It’s An Obama World… Maryland Is First State to Require Students to Pass Junk Science Test Before Graduating

It used to be that the mission of the Department of Energy is to ensure America’s security and prosperity by addressing its energy, environmental, and nuclear challenges. But that was before Obama. Now it’s all about indoctrination and junk science.

Barack Obama’s radical (green) Energy Secretary Steven Chu said he didn’t think average folks had the know-how or will to to change their behavior enough to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. So, like a good socialist, Chu proposed indoctrinating the nation’s youth on global warming junk science. And he’s not shy about it.

P/Oed Patriot reported on Chu’s new indoctrination program complete with instructions and lesson plans and quizzes:

This wasn’t a joke…
Yesterday, Maryland because the first state to require students to pass a green test before graduating.
The kids can’t read or write but at least they can pass an enviro-Marxism test.
The PJ Tatler reported:

Well, the least Free State — literally — is outdoing itself in the idiocy department.

In an historic vote today, the Maryland State Board of Education provided specific guidance to all public schools to require that each student be environmentally literate before he or she graduates from high school. The vote cements Maryland as the first state in the country to approve a graduation requirement in environmental literacy, a credit to Governor O’Malley, to board members, and to Dr. Nancy Grasmick, State Superintendent of Schools.

In other words, despite the growing evidence of fraud within the global warming/climate change debate, Maryland schools will, by law, force feed enviro-propaganda in the classroom. And your kid will swallow it whole, or not graduate.


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  • jennifer

    Makes homeschooling look pretty good.

  • dnb

    Do you know Maryland’s rank in reading, science and math? Would be interesting to see if it correlates?

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Is laundering money from public coffers and lying on TV part of the “education”? How about deceiving minorities into thinking great paying green jobs are just around the corner knowing the whole time it’s a scam to make your buddies on Wall Street richer? We need to make sure these kids are getting a complete green education.

  • Lily

    Because its not about educating the kids – its about indoctrinating kids to the “correct” way of thinking to make sure they turn out to be good ‘subjects’.

  • Militant Conservative

    Looking at this all wrong. Have your kid learn this

    Junk for what it is, junk science. Then have them be

    A conservative lib bashing rabid dog.

    Mine is, quite a mind on that young man.

    Powder is dry

  • avery

    Why are we not defund all this Junks.

  • Joe College

    8th Grade Final Exam: Salina, Kansas – 1895,-1895.html

    Example question: “District No. 33 has a valuation of $35,000. What is the necessary levy to carry on a school seven months at $50 per month, and have $104 for incidentals?”

  • olm

    We homeschool now after discounting the idea completely in the past. I really can not see sending a young child into this leftist nightmare unless you absolutely have no option or are drinking the KoolAid yourself.

  • WSG

    The kids don’t learn environmental literacy, they learn to regurgitate what they are supposed to for a good grade. If no thought processes are used, how would the child learn? The system can only present a conclusion as fact and hope that the rest of the child’s schooling has not taught them to question anything. What are the chances of that?

  • JD

    which is why my kids are going to private school.

  • Boglee

    Any bets that the graduates are economic illiterates who cannot balance their own checkbooks.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Green? Green? mmmmm I wonder if the progressive traitors will have the kids rocking back and forth while they memorize this crap the way their allies in the middle east do? bahahahahaha

  • bg


    thank Muhammad

    /gw sarc/


  • LibsRMorons

    They LIE to the kids, and make the kids LIE to graduate! What a twisted world.

  • Warthog

    I think I will homeschool my kids in a little brick schoolhouse I shall build and heat with burning tires.

  • Valerie

    A few terms the kids need to know:

    parts per million
    mole percent
    carbohydrate, carbon, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide
    phosphate, citrate
    experimental error

    What we need is a really serious upgrade in the knowledge base of environmental “activists.”

    Nobody disagrees that both industry and families need to clean up their messes. And, people will co-operate with reasonable requests. The enviros, however, have a long record of pushing hard for expensive, even counterproductive “solutions” based more on fantasy than on hard science. Enviros tend to distrust scientists, except for descriptive biologists, because scientists have a tendency to point out that every “solution” is going to have consequences of its own.

    If you want to know about counterproductive solutions, all you have to do is read the directions for the disposal of those curly lamp bulbs. You don’t even have to assume that the claims for lifetime of the bulbs is a crock (it is).

  • Conservative to the Core

    We had the exact same thing in the 1970’s but it was called “Ecology.” There are universities that now offer a Master’s Degree in “environmental management.”

  • Trialdog

    State enforced mental abuse of children.

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  • averagemelon

    This is why parenting is so important.

    Next election, this garbage will end. Global warming will go down in history as a manipulative tool used by corporate-purchased politicians to gain unprecedented access to American wallets…and FAILED.

  • GUS

    This is simple. LIBTARDS crave control. So they invent crisis’ that they can fix. The BUREAUCRATIC DOUCHEBAGS, nod and baaaa baaaaa, and collect their pay check.

    Your children get brains full of mush.