New Tone… Liberals Create New Online Game Where Tea Partiers Are Murdered ….Update: The Game’s Creators Work For NASCAR

The tolerant left strikes again…
Liberals create a video game where tea partiers are murdered.
Via Pundit Press:
“Tea Party Zombies Must Die”

They don’t want to discuss the issue.
They just want you dead.

In the latest “game” for far left activists you get to watch your favorite conservative pundits get slaughtered in front of your eyes – Including: Brit Hume, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich.

And, of course, Glenn Beck.

And no violent far left creation would be complete without the inclusion of the Koch brothers somewhere in the game.

What lovely people.
Don’t expect the liberal media to report on this anytime soon.

UPDATE: The company that produced the Tea Party Zombie game is StarvingEyes. The developer who runs the website StarvingEyes Jason Oda.

Starving Eyes has several clients including NASCAR.

Hmm… It sure would be a shame if NASCAR, GM, Pepsi, UPS, etc. found out about the violent trash StarvingEyes is posting on the internet.
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  • havok

    We might as well accept the fact..that America is IN a state of Civil war…and the left has already declared themselves to be At War.

    ..Come Next Nov, when the Obama is voted out.(Unless he cheats).. you know the Unions and the Race Hustlers at the CBC will send out the Marching orders to Riot. Sickening to Imagine..the Rodney King Riots..but happening all over America…but I see it happening. America is beyond any peaceful way of repairing the division IMO..

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  • Stephana

    buy more ammo! Oh and a few 1 million magazines for your favorite battle rifle.

  • chewydog

    The only way these cowards can actually do it, in a game.

  • Nash Montana

    Havok, you are soooo right! This is beyond peaceful repair. There is literally nothing that conservatives could do, that would repair this in a peaceful way. Nothing. They have declared war, we have just not engaged in it, they’re still fighting it though. And they’ll keep on fighting it, and won’t quit. There will be no end. Not even after the election, if Oblahblah gets voted out, it’s gonna get even more ugly. They’ll come unhinged and unglued. It. Will. Be. Ugly.

  • aprilnovember811

    This is what happens when the rule of law is not followed. Obama was never eligible to be where he is, and Congress, the courts, and the military, all looked the other way. He should have been made to prove his eligibility when the questions arose. When he was not held accountable, that emboldened him and those that follow him. It told him, the rule of law will not matter.

    If there are riots, every good state will have their National Guard ready, and take action when they need to. If they’re met with violence, it needs to be stopped by force if need be. Here that Barry. I don’t give a damn what color they are.


    Never thought of owning a gun. Now I am getting one to protect myself from these Marx-loving traitors.

  • Mark

    Good news! There is room in the landfill for Jimmy Hoffa Jr. also. Make it a family plot.

  • StrangernFiction

    This is the message you get when you lose:




  • squeaky

    from free republic….dreams of violence against tea party people from the kinder gentler left!

  • Sam Stone

    Stephana commented: buy more ammo!

    I went to buy a FN PS90 the other day and the prices went up over $300!

    Damn, that took it just out of my range! Guess i will have to settle for a FN Five-Seven.

  • rbosque

    Good thing I’m armed.

  • Joel

    I just don’t get it. You look around and see imported cars in every big city in America. Yet these are the progressives!?! Why don’t they support their own liberal brothers and buy American cars, the guys from the Union? But just go to a farm community in the heartland and all you see is Ford, Chevy and the rest of US made cars…and these are the Conservatives.

    Oceans full of trash? Yes, the floating plastics the size of Texas in the Pacific. It reminds me of the trash left behind at our nations capitol by the liberals when they had their big rally last year. Liberals, from California, have trashed the Pacific Ocean with their same throw it away actions.

    Go to a Tea Party and their is NO trash left behind anywhere but in the trash containers.

    Time to get a conservative in the White House again!!!

  • Redwine

    This is intolerable incitement against the American people who lawfully resist the enforcement of a radical leftist ideology, political misrepresentation and over-regulation of their lives. We The People MUST stand together against the regime’s partners in crime, partners in the destruction of the Republic – the unions, the race-baiters, the terror-inducing leftist radicals, the fascist regulators (“czars”), and the Islamist, pro-Sharia infiltrators.

  • jimg

    As I posted in another thread, stop complaining.

    They want war. Fine.

    Then war is what they’ll get.

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  • Michael R. Brown

    This game was created by “starvingeyes advergaming” at as a viral marketing campaign. So it was either by a leftist extremist, a false-flagger against leftists, or a leftist extremist masquerading as a false-flagger against leftists.

    In any case, it certainly implements the Hoffa Directive!

  • Stuart

    Most people think the Civil War started at Ft. Sumpter in April of 61. Ft. Sumpter, in fact, was just the end of informal hostilities and the beginning of the formal military conflict. Prior to Sumpter there were factional riots in most American cities as personal loyalties among those in the populace sorted themselves out. Many Americans pulled up stakes and moved; some north and some south. We seem to be entering a similar period. The major difference of course is that we no longer have clearly defined partisan borders like the Mason Dixon Line. If this country continues down this path, the American conflict will more closely resemble Sarajevo, rather than Bull Run.
    Liberals, Lefties, Anarchists, If it’s a conflict you want, you will eventually get one. But you should ask yourself, “is this what I truly wish for.”

  • Ma

    Still waiting on Issa and company to prosecute or insist on a special prosecutor to go over this unlawful and evil admin from the top down and various fed agencies that are have been going rogue for the last several years.

  • L. Neil Smith

    Here’s the hilarious part: I’ve known rank-and-file union people all my life. When Hoffa calls upon his “army” it will evaporate because they’re all Tea Partiers!

    And by the way, as a retired ballistician let me advise you that the 5.7mm in any weapon is not fit for self-defense. In the time-tested words of “the Big Dog”, “Get yourself a Glock”, preferably in .40, .45, or 10mm. Riflewise, a Ruger Mini-30.