Ron Paul Wins Over GOP-Voting Liberals in Last Night’s NH Primary

(This post was updated)

Ron Paul, the only Republican candidate who blames the US for the 9-11 attacks, attracted a higher percentage of Democrats than percentage of Republicans in New Hampshire last night.

FOX News released their exit polling results after the voting yesterday in New Hampshire.

More liberals (33%) voted for Paul than any other candidate last night.

And, Ron Paul also attracted more Democrat voters than any candidate except for Jon Huntsman who came in third.

Then he went out and told the conservative candidates to quit the race.

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  • Missy8s

    The #Occush*tters and stupid children are his base.

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  • RedBeard

    More facts for the Paulian faux-conservatives to ignore.

  • donh

    The whole point of selling out to Romney is the scam notion that a left of center moderate can pull independant and democrat votes into the Party who are put off by pure conservatism….but when Ron Paul does a better job of it than Romney its a point of criticism. I prefer to pull in the kind of democrat who will cut government, restore individual liberties and freedoms, and end militant global war mongering for the New World Order….something the big government global corporate fascist bail out republicans will never do.

  • Conservative to the Core

    Get used to that gnat, Paul will be around a while. He didn’t drop out until June last go ’round.

  • Granny

    I have to tell you, i will vote for Obama before i will vote for Ron Paul. Paul is a lunatic, particularly when it comes to foreign policy.

    Why are DEMOCRATS being allowed to vote in the Republican primaries anyway? Talk about letting the enemy choose the battleground LOL

  • brentspolemics

    Here’s the thing: I’m in agreement with donh and will go a step further by saying many registered Dems are in fact fiscal conservatives. Yet they don’t know it, and will never admit it if doing so meant supporting a conventional Rep candidate. Chew on that one. Frankly, it’s also intriguing that Paul has kind of figured out how to attract McGover-type leftists without giving in to their calls for demilitarization. Pay close attention, and you’ll note that he argues for a very strong national defense, achieved largely through a systematic deconstruction of our overextended military. And that’s not isolationism, mind you.

    We’ve reached the point where it just might be possible for one candidate to command the support of a majority of the electorate by upsetting both the Reps and the Dems. To pursue that approach even as NOBAMA seeks reelection is risky indeed, yet the opportunity to do so may not come along again, if ever.

    Does that necessarily mean third party? No. It would be much better for this sort of thing to run its course within the GOP.

  • Deanna

    Hmmm…it is possible these Dems/Liberals are voting for these candidates because they believe Obama can beat them. After all, if you can choose your enemy why not pick the weakest one.

  • bg


    keep tellin’ ya..

    Barry & Ron are two sides of the same coin..

    the only thing that separated them at
    birth… are the decades in between..


  • Gini

    How man years in Congress and only 1 bill passed? That says enough about Ron Paul.

  • More Liberty

    Here is more bad news for you chicken-hawk big government warmongers like Obama and Bush.

    Panetta has admitted that Iran that Iran isn’t trying to develop a nuclear weapon.

    “Appearing on CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday, Panetta admitted that despite all the rhetoric, Iran is not pursuing the ability to split atoms with weapons, saying it is instead pursuing “a nuclear capability.”

    That “capability” falls in line with what Iran has said for years: that it is developing nuclear energy facilities, not nuclear weapons.”

    I hope, as a former Marine, that we don’t invade some country, occupy them for 8 years take thousands of casualties, and leave -all under the false notion of “WMDs.”

    I’m not anti-war, I’m just against wars that do not good for the USA at the expense of American lives.

  • Liz

    And this, my friends, tells you all you need to know. ON to South Carolina.

  • bear

    It was clear from the get-go that “open” primaries would allow a flood of libs to select their favorite rino candidate. These stats prove it. Our Constitution and our nation have just been condemned to the miseries of socialism and islamism.

    I am reminded of the technique of offering the torture victim his choice of body parts to be cut off. “Choose romney……it’s better than the obamster.”

    Now THAT’S a ringing endorsement for rinoism! s/off

  • pm

    You must have not taken a math class at all. Where in the data does it say that more democrats than Republicans voted for Ron Paul? Way to make an inference without having the data.

  • Conservative to the Core

    Don’t read past the headline.

  • retire05

    Anyone remember Rush Limbaugh’s clarion call in 2008 to get to those who could vote in either primary to get out and vote for Hillary in the Democrat primary against Obama? Anyone?

    The Democrats are now doing the same thing in primaries where they can. They are picking Romney to lead the GOP, will Paul following second as a spoiler. But have no fear; Ron Paul will switch to Independent as quick as a fox if he thinks he has no chance to really take the GOP lead. He will wind up being Ross Perot, giving us another four years of Obama because his supporters are too damn stupid to realize the man is a lunatic.

  • Vols47

    Someone needs to work on their math skills.

    24% of 4% is not greater than 16% of 49%.

    The correct title should be “Huntsman gets the most Democrat votes while getting the least Republican votes”.

    Who won the independent vote? Ron Paul 32% to 29% for Romney.

    But you guys keep saying he is unelectable and watch Obama beat Romney in the general.

    Dont let the facts get in the way of your Paul hate though.

  • More Liberty

    BG said:

    “Barry & Ron are two sides of the same coin..”

    LOL are you serious? Old Barry has more in common with the mainstream Republicans.

    When in power, both Barry and the Republican party voted to increase the size of our national Debt.
    -In 2000 our national Debt was $5.6 trillion.
    -In 2004 our national debt was $7.3 trillion
    -In 2008 our national Debt was $10 trillion.
    -In 2010 our national debt was $13.5 trillion
    -It is currently @ around $15.2 trillion.

    When Bush and the republicans were running the show, they voted to increase the debt limit. Dems voted against.

    When the Republicans got booted, and Dems took over, the Republicans voted against raising the debt, while the Dems voted for it.

    Ron Paul voted against raising the debt ceiling every single time – but the dems/big govt RINOs voted for it when it helped them.

    Lets take TARP in 2008 when big government Bush was at the helm – not that was a bi-partisan vote with both Repub/Dem support – and President Bush and Sen Obama supporting it.
    Ron Paul voted against it.

    The recent NDAA was past by by a huge margin, and signed by Obama. This act gives President Obama the ability to detain American citizens on American soil indefinitely thus negating our 5th Amendment rights. Ron Paul voted against it, most Republicans and Dems voted for it. What other rights are you Obama/big government fake conservative willing to sign away? 1st Amendment? 2nd Amendment?

  • ahem

    Of course. They want us to nominate someone Obama can beat. That’s the whole impetus behind Ron Paul’s success. They are stealing the freaking election even now.

    Do not settle for Romney or Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • More Liberty

    Ahem said:
    “Of course. They want us to nominate someone Obama can beat. That’s the whole impetus behind Ron Paul’s success. They are stealing the freaking election even now.”

    LOL….yeah why don’t we get another great conservative like McCain or Dole. LOL…hahahahaha….those two RINOs really got the country back on track didn’t they.