Ron Paul Booed at CNN-Tea Party Debate After Blaming US for 9-11 Attacks (Video)

Blaming the US for the 9-11 attacks is still an unpopular position–
Rep. Ron Paul blamed the US for the 9-11 attacks again tonight. He also claimed the US has been “bombing Iraq” for 10 years.
Good for Rick Santorum for confronting the representative… And, good for the crowd for booing him.

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  • FurryGuy

    The more Doctor Paul speaks, the more he sounds like Doctor Doolittle. The man is totally out of his depth.

    He may have some ideas and policies that make sense, but his general buffoonery far outweighs them.

  • Roscoe

    FurryGuy commented: ” ……………but his general buffoonery far outweighs them.”

    Buffoon, that is a handle that fits him well !!!!

  • WMInfidel

    There goes Uncle Crazy in the Attic again. I’ll be truly impressed when one of the candidates states the obvious: Islam is the enemy.

  • lol

    santorum did a good job exposing paul. he has the same liberal mind set that our policies are why we were attacked on 9-11 as the libtards currently running our country.

  • Ron

    Stick a fork in him, he’s done. Now bring it on Paulians.

  • Saçi

    Hahaha Ron Paul is awesome!

    You guys seriously believe that we were attacked because of who we are and what we stand for? Because of Freedom and oppotunity? You gotta be joking me guys…no one would attack anyone because we’re free and prosperous lmao.

    Ron speaks truth when he says “As long as this country follows that idea, we’re gonna be in a lot of danger.”
    He speaks the truth. It was our actions that brought upon the attacks of the United States.

  • Neo

    “bombing Iraq” for 10 years caused 9/11 ? That’s the ticket.
    Let’s thank Ron Paul for making the 9/11 — Iraq connection that justified the Iraq War.
    Calling this man an “idiot” would be an afront to all other idiots.

  • donh

    That is a stunning break down. I Like how Wolf went in for the kill line ” thank you congressman ” when Ron started to drip saliva on his lapel. Ron must be getting his campaign cash from Mahmood Akmedinijad. Very embarassing for the party . Ron makes Perot’s VP James Stockdale look competant….

  • Valerie

    President Clinton bombed Iraq? I bet he was surprised to hear that.

  • Jack

    “buffoonery” – wtf you are clearly ignorant of Dr Paul’s message, the consistency of his message and the inherent, clear logic of it. Dr Paul is the only candidate that has actually stuck by his principles – all the more impressive considering how long he’s been expressing them, as opposed to Romney & Perry being Republican only to the extent that there is an R after their names on the ballot paper (both prescribing inconsistently to elements of collectivist ideology), while Bachman gets more media attention than Ron Paul despite 1) consistently scoring worse in the polls (even nearly losing to him in her home state of Iowa!) 2) being inconsistent in her views from day to day and 3) quite possibly being insane.
    In contrast to his competitors (a mixture of polygamists, democrat-republicans and just plain inconsistent politicians) Ron Paul is the only rational candidate whose primary message is that, just as the founding fathers saw: (and Perry, Romney and Bachman demonstrate) government CANNOT be trusted to do as good a job collectively as individuals can achieve on their own with a minimal level of intervention. Economic fact (re Hayek, Friedman and Rand) supports this undeniably.

  • gus

    Hey LIBTARD. Why did BIN LADEN and 19 suicidal MUZZTARDS attack us??

    I’d love to hear you retarded answer.

  • john

    Come one, we have been bombing Iraq since 1991.. Desert Storm + no-fly zone… But no, Rick Santorum is right – people want to kill us because Americans are free. Has nothing to do with America bombing the hell out of countries and killing tens of thousands of people. We are so ignorant.

  • gus

    What never ceases to amaze me, is the level of stupidy those who follow Ron Paul display. If you cannot see the guy is a nut. You are probably a nut.

  • gus

    John, who were we bombing in 93 you blubbering idiot. 94? 95? 96? John take a bath. You stink.

  • gus

    I thought IRAQ

  • nick

    i can see the guy who wrote this and most of the people who posted here are those kids that failed even the special ed classes. bill clinton did bomb iraq it happened dec 1998 and the operation was called Operation Desert Fox and it was a major four-day bombing campaign on Iraqi targets from December 16–19, 1998 by the United States and United Kingdom. god you people are f’ing retarded fact check your self before you make comments.

  • Gabe

    Ron Paul is right. We have been in the middle east for decades, supporting Israel. Who by the way are massacring the palestinians. If i were from the middle east I’d want to bomb America too. You guys need to wake up. People don’t attack other people because they’re jealous of their freedom. But you know what? The majority of americans are stupid like the majority of the post on this page. And thats why we will elect another bad president. And thats why america will continue to fail. A republican won’t get us out of this. This is a lie we’ve told ourselves. Until WE wake up and stop electing people that can bought out by lobbyist and support the war machine america is we will continue to go down and down and eventually if we don’t change we will die, as a nation. Ron Paul for change you can believe in. All the other candidates if you want to have your ears tickled.

  • gus

    I thought Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. John-boy. Why wasn’t Bin Laden bombing Iraq for attacking Iran and Kuwait?? You’re a clown son.

  • Mark Adams

    What an utter tool Paul is. This is NOT the leadership this country needs.
    He is no better then Obama’s apology minions!

  • donh

    Look a lot of people question Iraq policy, but did you listen to the video clip ??? Ron QUOTES Al Quaida as a source to support his belief system.. He’s on the same page as Krugman. This is an Admirale Stockdale moment if there ever was one…