Saturday Night Losers: Dick Morris & the Media Elites

Down goes Juan Williams.
Down goes John King.
Down goes the media elites.
And, down goes the Dick Morris who told us Rick Santorum won the debate on Thursday night.

What debate was he watching anyway?

Hear the roar.
Edmund Wright at The American Thinker describes the failure of the liberal media and Republican elites to understand the passion, the intensity and frustration of the Great Unwashed after three years of Barack Obama and a corrupt Obama-coddling media.

After Thursday’s debate was over in Charleston, I assumed that Newt had not only survived the Marianne episode, but had benefitted from it. I also figured he would win S.C. and that Santorum would fade as a challenger to him. Everyone I knew who saw the debate reached this same conclusion.

Yet as incredible as it may seem, all day Friday we were treated to multiple reviews from members of the conservative media on how Rick Santorum “won” the Thursday night debate in Charleston and that how this would help him in South Carolina. Dick Morris flatly proclaimed that Santorum did so well he might sweep in and take second from Newt Gingrich. Morris also predicted this would mean a S.C. win and nomination for Mitt Romney.

Terrence Jeffrey also proudly proclaimed a big Santorum win in the debate. On the Rush Limbaugh Show, the host refused to give his analysis, but mentioned multiple times that his personal email caucus was swept by the Pennsylvania Senator. Charles Krauthammer, meanwhile, admitted that Newt won it “in the first three minutes” but that Santorum had a very strong night after that.

And I’m thinking: what debate did these folks watch? Do they not pay attention to the crowd reaction? Do they not know what it indicates? Admittedly, Santorum got off some attacks that might have seemed like good hits, but they fell flat in the hall. Newt dominated crowd reaction, Mitt was a pretty clear second in that regard and of course Ron Paul’s crowd was the few, the proud, the loud.

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  • dt

    this is worth repeating for all to know:
    Friday, January 20, 2012
    Unbelievable. Rational voices are continually given the shaft, prohibited from the airwaves, and these agitators and subversives are given respect, salaries and the imprimatur of legitimacy.
    Fox News Hires Soros-funded Activist
    Cliff Kincaid — January 19, 2012

    read all

  • MustComment

    Maybe all these guys (including Brit Hume) have too much time on their hands. All their opinions confuse the sheeple anyway. Just saying…

  • jainphx

    There is no doubt that Newt is brilliant. There are times when he makes me stand up and cheer, and times he makes me cringe. All his baggage aside, he can, with sure doggedness, turn this country around and fast. He is no doubt a strong conservative but has a tendency to over think problems. Newt stand on your conservative principles and the election is yours, deviate and you will lose.

  • cal rifkin

    The Toesucker is a Winner in my book!!

  • Christopher Taylor

    Possibly he was analyzing the debate based on debating rules rather than crowd pleasing reaction. As in: who did the best job stating their arguments, who adhered to the rules of rhetoric, who answered the questions most effectively and on target, and who refuted their opponents’ arguments most effectively and properly?

    That’s not how you win a presidential debate, mind you. The winner is the guy that gains the most in public support.

  • luckyone

    Dick Morris gave us “Condi vs. Hillary”. He lost me then.

  • Glenmore

    ‘Winning the debate’ – judged as a DEBATE, on issues etc., Morris was probably right. But that criterion has essentially nothing to do with winning an election.


    fukkkk the media whores that just want omusloom re-elected….

  • radioone

    “members of the conservative media” That’s becoming more of a cliche’ than actual truth. During the last election cycle and this one, they have been For McCain; Against Palin; For Romney; Against Newt.

  • Queenie

    Newt makes me a little nervous. I certainly know he could beat Obama in a debate but its his policies that he must get the public to understand. We need great policies not good speech makers, we already have that and see what has happened.

  • [email protected]

    Queenie, get your priorities straight and put your big girl panties on. Newt Gingrich’s policies and articulations make you a little nervous? Newt gingrich? Really? Do you know who is in the WH right now? Do you? Yet Newt makes you nervous? Like all the other nervous nellies, you need a swift kick in the reality check.

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  • [email protected]

    It’s nice to see Ann Coulter get knocked down a peg. Her cloying ballyhooing for Romney AGAIN this cycle makes me ill. Shutup, Ann, and stick to peddling your books and stringy hair. And lighten up on the eye shadow while you’re at it.

  • jainphx

    Queenie===== Obama makes me more than nervous, he makes me sick. Any body, a mushroom would be better than the Mooselum in the White House.

  • Votemout2012

    Wrong again Dicky. I not Newt supporter but love it when the beltway windbags get a slap down. It was the best story of the week.

  • Zilla

    I am a Rick Santorum supporter (although I really do like Newt too) but from what I saw on Thursday, it was not Rick’s best performance and newt CLEARLY won the night in the first five minutes and won South Carolina in those early moments of the debate too. Also, while I really liked Rick’s beautiful speech after the primary, I think Newt’s speech, if America was paying attention, may have won him the eventual nomination and the White House.
    He was that good.

  • James

    Also, down goes the republican party and the United States of America. Newt guarantees 4 more years of obama and we can then all bend over and kiss our asses goodbye. Anyone who thinks newt will win over independents and also not lose a minority of social conservatives is delusional.

  • Nanna

    In 2008 Dick Morris also pushed Huckabee, and really tore up Fred Thompson. Fred Thompson could do no right in the eyes of Morris.
    Fred Thompson was a true conservative, and would have made a wonderful president. But got no coverage.’
    I blamed Morris then, as I blame him now.

  • bg


    Earth to DM..

    “Nearly four in 10 describe themselves as ‘very’ conservative. That’s
    more than in New Hampshire (21 percent) but fewer than in Iowa (47
    percent),” Langer said. “Just over a third also describe themselves as
    strong supporters of the tea party movement — again substantially
    more than in New Hampshire, although about the same as in Iowa.”


  • bg


    re: #19 January 22, 2012 at 12:48 pm bg

    “By wide margins, voters say they are primarily interested in a candidate who can defeat Barack Obama — nearly half call it the top candidate attribute, vs. two in 10 who are looking chiefly for the candidate with the best experience and fewer than that who’ve focused chiefly on the candidates moral character or conservative credentials,” said ABC News’ Gary Langer, of Langer Research Associates. “More cite electability as their top issue than did so in either Iowa or New Hampshire.”