New Tone… Liberals Create New Online Game Where Tea Partiers Are Murdered ….Update: The Game’s Creators Work For NASCAR

The tolerant left strikes again…
Liberals create a video game where tea partiers are murdered.
Via Pundit Press:
“Tea Party Zombies Must Die”

They don’t want to discuss the issue.
They just want you dead.

In the latest “game” for far left activists you get to watch your favorite conservative pundits get slaughtered in front of your eyes – Including: Brit Hume, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich.

And, of course, Glenn Beck.

And no violent far left creation would be complete without the inclusion of the Koch brothers somewhere in the game.

What lovely people.
Don’t expect the liberal media to report on this anytime soon.

UPDATE: The company that produced the Tea Party Zombie game is StarvingEyes. The developer who runs the website StarvingEyes Jason Oda.

Starving Eyes has several clients including NASCAR.

Hmm… It sure would be a shame if NASCAR, GM, Pepsi, UPS, etc. found out about the violent trash StarvingEyes is posting on the internet.
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  • havok

    We might as well accept the fact..that America is IN a state of Civil war…and the left has already declared themselves to be At War.

    ..Come Next Nov, when the Obama is voted out.(Unless he cheats).. you know the Unions and the Race Hustlers at the CBC will send out the Marching orders to Riot. Sickening to Imagine..the Rodney King Riots..but happening all over America…but I see it happening. America is beyond any peaceful way of repairing the division IMO..

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  • Stephana

    buy more ammo! Oh and a few 1 million magazines for your favorite battle rifle.

  • chewydog

    The only way these cowards can actually do it, in a game.

  • Nash Montana

    Havok, you are soooo right! This is beyond peaceful repair. There is literally nothing that conservatives could do, that would repair this in a peaceful way. Nothing. They have declared war, we have just not engaged in it, they’re still fighting it though. And they’ll keep on fighting it, and won’t quit. There will be no end. Not even after the election, if Oblahblah gets voted out, it’s gonna get even more ugly. They’ll come unhinged and unglued. It. Will. Be. Ugly.

  • aprilnovember811

    This is what happens when the rule of law is not followed. Obama was never eligible to be where he is, and Congress, the courts, and the military, all looked the other way. He should have been made to prove his eligibility when the questions arose. When he was not held accountable, that emboldened him and those that follow him. It told him, the rule of law will not matter.

    If there are riots, every good state will have their National Guard ready, and take action when they need to. If they’re met with violence, it needs to be stopped by force if need be. Here that Barry. I don’t give a damn what color they are.


    Never thought of owning a gun. Now I am getting one to protect myself from these Marx-loving traitors.

  • Mark

    Good news! There is room in the landfill for Jimmy Hoffa Jr. also. Make it a family plot.

  • StrangernFiction

    This is the message you get when you lose:




  • squeaky

    from free republic….dreams of violence against tea party people from the kinder gentler left!

  • Sam Stone

    Stephana commented: buy more ammo!

    I went to buy a FN PS90 the other day and the prices went up over $300!

    Damn, that took it just out of my range! Guess i will have to settle for a FN Five-Seven.

  • rbosque

    Good thing I’m armed.

  • Joel

    I just don’t get it. You look around and see imported cars in every big city in America. Yet these are the progressives!?! Why don’t they support their own liberal brothers and buy American cars, the guys from the Union? But just go to a farm community in the heartland and all you see is Ford, Chevy and the rest of US made cars…and these are the Conservatives.

    Oceans full of trash? Yes, the floating plastics the size of Texas in the Pacific. It reminds me of the trash left behind at our nations capitol by the liberals when they had their big rally last year. Liberals, from California, have trashed the Pacific Ocean with their same throw it away actions.

    Go to a Tea Party and their is NO trash left behind anywhere but in the trash containers.

    Time to get a conservative in the White House again!!!

  • Redwine

    This is intolerable incitement against the American people who lawfully resist the enforcement of a radical leftist ideology, political misrepresentation and over-regulation of their lives. We The People MUST stand together against the regime’s partners in crime, partners in the destruction of the Republic – the unions, the race-baiters, the terror-inducing leftist radicals, the fascist regulators (“czars”), and the Islamist, pro-Sharia infiltrators.

  • jimg

    As I posted in another thread, stop complaining.

    They want war. Fine.

    Then war is what they’ll get.

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  • This game was created by “starvingeyes advergaming” at as a viral marketing campaign. So it was either by a leftist extremist, a false-flagger against leftists, or a leftist extremist masquerading as a false-flagger against leftists.

    In any case, it certainly implements the Hoffa Directive!

  • Stuart

    Most people think the Civil War started at Ft. Sumpter in April of 61. Ft. Sumpter, in fact, was just the end of informal hostilities and the beginning of the formal military conflict. Prior to Sumpter there were factional riots in most American cities as personal loyalties among those in the populace sorted themselves out. Many Americans pulled up stakes and moved; some north and some south. We seem to be entering a similar period. The major difference of course is that we no longer have clearly defined partisan borders like the Mason Dixon Line. If this country continues down this path, the American conflict will more closely resemble Sarajevo, rather than Bull Run.
    Liberals, Lefties, Anarchists, If it’s a conflict you want, you will eventually get one. But you should ask yourself, “is this what I truly wish for.”

  • Ma

    Still waiting on Issa and company to prosecute or insist on a special prosecutor to go over this unlawful and evil admin from the top down and various fed agencies that are have been going rogue for the last several years.

  • Here’s the hilarious part: I’ve known rank-and-file union people all my life. When Hoffa calls upon his “army” it will evaporate because they’re all Tea Partiers!

    And by the way, as a retired ballistician let me advise you that the 5.7mm in any weapon is not fit for self-defense. In the time-tested words of “the Big Dog”, “Get yourself a Glock”, preferably in .40, .45, or 10mm. Riflewise, a Ruger Mini-30.

  • This is another reason why the GOP probably should have outlawed the Democrat Party during Reconstruction. The Democrat Party has been the vehicle for violence and against the Constitution and our Republic for almost two centuries.

  • regularguy

    The day is approaching that our country will truly be beyond inflammatory rhetoric, and actual hostilities could begin. Train and prepare otherwise. We ARE getting to the point where the “fight them” comments will be more than mere words.

  • Valerie

    This post fits so well with this ad by Herman Cain. H/t Hot Air

    Very well done, Mr. Cain!

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    We’ve seen all this happen before in history and so we know full well what it takes to get along with Socialists, Communists, Facists, Marxists, and other Leftists of various stripes. It’s simple. You need to surrender their weapons and swear allegiance to the Left. Those who refuse are forced to attend the Left’s re-education camps. Tea Party Members, Conservatives and other subversives such as those caught raising arms against the Left are sent to death camps as the Left has no need for incorrigibles. In short, go along with their program or die. THAT’S how you get along with the Left.

  • NeoKong
  • Oh, and those guys have, or claim, some major clients: Konami, Motorola, Mountain Dew, GM (ahem), etc.

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  • bg


    IslaMarxists (aka: Dhimmi Dems/Islamists) are always “in
    .. yes, that makes the rest of US targets, hell=O??





  • Objective Analysis

    Patrick Henry (March 23, 1775) stated “Give me Liberty or Give me Death.” Seems right for me in 2011.

  • Chris

    I linked to the game page on my FB page, and this is the description that popped up:

    The online first person shooter videogame. DON’T GET TEA-BAGGED! The Tea Party zombies are walking the streets of America. Grab your weapons and bash their rotten brains to bits! Destroy zombie Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Glenn Beck, the Koch Brothers, and many more!

  • randy

    I’d love to know who paid for the development of this “adver-game”.

  • Louie_DaSmasher

    I don’t know that there’s a lot of reason to get upset – just yet. You’ve got to know that guys who develop software like this take turns sitting on each other’s lap in their moms’ basements throughout entire the day; plinking away at their computers, and coming up with stuff that is designed to appeal to people that think the way they do.

    Once the novelty of this game wears off, they’ll move on to something else to fill their worthless lives.

    However, should people like this (and their threats) start showing up on my street, the game most certainly won’t go as designed.

  • mm

    I would not want to be in these guys shoes when the Real Judgement Day comes.

  • Yeper

    Went out today and bought a pistol with lots of ammo – no ideal how to shoot the damn thing . Yet. That happens this weekend

  • Ginger

    Hold back until after the election and we elect Sarah as president and then if they want their a$$es kicked then so be it! If the kenyan fraud wants to call martial let him try. Believe me Sarah will not allow that fraud to delay her 8 year term.

    After he is voted out and NOT before!!!!

  • LuckyDog

    I guess “SHUT UP” doesn’t work any more. So now it’s “I will make you shut up and derive joy from doing it in a brutal and sadistic way!”

  • Buffalobob

    Who paid for the development of this hateful game? How many progs in the MSM will condemn this call to violence?

  • WillofLa

    Is it a war, like a real war with us? I have always believed that Liberalism which actually is Socialism in disguise is a war against morality, Christian’s, conservitism, Constitutionality, obeying the law, and support and upholding the customs, traditions(like Christmas for the birth of Jesus Christ), of America and belief in the in the culture of our nation. Liberals have always tried to push the acceptance of people who are different from “us”. And who was the “us” liberals have always been against? White, conservative, Christian’s who at one time owned the land, businesses, banks, and won all the elections, and established what the culture was and what was appropriate and what was inappropriate in our society. White, conservative, Christian’s used to make the determination as to what our society should be and what people should not accept in our society, as in what was acceptable in society and what was not acceptable in society. When at one time long haired, tatooed, dirty looking, foul languaged, motorcycle riding outfits were not acceptable in our society. And since the liberals took over our culture those same people who were marginalized so that they knew to stay in their place and we stayed in ours, are now allowed to live next door to you. They ruined the property values, they trashed the neighborhood, they terrorize our children, and they don’t take care of their house and it looks like a slum now. But to a liberal, so long as it was in our neighborhoods and not theirs, it was what everyone should accept and believe is right for what America should stand for…..tolerance! Before, people like that weren’t tolerated to even be riding through that neighborhood, let alone move into the neighborhood and live there with all their loud parties, drunkeness, dope dealing, pimping, robbery, home invasions, car thefts, and all the rest that goes along with all the kinds of people who are like that, like, most Blacks liberals said had as much right to live in a nice neighborhood as White, conservative, Christian’s had.

    Well, back in my day we all were in our place in society. That’s how it was kept orderly and control. And I don’t mean in control of people’s lives, I mean things like crime was in control. Because when society is in control of like we had it where everyone had a place in society, criminals were relagated to live in certain places in towns, and that’s the only place they were living. If you wanted to talk to someone who had a record of crime, you went to that neighborhood and grabbed them up and took them downtown. If they had been allowed to live anywhere they wanted the cops could not ever find them, at least as easy as it used to be to keep criminals under control, so that crime was kept at a minimum. Now, with criminals allowed by liberal laws, to live where ever they want, it’s next to impossible to figure out where they are. That’s why crime is out of control.

    When society is out of control we get the kind of society we see in America today. Liberals have wreaked our society with their liberal laws that give anybody and everybody the same rights of the law abiding, decent, God fearing, hard working, tax paying, legal, citizens who love their country and would die to defend it from it’s enemies. There’s only one problem with that these days and that is liberals won’t allow that sort of America to exist anymore. They claimed they had a better idea where more people had “equal” rights as everyone else. The reason why America was a better country back in my day was because we didn’t give all the rights that we had to just anybody and everybody. And the reason why some didn’t have “equal” rights was because they didn’t deserve them, and hadn’t earned them, and disrespected those of us who had earned our rights and liked our “place” in American society. That is how America was identified and that is who you were, and where in American society you came from. And everybody knew who everybody else was and what place they held in our society. It was law and order that we upheld that made the country run so well.

    And now, it’s chaos and confusion, just like liberals like it. That way we can’t figure out who America’s enemies are and what they are up to. Criminals run the country now instead of being kept where they belong, and that is behind bars! When was the last big politician arrested who violated the Constitution, or violated his oath of office?

  • What? You can’t shoot Sarah Palin in this game? Are they going soft?

  • randy

    Address listed on the developer website: 27 Grace St. Brooklyn, New York

  • I thought it was odd how so many conservative commentators missed the end of Maxine Waters speech the other day: “As far as I’m concerned the Tea Party can go straight to hell!,” followed by lengthy applause and then the REAL stinger: “….and I intend to help them get there!”

    Can you imagine ANY Tea Partier behind a microphone and an applauding crowd making such a threat of violence? The press would be apoplectic.

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  • randy
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  • Militant Conservative

    Way ahead of the curve on this one, LOL.

    Always prepare for war, nobody wants to mess

    with a hardened an ready adviisary.

    Powder is dry

  • Ginger

    Hey Maxine I want to be the first to take you on and we can see who goes to Hell and it will not be me. There is a difference between you and I…. YOU are all MOUTH!

  • Walden

    Evidence once again that the rightwing is incapable of accepting responsibility for anything.

  • randy
  • Walden

    So now the nuts can start calling him to make obtusely worded threats. Why don’t you post your own address as well, Randy?

  • neverends

    There was a reason the Japanese Emperor was “advised” to not invade the US mainland in WWII. He was told that there was a gun behind every bush. Not only is that still true but I would daresay there is now more than one behind every bush. Everyone needs to make sure that they know how to correctly use the weapon but have more than enough ammo.

    We all know the REAL reason behind the “fast and furious” is to have an excuse to take all guns out of the hands of people. The whole cartel destruction is merely the distraction/red herring for the main plan.

    You can also bet that the “civilian force” that Odummer referred to in the campaign is nothing but the union.

    We’ll see how all his masterplans work out! Get ready for the worst!

  • big L

    Maxine won’t do anything to you. Talker, set to get her constituency going. Her Chief -of-staff is (or has been) her grandson. They never refer to the relationship.It is like they are strangers.I read it violates the nepotism rule ofthe House. but nothing is done. So even ‘house’-keeping rulesare ignorred. so don’t think she will ever be involved in any of this. All ghetto, no vouchers.

  • Walden

    #49 Probably half of those guns behind trees are surplus mosin nagants.

  • Walden

    Perhaps you are all overlooking the obvious motivation. Bad taste sells.

  • WillofLa

    And what kind of person is going to play this so-called “game”? The children of liberals so that liberal HATE can be propagated from one generation to the next.

    Liberals yelling and screaming in White, conservative, Christian’s faces “RACIST” is intimidating, and alarming. That is the whole purpose of liberals agenda and that is to scare those who liberals were targeting(Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals taught to target, marginalize, demonize, attack) were the ones who liberals believed were keeping America like it was where only certain people got all the rights liberals believed were being enjoyed by White, conservative, Christian’s. And of course that “certain people” was pretty much everyone except those who had no respect for the societal rules that had been established when our country was founded. Liberals hate our founding fathers and have done everything they could to dimenish who and what they were. Then they started making laws through the legislature and the courts to force the breakdown of the American way of life for those, liberals believed had made and kept America like it was that liberals hated more than anything.

    Nowadays liberals use unions, Blacks, illegal Mexican’s, bums, the homeless, crazy people who were turned out of mental institutions liberals declared to be discreminating against people who liberals believed did not need to be locked up and this was violating their Constitutional rights to freedom and libery. Just now since 9-11 liberals have used Muslims against those in our society who liberals blame for America being the way it was where everyone had a place and a place for everyone kept the nation running smooth and kept crime down to a minimum, was not what liberals believed America should stand for.

    It’s like you keep hearing liberals say about what they believe “American values” should be. What the hell do they know about what “American values” should be, they don’t even know what “values” are, or should be for anything let alone this nation. And to begin with America already had values that had been upheld for generations, fought two world wars by them, and had prospered millions of American’s more than they could dream of, but that wasn’t good enough for liberals. They wanted more. It’s like Nancy Pelosi said in a recent meeting she had with her constituents was that it was us who wanted “…more and more, like how much do they want?”

    Well, I’ll tell you how much more we want, WE WANT THE ENTIRE NATION BACK AGAIN!! And if we can keep together and not loose sight of our goal and intention, we will make sure that people like liberals never again take it from us. We allowed them more and more because some of their ideas were okay. But when they kept taking more and more, they stopped us from stopping them by making laws which kept us under control. I’m sure liberals did that in order to show us what it was like for those in our society what it was like to be under control and there wasn’t anything we could do about it. They wanted us to be treated like we had treated others that liberals claimed they stood for. But the problem with what they had done to us, which remains today, is that is the only thing they show us that they stand for. They don’t stand for making America a better nation. They don’t show us that they stand for making prosperity the norm for everyone, and not just who we believed had earned the right, they show us that what they want to do is take that right away from everyone, except for them. And who are discreminating, racists, and controling? It seems that at least in society the way we had the country all you had to do was to work hard, obey the law, respect societal rules, and be moral, and you had all the opportunities you had right to access as anyone else in society. What was so wrong with that?

  • ken

    #34 September 6, 2011 at 4:03 pm
    Yeper commented:
    Went out today and bought a pistol with lots of ammo – no ideal how to shoot the damn thing . Yet. That happens this weekend

    Dude, it’s called gun control for a reason. Gun control is hitting your intended target. It’s not as hard as you would expect unless you watch too much tv and think holding a 9mm sidewise in one handand hitting your intended target is possible. Yeah, maybe by accident once in 40 ounds. Speaking from a family that learned to shoot 12 gage shotguns, 308 rifles and 357 mag pistols at age 12, learn. There are plenty of training courses to help you. Ignorance is no excuse. If you don’t understand how to shoot and still have a gun for protection, you will mostlikely wind up a victim. Just owning a weapon does not insure protection.

  • OneBlueRuger

    Aye Joel #13. I drove a friend home one night. A liberal friend. She threw an entire bag of Mickey D’s garbage out the window. I yelled at her. She looked at me and said ‘What?! People get paid to pick that up. Somebody will pick it up’ Seriously, they think they are helping the economy and some poor schmuck’s paycheck when there is trash to be collected.

  • Militant Conservative

    It types but it has no real thoughts.

    It mostly like an appendix, you know it is

    There but you ignore it most of the time.

    Powder is dry

  • Druid

    I am lazy – Anyone done a whois look-up yet to see who paid for the url?

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  • Mad Hatter

    The “open minded, anti violent” left has proven themselves time and time again that they love violence against those they disagree with. Here’s a video of some of their tweets on twitter and what they think about Republicans.

  • Redwine

    Druid (#57) – That was answered by Randy (#47)

  • Yeper

    @ken #54 – hopefully after this weekend of shooting lessons for both the wife and I, your concerns will be no longer concerns

  • rbosque

    Hey Maxine: I may not be perfect…

    …but killing children though abortion, espousing Marxism which is responsible for the deaths of over 100 million lives, corruption through your husband’s bank, and stealing taxpayer’s money certainly qualifies for hell. And since you’re closer to death than most people, let us know how hell is you harpie.

  • Addison

    Are you all mad? You talk of the left inciting civil war and violence, yet every other post on this forum talks bout carrying a gun, which bullets to use and what rifle to own.

    Yes…you’re right. It’s the progressives that are inciting violence.

  • WillofLa

    From time to time we hear about lables on CD’s that keep children from being able to buy them. Where do you think putting a lable on anything that alerted parents or adults that that sort of thing was “inappropriate” for certain age persons. “What?? Why that’s discremination! You are a RACIST to think only certain people have the right to buy that thing!!” is what I can hear coming from liberals right now. The only reason why all warning lables haven’t been outlawed is because liberals want to appear like they know what is moral and what is immoral. They really don’t give a damn, all they want to do is break down our societies morality from what it used to be to what they believe it should be. Which in my mind is no regard for morality for this society. At least when we were in control of this society we said that if you want to listen to that sort of filth, you had to go to certain places where most people wouldn’t be seen, in order to get what it was you wanted. There had been smut shops for a long time, but there was a time when that sort of thing was not allowed in America…anywhere. It was banned in most cities. But if you knew someone you could find out where the stuff was and you could go there and buy things you’d didn’t know existed in a moral society.

    This is what liberals believe should be available to everyone, right out in the open. Ever see the covers placed over part of the fronts of certain “girly magazines” where nudity was shown on the front cover of the magazine? Ever wonder what those covers were, or how they ended up covering only those magazines? It was “pornographic laws” that the courts declared was “not appropriate” for the general society to see on news stands, or gasoline stations convinence stores. It’s the saying “Out of sight, out of mind”. If you don’t see it then you don’t think about it. It does have an affect on the mind. It puts images in the mind that don’t ever go away. It is the damage that psychologists say is damaging the minds of our children and “desensitizing” them to violence, blood, and gore. If you want a peaceful society then you don’t raise your children on a steady diet of violence, blood, and gore. Much of this includes war games where explicite scenes of violence, blood, and gore, which at one time I can remember when it was outlawed in America. You couldn’t have a game where lots of blood was shown. Later you had to obtain a special code you had to put in the game in order to have it show the blood and heads being chopped off. Now it’s just everywhere!

  • Mad Hatter

    When does the following “online games” come out?

    Illegal Alien Zombies Must Die.

    Gay Zombies Must Die.

    Muslim Terrorist Zombies Must Die.

    ACLU Zombies Must Die.

    Union Thug Zombies Must Die.

    Crips, and Blood Zombies Must Die.

    Progressive Zombies Must Die.

  • lynched1

    “Hmm… It sure would be a shame if NASCAR, GM, Pepsi, UPS, etc. found out about the violent trash StarvingEyes is posting on the internet.”

    Just breezing through all of the reactions it would seem as if an appropriate reaction might have been overlooked. Effectiveness determined by numbers.

  • Fred Byrne

    My wife and I are on the fence on buying a new Equinox or a new CR-V. I’m really disappointed that GM would support violence like this. For the record I’m not a Liberal or a Con as I don’t belong to either party.
    I’m sending an email to GM asking them to clarify their relationship with this company and it’s products prior to making a decision. If GM does in fact support this company then we won’t be buying a GM car.

  • randy

    Walden, A simple whois look-up yielded the owner of the hosting website. Took 2 seconds. All the info is public knowledge. I am sure Mr. Oda is proud of his work otherwise he would have registered his site anonymously.

    lynched1, Twitter is a good place to let big companies know who and where their spending their dollars.

  • footmaster12

    To be fair, those companies probably had no idea that was being produced. Now if they keep using them, then it’s a different story. I’d bet a buck on NASCAR not using them any more.

  • FurryGuy

    Something I find rather amusing as well as revealing of the blindered mindset of those who created the game:

    That anyone who is not a progressive is a member of the TEA Party.

    Newt is TEA Party?!? *HA!*

  • Merovign

    Addison: Take your meds, please.

    Seriously, you’re claiming that in the chain of events where the first person says “we’re going to kill you” and the second person says “no you’re not, we’re armed,” you blame the second person for “inciting” the prior threat.

    That’s just crazy, as in mentally ill.

  • JC

    “The Game’s Creators Work For NASCAR”

    Not anymore, they don’t.

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  • Mannie

    Can we start hanging Liberals now? Pretty please?

  • Mannie

    #63 September 6, 2011 at 5:26 pm
    Addison commented:

    Are you all mad? You talk of the left inciting civil war and violence, yet every other post on this forum talks bout carrying a gun, which bullets to use and what rifle to own.

    Yes…you’re right. It’s the progressives that are inciting violence.

    Typical Liberal meme. Those defending themselves against criminals, are the aggressors.

  • Walden

    Please stop poaching from my trolling grounds.

  • Taqiyyotomist


    …cue the mobys.

    They’ll be incessant, from this point on.

  • FurryGuy

    #76 September 6, 2011 at 5:57 pm
    Taqiyyotomist commented:


    …cue the mobys.

    They’ll be incessant, from this point on.

    Almost as persistent and annoying as the Ronbots, and just predictably one note flatulent.

  • Island Girl

    LOL – Sarah Palin Zombie is very attractive. Perfect facial symmetry -nice high cheekbones ,nice teeth .

    Even as a zombie Sarah is hot.

    As a revenge perhaps Debbie W-S does Dallas . No Zombification needed.

  • Alayne in Nevada

    Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House. Replace with Nancy Pelosi, former Speaker of the House.

    Brit Hume. Replace with Matt Lauer.

    Bill O’Reilly. Replace with Anderson Cooper.

    Sean Hannity. Replace with Rachael Maddow.

    Glenn Beck. Replace with Chrissy Mathews.

    Sarah Palin. Replace with Al Bore.

    Michele Bachmann. Replace with Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

    Koch brothers. Replace with Soros.

    NOW see how much attention “the game” will get with the LSM.

  • Militant Conservative

    Allison you poor misguided person.

    We carry legally and obey the law

    The goons do neither, many of us are

    Cops too. Or we help train LE.

    40% of households have a gun.

    That mean one of your neighbors

    On one aide or the other have one.

    Stock your head in the sand or

    Any available orafice, cranial

    Rectal inversion. Your the problem.

    Powder is dry

  • Druid


  • Mary

    Addison, dear. I cannot speak for all who post but my household believes in the 2nd Ammendment and we carry for protection. We are not looking for trouble, but if trouble finds us, we are ready.

  • Alana

    [email protected] – I was driving through a McDonald’s with a liberal friend once (she was driving and gave our order), and she yelled at the person in the window taking the order.

    Then turns to me and says, “Why can’t they learn to speak English?”

    Whereas I would never dream of yelling at someone working in McDonald’s. (Or anywhere, really.)

  • tarpon

    So the Democrats are bringing back their terror wing the KKK.

    Doesn’t matter where they work.

  • Conservative Ken

    Tea Parties have busted their ass not to be bigoted, racist, or any other ist. The only intolerance at Tea Parties are the Unionistas who wear KKK shirts and are told to leave. Every violent act involving the Tea Party was initiated by Unions on the other side of the street. Every Damn one!

    That game is just practice for what team Soros really wants.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    It sure would be a shame if NASCAR, GM, Pepsi, UPS, etc. found out about the violent trash StarvingEyes is posting on the internet.

    Sure would.

    Get the word out.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    You talk of the left inciting civil war and violence, yet every other post on this forum talks bout carrying a gun, which bullets to use and what rifle to own.

    Because that’s how to meet violence when your enemies threaten to inflict it on you.

    If you wish to bow down to those wanting you to bend your neck to the yoke, you are free to do so. Don’t expect the rest of us to be as willing.

  • mercador

    This is the only answer to the way this country is going. We got it this way and we can not fix it.
    2Ch 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Yid With Lid: Is the Tea Party Becoming Obama’s “Jews”

    For much of the past 2,000 years political elements across the world have taken a group that looked and prayed differently, lumped them together and dehumanized them with the purpose of deflecting public anger their way and away the failure of politicians. I am talking of course about the Jews. It was successful strategy centuries before Hitler and remains so today where in the Arab lands; the Jews are still blamed for all a country’s problems (although sometimes the world Zionist or Israel lobby is substituted).
    In the United States, the Democratic/progressives are using a revised version of this age-old strategy, except instead of demonizing the Jews, they are demonizing the Tea Party.

    This anti-Tea Party strategy was kicked off the weekend of August 20 and 21 when President Obama, political adviser David Axelrod and former Press Secretary Robert Gibbs all criticized that “stubborn group of grass roots Americans.”

    After the TV appearances the baton was picked up by the Congressional Black Caucus, their rhetoric was even worse. The Tea Party was no longer just stubborn; they were racist demons and the enemy. Maxine Waters told the Tea Party to go to hell, Frederica Wilson declared the Tea Party was the enemy, CBC Whip Andre’ Carson’s statement that the Tea Party programs are the efforts of Jim Crow who would like to see Black American’s “hanging from a tree,” and former Civil Rights Icon, Jesse Jackson’s outrageous charge that the Tea Partiers were the ones opposing the civil rights movement led by Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. The Tea Party opposing Obama, Jackson said, should be called the “Fort Sumter Tea Party that sought to maintain states’ rights and slavery.”

    No follow that up with what we heard from Hoffa Jr, and the Vice President, the Democratic party attacks do not only seek to position the Tea Party as the reason the Obama Presidency has failed, no it is more nefarious than that. They are trying to dehumanize the Tea Party as Devils, who should be in Hell, Sons of Bitches that should be taken out, Barbarians, Jim Crow racists who want to lynch black people, and/or simply the enemy.

    This dehumanization has/will serve many ends. Firstly it has deteriorated the tea party in the standing of the general public. Even though most Americans agree with the Tea Party goals, those same polls have shown that progressives have succeeded in tarnishing the Tea Party movement as radical.

    The dehumanization of the Tea Party has provided the progressives with a common enemy which they can use to unite their base and even to attract independents. In Germany, it wasn’t Mr. Schwartz that was the enemy it was those Jews. In the US they can’t label Mrs. Jones who goes to a Tea Party rally bringing a lawn chair as the enemy, but it is very easy to aggregate all the Mrs. Jones and brand them as barbarians and Jim Crow racists.

    Once the dehumanization is complete it all becomes easy. You see the public hates nasty discord and political name calling. But it doesn’t matter when the name calling isn’t directed at people, only against sons of bitches and racists who lynch black people the same way at first Jews were evil people who caused the economic collapse of Germany.


  • Taqiyyotomist

    #88 mercador

    You got it exactly right, my friend. Great and appropriate verse.

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  • Jim,
    I played the game and there is a lot more in there. Am posting a blog entry linking to this story with the details of what I found.


  • Max Friedman

    Jimmy Hoffa Jr may be surprised that when the violence begins, he is shot by his own union members who don’t want any part of his class warfare, pyschopathic wet dream.

    He should remember that his father was shot (or garrotted, depending on whose story you read), by his mafia friends. Seems to be risk of the job.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if little “Chuckie” Hoffa was waiting to take his place. That would be cool. Hey Jimmie, Jr., look over your shoulder, someone you know could be putting a target on your back (and I don’t meant the store logo). You’re risking the mob losing whatever hold they have left in the Teamsters and they won’t go for that. By, By, Jr.

  • bg
  • Matt

    You have no idea if these people are liberal. All you know is they are salesmen.

  • Andreas K.

    Apart from all these points, it’s also an extremely badly done game.

    They were paid for this? Seriously? Apart from the content of this “game” it’s utter sh*t. Not even indy game developers produce such low quality crap anymore.

    And Addison, you’re clearly too stupid to understand the difference between carrying a gun and calling for war. Back to kindergarten with you.

  • mcc

    Obama, at one point during the ’08 election, suggested we have a conversation about race. More recently, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz suggested a conversation about civil discourse.

    Perhaps there’s need for another conversation: one about the Faithless. Those who would choose violence against their fellow citizens. Knowing – or choosing – no other way, they bait and feed the baser instincts both in themselves and others.

    Hopefully, it’s only a small segment of our society who would choose that destructive path.

    But there is another, far better, way: that of the Faithful – those who follow the Way of the Cross.

    Christians are reminded to pray at all times; but need no reminding in times of distress. The more devoted, perhaps, know their needs are met by a loving God. Most of us know already the practical, proven solutions to the problems our country faces today…

    But this is a greater challenge even than those. Our passage from this near-death experience into abundant life begins by choosing the right path – not the one in which we destroy ourselves along with others.

    Is this our Hour? And what of this —

    Is it a Denial of Him – will we, in fact, weep bitterly like St. Peter – if we fail to Claim Him Before Man in this Hour? Surely we know we’ll need Him – and His Ways – more than any solution we might think the world offers us.

    We’ve come to know Him…His ability to do All things…even to change the Hearts of men. Who else is like Him?

    This may be Our Time for Choosing. The world will soon know if we’re merely another nation in the Throes of Death…Or a People Blessed by a Heavenly Father, Filled with His Light, His Love —

    A City – Shining – on the Hill.

  • Radegunda

    Conservative Ken commented: “Tea Parties have busted their ass not to be bigoted, racist, or any other ist.–”
    Sorry, Ken, I have to disagree. We haven’t had to bust anything not to be bigoted, racist, etc., because we are not those things to begin with.

    It’s the Dems who have had to bust their posteriors in their efforts to paint us that way. Well, maybe not — Dems obviously find it very easy to lie and slander.

  • Militant Conservative

    Wow increated a realmworld scenario to defend

    Against such a scenario. Mines real, theirs is

    Imagined. Wow, I’m threatened, not.

    Being prepared is so liberating.

    Powder is dry

  • mcc

    #63 Addison — there’s a difference between those who defend themselves, and others, against the violent and those who initiate the violence.

    Do you misread Israel’s defensive actions also?

  • mcc

    sorry, that should be #64, Addison

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  • Patty

    The day a nation watch and it was the turning point. Labor Day 2011 we heard words once again that have been bleeding through the souls of a once great Party that has become dark and demonizing.

    The final stone has been cast and this will mark the day, Obama will never be a second term president. This is the day that those who didn’t like the Tea Party will give them a second and New look.

    This whole thing is so sad and wrong. Seems this has reached its head. I feel that Americans in a time when everything moves so fast we may forget what the democrats have done, what they stand for, how they have lied and the damage they have done to this nation is a short time.

    But Hoffa will be connected with Obama in ad after ad and this WON’T BE FORGOTTEN.

    We are not airheads, we have morals, we want a grand America, strong and free. Values, Moral, Dignity, Responsible people. I am afraid this administration is catering to those with lower standards and I don’t give a Damn attitudes.

    I believe that Hoffa and Obama couldn’t have done more damage to their party on Labor Day then they realize.

    And this is the constant in this party of anger and hate.

  • Nahanni

    I warned you that this was coming three years ago.

    This is the absolute last gasp of the Democrat/Union/’Race/Ethnic Warrior’ troika. They know that if they lose now they lose forever so they are going to turn the ‘cold’ war they have been fighting against America and Americans for the past 50 years into a ‘hot’ war-they will scorch the earth and they will not care how many American citizens they have to kill to achieve their goal of a totalitarian state ruled by a Dictator-For-Life. You have already seen the beginning skirmishes of it with all those ‘flash mobs’ roaming the streets of the bleu cities and bleu states beating, robbing and looting. You think that crap just popped up all by itself? If you do you are a fool.

    The Troika’s ‘hot’ war against America started in earnest on Labor Day. What you will see over the next 17 months in this country will make Beirut in the1980’s look like a picnic. You had better be mentally and physically prepared for it because your very life may depend on it.

  • WillofLa

    I believe that if someone on our side can get themselves a real good Constitutional lawyer, they might be able to prove that this so-called “video game” is actually “conspiracy to committ murder”. This could do what psychologists are suggesting that our young are being negatively influenced by video games to become violent, well here is a video game that could influence some weak minded SEIU member to go kill some conservatives he could find at any Tea Party gathering. I believe that an attorney should contact the makers of this game and order them to “cease and dissist”. A good attorney could sue the hell out of these whacko’s and teach a lesson to liberals that we aren’t going to stand still and let them do this.

    Everybody knows that the leftist whack job who shot the Democrat Congresswoman in the head had been influenced by video games or something like that where he was tensioned up so much that he could no longer tell fantacy from reality. And since we all know that liberals are so screwed up that they actually would kill some Tea Party members.

    I say let it happen! I think that would give us good reason to empeach Obama and have him arrested for not defusing the union meeting where he let Offa make his declarative remark and didn’t say a word to tell the union thugs that he didn’t mean for that sort of thinking to come out of that get together, you know? Obama said nothing. And as far as I am concerned he condoned it!

  • WillofLa

    I meant to say, “Hoffa” not what I wrote.

  • Pingback: Untitled 1()

  • WillofLa

    I’m telling you right now, we’ve got to do something before Obama does cause one of us to get killed. Then what? Are we to take this crap laying down, as usual where Republican’s let Democrats run all over them and do nothing about it? For decades the Republican’s have allowed Democrats to use them as a whipping post, and they did nothing to stop them. Did they try to do anything when the Democrats got the Supreme Court to allow them to pass a law that prohibited Republican’s from getting campaign contributions from large corporations. The most unconstitutional law written and they didn’t lift a finger to force the Supreme Court to resend that decision which would have been easy if they just tried. But did they try? I don’t know. When the Court got the law overturned, that was the first I had heard of it. And this law had been in existance for, like, thirty years or something like that? I know it was a long time. Don’t tell me that they didn’t have time, or the Court was to busy or had to many cases before they could get to it? No way. The Court didn’t seem to be that busy when they finally did get the law overturned, so what was the hold up? Well, now Republican’s can get contributions just like the Democrats, and what was the first thing the Democrats started screaming? “Unconstitutional!!” BULL CRAP!!

    So let’s see what they are going to do about this. And don’t give me this crap that Republican’s are bigger than these punks and responding to this game would be stooping to Dems’ level, either. Because it’s not. Standing up against these bastards is not stooping to their level, it’s standing up to evil. And when you do that in the name of God, He honors it and takes evil out, and forces them to repent.

  • 99RedBallons

    Email all of these people and complain. I did. Hit them where it counts.

    [email protected] Attn: Mike Helton NASCAR President

    [email protected]: Attn: Mike Helton NASCAR President

    Shareholder Contacts
    Jamie Caulfield
    Senior Vice President, Investor Relations
    PepsiCo, Inc.
    [email protected]

    You can even cut and paste this reply to save time.

    I am contacting you today to bring to your attention that StarvingEyes and Jason Oda are promoting violence in a video game towards fellow Americans. It has come to my attention that your comapny works with or uses the services of StarvingEyes and Jason Oda.

    The despicable game is linked here:

    This game is in such poor taste that I wanted to express my displeasure with your company for supporting such political discourse. I wanted to contact you today to let you know that my family and I will not be using any of your products until I hear that you have dropped all business and personal contact with Starvingeyes and Jason Oda. It would also be a good business move to get Jason Oda to apologize for promoting such political discourse in this time of such volatility in our country and any harm they have done to all of the other fine companies that they are associated with.

    God Bless America,

    John Doe

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  • charlotte

    I suggest we boycott each and everyone of those companies.NOW.

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  • [email protected]
  • Wes McKay

    This is just the next step in obama’s plan to destroy America;

    They want and are striving for civil unrest that will progress into ‘ CIVIL WAR ‘

    Then obama will declare … ‘ MARTIAL LAW ‘ at which time ( I believe ) he can not be
    removed from office ( can anyone say ‘ hugo chavez ‘ ) obama accepted hugo’s book
    last year, and I’m sure it included a ‘ game plan ‘ for taking over a country for life !

    2012 will either be the time WE save America from becoming …
    a socialistic / communist / islamic nation,
    begin living under the tyranny and oppression inflicted by ‘ ayatollah Hussein obama ‘

    2012 will go down in history as the turning point in America’s Freedom’s or the lack of them



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  • mary Cusack

    This is the guys facebook page

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  • burt

    The first Civil War began when the Democratic candidate John C. Breckinridge lost the Presidental election of 1860. He promptly joined the Confederate Army as a general, killing as many of his fellow Americans as he could. He managed to move up to Secretary of War for the Confederacy, but the war did not go as he wanted. It could be argued that he should have been hung, but he wasn’t. One of many of Lincoln’s mistakes, such as Andrew Johnson, a southern Democrat who hated yankees, the federal government, and blacks.

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  • tpartynitwit

    Good Lord that looks like fun! Take out the cane-shaking Tea Potty numbnuts en mass!!

  • Mannie

    The Barack Obama Lied (Die Fahne hoch)

    Flag high! Ranks closed tight!
    The Acorn Troopers march with bold, firm step.
    Union enforcement battalions
    March together within our ranks.

    Clear the streets for the Acorn battalions!
    Clear the streets for the Union men!
    Millions already look hopefully up to the Messiah.
    The day is breaking for hope and change!

    For the last time now the call is sounded!
    Already we stand all ready to fight!
    Soon the Obama banners will flutter over the streets.
    Our enemies won’t last much longer!

    Flag high! Ranks closed tight!
    The Acorn Troopers march with bold, firm step.
    Union enforcement battalions
    March together within our ranks.

  • bg


    Wes McKay #117 September 7, 2011 at 7:36 am

    no matter who wrote what.. Obama has
    his own GREENS everything NOW plans..

    not to mention the Weatherman or Muslim Brotherhood manifesto’s
    being “in sync” with the GREENS and numerous other “UTOPIAN WORLD” blueprints, including Islam, go figure (scroll threads for more info links)..

    ‘the parents of today will not be sacrificing
    as much as the children of tomorrow’ – bg


  • bg


    tpartynitwit #124 September 7, 2011 at 11:15 am

    LOL.. chronically obsessed button pushing knucklehead..


  • Lou Skannen
  • John Public

    Hit them in the pocket book, no self respecting Conservative would use the service of these people. Expose them far and wide. Legitimate users need to disengage from them.

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  • ScottR18

    To: StrangernFiction

    No God, no eternity – just death. And no meaning to life – you’re just a cosmic accident –

    No – God – – no right nor wrong – no wonder you feel it is okay to lie, cheat, slander, and demonize.

    But what’s the purpose? There is none.

    But we know from imperic reasoning and Divine revelation there is a God, and we know he created you out of love and for love. We also know there is something known as spiritual death, which leads to an eternity of misery.

  • Ron

    I’ve been seeing comments across the internet today how this game doesn’t represent the views of “liberals” and Democrats. Yet, on Facebook for example, ( it seems they’re quite supportive of this game and harming tea partiers. Just like they are elsewhere online.

    I also noticed that the official guestbook for the tea party zombie game has been removed. Wonder why? 😀 Seems like Jason Oda’s emo-liberal ego couldn’t take the criticism. That’s typical of the common, hateful white liberal.

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  • mcc

    American Thinker’s Robin of Berkeley says it far better than I re this POTUS and his administration. This is why we must vote against Obama – or any Democrat – in this next election. There literally is an evil at work and we need to name it and fight it with all that’s in us:

    So what’s the endgame here?

    The first goal is power. The left has an insatiable need to control every aspect of our lives.

    But there’s a deeper reason, one much more insidious.

    The left wants to tear Americans down. Just as the Weatherman did to those naïve lost kids, they want to break our spirits. This goal of degradation is more crucial than their one-world government.

    The progressives want to turn us into them, to make us feel as deprived and depraved and deadened. It’s the only way that they can silence the roar of shame and self-loathing.

    What they don’t understand is this: it’s not going to happen. There are too many of us who won’t be hypnotized, who have a light in us that will not be extinguished.

    We see right through them. We know who they are: the most piteous of human beings, and the most dangerous. Men without a country, orphans far from home. The forsaken and disowned.

    They’re “hungry ghosts,” to use a Tibetan phrase: tormented beings who are starving to death from an inner void that they cannot fill, no matter how much they try.

    Mother Teresa was once asked how she coped with serving the poorest of the poor in Calcutta. She responded that what she saw in the cities of the United States was much more disturbing, because it was a “poverty of the spirit.”

    Poverty of the spirit. No truer words can be spoken of the progressive left. And they want nothing more than impoverishing your spirit as well..

    May God bless and keep us all.

  • russ

    Like any chicago politician – D’ohbama will steal the election. He will lose the vote even after unions rig the electronic voting, and they enroll a few million illegals, but will win when there are splits in the electoral college vote within just enough states to put him over the top.

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