Saturday Night Losers: Dick Morris & the Media Elites

Down goes Juan Williams.
Down goes John King.
Down goes the media elites.
And, down goes the Dick Morris who told us Rick Santorum won the debate on Thursday night.

What debate was he watching anyway?

Hear the roar.
Edmund Wright at The American Thinker describes the failure of the liberal media and Republican elites to understand the passion, the intensity and frustration of the Great Unwashed after three years of Barack Obama and a corrupt Obama-coddling media.

After Thursday’s debate was over in Charleston, I assumed that Newt had not only survived the Marianne episode, but had benefitted from it. I also figured he would win S.C. and that Santorum would fade as a challenger to him. Everyone I knew who saw the debate reached this same conclusion.

Yet as incredible as it may seem, all day Friday we were treated to multiple reviews from members of the conservative media on how Rick Santorum “won” the Thursday night debate in Charleston and that how this would help him in South Carolina. Dick Morris flatly proclaimed that Santorum did so well he might sweep in and take second from Newt Gingrich. Morris also predicted this would mean a S.C. win and nomination for Mitt Romney.

Terrence Jeffrey also proudly proclaimed a big Santorum win in the debate. On the Rush Limbaugh Show, the host refused to give his analysis, but mentioned multiple times that his personal email caucus was swept by the Pennsylvania Senator. Charles Krauthammer, meanwhile, admitted that Newt won it “in the first three minutes” but that Santorum had a very strong night after that.

And I’m thinking: what debate did these folks watch? Do they not pay attention to the crowd reaction? Do they not know what it indicates? Admittedly, Santorum got off some attacks that might have seemed like good hits, but they fell flat in the hall. Newt dominated crowd reaction, Mitt was a pretty clear second in that regard and of course Ron Paul’s crowd was the few, the proud, the loud.

Read the rest here.

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  • dt

    this is worth repeating for all to know:
    Friday, January 20, 2012
    Unbelievable. Rational voices are continually given the shaft, prohibited from the airwaves, and these agitators and subversives are given respect, salaries and the imprimatur of legitimacy.
    Fox News Hires Soros-funded Activist
    Cliff Kincaid — January 19, 2012

    read all

  • Maybe all these guys (including Brit Hume) have too much time on their hands. All their opinions confuse the sheeple anyway. Just saying…

  • jainphx

    There is no doubt that Newt is brilliant. There are times when he makes me stand up and cheer, and times he makes me cringe. All his baggage aside, he can, with sure doggedness, turn this country around and fast. He is no doubt a strong conservative but has a tendency to over think problems. Newt stand on your conservative principles and the election is yours, deviate and you will lose.

  • cal rifkin

    The Toesucker is a Winner in my book!!

  • Possibly he was analyzing the debate based on debating rules rather than crowd pleasing reaction. As in: who did the best job stating their arguments, who adhered to the rules of rhetoric, who answered the questions most effectively and on target, and who refuted their opponents’ arguments most effectively and properly?

    That’s not how you win a presidential debate, mind you. The winner is the guy that gains the most in public support.

  • luckyone

    Dick Morris gave us “Condi vs. Hillary”. He lost me then.

  • Glenmore

    ‘Winning the debate’ – judged as a DEBATE, on issues etc., Morris was probably right. But that criterion has essentially nothing to do with winning an election.


    fukkkk the media whores that just want omusloom re-elected….

  • radioone

    “members of the conservative media” That’s becoming more of a cliche’ than actual truth. During the last election cycle and this one, they have been For McCain; Against Palin; For Romney; Against Newt.

  • Queenie

    Newt makes me a little nervous. I certainly know he could beat Obama in a debate but its his policies that he must get the public to understand. We need great policies not good speech makers, we already have that and see what has happened.

  • [email protected]

    Queenie, get your priorities straight and put your big girl panties on. Newt Gingrich’s policies and articulations make you a little nervous? Newt gingrich? Really? Do you know who is in the WH right now? Do you? Yet Newt makes you nervous? Like all the other nervous nellies, you need a swift kick in the reality check.

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  • [email protected]

    It’s nice to see Ann Coulter get knocked down a peg. Her cloying ballyhooing for Romney AGAIN this cycle makes me ill. Shutup, Ann, and stick to peddling your books and stringy hair. And lighten up on the eye shadow while you’re at it.

  • jainphx

    Queenie===== Obama makes me more than nervous, he makes me sick. Any body, a mushroom would be better than the Mooselum in the White House.

  • Votemout2012

    Wrong again Dicky. I not Newt supporter but love it when the beltway windbags get a slap down. It was the best story of the week.

  • I am a Rick Santorum supporter (although I really do like Newt too) but from what I saw on Thursday, it was not Rick’s best performance and newt CLEARLY won the night in the first five minutes and won South Carolina in those early moments of the debate too. Also, while I really liked Rick’s beautiful speech after the primary, I think Newt’s speech, if America was paying attention, may have won him the eventual nomination and the White House.
    He was that good.

  • James

    Also, down goes the republican party and the United States of America. Newt guarantees 4 more years of obama and we can then all bend over and kiss our asses goodbye. Anyone who thinks newt will win over independents and also not lose a minority of social conservatives is delusional.

  • Nanna

    In 2008 Dick Morris also pushed Huckabee, and really tore up Fred Thompson. Fred Thompson could do no right in the eyes of Morris.
    Fred Thompson was a true conservative, and would have made a wonderful president. But got no coverage.’
    I blamed Morris then, as I blame him now.

  • bg


    Earth to DM..

    “Nearly four in 10 describe themselves as ‘very’ conservative. That’s
    more than in New Hampshire (21 percent) but fewer than in Iowa (47
    percent),” Langer said. “Just over a third also describe themselves as
    strong supporters of the tea party movement — again substantially
    more than in New Hampshire, although about the same as in Iowa.”


  • bg


    re: #19 January 22, 2012 at 12:48 pm bg

    “By wide margins, voters say they are primarily interested in a candidate who can defeat Barack Obama — nearly half call it the top candidate attribute, vs. two in 10 who are looking chiefly for the candidate with the best experience and fewer than that who’ve focused chiefly on the candidates moral character or conservative credentials,” said ABC News’ Gary Langer, of Langer Research Associates. “More cite electability as their top issue than did so in either Iowa or New Hampshire.”


  • Ipso Facto

    In the American Thinker article it says:

    ” The American conservative base has had to put up with being called stupid, racist, greedy and unfair for decades by not only the Democrats but the vast majority of the media. The pent up frustration of these decades is magnified by the fact that George H. W. Bush, Bob Dole, George W. Bush and John McCain would not or perhaps could not confront this.”

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

    I was beginning to think I was the only person on earth who thought this. The Republican Party had allowed the conservative movement to be defined by the left for decades and this needs to STOP – RIGHT NOW!

    One of the reasons Newt is doing so well is because he feeds our hunger for someone who knows what MESSAGING is. We want someone to stick it to the media – and win. We want someone to say how atrocious Obama is – and be convincing. We want someone to make an impassioned plea for our points and good Lord – it certaianly isn McConnel or Boehner or Ryan or Kantor or ….

  • bg


    ht GP

    hey Dick, just in case you missed it, here ya go..


  • bg


    Ipso Facto #21 January 22, 2012 at 12:51 pm

    and thank you..

    here is the link..


  • lizzy84

    The ‘elites’ are always oaf like me couldn’t possibly be correct in seeing that despite Willard’s well funded, professionally perfect campaign, that he fails in the most fundamental requirement of all politics..connecting with the voters.
    Newt, for all his flaws, is an authentic campaigner, out stumping for the votes, asking for support and clearly articulating to a Country that knows there is a disaster in the White House that there is a clear choice between oBama’s Socialism and Americanism.
    The Romneybot’s focus group tested empty platitudes just won’t cut it this time..we need a fighter.

  • Multitude

    For those who’ve studied history and/or some aspects of political philosophy, this is no surprise: America is entering its second rebellion against Elites.

    The first one formed the nation, but unfortunately the Redcoat Blueblood feudal-descended parasites have taken over (much to our focusing on our own lives and ceding the political). They’ve bribed the lower classes with money stolen from our pockets and borrowed using our collateral, while they’ve dumped trillions of dollars through redistribution rackets constructed through government contracts, regulatory seizures and other mechanisms to enrich the elites further.

    The revolution is awake, but whether it becomes one of radical reform envisioned by the nation’s founders, or of more French affects, is much determined by whether the elites and their media sycophants realize the gig is up. There are guillotines on the horizon of potentiality if they continue to resist the people. For those entitlement parasites, an even darker future lurks if they don’t realize they’re complicit in this crime. No, OWS, there is no free healthcare. No entitlement of a guaranteed high paying job immediately following college. No free college either. Free is theft when it is provided for by the willful seizure and takings of another.

    Marx was a reactionary, progressives. He hated liberty and autonomy as much as the European nobility and sided in principle with them for a system of strict order; he just wanted someone else sitting in the throne. It appears that American may once again be the site of the grand political experiment, allowing for a resumption of the political emancipation that was beginning to be explored in France prior to the seizure by the violent reactionaries of crown, church, Marxist ideology and brutish thuggery.

  • lizzy84

    #17 commented:

    ‘Anyone who thinks newt will win over independents..are delusional.”
    Sorry, but I disagree.The middle has long left oBama without which he cannot and will not ever
    be POTUS again.

  • valerie

    #10 January 22, 2012 at 12:25 pm
    Queenie commented:

    You don’t need to fear Newt Gingrich on policy. He’s a problem-solver and a bridge-builder, and he pays attention to the real-world results, in an effort to avoid unintended consequences. You’re going to have a hard time getting to reliable information about him, unless you go to his own website, or original source videos and documents. It’s worth the effort.

    There was a very telling incident during the run-up to the SC primary that you ought to know about.

    Newt Gingrich was confronted by an angry black man in South Carolina, and challenged to meet with Al Sharpton on the subject of education

    I waited and waited, but found no comments about that incident, beyond the mention that Newt said he knew Al Sharpton and would be glad to meet with him.

    It took some digging, and I had to plow through a lot of Rachel Maddow lying about what Newt has said, and I did find some original source references on this topic. If you look at the dates, you’ll see the problem.

    The guy who confronted Gingrich didn’t know that he and Al Sharpton have been talking, and that they do find an area of agreement where they can work together. It’s definitely an odd-couple kind of relationship.

    Newt Gingrich on Education Reform

    Rev. Al Sharpton on Education Reform

    But Sheila Jackson Lee and Bill Maher are working hard to make sure that people don’t know it.

    Sheila Jackson Lee

    Bill Maher

    If you have the stomach to watch the Bill Maher clip all the way to the end, you’ll find something else: an admission by the panel that they all agree that Newt has substantial appeal among Democratic voters.

    Newt Gingrich was not my first, second, or third choice for a candidate, but he could turn out to be what we need, right now. It may be that the punishments he has earned from his errors is part of it. I don’t know about that. I do know that some people of ill will have been working awfully hard to try to drown out some very attractive policy statements.

  • Spike

    Thts because most of the people@ Fox are in the tank for Romney, including they’re ” Fox news contributors “

  • bg
  • Here’s Dick Morris when not at the office…


    Political Wrinkles

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  • lizzy84


    Brilliant and correct.

    May God guide us.

  • arnonerik

    Santorum was too negative. Everything he said could be boiled down to, “These other guys are crap but I am not'”. Negatives repel me in a debate. Tell me why I should vote for you but don’t tell me why I should not vote for the other Republican. He didn’t win any points with me and Dick Morris is not as smart as he thinks he is.

  • enlightening

    For the past several months, we’ve gotten a huge kick out of Fox pushing the heck out of Santorum – they just love this guy for some reason.

  • listingstarboard

    Proffesional political pundits stand to lose their relevancy if the US once again becomes a prosperous and united country. People wil be able to concentrate on living their lives, working hard, enjoying the fruits of their labor if our country can right itself -and Newt may be the one to get us on that path. Do you think for one minute the media on either side wants stability and tranquility? heck NO! The media political pundits THRIVE under POTUS like Obama, Carter. Romney will be just Obama lite, all of the same problems will continue–Fox is already stacking its staff with liberals to offset a “Republican” POTUS like Romney.

  • dunce

    I really like Santorum but he does not do pugnacious and people are angry so they want a fighter. The pattern has been to have the vice president go after the media for spreading partisan lies. Nixon had Agnew, Bush had Cheny, And Reagan did not need help.

  • StrangernFiction

    I do not watch Fox, but yesterday I tuned in quite a bit just to watch the build up and the wailing and gnashing of teeth that would follow (Brit Hume was spectacular in this regard). All day long — as Intrade had Gingrich trading above 80% and the most recent polling was showing him with a double digit lead — Fox proclaimed that the race was neck and neck. The race was neck and neck right up to the point that it was called the moment the polls closed. LMAO. What a joke that network has become.

  • texas

    LOL Dear MSM, Dick Morris, Republican elites, et al…CAN YOU HEAR US NOW? signed We The People.

    Remember when they were all saying the Tea Party was dying and that the number was diminishing? Hahaha wishful thinking. We’re still here.

  • post*tenebras*lux

    Jim, please, you know the program. Dick is part of Faux News. They are all given “talking points” just as the rest of the medias are. Santorum was to be promoted, not Newt!

  • Stuart

    I am not keen on Newt. Nor Santorum, nor Romney, or Even Ron Paul. I wish the Stupid party had someone, anyone, with the Moxie of a Ronald Reagan, or even a Barry Goldwater.
    Nonetheless, should the Republicans nominate a jack pine 2X4 for president against Comrade Zero the 2X4 gets my vote.

  • Big Al

    Newt Gingrich did NOT win the debate! ABC and CNN managed to serve him up the fattest pitch and wettest kiss you could imagine and he took advantage of it. Lecturing the media is fun but it is also facile and will soon wear thin. He won’t win the presidency with such potshots even if the MSM keeps delivering him such softballs.

  • bg


    Multitude #25 January 22, 2012 at 1:01 pm


    the missing connect the dot link of
    course is that Marxism is Islamism..

    just a wee sampling:

    Islam and the Left – Two Sides of the Same Coin


    How Marx turned Muslim

    Islam, the Marxism of Our Time

    <i<scroll threads for more..


  • bg


    Big Al #41 January 22, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    okay, so he only got the most standing ovations & won the primary.. /s/


  • bg


    re: #42 January 22, 2012 at 3:08 pm bg


    [1. Differences

    Islamists are strongly concerned about social differences, between
    the rich and the poor world, as well as inside the Muslim communities.
    As responsibility for the poor and the needing is central to Islam, any
    situation with unevenly divided wealth and many poor people, is
    unacceptable to a zealous Muslim.

    Islamists react towards both the West for its reluctance to address the
    poverty of the world, as well as towards the rich in their own societies,
    who are considered equally reluctant.]

    January 6, 2012

    Why Islamism Is Winning

    [Liberalism in 19th-century Europe, and Islamism in the Arab world today, are like channels dug by one generation of activists and kept open, sometimes quietly, by future ones. When the storms of revolution arrive, whether in Europe or the Middle East, the waters will find those channels. Islamism is winning out because it is the deepest and widest channel into which today’s Arab discontent can flow.]

    just another opinion of course, but anyone who cannot see
    the “control via redistribution” connection doesn’t want to..

    Islamic Socialism


    it is important for Western countries to avoid impeding
    *Muslim citizens from practicing religion as they see fit”

    scroll threads for more..


  • Ausonius

    No doubt Newt did a good job at the debate, as he usually does.
    Jim, I watched the debate too, and for you to claim Mitt was the clear 2nd place finisher just confirms your desire that Santorum doesn’t do well. Rick had a very strong debate.
    Let’s see, you participated in the Rick smears that claimed he was a big government sort, while ignoring some huge defects in Mitt and Newt.
    I can only immagine that you have problems with Rick’s social conservatism.
    Do you or the rest of the “conservative media” consider the fracturing that a candidate with not one, but two divorces arrising from his marital infidelity, will likely create in the Republican base?
    The mantra being used is the urgency to save us from a 2nd barry term. It was first used to ramrod Mitt through, now the same mantra is being used to ramrod Newt, in spite of his severe, moral failings.
    Not everyone is prepared to adopt the clinton standard as the republican character bench mark.

  • mg4us

    The ‘inside-the-beltway” pundits and RINOs still don’t get it. . Our Country is hurting. . Americans are hurting. .and Washington spends, spends, spends like no tomorrow with the Commander in Thief Obama at the helm.

    Newt’s victory is SC is a wake-up call to “TAKE THE FIGHT TO OBAMA!”

    Obama (with Pelosi & Reid) have taken this ONCE GREAT COUNTRY down. .Our enviable credit rating was reduced, our debts piling up ever so fast to unprecedented levels while jobs for working class Americans were eliminated and more folks added to the Government Food Stamp Program. . .

    Obama needs to be defeated and sent packing. .same for the RATs (RemocRATs) in the Senate and house. . .Time to return to our Constitutional rules and reduce the size of Government.

    Newt is Smart. .having served effectively as Speaker of the House. . . passing four balanced budgets. . and keeping America Strong. . .despite Clinton in the White House.

    Whoever wins the GOP nomination needs to bring the fight to Obama and offer Americans a clear and compelling option to restore our Country. .Until Romney stats to get tough. .Rick and Newt will continue to lead.

  • Multitude

    bg and lizzie84: thanks! Per bg’s connection, I’m terribly inept on Islam proper, having spent most of my periphery studies around orientalization via Said (which, like most of the tradition the progressives claim to represent, is remarkably against their totalitarian inclinations).

    And actually, I think we should be careful about thinking of Islam in the singular. While our contemporary political experiences with it tend to be atrocious encounters (where it is co-opted by reactionary states like Iran and reactionary movements AQI), it too has a much more diverse history. Under the Moors, for instance, Islamic Spain was one of the most remarkably open places for some time. Philosophy that influences our current thinking in our Western tradition evolved there along side Jewish and Islamic thinkers, all of which had a respect for each others traditions and religions.

    It really seems that what we have today per Islam, progressivism, etc. are all cheap copies, stolen ideologies used by fascists to trick the majority of society which chooses not to think for itself. A 30 second discussion with an Occupier will illuminate some of the most ignorant, incoherent, confused confluences of views. Free what? How? From where? “The Rich”?

    Incidentally, it’s increasingly apparent that the parasitic elites like this “Gosh, I guess I should be taxed more as a responsible rich person” discourse because it’s a scam. We conservatives know the statistics that if all of the wealth of the top 1% were confiscated, it wouldn’t pay for our government for more than a very short duration. Ask yourself the flip side of the coin…

    Then who is paying for everything if the rich aren’t?

    Us. The middle class herd, milked daily by the elites so they can feed their political-enabling parasites. Just watch Jamie Johnson’s film The Two Percent where he goes even further and shows how these $700 million and greater net worth individuals attend seminars and work with consultants to place most of their assets and income into tax shelters, family trusts, etc. Hey OWS… your real enemy is your President and his 1% sponsors like Soros who are using you to muddy up the political anger at their crimes committed against the people.

  • valerie

    #41 January 22, 2012 at 2:58 pm
    Big Al commented:

    Have you watched Newt at all in debate? He’s been the one to set the tone. He comes off as the leader of the group. And, he didn’t just lecture anybody. He gave a straightforward, factual defense of capitalism in response to a grossly unfair charge of racism, and he flipped a hostile and grossly unfair media effort to rattle him and change the subject of a presidential debate from policy to gossip.

  • Ausonius

    Not heard amongst the applause was the vigorous clapping of pelosi, obama, and many others who can hardly wait to run ad after ad after ad attacking the many frailties of Newt.
    They realize, correctly so in this case, that they have a real opportunity to divide the repubs and keep the many people who will consider Newt’s serial infidelity a pill that cannot be swallowed.

    You see, while many of you obviously have embraced the private vs. public rationalization (clinton moral ethic), there are many who do not believe in moral relativism and know what people have known for years: character does matter. They also realize that the only solid predictor of future actions are past actions.

    Newt’s ethics file will be leaked.

    Newt’s m.o. of attacking any media who ask him a question he doesn’t like will not work for long, especially when this includes Fox reporters. It may get applause at republican events, but likely will be viewed as stonewalling by the larger population.

  • Ausonius

    Queenie #10
    Newt should make you nervous. He still embraces the man-made global warming idea (and did a tv commercial with queen nancy promoting it). He was still defending the individual mandate as recently as last year (yes, he was an early supporter of the idea). He called Paul Ryan’s reform plan “right wing social engineering. He did not come up with the contract for America idea (it was a congressional aide who did). He did pay $300K in “fees” to the HOR ethics panel and DID step down from the Speaker of the House position following the ethics investigations. He did have two divorces, both of which came from affairs he had

    In fairness to Newt, he has done some good things during his time in politics. He is a very good speaker. He can spark up a crowd. If you think this will be the deciding factor in the 2012 election, then I suppose he is your candidate.

    But if you think the positions cited above will not hurt him, you are sadly mistaken. We don’t know what things are contained in the ethics investigation, but pelosi does, as she was on the panel at the time.

  • bg


    Ausonius #50 January 22, 2012 at 4:10 pm

    you’re not only a liar, but you know you’re a liar, because this is
    far from being the first time you’re koolaid lie has been rebuked..

    April 24, 2009

    Newt Rips Gore’s ‘Facts’ To Pieces

    more here..

    and not only that, but..

    May 15, 2009

    Newt Gingrich : Nancy Pelosi Is “Despicable, Dishonest And Vicious”



  • burt

    Santorum did not lose. He just didn’t win.

  • Fen

    All the Romney fans insisting we get behind the GOP nominee, regardless of who he is, were right.

    But will they take their own advice when Newt is the nom?

  • RedBeard

    So Dick Morris was wrong. Nothing new there. He has made a career of being wrong. It’s a mystery why he keeps getting called upon to offer an opinion.

  • bg


    Ausonius #50 January 22, 2012 at 4:10 pm

    you also know that Newt Gingrich was
    thoroughly vindicated back in 1999..

    December 07, 2011

    Newt Was Found Innocent Nearly 13 Years
    Ago – Networks Have Yet To Report It

    December 08, 2011

    Anderson Cooper Buries Gingrich’s Vindication
    of Charges by IRS at End of Critical Story


  • valerie

    #45 January 22, 2012 at 3:33 pm
    Ausonius commented:

    … for you to claim Mitt was the clear 2nd place finisher just confirms your desire that Santorum doesn’t do well. …”

    I don’t get how posting an article by another, that did a better job of predicting the eventual outcome of the vote, equates with hoping a candidate would not do well.

    I suspect that the people at FOX News expected a different result in the voting because they underestimated the seriousness of the voters’ intent. The political handicappers saw that Rick Santorum performed well, that he’s far and away better qualified to run the country than Obama, and that he is a social conservative with a clean record. Because the state is largely socially conservative, and because Romney and Gingrich have weaker credentials in this area, it was reasonable to predict a better showing by Rick Santorum.

    I don’t think the South Carolina voters assumed that Rick Santorum’s clean record would remain so, if he became the frontrunner. They’d already seen candidates they liked get ripped to shreds unfairly by the media, and not necessarily based on fact. They may have made the decision that this [email protected] stops now, and if that means tossing a bloodied fighter into the ring instead of the normal favorite, so be it. From the sound of the exit polls, that may have been exactly what was in play. The women voted for Newt.

    Yeah, Newt has baggage. But he stood up for himself, unruffled an clear, and gave a Devil-and-Daniel Webster quality answer to a snarky, hostile question that disrespected the voters as much as the candidates.

    You need to consider how he answered:

    “No, but I will.”
    “I think the destructive, vicious, negative nature of much of the news media makes it harder to govern this country, harder to attract decent people to run for public office. And I am appalled that you would begin a presidential debate on a topic like that.”

    That opening lays out a core problem we now have with the governance of our country. This country is harder to govern because our media makes peoples’ lives miserable, depending on their political positions. We all know this. We all should know, for example, that Barack Obama became a Senator when he ran unopposed because somebody, I say, somebody, managed to get his opponents’ divorce records opened. Long before then, most people in my generation decided we wouldn’t put our parents through the horror of our political involvement.

    The next point is straight from the Bible, or at least would be so interpreted by Christians:

    “GINGRICH: Every person in here knows personal pain. Every person in here has had someone close to them go through painful things. To take an ex-wife and make it two days before the primary a significant question for a presidential campaign is as close to despicable as anything I can imagine. ”

    He had tried to remedy the situation earlier

    “My – my two daughters – my two daughters wrote the head of ABC and made the point that it was wrong, that they should pull it, and I am frankly astounded that CNN would take trash like that and use it to open a presidential debate.”

    CNN is responsible for its own acts, and the explanation that everyone else is doing it would fail.

    GINGRICH: John, John, it was repeated by your network. You chose to start the debate with it. Don’t try to blame somebody else. You and your staff chose to start this debate with it.
    Then he turns to the facts, of how his campaign had tried to get this issue handled beforehand

    Then he proceeded with the facts.

    It was masterful. Rick Santorum performed well. His performance was not masterful.

    #50 January 22, 2012 at 4:10 pm
    Ausonius commented:

    If you’re going to be in this conversation, you need to keep up. You’ve loaded a lot of misinformation into your comments on this thread, and those of us who have been connecting to the actual words of the candidates know it.

  • do people really pay attention to the “opinion of the highest bidder.”

  • bg


    Multitude #47 January 22, 2012 at 3:38 pm

    you’re welcome & thank you..

    yes, posted a lot about Said (and Obama’s connect to
    ), and his connect to Orientalism long time back..

    re: [actually, I think we should be careful
    about thinking of Islam in the singular.]


    however, Islam is not Islamism..

    Islam is however, Poligious :aka: Political & Religious, ergo, nothing
    to be at ease with
    .. and also believe you know more than you think,
    well, i think you do anyways.. and another excellent post btw.. 😉

    Islamism is Socialism by any other name is Naziism, but what’s
    in a name
    when the results are the same, and alas, i digress..

    ps, am i the only one noticing all the negative information connected
    to Islam is slowly but surely hopping down the rabbit hole?? *sigh*


  • Freddy

    The biggest losers in this primary are the pollsters!

    10 days before the sc primary they had Romney winning by 18%. In the actual election, Romney lost by 12%.

    The polls taken 10 days earlier were only within 30% of the final vote!!!!

    So, of course, the news people immediatly pointed to even more polls and claimed Newt is totally unacceptable to every living human on the planet!

  • Militant Conservative

    LOL, just wait until November.

    Heads will pop.

  • Nancy

    I want a Republican candidate who can metaphorically rip out Obama’s liver and feed it to him. I want one who will look straight at the liberal media and spit in its eye.

    I want a Conservative champion, and that ain’t Mitt Romney.

    If you can’t stand up for Conservatism, Coulter and Morris, just sit down and shut up. I’m tired of having Establishment Moderates, who can’t stand up to the bullying Left, shoved down my throat.

    Go Newt!

  • Mark S.

    So Dick Morris was wrong. Nothing new there. He has made a career of being wrong. It’s a mystery why he keeps getting called upon to offer an opinion.

    He wasn’t wrong.. Santorum IMO had the best of the debate, unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to translate into the votes in S. Carolina. (most everyone knew it was going to be an uphill battle for Santorum in SC…. My guess is he’s hoping he made enough of an impact to make a difference in Florida?)

  • Old One

    The polls during primaries until two or three days before elections are about the media manipulating voter views and candidate choices toproduce the outcomes desired by the elites not measuring voters opinions or possible choices.

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  • Vicky Hernandez

    Boy, Wright nailed it. Just because Boehner saw the TEA Party parade coming in 2010 and ran in front of it like a drum major doesn’t mean he’ll get the speakership, again should the GOP retain the majority in 2012. A lot of people are still seething at that one!

    Too bad Michelle Bachmann & the other TEA Party-backed Congressmen didn’t fight hard against GOP barnacles like Boehner et. al. Bachmann’d probably be SOTH by now with real power, instead of waiting for a possible position in a Romney administration. Some thanks for letting herself be used to “checkmate” conservatives like Palin and Pawlenty.

    ‘Guess they were counting on Romney being “crowned” with the GOP nomination with the- other candidates and Conservative rank and file would just “go along.”

  • Patty

    The pollsters, the political pundits, who seem to predict the future by what the see, is on a wing and a prayer. If they are right 6 times out of 10 that is shear luck. I don’t place my faith in them ever.

    It is all up to the candidate. And no one can predict the outcome. This time around Americans have learn their lesson well and not buy the opinions ever again by the Network jargon.

    The discontent with Obama is frightening and when these pundits understand just how much then the can make some accurate predictions, God willing and the creek don’t rise.

    Many are lying through their yellow teeth, so if you can find one you can trust, great. But until then I will find a candidate I can trust and who sincerely believes in rebuilding America.

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  • bg



    January 20, 2012

    Crony Capitalism

    [Now this is only the second broadcast of our new series, yet we’ve
    already made our choice for the best headline of the month. Here it is:

    “Citigroup Replaces JPMorgan as White House Chief of Staff.”

    Behind that headline is a tangled web.

    The new chief of staff is Jack Lew. He used to work for the giant banking conglomerate Citigroup. His predecessor as chief of staff is Bill Daley, who used to work at the giant banking conglomerate JPMorgan Chase. Daley was maestro of the bank’s global lobbying and the chief liaison to the White House.

    Bill Daley replaced Obama’s first chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, who once worked for a Wall Street firm where he was paid a reported $18.5 million in less than three years.

    The new chief of staff, Jack Lew, comes from Obama’s Office of Management and Budget, where he replaced Peter Orszag, who now works as vice chairman for global banking at the giant conglomerate Citigroup. Still following me?

    It’s startling the number of high-ranking Obama officials who have spun through the revolving door between the White House and the sacred halls of investment banking.

    But remember, it was Bush and Cheney’s cronies in big business who helped walk us right into the blast furnace of financial meltdown. Then they rushed to save the banks with taxpayer money.

    But of course, Bush and Cheney aren’t the only ones to have a soft spot for financiers. Bankers seem to come and go pretty frequently at the White House. President Obama may call them “fat cats” and stir the rabble against them with populist rhetoric when it serves his purpose, but after the fiscal fiasco, he allowed the culprits to escape virtually scot-free. And when he’s here in New York, he dines with them frequently and eagerly accepts their big contributions.

    Like his predecessors, Obama’s administration has also provided the banks with billions of low-cost dollars they used for high-yielding investments to make big profits.

    It’s a fact. The largest banks are actually bigger than they were when he took office. And earned more in the first two-and-a-half years of his term than they did during the entire eight years of the Bush administration.

    And get this: President Obama’s new best friend, according to The New York Times, is Robert Wolf. They play golf, basketball, and they talk economics when Wolf is not raising money for the President’s re-election campaign. Now, just who is Robert Wolf? Well, <b.he's top dog at the U.S. branch of the giant Swiss bank UBS, the very bank that helped rich Americans evade taxes. Here, Senator Carl Levin describes some of the tricks used by UBS:]

    much much more to this story, and it’s not pretty..


  • ilikai

    sounds like you and I watched the same debate. Newt took it, but Romney came in a close second. These pundits are all working for Romney, saying he is the nominee when there have only been 3, count them, 3 primaries so far. I guess you can just forget the other 47, or in Obamantions case, other 54 primaries.

  • bg


    re: #68 January 22, 2012 at 6:51 pm bg

    Democrats beat the market by 73 basis points per month, compared
    to 18 for Republicans. That’s a rout anyway you look at it. Senators
    fare even better than house members.

    ha, some of the things he talked about nearing the end, i was ranting
    on & on about as far back as 2001 shortly after 9/11 when Congress
    gave themselves a midnight new years eve raise.. 🙁

    not to mention TERM LIMITS!! 😡


  • bg


    re: #70 January 22, 2012 at 7:22 pm bg

    [BILL MOYERS: No one I know has a better understanding of the
    see-saw tension in our history between democracy and capitalism.

    Capitalism, you accumulate wealth and make it available. Democracy being a brake, B-R-A-K-E, on the unbridled greed of capitalists. It seems to me that democracy has lost and that capitalism is triumphant — crony capitalism in this case.

    DAVID STOCKMAN: And I think it’s important to put the word crony capitalism on there. Because free-market capitalism is a different thing. True free-market capitalists never go to Washington with their hand out. True free-market capitalists running a bank do not expect that every time they make a foolish mistake or they get themselves too leveraged or they end up with too many risky assets that don’t work out, they don’t expect to go to the Federal Reserve and get some cheap or free money and go on as before.

    They expect consequences, maybe even failure of their firm, certainly loss of their bonuses, maybe the loss of their jobs. So we don’t have free-market capitalism left in this country anymore. We have everyone believing that if they can hire the right lobbyist, raise enough political action committee money, spend enough time prowling the halls of the Senate and the House and the office buildings, arguing for their parochial narrow interest — that that is the way that will work out. And that is crony capitalism. It’s very dangerous and it seems to be becoming more embedded in our system.

    BILL MOYERS: So many people say, “We’ve got to get money out
    of politics.”
    Or as you said, “Money dominates government today.”

    DAVID STOCKMAN: Well look, I think the financial industry, over the two or three year run up to 2010 spent something like $600 million. Just the financial industry, the banks, the Wall Street houses and some hedge funds and others. Insurance companies. $600 million in campaign contributions or lobbying.

    That is so disproportionate, because the average American today is struggling to make ends meet. Probably working extra hours in order, just to keep up with the cost of living, which is being driven up unfortunately by the Fed.

    They don’t have time to weigh into the political equation against the daily, hourly lobbying and pressuring and you know, influencing of the process. So it’s asymmetrical. And how do we solve that? I think we can only solve it by — and it’ll take a constitutional amendment, so I don’t say this lightly. But I think we have eliminate all contributions above $100 and get corporations out of politics entirely.

    Ban corporations from campaign contributions or attempting to influence elections. Now, I know that runs into current free speech. So the only way around it is a constitutional amendment to cleanse our political system on a one-time basis from this enormously corrupting influence that has built up. And I think nothing is really going to change until we get money out of politics and do some radical things to change the way elections are financed and the way the process is influenced by organized money. If we don’t address that, then crony capitalism is here for the duration.]


  • Mimi

    Sorry but Newt voted for TARP, was for the individual mandate in his years in Congress, he supported the idea of climate change, worked for Freddie Mac, is in favor of amnesty. He has the same votes as John McCain. Santorum did not support tarp or the indiv mandate. He is not in favor of amnesty just wants our laws enforced. He did not vote for a federal law for right to vote but he had to represent his state and they want the union. 10th amend and voting the way his constituents wanted him to– says something about him. Missouri was against healthcare, McCaskill voted for healthcare acknowledging that she knew her constiuency was not in favor of it. She didn’t rep the will of the people. He was involved in welfare reform, health savings accts, he was involved with exposing the check kiting scam in Congress.
    Anyway these are the reasons I support him over Newt.

  • bg


    Mimi #72 January 22, 2012 at 8:32 pm

    dang, you sure love to mimic yourself,
    no doubt the idea behind your id.. 🙄


  • Molon Labe

    The MSM were giant losers. Juan Williams and the other clown crowned Newt. Thanks.

    Newt showed not only he would take the fight to Obama but that he would mop the floor with him and the media. Santorum was good but didn’t have the passion or convince me he could beat Obama.

    Romney showed he is an expert two stepper, never responding in clear ringing tones but sounding like a lawyer. Sad, pathetic, and weak.

  • There are only two things certain in live. death and Dick Morris not knowing what he is talking about

  • bg


    re: #55 January 22, 2012 at 4:50 pm bg

    correct link for:

    December 07, 2011

    Newt Was Found Innocent Nearly 13 Years
    Ago – Networks Have Yet To Report It


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  • Ausonius

    bg #51:
    Name calling is the last (and in your case the first) refuge of scoundrels
    Nothing I said is a lie, you just don’t like hearing the truth. I note that you point to nothing particular, which seems typical of you.

    valerie #56
    Like bg, you offer no specific when you claim I provided misinformation.
    I stand by every word I said.

  • bg


    Ausonius #78 January 23, 2012 at 7:16 am

    name calling?? hah

    that you are a LIAR is noted a FACT!!