CNN DEBATE- NEWT GOES OFF ON CNN ANCHOR! Another Standing Ovation! WOW! (Video)

Right out of the blocks – Newt Gingrich SLAMMED CNN debate host John King tonight.

Newt slammed CNN for opening a GOP debate with questions about a former wife.
Newt was on fire!! Another standing ovation.

Later on Newt goes after Obama: “I’d like to challenge Obama to 3 hour Lincoln Douglas debate … he can use teleprompter, I’ll use knowledge.”

Great debate tonight.

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  • bg


    ‘i am tired of the elite media protecting Obama
    and attacking Republicans’ or damn close to it!!

    Woot Newt!!

  • Texas_Treeroach

    There’s nothing like watching a corrupt network being neutered by a sledgehammer!!!

    Thank God for DVR’s!!

  • Spider

    John King throws lefty, liberal curve ball at Speaker Gingrich…..

    Newt whacks it completely out of the park…

    Home run.

  • Amino

    Is he there to debate other candidates, or score points with idots for “slamming” the moderator?

  • Catblaster

    I am finding my happy place…

  • Skip

    Newt has got to be the GOP nominee!

  • Catblaster

    Watch…if Newt continues to do well, they’ll start attacking him on this type of issue and portraying Ogabe as a nice church-going family man.

  • You know, what the ex said would be considered heresay and in a court of law would NOT be admissible.

  • Spider

    All 4 of these guys are good, real good. I’d take any of them. I like ’em in this order: Gingrich, Santorum, Romney, Paul.

    17 debates in and these guys are in top form.

  • Bubba

    Newt ain’t the typical GOP bitch when it comes to taking the tactics of the media as “just the way it is.”

    This response may have been his “I’m PAYING FOR THIS MICROPHONE” moment.

  • Valerie

    #4 January 19, 2012 at 7:19 pm
    Amino commented:

    Watch the clip. His point was that he IS there to debate the other candidates, not talk about personal pain.

  • Big 10 Countologist

    Is he there to debate other candidates, or score points with idots for “slamming” the moderator?

    What does an idiot like yourself, learn from the idiotic question that the “moderator” asked?

  • Catblaster

    We’ll know more about Newt’s sphincter after this weekend than we will Obama’s past.

  • Alvin

    Newt admitted he was a dirtbag, and that he sought redemption through Christ.

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  • bg


    Amino #4 January 19, 2012 at 7:19 pm

    you want the moderator to ask the candidates to
    debate what they think of what Newts wife said??


  • Bubba

    Aww, COME ON!! Include the whole response!! You cut out the best part, where he absolutely beats down King when he attempts to fall back on the tired old, “hey, we weren’t the ones who said it…we’re just reporting on what others have said.” THAT’S the part that made it so fantastic.

  • neverends

    Rah, rah for Newt!!
    I especially liked the clenched jaw of John whatever-his-name-is. He was so pi$$ed that he even let the standing ovation and applause go on while he attempted to regain his composure. Don’t ever think that Newt will not end up being the person who single-handedly has the ability to bring down the biased liberal press. And, until the Obamie press is neutralized, there is nothing but a continuous scorched-earth, anti-American, socialist/communist/uptopian reports.

  • robins111

    I think Palin was right, the MSM overplayed their hand and got their a$$ handed to them

  • Amino

    Maybe they should have done Donald Trumps’ debate instead….

  • Adi

    “Would you like to take some time to respond to that?”
    “No. But I will.”

    Perfect command in English and then he is “trashing” (pun intended) the moderator and the entire CNN network.

    This is not a fight to be won “tooth and nail” but rather “fang and claw” and hopefully this is just a sample.

  • Remco Kimber

    Man, this is gonna make these moderators think twice before trying to sandbag any of the GOP candidates. It was delightful to see King stand there knowing he was just dying inside.

    Newt, keep this stuff up. The ever-so-smug MSM HAS to be put into its place.

  • Lady Mondegreen

    This blog is sounding a lot like an echo chamber. If Newt is the nominee, Obama wins in a landslide, and it will be a GOP hand the shoves Newt under the bus.

  • averagemelon

    I smell backbone and it smells SOOOOO GOOOOOOD after such a long absence!

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Re: Bubba #17

    I agree:

    JIM, not all of us have CNN. Please, if you can find it, post the rest of this particular exchange!

  • vamoose

    Newt gave King and CNN both barrels, calmly reloaded, and blasted two more.

    King wanted the others to pile on Newt, instead Paul piled on the media and the corporations that run them.

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  • BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Ronulans are the Socratic Ideal of the echo chamber, Lady Mondegreen.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Platonic Ideal, that is.

  • lizzy84

    Well done, Mr. Speaker..well done.

  • Multitude

    There are definitive moments in media history that signify a radical change in the societal attitude. This was one of them. (And Harry Reid thought the Tea Party was dead)

    If the media is unable to abide by ethical conduct, it will be reformed for them. Right now, the only thing preventing journalists from a Sarbanes-Oxley criminal code that imposes the same Federal sentences for misrepresentations, bias, and other intentional distortions in reporting is a complicit Congress. Once we fix that mess, we’re coming to help reform the media next.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Later on Newt goes after Obama: “I’d like to challenge Obama to 3 hour Lincoln Douglas debate … he can use teleprompter, I’ll use knowledge.”


  • glockfixer

    Really? If Newt is the nominee, Obama wins? If the nominee is a moderate like Romney, does that mean Obama loses?

    Can we look how that logic has worked in the past?

    Ronald Reagan was a strong conservative. He won.

    George H.W. Bush won on Reagan’s legacy. Time for re-election, he was seen as a moderate because that is how he governed. He lost.

    Dole was a moderate. He lost.

    George W. Bush ran as a conservative and won. He won re-election due to being more conservative than moderate, and because he was running against John Kerry who was shown to be a liar and opportunist.

    John McCain was a moderate/liberal. He lost.

    Yeah, that’s the ticket! Let’s run a moderate! Surely the Republicans can win the White House with Obamalite!!! Look how successful the moderate wing of the Republican Party has been since 1980!

  • Tjexcite

    circa 2015…

    President Gingrich just signed repeal of Obamacare and institute Newtcare. All 3 of his ex-wive and new current 3 open wives are at the signing and the now republican party wonder, how did this happen.. Well back in 2012 he has a good debate and found a spine to attack the truth when he did not like it as it made him look like scum that he is. So he must be good…

  • bg


    #25 January 19, 2012 at 7:45 pm

    watch live – debate link


  • Mad Hatter

    I said this about Juan Williams, and I’ll say this about John King.

    John King will look funny walking to his hotel room with Newt’s shoe hanging out of his ass.

  • Granny


    If President Newt Gingrich repeals Obamacare I don’t care if he has an entire harem there to witness the signing. Stop being an ass.

  • maraz
  • Dale

    Yes, it’s always the evil media, how dare they ask questions about Newt cheating on his cancer striken wife and then cheating on that wife when she got M.S. So how are we supposed to trust Newt then??

    Seriously, the Evangelicals are so dumb. They’ll vote for the adulterer just because the other guy is a Mormon.

  • does anybody think john king would’ve asked that question of a democrat? if was good to see someone stand up to american tass instead of cowering before them.

  • annonymous


  • Sasja

    I doubt Zero even knows what a Lincoln-Douglas debate is.

  • bg


    Dale #40 January 19, 2012 at 8:15 pm

    oh please, go read that back to you’refullofyourself..


  • Taqiyyotomist

    #34 Glockfixer


    But, hey, let’s ignore history and go with the Moderate.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque


    Nice, but the Republicans are riding the same old bus yet again – a debate hosted by one of the Democrat Party’s propaganda arms, and moderated by a “journalist” who is more likely than not a leftist.

    Why do these guys do this? Why? WHY???

  • bg


    maraz #39 January 19, 2012 at 8:06 pm



  • Taqiyyotomist

    Hey, thanks, bg!

  • Molon Labe

    We saw the moment when an election changed.


    Thread winner. Great line. Its nice to saee backbone after so many plastic metrosexuals.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Question on deportation of so many illegals:

    my answer: start by investigating the potential amnesty-recipients for ties to gangs. THEY GO NOW.

    Well, what do you know? Newt agrees! (after I typed that…)

  • Robert

    They really stepped in it by using Newt personal affairs as the opening question. They showed that they would rather try to destroy candidates than use the forum to explore political philosophies.

    This is our news media at work, trying to influence the news rather than report it.

    And for those such as Amino and Dave, the media will NEVER ask questions in this manner to democrats.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Are there any NONviolent radical Jihadists?

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Mexicans, by and large, don’t want to “come to America to be Americans.”

    They want to take our nation and fly their flag and speak their language and turn the U.S. into North Mexico.

  • bg


    shame on you Santorum, your facts are not straight.. besides,
    putting others down does not elevate you, stand on your own
    merits / demerits!! attack OBAMA.. gah!!


  • Darrin

    This is why I support the guy. Conservatives need more fire and brimstone.

    This is Reaganesque in that he refuses to buy into the media narrative and to play by their terms.

    This was the problem with McCain –he was afraid to challenge Barack or to support Palin fully out of fear of what the media and the elites might say.

    This is the secret of Christie’s success, even in a liberal state. He is going to lay it on the line and not apologize for the bare-knuckle truth.

    Remember the earlier debate, when according to the standard left-wing m.o., the first question out of the gates was something like, “Not that I’m referring to Newt or anything, but how do you feel about scumbags who cheat on their wives?”

    I understand why Newt got the standing ovation. After the full frontal assaults on any conservative who starts to rise in the polls, like the smears against Herman Cain, I’m ready for a candidate who will sock the moderator right in the teeth.

  • Adi


    No, we’re voting against THE black guy because we’re soooo racists!

  • owl

    Down to 4. It is much easier.

    Either Newt or Mitt.

    Absolutely. no way. ever. absolutely. do not. ever .want. Rick Santorum or Ron Paul. I would take Paul over Santorum but he is crazy as a bat on foreign policy. Shame.

  • west 1890

    When will the press start hammering on Obama about all the information about himself that he is intentionally hiding? When will they ask him about Man’s Country in Chicago and the allegation that he is a “lifetime” member? When will they ask about the allegations that he is homosexual? When will they research the unsolved murder of Donald Young?

  • bear

    #40, dale,

    WHERE were the lefty, anti-American media types when clinton got caught with his booty call in the OVAL OFFICE? WHERE were they when john “love child” edwards was caught in the middle of his campaign?

    They were hiding, spiking stories, ignoring the facts, denying their own biases and MOCKING actual Americans. They were posing as journalists, while destroying their so-called “profession” in the name of marxist ideology.

    They have no credibility, no expertise and no claim to any respect from people who revere our Constitution. They are a disgusting stain on our nation’s legacy. They and you can kiss my butt, lefty-boy.

    GO NEWT!!

  • Mad Hatter


    You forgot one important aspect. The Mexicans see the Southwest as their Palestine, and want to flood it with Mexicans through birth rate and illegal immigration, vote their own kind into state offices, and “return the Southwest to its rightful owner”.

    Pass this link along to anyone you know that thinks Illegal Immigration is no big deal.

  • owl

    If Newt can keep himself, his ideas and his ego under control…………..I choose Newt. Smile Newt while you beat the crap outta em.

  • Molon Labe


    Get your facts right so you can make a sensible attack and smear job. Newt’s wife didn’t have cancer, she had a beign tumor, vast difference.

    Second wife did not have MS. Try again.

    You sound like someone from DU, try a bit harder.

  • Militant Conservative

    Yup he’s got baggage, that is your smash mouth

    Warrior. Romney is too such ass polite.

    A fighter is what is needed and Obama the

    Panty waist is not even close.

    Real men tell it like it is

  • gus

    Mondegreen, you sound about as stupid as John King.

  • Molon Labe


    You’re right, but you need a candidate who can stand up and knock down the MSM as well. Only Newt has done this. I’d rather have Santorum, but Newt is better suited to defeat the RINOs and the Dear Leader.

    I hope that Newt can place Santorium in his government along with Cain and Palin.

  • obama had gay sex

    Well we know Obama had gay sex. I’m sure John King will ask him about it.

  • alo89

    IMHO the way this playing out is conservatives (tea Party, etc.) are listening for a leader. Someone who will defend true things and argue true things and convince people of true things. Romney can’t gain any traction because he always sounds like he’s trying to hold a p[lace somewhere between true things and expedient things. Now Newt may be a flibbertigibbet but he does argue good and he does have a little passion for true things. He might be wrong and he might be the wrong guy but at least he won’t be dragging ammo home. Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead. Black flag, meet throats.

  • Robert
  • bg


    good gong on Paul Satorum!!


  • Texas_Treeroach

    Jim posted this blog at 7:10 PM.
    I’ve now determined at 9:00 PM that CNN is the enemy of the American freedom.

    CNN must become nothing more that an ugly footnote in the history of American Journalism.

  • SM-AZ

    I’m voting for the Repub nominee and since Paul has no chance of winning it’s Santorum, Romney or Newt. Any of these three would be better then Barry. But, they have to be able to win in Nov. That’s the most important. Maybe all the stuff being brought out now about Newt is good. Better now then later if Newt gets the nomination. Again, most important is that one of these three wins the repub nom and then makes Barry history.

  • Proud PaulBot

    One word describes Santorum…. PUNK

  • Catblaster

    No questions about any of the ogabe scandals?

  • Proud PaulBot

    Everyone needs to accept the fact that despite Newt’s performance tonight, he is TOAST on the character issue. This issue is NOT going to go away just because Newt turned the tables on the moderator and the media tonight. He’s been Herman Cained BIG TIME and he’s as good as done.

    And then there were three…

  • Mad Hatter


    You can add ABC, MSNBC, CBS, USA Today, Newsweek, New York Times, The Washington Post, and the San Francisco Comical to that list.

    They are not watch dogs for the American people, they are lap dogs for Obama and the DNC.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #58 west 1890

    I would pay my entire paycheck to watch that on Pay-Per-View.

    It will never happen.

    “Mr. Obama. Would you like to take a few moments to talk about the allegations made by Larry Sinclair that you snorted lines of coke in a limo while he fellated you?”

    With Republicans, all you need is an allegation for the State-Run-Media to talk about it for months, all day coverage.

    With Democrats, even a hip-deep wake of dead bodies, sexual harrassment claims, rape claims, it’s not worthy of a mention, only of the character-assassination of those making the allegations. (Hi, Billy Jeff Clinton!)

  • Mad Hatter

    Proud PaulBot,

    Craig, is that you?

  • Proud PaulBot

    Nope… you should be able to tell I’m not Craig… I can put together a complete sentence.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    LOL @ Proud PaulBot’s nic.

    I have never seen such honesty and forthrightness from a Paul supporter.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Now go and game a few polls….and get your f%$&in’ shinebox.

  • LaInfidel

    That was fun as hell watching slime ball Jon King slither away after he got his ass handed to him several times tonight. The ex wife issue is old news…she’s just a grumpy old hag. Can’t wait to see Newt hand Obama his ass on live TV.

  • Mad Hatter

    LOL #80,

    Be careful, you remember what happened to Billy Batts after he said that, lol.

  • Proud PaulBot

    Taqiyyotomist… bite me. 🙂

  • Sasja

    bg, or anyone. Busy with other things, what is the beef with Santorum?

  • JenBee

    Great response by Newt, although I would have rather seen him point out that the same media that’s hyperventilating over these 12 year old allegations of his chose to completely ignore and cover up the fact that John Kerry – during his 2008 campaign – was actively carrying on an adulterous relationship with a woman who later bore his illegitimate love child, while his cancer-stricken wife was dying. And then he should have pointed out the power of the (D) behind your name and the benefits the media bestows on you for it.

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  • Taqiyyotomist

    Mad Hatter, LOL!

    I remember…

    #83 PPB

    LOL! 😀 …bite me.

    I just did!

    Remember, after you game you some polls, don’t forget to then believe the results of the polls you just gamed, and then don’t forget to be completely and utterly surprised when the reality of the vote doesn’t match the “reality” of the gamed polls!

    It’s such fun to watch that particular aspect of the Ronulans!

  • Dale

    Thanks for all the mean, unkind comments, you must be the Christian conservatives I’ve heard about. Wow, love the tolerance from the righties. I am one of you. I just think Newt has baggage and the Democraps will make an issue of it. I just want so badly for Obama to be defeated, but I have little confidence right now in the GOP field.

  • KornKing

    #17 Bubba-“some have said” becomes “well,everyone knows”…

  • Fionnagh

    #84 Sanctimonious, for starters.

  • bg


    Sasja #84 January 19, 2012 at 8:58 pm

    well, he’s not may fav, but my “specific beef” with him was that he
    was not only wrong about Romney and illegals, but he sounded more
    like Huckcrybabee.. he did much better when discussing Pauls record
    because he had his facts straight..


  • Rose

    NEWT billed THIS DEBATE with HANOI JOHN as a Lincoln Douglas debate, too! Hanoi John showed up as Douglas – NEWT SHOWED UP AS JOHN WILKES BOOTH!
    Newt Gingrich John Kerry Global Warming debate 2007
    NEWT: ” … I NEVER WORKED WITH PEOPLE I DON’T AGREE WITH…” Dec. 15, 2011 Fox News Debate, responding to Michelle Bachman regarding his conduct re Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Indeed, JenBee. Hindsight is wonderful.

    I loved his response, but yours would have been even better.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #88 Dale

    You can see the irony in your comment, no?


    Nice. Love the dripping sarcasm regarding “Christian conservatives”.

    No meanness at all, there. None whatsoever.

  • USMC Thomas

    Newt’s they bring a knife, I’ll bring a gun.

  • Ken Royall

    You are all celebrating a serial adulterer and liar. I am ashamed of my fellow Conservatives across this country that are being taken in by this loser. He isn’t a great man because he yells at the media. Stop acting like children.

  • bg


    look, no matter who the nominee is..

    the bottom line is..

    a tit for tat debate with Obama will be an automatic win for him..

    also believe most of you know that you can take that to the bank..


  • jd

    the best part is that he doesn’t let king shift blame. a true fighter knows how to finish someone off when they are on the ropes.

  • Proud Paul Bottom feeder

    My candidate hates the JOOOOOOS.

  • Newt hit-another home-run………..If Mrs. Ex has moved on after 17 years she needs to seek proffessional help……….because something other than being hurt and bitter ex is going on here……..just sayin

  • Molon Labe


    Moby alert.

    Was thiscsripted by Rahm or not?

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Ken Royall

    The Savior isn’t running for president right now.

    I know, it’s sad, isn’t it?

    That there is no sinless man, white-as-snow, willing to run for president is heartbreaking.

    Will no completely sinless man stand up and run?

    …wait, you mean none exist on this Earth? Damn.

  • Big 10 Countologist

    Gee Dale, you seem rather butthurt. Yeah, of course you’re a Rupublican Christian Conservative who needs to shame all of us who don’t share your particular Dhimmitude. Please, by all means, become a democrat. You’re only a couple of shamings, condemnations and denouncements away right now.

  • gus

    Yes, Ken, you lead us to the promised land. You’re the man Ken.

  • bg


    #74 January 19, 2012 at 8:51 pm
    Proud PaulBot

    yes, the content of ones character is what
    counts, not the content in ones bedroom..

    even MLK had affairs.. duh!!

    btw, this country went down the wrong road due to one mans lies..

    the only time i felt ashamed of my country is when the MSM Reps & Dems
    made a 3 ring circus out of Clinton’s LIE.. if only he had told the truth, or
    just taken his lust to a motel / hotel down the road or across the street..
    anywhere but in “we the people’s” Oval Office.. that is what really hurt
    America’s “moral values”, ergo, all of US.. 🙁


  • USMC Thomas

    #96 January 19, 2012 at 9:08 pm
    Ken Royall commented:

    “You are all celebrating a serial adulterer and liar…”

    When did scumbag clinton get in this conversation?

  • Ausonius

    BG #54

    And what facts are those that Santorum doesn’t have straight?
    Specifics please.

  • Adi


    For the record, your “fellow conservatives” do not “yell” “at the media”.

  • Big 10 Countologist

    Oh good, another shaming. That never gets old. Too bad that schtick doesn’t work anymore. It’s going to be like ’08 all over again. Hey, you forgot the racist acccusations. It’s not complete until we hear that again.

  • gus

    Clinton lied under oath to a grand jury. THAT IS A FELONY.

  • crackermike

    No one has mentioned the look on John King’s face. I’ve never seen such a contrite and sheepish look on a “newsman’s” face. He knows he just got caught pimping for Obama. And made to look a vindictive and stupid fool. Newt is developing a don’t f#@% with me reputation and we will see other moderator/pimps begin to fear him. Gingrich just materially improved his chances to be President. This was surely a “Have you no decency sir” moment.

  • JenBee

    Ken Royall, as others have pointed out, we are not looking for a husband… we are looking for a President. Seeing as 50% of all marriages end in divorce, and knowing that no divorce is ever pretty, I frankly do not care if he’s divorced and has ex-wives in his past. And as far as the allegations his second wife is spewing, well they wouldn’t stand up in court – they are hear-say – and coming from a bitter ex-wife, I’d say the source is tainted. The thing about Newt that I really like is that he has ADMITTED he’s made past mistakes (unlike other candidates who try like hell to spin their past mistakes into oblivion) and has publicly asked for forgiveness for them. Honesty, that’s what I see. And yes, integrity, despite his past indiscretions in his personal love life. What I see is a man who can passionately and articulately promote conservative values, which I believe is of utmost importance in this election. We have at least one entire generation that has been brainwashed in academia to despise capitalism and adore big government — these are the people we need to win over, and the only way we’re going to do it is to have someone who can CLEARLY define the benefits of conservatism over the perils of socialism. AND he can take on the lamestream media’s disgusting bias. Simply put, Newt is the man.

  • thescribbler

    Just think how life would be if the lame stream media did their jobs BEFORE Obama was elected! How about those college transcripts, for instance. They sure know how to dig up old news when it comes to a Republican, but couldn’t vent Obama past knowing he liked golf and had two kids. Seriously…..pffft. It’s about time someone stood up to these hacks that call themselves journalists and put them in their place, the gutter.

  • bg


    re: #105 January 19, 2012 at 9:17 pm bg

    btw, ‘content in ones bedroom’ is a ‘so to speak’ statement, not meant to
    be taken literally, as there are way too many pedophiles out and about..

    [When looking at cases of consensual sex between a person aged 15 and
    a person aged 30, why can we not leave these people alone if this is what
    they want, or at the most ostracize them for being ‘gross’, if that’s what
    you think of it.”]


  • Ret-Vet

    I can only hope Newt is not the candidate. His spouses could not trust and I see no reason to trust him.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #111 crackermike

    He knows he just got caught pimping for Obama.

    Hey, it’s a paycheck. Obama’s little cojones ain’t gonna wash themselves you know. SOMEONE’S gotta do it, right?

    Newt is developing a don’t f#@% with me reputation and we will see other moderator/pimps begin to fear him.

    Newt is apparently learning the Chris Christie “No Fear” Method of dealing with these Progressive ball-washers.

  • Big 10 Countologist

    Hey, Imma change my moniker to RealRepublicanChristianConservative, and shame everyone on this thread, cause I’m serious. I may even use all caps for emphasis on words like “OUTRAGED”, “DISAPPOINTED” and “INTOLERANT.”

  • JenBee

    #113 thescribbler … YES! At this time in history, a non-biased media that actually does its job and investigates and reports on FACTS is sorely missed. Just think of all the juicy crap out there on Obama… all low-hanging fruit that’s being ignored by the Obama’s lapdog media. It will come out someday… I fully believe once he’s out of office the facts about his past will start to break. He will eventually be remembered in history as the phony narcissist he is. But it sure would be nice to have all that come out NOW. As someone above said, before this is all over we’ll know more about Newt’s ass than we know about Obama’s past.

  • gus

    Ret-Vet. Given the Choice between Obama and a Sh!t Sandwich, I’d take the sh!t sandwich.

  • JenBee

    Ret-Vet, his first ex-wife has nothing ill to say about him at all… and his second ex-wife seems to be a very bitter woman. Would you want people passing judgement on you solely on the basis of what your past enemies say about you? Consider the source, eh?

  • Big 10 Countologist

    Less flies would land on a sh!t sandwich!

  • Mimi

    I agree it was a great response by Newt but Newt supported TARP. Money sent to banks that made bad decisions on the backs of the taxpayer. Newt is NOT conservative voting for TARP>

  • Hopeful

    BG #54 Hear, hear! I was disgusted with Santorum from his first remark.

    #84 Sasja, what’s the beef with Santorum. Here’s my beef: With the first question to Newt, Romney and Paul both declined to participate in helping fry Newt.

    Santorum started off with I’m a Christian and I believe in forgiveness BUT and then proceeded to whale away at Newt on the wife thing. Santorum dominated the whole debate, because he used every question to bash the other candidates, and the moderator encouraged him by letting him run on, then asking the attacked party to reply. During the reply, Santorum made faces a la Gore while his opponent was talking. Then the moderator gave Santorum even MORE time to attack again.

    And didn’t you know he is the ONLY REAL pro-life candidate yada yada.

    Every question to Santorum was the same thing. Yada yada, everyone stinks but me, and I am purely fragrant. Yada yada yada and double yada squared. Frankly, I was disgusted with him. The whole debate was about HIS criticisms of the candidates, and why he didn’t agree with their defense of their own positions. The man acted like a child, couldn’t stand it when anyone else spoke, pouting and grimacing while they spoke. I used to like Santorum once upon a time, but now I wish he would just disappear.

    Actually, he is as inexperienced as Obambi, and would make just as much as mush of everything. I also think all that negative body language during debates would allow Obambi to make mincemeat of him in a debate should he be nominated.

    I know Paul is insane on foreign policy, but he actually came off looking good compared to Sanctus Santorum, who looked and acted like a badly brought up child.


  • Taqiyyotomist


    I’m hoping, thus far, that he IS the candidate.

    The others — again, thus far — have shown that they fear the MSM, and act accordingly.

    Newt does not.

    The rest have shown that they have the same testicular fortitude as John McCain, who praised Obama every chance he got, and did every single thing he could besides put an Obama/Biden ’08 sticker on the front of his podium to get Obama elected.

    “He’s a GREAT MAN, and I think he’d make a GREAT PRESIDENT.” –John McCain on Obama, WHILE RUNNING AGAINST HIM.

    We don’t need cowards running against Obama and His Media Empire.

  • bg


    Ausonius #107 January 19, 2012 at 9:19 pm

    here you go..

    Romney: illegal immigration

    [Romney vetoed a bill in 2004 that would have allowed illegal immigrants to obtain in-state tuition rates at state colleges if they graduated from a Massachusetts high school after attending it for at least three years and signed an affidavit affirming that they intended to seek citizenship. Romney argued that the bill would cost the state government $15 million and that Massachusetts should not reward illegal immigration. A study by the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation predicted that the legislation would generate over $5 million in state revenues; the Massachusetts Coalition for Immigration Reform disputed this conclusion. In 2005, the bill was reintroduced to the House and brought to a vote on 11 January 2006. The legislation was defeated 96-57.


    Later in December 2006, Romney signed an agreement with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency that would have allowed Massachusetts State Police troopers to arrest and seek deportation of suspected illegal immigrants they encounter over the course of their normal duties. Under the terms of the agreement, a group of 30 troopers would have received specialized training allowing them to question and detain suspected illegal immigrants, charge them with a violation of immigration law and place them in removal proceedings.

    The executive order pertaining to state police was consistent with Section 287(g) of federal immigration law. Section 287(g) is a program of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 that deputizes state and local law enforcement personnel to enforce immigration matters.]

    btw, if they aren’t “specific” enough for you, you’re on your own..


  • JenBee

    Hopeful, I agree, Ron Paul did a good job tonight. I agree with so much of his domestic policy… what a damn, crying shame he’s such a dangerous, naive dhimmi when it comes to foreign policy.

  • Mimi

    Wonder why Conservatives turned on Newt when he was speaker? Because he started to make deals with Clinton instead of staying conservative. Newt was consumed by power. Sorry but he is Obama. Individual Mandate–Tarp–climate change

  • USMC Thomas

    gus commented:

    “Ret-Vet. Given the Choice between Obama and a Sh!t Sandwich, I’d take the sh!t sandwich.”

    I’ll second that and I don’t like bread.

  • TheOnlyRealRepublicanChristianConservative

    We got it, mimi. You’re going to vote for zippy. Thanks for playing.

  • JenBee

    Mimi, you have just discredited everything you ever posted in the past and everything you ever will post in the future by saying Newt ‘is’ Obama. There is absolutely no way in hell any critically thinking person could EVER think that Newt is the same and would govern the same as Obama. Wow @ the disconnect.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    JennBee, I don’t remember seeing your nic on this site before, but…

    I like the cut of your jib, and I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter.


  • Mimi

    Santorum did not support tarp. Newt and Mitt did. How is supporting tarp conservative

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #128 [email protected] Thomas!


  • owl

    #80……….your answer is what #90 said with one word, and then #123 also summed up my feelings. I have a spouse of 40 years but do not want to hear all that crap.

  • JenBee

    Taqiyyotomist, I work alot (yes, I’m part of the 53%!) so I rarely have time to post here, but I read all the time… thanks so much for the compliment 🙂

  • gus

    Mimi. I think you meant. We are all OBAMA now.

  • TheOnlyRealRepublicanChristianConservative

    Did any of them have a vote on TARP, mimi? NO!

    Obama was elected based on not voting for the war. Get it! If you didn’t have to cast a vote, your opinion is just that—an opinion!

  • gus

    Let’s get a bench mark for this Conversation. Everyone MUST weigh in.

    We all DO AGREE, that Obama hates America, and is a worthless Commie.


  • Mimi

    Jen too bad you get personal I never said Newt would govern like Obama. Nice try but too bad you make things up.
    Obama-tarp Newt-tarp
    Obama-climate chg Newt-climate chg

  • Robert

    This is a very pertinent point that Newt is making, and none of the candidates can make it as well. We are SICK of the partisan media, and we are on to them.

    Unlike the dirty attempt to humiliate Newt, this DOES relate directly to the campaign. The media plays an ACTIVE role in trying to influence these elections, all while professing to be “professional journalists” or some such claptrap.

    Any candidate who faces Obama will also have to face a huge factor in the media who works for their own preferences and has institutional muscle to advance their own views.

    And so Newt gains credibility, in spite of his notable negatives. Many of us are deciding that someone who can AND WILL fight BOTH of these formidable foes with all the determination and intellect that he can muster is just what we need at this time.

  • bg


    re: #125 January 19, 2012 at 9:33 pm bg

    via another link..

    [The executive order pertaining to state police was consistent with Section 287(g) of federal immigration law. Section 287(g) is a program of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 that deputizes state and local law enforcement personnel to enforce immigration matters.

    The agreement was never implemented because governor-elect Deval
    Patrick, who had expressed strong opposition to the agreement before
    it was signed, revoked it a month later when he was sworn in.]

    via a more direct link, with source links @ link..


  • Jenny

    That video on newt and climate change reinforces my doubts about him. I lOve his responses and how he sticks it to the media. We need that until November and beyond. I always say you teach people how to treat you. Newt is paving the way and tearing down the media and will tear down obxma. But Santorum is very articulate and consistently against global warming and the islam threat. I dont know but i hope more will see Newts climate change debate where liberals and Kerry applaud him.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Mimi is the Platonic Ideal of Hyperbole.

    A plate of condensed, super-dense hyperbole with a hyperbole reduction sauce.

    Mimi, was Newt conceived, raised, educated, and funded by Soviet-style communists and revolutionaries? Did Newt hang out with murderous terrorists like Ayers and Dohrn?

    WOW, the disconnect, as JenBee says, that you exhibit here is astounding.

  • TheOnlyRealRepublicanChristianConservative

    mimi is voting for the zipster, and not Newt.

  • Mimi

    Only Real Repub– how funny that you don’t believe what they have said in the debates etc. Both Mitt and Newt said they would have supported TARP and they thought it was necessary. Google–Bing use whatever you need to but that is what they said. I know, I know truth hurts

  • Annabelle

    Shall we bring back the gladiators? Before you guys high five each other further, you’d be wise to consider how some of your better halves in the electorate might respond to Mariane Gringrich’s revelations. I remember vividly being very impressed by Kathleen Wiley and Juanita Broderick, and as a child of divorce with a father who left mom for the younger woman, I take these matters very seriously. So I would take some time to consider a distaff perspective.

  • Mimi

    TAQ I don’t know who the zipster is but I support Santorum. Wouldn’t ever vote Obama, Romney or Newt.

  • JenBee

    Mimi, again wow @ the disconnect. There is absolutely no personal attack on you anywhere in my post. I correctly stated that nothing you say can be taken seriously because you said ‘He (Newt) is Obama.’ If you state someone *IS* someone else, then it stands to reason that person will think and act exactly like the person he is being likened to, so it was a legitimate path to follow when I said you think Newt would govern like Obama. Those are your words; don’t criticize me for taking you at your word.

  • gus

    Down goes Mimi, Down goes Mimi.

  • JenBee

    And Mimi, you may as well pull the lever for Obama and be done with it.

  • TheOnlyRealRepublicanChristianConservative

    THEY WEREN’T IN CONGRESS, AND THEREFORE DIDN’T HAVE TO VOTE FOR TARP! When you have to vote, then your opinion means something. Otherwise, your opninion is based on what is reported in the press.

  • bg


    alo89 #67 January 19, 2012 at 8:43 pm

    re: [(tea Party, etc.)]

    ht mcc

    100 Tea Party Leaders to Endorse Gingrich


  • Taqiyyotomist

    I would have supported TARP, as well.

    Just not the eventual distribution of those funds to “Friends of Obama who Produce Nothing and Who Create No Jobs but Just Take The Money and Run.”

    TARP could have had real, lasting, positive effect — if it had not been used to pull off the greatest heist of money in HUMAN HISTORY by the people least likely to ever do anything at all good for the economy.

    When Newt supported TARP, was it even known, by anybody, that the money wouldn’t actually be lent (or given, as it turns out) to actual businesses that create real, productive jobs, but to Connected Friends of Obama?

    “Was it in the bill?”, is what I’m asking.

    TARP could have been used for good. After it passed, as it turns out, it wasn’t.

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Sometimes.

  • TheOnlyRealRepublicanChristianConservative

    Oh good, the Daddie-issues voter block. It’s going to replace soccer moms, or is it tickle me elmo vote?

  • Adi


    Happily there are no flies s(h)itting on this ONE.

    A meat burger named in the honor of The Wohn, just like His dog (correction – First Dog) is.

    It is all about The Wohn, you see.

  • donh

    Newt has demonstrated fundamental competance at the art of campaigning. He has been said to carry baggage…That baggage was now dropped like a sandbag from a 13th floor window , and Newt was prepared …handled it very well. The Tea Party is now in full revolt against the foregone conclusion and a winning feeling is on the rise.

  • gus

    George W Bush was for TARP. Sweet Mother of God, I’d vote for him any day of the week.

    A Narcissistic Hometrosexual Commie Vs Bush. No brainer.

  • TheOnlyRealRepublicanChristianConservative

    I can’t vote for Newt, my ex treated me bad, or something! onethousandonehundredevelenty-one!

  • bg


    Rose #92 January 19, 2012 at 9:05 pm

    aah, the robo-poster strikes again!!

    and here you go again..


  • Pragmatic

    America does not need or want Mitt ‘Milquetoast’ Romney at this juncture . . .America needs a fighter who is willing to stand up to the media as well as others who think they’re perfect . . .it is despicable that the republican party is allowing a Democrat (Romney) to run as a Republican . . .we must fight back and not allow the Democrats to take over the Republican Party . . .that is what the media wants to happen . . . ROMNEY=OBAMA (more of the same wimpy, weak anti-American policies)

  • KornKing

    #132mimi-TARP actually returned profit to gov of 20B

  • Sandy

    Sorry I think Newt is a nut. Go ahead and have a secret affair but asking your wife for permission to get it on with the new lady is a bit much.

  • Conservative to the Core

    Newt will be the nominee.

  • JenBee

    Sandy, Newt denies this was the case. I’m not saying we should absolutely give Newt the benefit of the doubt, but at the same time we should not absolutely believe everything a bitter ex-wife says either.

  • Got to say this was one of most boring debates by far…………….the questions where so useless…….cnn must hand pick the questions…………forehand…… divert attention away from the real issues…………the opening when Newt slam-Roberts was the high-point in the whole debate…………just sayin

  • lynched1

    It was one hell of a retort. Kudos to Gingrich for swinging back. Apparently the media is so concerned about “the one’s” chances that they are willing to run a multitude of October suprises from now until the presidential election.

  • Skylinechili

    Time to fight people. Lets role….

  • gus

    Sandy once asked me to get it on with her in front a 3rd grade class.

    It’s true. Because I said it.

  • TheOnlyRealRepublicanChristianConservative

    Sandy gets her voting information from the Springer Show. Did you know Jerry was a politician?

  • gus

    When is the MSM going to do interviews with Obama’s ex-girlfriends?


  • JenBee

    gee! I kinda agree with you. I tuned in tonight excited because from what I read I THOUGHT it would be a more free-for-all debate, not the same-old style of debate moderated by a freakin’ lib whose sole purpose in life is to create in-fighting among the GOP candidates, while giving them a whopping one minute to make their point on each topic. Like someone said above, WHY the heck do our nominees continue to grant these debates to lib networks moderated by lib moderators??? Now that we’re down to just four candidates, I want to see a more free-style debate, with at least 3-5 minutes granted to each candidate to make their points on the issues.

  • gus

    O’Reilly has Brian Ross from ABC on. Ross is a complete HACK.

  • thescribbler

    @ Dale…I wouldn’t walk across the street to see Obama, let alone vote for him.

    Oh….sorry. You said Mormon, not Moron. My apologies.

  • Adi


    The Mexicans see the Southwest as their Palestine

    Worth repeating.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    The questions were designed, as always, to get the candidates to attack each other.

    I didn’t watch the whole thing, but was Obama ever mentioned in a question, even once, by the Moderator?

    I’m going to go ahead and guess, “Nope. Not a once.”

    All I know is, it’s going to be a cold day in he11 before the Democrats ever let Rush and Coulter moderate one of their debates. Let alone SEVENTEEN of them.

    Evil Party vs. Stupid Party. It’s a cryin’ shame.

  • bg


    Annabelle #146 January 19, 2012 at 9:46 pm

    apples vs oranges

    the only time i felt ashamed of my country is when the MSM Reps & Dems
    made a 3 ring circus out of Clinton’s LIE.. if only he had told the truth, or
    just taken his lust to a motel / hotel down the road or across the street..
    anywhere but in “we the people’s” Oval Office.. that is what really hurt
    America’s “moral values”, ergo, all of US.. 🙁


  • StrangernFiction

    Quote of the night: “I’m not used to having my integrity questioned.”

    There was also: “This is not a time to be doubting people’s words.”

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #176 bg

    I think it started, the decline of morality in America, long before that.

    Maybe with Father Knows Best, perhaps the first in what has become the cliche on television: “Dads are Stupid”.

    Or maybe when the Catholic Church decided that contraception was okay after all, that sex was merely friction between any two pieces of flesh.

    Or maybe it was back when Radio programs became America’s New Altar, with a prominent place in everyone’s living room.

    It’s been a long, steady decline (until the 80’s when the hill got REALLY STEEP, and then the 00’s, when it became a free-falling CLIFF.)

    Animal sex will eventually be celebrated by the MSM in this nation. Watch and see.

  • bg


    #178 January 19, 2012 at 10:23 pm

    sometimes you remind me of Ron Paul.. 😆

    but to keep it short.. okay.. so Clinton
    put the nail in our coffin, that better??


  • Taqiyyotomist

    Anyone who opposes bestiality will be called a “bigot”.

    It won’t be long before this happens.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Ron Paul??! 🙁

    I am going to check myself now. Hmm. Four beers down.

    I’m not blaming the Jews. Or black Americans.

    Nope, don’t see it.

    Tell me I remind you of Ann Barnhardt, or Bill Bennett, and I’ll be happy again.


  • Taqiyyotomist

    Indeed, bg.

    The event you refer to was a watershed, and may have been what I see as a sharp, angular increase in our nation’s decline. From a 45 degree angle to a 60 degree angle, say. The hill got steeper when a BJ was declared by the MSM and the schools to be “not sex”.

    Can’t say I disagree there.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Still, when someone says I remind them of RP…

    …it’s time to quit commenting for the evening.

  • gus

    Did anyone see O’Reilly??

    Brian Ross said that tax shelters off shore or overseas that are legal and used by people like Romney……COST THE TREASURY $100,000,000,000.00 per year.

    Legally protecting your assets………………..COSTS THE GOVERNMENT???


  • gus

    TAQ, the BLUE SPOO on Lewinsky’s dress was NOT SEX, because Clinton was THEIR GUY.

    Thus PANDORAS and LEWINSKY’S BOX(ES) were opened.

  • bg


    #183 January 19, 2012 at 10:36 pm
    😆 (((Taqiyyotomist))) 😆

    sense of humor, gotta keep a sense
    of humor, lest my pulse go poof!! 😆


  • bg


    gus #184 January 19, 2012 at 10:37 pm

    gus, posted about them so many times over the years, you didn’t know??

    Tubba Kennedy (piss be upon him) was one of the most
    egregious when it came to Cayman offshore accounts..

    the one & ONLY reason they’re even mentioning it is
    because Romney is yep.. NOT A DEMOCRAT.. gah!!


  • bg


    re: #187 January 19, 2012 at 10:45 pm bg

    oh yah, and then there’s the Swiss accounts (mostly for
    dictators, and probably where Barry’s stash is stashed)..


  • gus

    bg. You and I putting our money LEGALLY up ABE LINCOLNS rectum, does not COST the TREASURY ANYTHING.

    The LIBTARD MINDSET that Brian the Hack Ross displayed is frightening.

    Romney is an evil greedy rich dude. That’s EVIL, unless he gives most of his money to the biggest ponzi scheme in history. THE GOVERNMENT.

  • Girlyman

    It was truly spectacular to watch someone under obvious duress right out of the gate handling himself with such oratory deftness. And yes, I like “grandiose” ideas too.

    I would prefer Newt for the nominee, but after tonight’s overall performance, I really wouldn’t be too disappointed with Santorum or Romney. They’re all really saying what I want to hear.

  • gus

    On the other hand, having a TERRORIST write a couple fluff books for you, because you are the new chocolate Jesus in waiting. ………is how Americans’ can live THE DREAM.

  • Hopeful

    Did everyone see or hear Rush’s theory (on Drudge right now) that ABC planned to help Newt win SC by pounding on Romney all week, then on Monday after Newt won SC, take him out with this Marianne interview? Rush thinks this plan was foiled by Drudge’s leak of the interview.

    You know, I believe this. Makes perfect sense given how the media has acted for Obambi from day one.

    I would love to hear other people’s comments on this.

  • O

    Newt Gingrich is a signee on the Marriage Pledge, and consistently demands marriage is sacred and must be “protected” from the homosexual marriage.

    Now I think it is irrelevant grandstanding. The problem is Republicans don’t. They think this is important. Until their boy is questioned on his utter hypocrisy when it comes to Marriage. THEN it’s irrelevant? That’s idiotic.

    Hypocrisy in politics, demonstrated perfectly by Newt in this segment, is relevant. That’s why it’s important.

    He, (and you if you’re one of those ‘protect’ marriage Republicans) should be disgusted. He’s not. Because he, and his supporters, have no values they’re not willing to throw out as soon as they become inconvenient.

  • bg


    gus #189 January 19, 2012 at 10:51 pm

    not saying it’s a good thing..

    but then again, i wouldn’t swallow the bait hook line & sinker so to speak..

    hundreds of US politicians/businessmen/etc.. have been doing it for
    years.. why was ROMNEY cherry-picked at such a convenient time??

    don’t think they expected the reaction they got from trying to bury Newt,
    and probably figured the Romney attack would take up the slack after he
    was supposedly “finished off”..

    surprise surprise, it backfired big time..

    Woot Newt!! 🙂


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  • donh

    John Kerry registers his Yacht in RI…The Kennedies used every tax loophole in the code to insulate their wealth….That free oil charity Joseph Kennedy runs is likely some tax dodge for rendering oil future speculations into non taxable non profit status. . Romney was taught all the tricks used by wealthy mass hole liberals and he wants to keep the play book manual private. I will bet he has some large Llama ranch in Utah that gets a tax waiver….and a Bee hive on his NH property.

  • gus

    O. Marriage has a definition. Whether I cheat on my wife with 3 mules or 2 Vegas dancers.
    Whether I espouse chasity and abstainance and have 3 hookers per hour.


  • bg


    gus #189 January 19, 2012 at 10:51 pm

    this is also “legal”.. 😡

    Democrats beat the market by 73 basis points per month, compared
    to 18 for Republicans. That’s a rout anyway you look at it. Senators
    fare even better than house members.

    bit more here..

    this too makes one ponder “reality”..


  • SM-AZ

    Newt’s had too much bad luck with marriage. I know very few people with that much bad luck. Thus, it seems to be more then bad luck, it seems more like his bad behavior. However, if he gets the Repub nom….I’ll vote for him. I’m voting for ABO=anybody but Obama!

  • MSO

    I wonder if John King will ask Obama how he can justify destroying the once in a lifetime dream of so many children that had their Disney trips ruined by his photo op?

  • gus

    Bg. You are quite a guy. (assuming you are a guy). I believe in CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS almost to a fault.


  • Peggy R

    I agree that the ABC/Marianne’s timing and motives are suspect. No doubt. And they would not cover a Dem like this either, see Clinton, Bill, and Edwards, John.

    That said, Newt was insufferable in his egotistical outrage. The media are “despicable”? He’s not? He shouldn’t have to answer Qs about his moral compass? He sends out his daughers. Yes, he converted to Rome and and set right his marriage with mistress #2, wife #3, Mrs. Plastic. He is no less egotistical, however. There’s no humility or remorse for the pain he caused by his infidelities. And Mrs. Plastic didn’t come out looking very good either in the claim that Newt thought he was so great he need to be shared. It was okay with Callista, Newt allegedly told Marianne.

  • el polacko

    does anybody doubt that newt would tear obama a new one in debate ? my fear though is that newt could come off/be painted as a ‘typically mean’ republican and give obama some sympathy votes. i also wonder if newt’s take-no-prisoners debate style would translate well into the presidency. between his ego and his predilection for ‘going off’ he might be more difficult to deal with than we would like. on the other hand, romney’s congenial, businesslike demeanor can seem robotic and dull but may serve us well in the oval office, assuming that he can make his case against obama impressively enough to get him there. i’m standing at the crossroads, wondering which way to go.

  • Ausonius

    BG #125:
    Thanks for the position paper on Mitt, but I was asking what specifically Rick had said he had done or the position he had taken that wasn’t true.

    Being familiar with LE, all municipal officers swear to uphold all local, state, and federal laws; state officers swear to uphold all state and federal laws; federal officers swear to uphold federal laws: there is no requirement that they have some special authorization to uphold immigration laws. The problem in the LE community is that ICE will not pick them up for deportation unless they have committed a felony. There are some cities (sanctuary) that I am told have policies or council resolutions that deny their officers these powers (legality of that sort of policy is questionable).

    I think your “apples vs oranges” analogy is somewhat dubious if I understand you correctly that wjc’s big offense or distinction was choosing the location of the oval office. I find most of his behavior deplorable, but I think most were offended by him engaging with an intern or lying or pushing others to lie (the latter two being what he was impeached for), more than the room in which he chose.

  • Liz

    Hmmm. I think Newt is a big phony. I’d like to hear from Callista. What’s she all about? As it stands, she’s not being portrayed as very decent.

  • Liz

    You know, I’m not interested in the sordid drama this cycle. I’m voting for Mitt.

  • Ausonius

    el polacko:
    Your instinct serves you well. Newt’s negatives (that is, the #’s who disapprove as opposed to those who approve of him) have generally run in the negative double digits.
    Newt is a lot of things, but widely loved is not among them. Santorum and Romney typically run in the positive double digits.

    This election cannot be won simply by those who are deeply involved in political discourse, which means that the candidate has to draw among those outside of the republican party also. The candidate must have the entire base also, unless he hopes to draw actual democrats or get the entire middle of the road vote (which is very unlikely).

    In the past, the mistake usually occurred from electing a moderate who fails to get the entire base out, and draws little of the middle. If you elect someone who can’t carry the base because of big moral lapses (do not forget that the repub base is made up of a large # of Christians who may find Newt’s baggage too big of a pill to swallow) and doesn’t come off favorably with the middle, then you have a trainwreck.

    Democrats may be able to carry their base, even if they moral lapses. It would be a mistake to assume a Republican could.

  • BS61

    #1 January 19, 2012 at 7:13 pm
    bg commented:

    ‘i am tired of the elite media protecting Obama
    and attacking Republicans’ or damn close to it!!

    Woot Newt!!

    Yeah, I like him attacking the MSM! They know that they’ve lost us now!

  • Mike Bell

    “he can use teleprompter, I’ll use knowledge”

    What a great line.

    How can GOP primary voters NOT want to see Newt take down Obama in the debates?
    It’s not as if Romney has such a better chance of beating Obama. Take a chance. Give Newt the nomination. At least you’ll have someone who can passionately defend what he thinks. Romney is such a squish. I don’t like Newt. I don’t trust Newt. But he is the only candidate with a big pair and who will take the fight to the lib media and the left.

  • Mike Bell

    They WANT Romney…so give them Newt.
    They’re both opportunists and liars, but at least with Newt, we’d get to see him clobber the Marxist in the debates.

  • Zim

    Go Newt

  • gus

    So tell us!!

    Romney CANNOT win. Too RICH, to SUCCESSFUL, doesn’t want his MONEY CONFISCATED by THE COMMIES.
    SANTORUM CANNOT win. Santorum isn’t RICH enough,and SANTORUM doesn’t agree with INFANTICIDE. OBAMA DOES.
    GINGRICH CANNOT win. Gingrich is WAY WAY TOO WHITE, and BRIAN ROSS of ABC NEWS interviewed Gingrich’s EX-WIFE. And Gingrich’s EX-WIFE said bad things about Gingrich.
    Ron Paul is a FREAKIN’ LOOOOOON of EPIC PROPORTIONS. The LIBTARD MEDIA hasn’t attempted to destroy Ron Paul, because Ron Paul’s NUMBER ONE ….LOOOOONIE POSITION. is his HATE and DISDAIN for ISRAEL, and the JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS.
    Brian Ross the “investigative Reporter” for ABC NEWS. See’s no STORY in hating the JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS.

    I was never a Gingrich man, HOWEVER, Gingrich seems to be the only one, who will not allow himself to be RAPED, without fighting back.

    What happened to the GOP???

  • Kathleen

    Newt did not win debate. There is a bit more to being president then sparring with the media. There is more anger on this blog then intelligent thought.

  • Molon Labe



    Pot meet kettle.

  • squeaky

    “Is he there to debate other candidates, or score points..” maybe if the moderators were there to moderate rather than ..

  • RedBeard

    It’s not necessary to defend Gingrich’s obvious personal failings in order to appreciate the well-deserved hammering of a leftie operative who masquerades as a journalist. There is the real story of this clip, media malfeasance.

  • squeaky

    [KornKing commented:
    #132mimi-TARP actually returned profit to gov of 20B]
    [Taxpayers also have received $23 billion from dividends, interest and other income through TARP, the program created to bail out the financial system. The program also has been used to prop up General Motors and Chrysler.] i wish someone would lay this tarp issue to bed. if an investment brings a profit as opposed to the stimulus that disappears down a rabbit hole.

  • squeaky

    a nominee can’t allow obama to hijack the narrative. i would think that o will come with squirt guns blazing and you can’t get too wrapped up defending yourself while giving him a free pass. obama is ripe for picking if only they’d do it. if he wants to crow about his tax break do a little comparative thought – such as how the increases in everything else makes that tax break look no more valuable than the penny on the ground that isn’t worth bending over to pick up.

  • Conservative to the Core

    America’s acceptance of a mistress-as-First-Lady was swift.

  • Vercingetorix

    Dale #40 January 19, 2012 at 8:15 pm

    Dale, you moron. Newt’s wife didn’t have cancer. That is a liberal internet myth, which tells us all we need to know about you. Idiot.

  • Mama Grizzly

    This was staged.

    Newt is smart enough to gather up all the “talking points” and “issues” that are important to the average conservative and make it look like he’s on our side.

    People are sick of the media. So Newt “rebukes” the media and scores points with conservatives.

    It’s okay if you can’t see that this was rehearsed by Newt and staged by the producers–including an angle of plausible deniability on the part of John King–a really good “uh-oh” moment on his part because he didn’t know it was coming, or he’s very good at acting, but it WAS staged.

    Clap. Clap. Clap.

    “Finally someone who will voice our concerns about an unaccountable media . . . ”

    I will tell you again that you are being set up.

    Newt knows full well that most conservatives listen to talk radio, where the “leaders” of the talk radio shows can bash brashly without contest. He knows people like that, so he delivers it. I would urge people not to swallow it. It’s just a formula. And he’s trying to capitalize on people’s comfort zone with talk radio hosts.

    Then he goes on to try to smear Romney with Bain again–with arguments he already knows are completely false. But he goes on . . . Big Bad Romney hurting the little guy.

    What tosh.

    Newt is in love with power. And this leads to disasters of various kinds for him, also notable in his personal life:

    “Congressman Newt Gingrich has been married three times. His first and second marriages ended because he began relationships with the women who would later become his second and third wives. He has been accused of having multiple additional affairs. While Congressman Gingrich was leading this private lifestyle, he publicly campaigned on family values, publicly shamed other representatives who were caught in similar behavior, and led the charge to impeach President Clinton for matters relating to his affairs.

    Newt began a relationship with his first wife, Jackie, when he was 16 and she was his geometry teacher. He married her after high school, they had children shortly thereafter, and were married for roughly 18 years. During that time Jackie supported Newt while in College and during two unsuccessful Congressional campaigns. His campaign staff has stated that Newt carried out multiple affairs during this time. After a successful 1978 campaign, Congressman Gingrich moved to D.C. . . .”

    Read more:

    He chose to “spin” his latest situation by insinuating that his grown daughters have come to his aid over the Marianne issue. But those two daughters (ages 48 and 51) are NOT children from that marriage. They are children from his first wife, Jackie.

    But Newt wants to make it seem like these are daughters from his marriage to Marianne, who are coming to his defense instead of to their “mother’s” defense. This fake-out has been largely accepted here–that “see–even their daughters are against the mother . . .”

    But the truth is:

    “Gingrich has two daughters, both from his first marriage to Jackie Battley.

    Kathleen Gingrich Lubbers (born 1963) is currently the president of Gingrich Communications.
    Jacqueline Sue Gingrich Cushman (born 1966) is a published author.”

    This kind of thing is a pattern for Newt. Marrying someone–“scoring” his high school teacher is about power. She got old quickly. Marrying Marianne following his invitation to her to help him gain the white house is about power. Getting rid of her and having an affair with his young, good-looking intern/aide, then marrying that aide for her is about power.

    And I’m not even getting into his political problems in this post.

    My point is that Newt is smart, but Newt is not honest or balanced. He can easily size up his potential voting audience and play to it. That’s all he’s doing. Don’t be taken in.

    Meanwhile Obama is trying to gobble Romney by falsely floating it that Obamacare was patterned after Romney’s legislation in the state of Massachusetts, then hiring someone from Bain. This is also fake–meant to confuse the average voter.

    I would urge people to take a very close look at Gingrich before hopping on his bandwagon.

  • Mama Grizzly

    Uhm . . . also it should be known that “Gingrich Communications” is Newt’s organization for promoting Newt’s speeches and speaking engagements–that’s the organization run by one of his daughters who has “come to his defense” against Newt’s second wife.

    It gets worse.

    Find out and stop rallying around all of this media-generatd spin. Newt would not make a good president because truth is not his forte.

  • Mama Grizzly

    Read more on Newt’s own website (before they scrub it) at

    OF COURSE his daughter from his first marriage is going to defend Newt. That’s what she was paid to do as one of his managers.

    For Newt to go out there and act like it’s a “family thing” — he is doing that just to garner sympathy. He knows the stats on divorce rates, so he knows how to frame it.

    The problem is that it’s simply not true.

  • Mama Grizzly

    My background is in journalism — broadcast news/doc film — and I AM telling it like it is.

    Be careful, my friends.

  • Mama Grizzly

    Regarding Marianne’s testimony/interview:

    “#8 January 19, 2012 at 7:24 pm
    Tom63010 commented:

    You know, what the ex said would be considered heresay and in a court of law would NOT be admissible.”

    No. Wrong. Sorry.

    Federal Rule of Evidence 801: (paraphrase)

    “A statement is not hearsay if . . . the statement is offered against a party and it . . . the party’s own statement . . .”


    Bottom line: NEWT CAN’T WIN AGAINST OBAMA and all this pretend “zigging and gotcha” stuff is coming from the Obama strategists.

  • Gary

    Mama Grizzly

    I think for once we agree on something.
    Mostly anyway.

    I don’t think it was set up per se because I don’t think John King would agree to have himself schooled on his own network.

    But this thing where Gingrich goes after the moderator is a trick he’s pulled out in several debates now. You might call him a one-trick pony.
    Like you said, he goes after the moderator and then the conservatives who are aching for a leader with some spine start confusing themselves with the notion that he’s the most conservative guy out there.
    Actually he’s just the most mealy-mouthed and whiny of the candidates.

    Come on people. This is Newt. He loathes success. When has he ever been riding high and not shot himself in the foot?
    You’re worried about an October surprise? If Newt gets the nomination, look for an April surprise, followed by another one in May, June, and so on.

    I think the most salient point in the debate is when Romney pointed out that Regan mentioned Newt exactly once in his diary, only to say that Newt put out an idea and Reagan didn’t think much of the idea and didn’t go with it.
    Sounds about right.

  • Gary


    For all the “Newt will mop the floor up with Obama in the debates” crowd: Get real. I’ll be shocked if Obama does more than one debate, and the conditions of the debate will be controlled and moderated by libs and the audience will be cheering Obama and not cheering Gingrich. The questions will attack Newt’s baggage and give Obama broad leeway to spin his version of the past 3+ years. Nobody’s going to walk away saying Newt schooled Obama.
    And like I said, Obama isn’t going to be doing numerous debates, let alone 3-hour “Lincoln-Douglas” debates.

    And if you like Rush, Rush said the other day that the debates haven’t picked the winners. That was certainly true of GWB twice (though I thought Bush did okay against Kerry).

    Just ask yourself how Newt is going to stand up to a year of media pounding? How did he stand up to a couple weeks of it in Iowa and New Hampshire?

    Don’t get sucked in on an almost sure loser.
    Newt’s no Reagan.

  • ShamingCommittee

    Newt doesn’t tell the truth? Try naming one politician that hasn’t fudged the truth at some point in his/her career. Stop the nonsense. There are no perfect candidates. And quit looking for role models. Are you so effin’ pathetic with regard to your own life that you need someone to follow?

    And please stop with the “I’m a Christian Conservative, have a PhD in Awesome, journalist” crap. This is the effin’ internet. You’re in a blog comment section on the internet. Anyone can claim to be anything. State your OPINION, link to some credible source to support your OPINION, and then, STFU! Your OPINION is no more valid than anyone else’s. If your ego needs a stroke, have someone who gives a crap about you in meat space stroke it!

  • ShamingCommittee

    Oh yeah, you people are so mean![sniff] I can’t believe the [fitb] on this blog.[begins to sob] I think I’ll go eat worms![sobs uncontrollably]

  • mcnorman

    Perhaps a$$ kisser Anderson Cooper can sit on a lap top and give him all of his answers via the teleprompter?

  • Robert

    The news media has proven time and again that it is unworthy of the role it has in the American political process. When they continually favor one side over the other, they cannot in any sense claim or be trusted to be impartial.

    This sordid episode is as illustrative as CBS manufacturing a memo and releasing it at a moment perceived to gain maximum political advantage. In both cases, the rabid political bias has forced the participants to overplay their hand, and end up showing their utter lack of impartiality.

  • Pingback: CNN GOP DEBATE: Newt Gingrich Slams CNN & Anchor John King for Opening Debate With “Ex Wife Open Marriage Question” … To the Roar of the Crowd & Standing Ovation! | Scared Monkeys()

  • Robert

    It could be argued that Newt battling the media ranks very close to the importance of dealing with the other important national issues he would face as president. Those who dismiss this idea are perhaps satisfied with the direction in which a hard-left-biased media is constantly pushing the national discourse, or fail to agree with the effect and scope of that media’s reach. Nevertheless, Newt’s rise in the polls closely follows his effective parrying with the liberal media hacks.

  • Mimi

    Too bad Jen Anyone can yell at the media. There are no guarantees that Obama will debate at all. TARP, individual mandates for healthcare, climate change, conservatives threw Gingrich out. Those are ideas that I can’t support. It is great that you can and I respect that but I have standards that I live by and voting for someone who supports these plans don’t measure up for me.

  • Mama Grizzly

    ShamingCommittee: You’ve only shamed yourself with your inner issues out for everyone to see. Very ugly stuff. Sad.

    If you actually read what I wrote you might have realized that I was pointing out to readers a bit about how the industry works from an insider perspective.

    It’s the producers who call the shots, who decide how a particular broadcast event will play, not the reporters (or the ladies on The View, for example), and the producers in turn are controlled by the media owners, of which there are about four or five only in the United States–plus you have rich Moslems buying up major controlling shares, which is a new development. All of this affects what you see or don’t see.

    I agree Gary, that King was probably not aware of the set-up, but I’d have to work in the newsroom to know for sure. In any case, he most definitely would not be punished and might have even gotten a bonus for serving as the sacrificial lamb. But media people are info/emotion manipulators and they can be very good at their jobs, or they wouldn’t have their jobs. Mostly now they’re just a bunch of “yes” men or women. They do what they’re told well, and keep working. Saunders is an example: complaining about how “awful” it is that Romney has wealth, when she herself is extraordinarily wealthy. There is still some integrity left with the old-timer print journalists who can’t be bossed around too much at this point in their careers, and with a few of the younger ones, depending on which paper or magazine they write for. But mostly, the media giants are trying to run the world. Years ago Ted Turner had commercials saying the same about the power of media to control the destiny of nations. They’re power brokers. The reporters and hosts are their lackeys.

    About Newt’s pony show. I’m sure he’ll keep using that trick–scold the moderator, seem like a big man. His record and conduct is the better way to judge who New Gingrich really is.

  • Robert

    “Anyone can yell at the media.”

    Newt did not just yell at the media. He exposed its bias in a high-profile setting, and did so with gusto. This pushes the idea that the media is biased against conservatism just that little bit further out into society, and we can only hope that the much-needed correction will begin to take place.

    One could even agree with this point without necessarily endorsing Newt Gingrich, but it would be hard to find someone better qualified to commit to the task.

  • Mama Grizzly

    #226/227 is correct.

    Obama will be protected to the hilt in any debate.

    Another thing they do is mess with camera angles and camera stability.

    The human brain puts together visual information in a certain way. They can control how you “feel” about a candidate, for example, with lighting, camera angle, camera stability. An easy-to-understand example is that they will purposely jiggle the camera ever so slightly on the candidate they don’t like when they’re talking, and the audience will feel uncomfortable about the candidate. Same about sound. You’d hardly notice it, but “something” just isn’t right and you don’t enjoy watching the candidate.

    Big rooms. Mulitliple screens. Everyone is on mic (in the ears) — from the camera guys, to the sound guys, to the lighting guys, to the make-up guys, to the hosts. The producer controls everything in rapid fire style. And the ones that can “obey” like trick dogs get to keep their jobs.
    Everything you see is controlled by the producers and media owners. It’s amazing that we get any information at all.

    They do the same in the opposite direction with a candidate they are told to “puff.” Great camera angels, lighting, make-up, sound–all to deliver a larger than life image to the public. We end up just “loving” the candidate for some reason . . .

    Remember the crowds staged in Oregon for Obama in the 2008 election cycle. They brought in a wildly popular band to draw the crowd first for free, then brought Obama out–white sleeves, shirt sleeves rolled up, low angles (i.e. the camera looks “up” at the candidate to make him appear more heroic), and the backdrop of thousands of people. Ooooh. Aaaah.

  • Robert


    That’s a pretty good discussion of some of the techniques used to accomplish the tack of influencing the public.

    The problem is, much of the public doesn’t know, or even want to know, that they are being manipulated at all, let alone how.

    Whatever you may think of him, Newt performed a national service by so forcefully and effectively pointing this out in this setting.

  • ShamingCommittee

    Great! For a minute I thought you were going to whip out your PhD in camcorder tech degree, and give us the REAL scoop! I think Billy Mays used to sell a product that removed lip prints from mirrors. BRB with a credible link to Shamwowzie, and it’s 1001 uses! Don’t know if it works on ego stains?

  • Joseph

    Looks like Sarah may be right. This may have just back-fired on the left.

    What a great answer from Newt.

  • Retro

    As a South Caroliaian I’m proud to see a conservative chapp’in a liberals ass in South Carolina

  • Patty

    The liberal bias towards Republicans and especially Women Conservatives is nothing new and is an ever enduring part of the present make-up of America. It will take several washes to wash the filth in American Politics away.

    The evidence was clear to the more intelligent mind that the crude and intentional interview by Newt ex wife was a plot to damage Newt lead in rankings.

    But more important will the Americans besides the Republicans see what the left true intentions are. The lack of journalistic integrity has been apparent for years now. It is really not new for reporters to search for the perfect and most salacious story. But researching it from both sides is efficiently clearly ignored. There lies the bias and there is where the word NO-JOURNALIST has proven news bias.

    The media never really vetted the Edwards Story the tabloids did, Bill Clinton was another one but they had proof his was a cheating and embarrassment in the Oval office and couldn’t spin it.

    Gingrich and his personal life has been known for many years. He has made his confessions and that should be the end of it. Dirty journalism is a real turn off for many of us. But when the media never question Obama’s past it was evidently clear that the liberal media has no qualifications and journalistic integrity. They are an embarrassment to their profession.

  • Joseph

    Remember Hillary got ticked because they would ask her the question firat and he would simply agree and/or say exactly what she said.

    It will happen again unless they put them in sound proof booths. Would that be fun to watch.

    We would get an answer and a uh uh uh uh uh

  • Mama Grizzly


    I agree Robert. Even if Newt did it for the wrong reasons, it was still great to watch him do that.

    I’m just concerned that people won’t realize how it was staged, and what the greater strategy is. I actually don’t know either, but hopefully will be able to ferret it out over time.

  • Gary

    And be honest about this. That wasn’t for our sake. It was for his own. Newt was confronted with the humilitating details of some tawdry pillow talk, and got indignant on cue. Best defense, right?
    He is who he is and he did what he did. He knows it. Anybody keeping up with it in the 1990s knows it.
    Don’t forget Herman Cain was drummed out of the process for allegations alone that have yet to be proven (just ask bg).
    Newt was applauded for his known and admitted infidelity because of the way it was staged last night. Also notice how John King put each man on the spot to criticize Newt at that worst possible moment, so in that way King helped Gingrich brush past it.

    He/CNN is either hoping that Gingrich can get the nomination from Romney because he’s easier to beat, or he’s trying to make Gingrich a hero so at least the process lasts a little longer, costs Romney more bucks, and bloodies Romney better for the general election.

    Lastly, I’ll go on record now as saying Newt won’t be the nominee. So I’m putting my blog cred where my mouth is on this one.

  • Joanne

    It is pretty funny actually that a man who committed adultery and wanted to remain in a marriage, but be able to have some-some on the side can turn it around and throw it in the face of the moderator. I believe Newt was a different man at that time in his life, and I believe he has asked Jesus for forgiveness and that he has received forgiveness. If Jesus can forgive Newt’s sins, then certainly every Christian should be able to do the same. The proof is in the pudding, and talk is talk, but if Newt walks the walks and is truly a changed man, we will see that change. Jesus died on the cross, so His blood could wash away our sins. It is about time people started accepting that Christ died for ALL of us, not just themselves.

  • bg






    REPUBLICANS (aka: there but for the Grace of God go you stone casters)..



  • bg


    re: #247 January 20, 2012 at 12:17 pm bg


    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


  • bg






  • Raj

    Newt. is the only Man who can WIN against President Obama because of his debating skills.

    Obama won the 2008 elections because of his debating skills not for his work.


  • bg


    we have no clue what the issues ential in any detail..

    we have no clue what our government is doing because we are bogged
    down in the dumbing down of America via the muck & mire of personal
    politics, heh, might as well endorse sharia, because it’s here, but wait..


    SO OFF WITH HIS HEAD FOR WHAT HE (legally so to speak)

    how stupid are we??

    “verily”.. *sigh*


  • bg


    Joseph #240 January 20, 2012 at 10:40 am

    re: [Looks like Sarah may be right. ]

    “I call them dumbarses” 😆


  • Molon Labe

    I see the usual suspects are shedding croc tears over Newt’s ex. Newt is the best qualified and only the blind and the thoroughly corrupt willdispute this. I have been candid about my support of others than Newt prior to this but there is a point where you either win and sell your soul or win and do so with a small regret.

    Newt may not have the character I wish he might have but who is ready to cast the first stone?

    As I said, the usual suspects.

  • Mimi

    You all can say what you want about Newt but you do realize his own party pushed him out of office don’t you? You do know thathe was involved in a check kiting scheme In the early days of the scandal, when the media began reporting on the loose practices, Republican Minority Whip Newt Gingrich, along with 7 freshman Republicans referred to as the Gang of Seven or “The Young Turks”, made the strategic decision to publicize the scandal in an attempt to sweep congressmen with overdrawn accounts, most of them Democrats, out of power; Gingrich himself had 22 kited checks, one a $9,463 check to the Internal Revenue Service.[4] Gingrich realized that far more Democrats could be implicated in this scandal than Republicans, so he made the decision to make the identities of all of those involved public and “let the chips fall where they may”. Jim Nussle, one of the Gang of Seven, came to national attention when he made a speech from the well of the House while wearing a paper bag over his head to protest the “shameful” ethical behavior involved in the scandal.

    You can bet that Obama will air this all over. Illegal dealings in Congress plus his party pushing him out, ethics violations. Sure he can go after the media but he will never make it in the general.

  • bg
  • bg


    Thomas Sowell

    While the televised debates are what gave Newt Gingrich’s candidacy
    a big boost, concrete accomplishments when in office are the real test.
    Gingrich engineered the first Republican takeover of the House of
    Representatives in 40 years – followed by the first balanced budget
    in 40 years.
    The media called it “the Clinton surplus” but all spending bills
    start in the House of Representatives, and Gingrich was Speaker of the

    Speaker Gingrich also produced some long overdue welfare reforms,
    despite howls from liberals that the poor would be devastated. But
    nobody makes that claim any more.

    scroll for more here..

    btw: The original charges had fallen by the wayside.
    Gingrich admitted he had unintentionally but materially
    misled the committee and had failed to keep the college
    course insulated from partisan politics.


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