaced people that have come to America, but not melted into the society. (Muslim & other non Christian groups) Syria could have surrogates doing their work. Who is Syria to Israel? It is a long time antagonist, born the same time frame as Israel. Who is similar to America? Russia? China? Cuba?
    Syria is a direct neighbor of Israel, who could be a direct neighbor of America? Canada, Mexico, Chili? That last group could simply be “home grown” people coming against the government too.
    The people would be correct to do so, because the government is out of control, which is why the judgment is coming. Verse 11 states “it is the LORD that set up the adversaries” …of America.
    So it is the LORD that sets up the adversaries of this nation America. He creates adverse events to WAKEUP HIS people.
    Isaiah 45:5-7//ex 4:11//Amos 3:6 it is the LORD that creates problems (evil) for the peoples. From the aspect of the people this problem is EVIL. This evil thing happened, but it is a wakeup call from God. From a human aspect/view it is evil. The pain a child feels from the parent who feeds and takes care of it, is now causing pain, the pain of correction.
    Oh the horror of the thought that the God of the Bible, God of Creation that builds nations is now the God who is tearing a nation down or allowing it to happen.
    To every thing there is a season….a time to plant, a time to pluck up what is planted. It is the Creator that plants nations, not America; it is the Creator that causes the evil of war to correct a wayward nation.


  • Linda Cook

    If this doesn/t prove what side he is on I don’t know what does. He has cards under his sleeve to gain power to get back in. One of the cards is to stir up a hornet nest with Iran and start a war to get every ones attention off the economy and zoned in on saving our butts from nuclear attack to winning brownie points. This is a demonic evil person who would destroy his own family to gain power. He hates this country so much and he is the substitute mini-anti christ getting every thing ready for the real McCoy! People need to start preparing for survival because we are economically going to crash.

  • Mark

    And this on the heels of Israel selling 69 Patriot Missiles to China. Not to mention the u.S. and Israel arming and supporting Al Qualda in Lybia and Syria.
    I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised considering the Israeli spy Jonathon Pollard. He alone sold our entire ICBM strategy to his communist home…..Russia.
    Netanyahu and Joe Lieberman are lobbying for his release and pardon. Much like Clinton pardoned Israeli Mark Rich.
    Oh how we long for the simpler days of the USS. Liberty.

  • MJH

    Is this it? An elected dictator. So long Constitution

    This just could be the straw that breaks America’s Back.

    Our own Representatives and Senators have become collaborators.

    Who knew it would be our own President that leads the charge of

    D E F E A T.

  • bg


    thegoldman #71 January 6, 2012 at 8:10 am

    re: [Somebody tell me why a president can’t be tried for Treason ?]

    well, like i’ve been telling everyone from the get go..

    Obama was chosen to be the NWO transitioner, ergo, the powers that
    be are pulling his strings, to their detriment however, he’s managed to
    turn it around and pull theirs, now they are stuck trying to figure out a
    way to lose him while keeping ground so to speak..


  • bg


    re: #87 January 6, 2012 at 4:59 pm bg

    iow: he knows their dirty little secrets, and
    he knows how to use them against them..


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  • Steve

    What a bunch of friggin idiots. Too dumb to see why Republicans are ALLOWING all this to happen. Because they are owned and controlled by the same master! Both parties are bought and paid for lock, stock, and barrel. They pretend to hate each other, to have huge divergence in views. And yet, no matter who is in control, the country contiues down the path to a total police state, a destroyed economy, and third world status! WAKE UP! THe destruction of the Constitutional Republic of the United States is almost complete! And only when we remove EVERY Republican and Democrat from office will we ever have a chance!

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  • John H

    And what is Russia doing to appease us? Let me tell you. They are upgrading their nuclear missiles to better kill us.

  • Phil

    Would not that be an act of treason.It most certainly would be.

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  • HighKomissar

    Some think it is O’s plan to precipitate a global war before next November so that he can dispense with all elections going forward until he gets tired of playing Emperor… our dumbass stupid as dawgs Congress will yet again give O anything he wants…trashy lot of skunks in heat…

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