Updated: RADICAL LEFTIST LAWYER ATTACKS Michele Bachmann at Right Online 2011 (Video)

The radical left attacked Michele Bachmann today at Right Online 2011 after her speech.

And, then they completely justify it.

UPDATE: Marooned in Marin pointed this out earlier:

Jim: This woman is an attorney at National Lawyers Guild – Minnesota Chapter. She represented some of the anarchists arrested in the 2008 raids before the GOP Convention in a civil suit.

It figures. She’s a freakin radical leftist lawyer.

Here’s more on the attacker Rachel E. B. Lang:

She is a lawyer at the Communist allied National Lawyers Guild – Minnesota Chapter, according to this link. She was an attorney for some of the anarchists who were plaintiffs in a settlement for a 2008 raid before the Republican National Convention.

More… Instapundit asks, “Where was the security?”
Agreed. This leftist should have been pepper sprayed before she got 10 feet from the stage.

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  • dwd

    Disgraceful. “Our ideas don’t work, we can’t have an adult conversation, so we throw stuff at people who disagree with us.”

    Try doing this to a Democrat and see how different the reaction would be, compared to a Republican victim.


    Liberal scum. The next thing you know they will be shooting.

  • SeniorD

    Hey, if the Stalinist/Leftists hate Ms. Bachman so much, and if they attack her with such vitriolic nonsense, they MUST be scared of her!

    Vote Michelle and watch a leftist’s head explode!

  • rbosque

    People who support abortion as the left does should be ashamed of themselves. It’s the left that’s perverse and defends dictators and Marxism. How is any of that “American”? Instead of being pests they should leave this country since it’s obvious they hate it here.

  • NeoKong

    I bet the military is eagerly waiting for her.
    Her aim was awesome.

  • catwoman368

    Why did they allow this wacko to walk up to Rep Bachman, it could have had a weapon. All the violence is on the left.

  • Richard Aubrey

    So smugly, complacently pleased with herself and sure she’ll have an effect.

  • smarty

    The golden rule with these people has to be either press charges or simply beat the snot out of them on the spot. We cannot surrender any ground to the left, not the high ground, and not the low ground.

  • Cnation


    That’s so gay.


  • a former dem

    To the lefty trolls that read this blog, and I’m sure they do.

    This is why sane democrats have now left the party and will continue to flee this disgusting undemocratic party.

    I support gay rights, and in fact I’m a staunch believer in the 10th amendent, so I have no issues with MA having the right for gay marriages, just as VA or MT or UT will never approve that for their states, and so I absolutely appreciated and agreed with Bachmann’s answer in the debate in NH concerning this issue, which an amendent to the US Consitution, and for that to happen, 2/3 of states will have to ratify that, which at this time, will not happen, in the future it may, but then there will be a consensus in the population for it, rather than COngress shoving this, and ramming it down Americans who don’t agree with it.
    (and you lefty trolls, read the federalist papers as to the how the founding fathers were geniuses to set up the system this way)

    You lefties are scum, I used to be a leftie until 2008, and all you are doing by this absolutely rude and juvenile behavior is converting more and more indepedent minded dems into constiutional conservatives. You all seem to forget there are cameras everywhere to record everything, before you all could get away with this nonsense, because 1 not as many cameras, and 2, the LSM controlled the information, neither of these 2 are applicable anymore.

    Shame on you, and you know what? keep on going, because everyday you all do this kind of nonsense, another independent voter is realised.

  • Rob Crawford

    So smugly, complacently pleased with herself and sure she’ll have an effect.

    She’s had an effect — making more of us aware the left considers assault and battery a legitimate part of political discourse.

  • Cnation

    In all seriousness (and in agreement w/catwoman368’s post above), they really need to tighten up security at these things. That could just as easily been a gun, lye…you name it. The right online people ought to know just about better than anyone else just what kind of people we’re up against.


  • Kieran

    Another attention whore hipster, totally insignificant. Too bad the Secret Service didn’t give her a couple of extra holes.

  • Granny

    Loved her “disguise” – you KNOW she doesn’t walk around in that ultra-conservative religious, down to the wrists and knees, everything covered up costume in her regular life!

  • Hedgehog

    Gay rights? I’m sick of this. If you are “gay”, big deal. I don’t want to hear about it. Go back to your home, be gay all you want, and shut the hell up. Stop trying to make it normal. It is not. Think about it. Did she become a carbon based life form by way of gay sex?

  • nobama2012

    Since Bachman announced for president where was secret service? Why is this girl not jailed?

  • Mad Hatter

    Typical 2nd grade, Alinsky child throwing glitter on someone to get attention.

    Gay right? Exactly where is that in the U.S. Constitution?

  • The Anti-American group Code Pink are behind these attacks. They did it to Tim Pawlenty and Newt Gingrich too.

  • ebayer

    Loved the Grey Fox at the end.

  • CMA6

    The bankruptcy of leftist, especially “gay” ideas is shown by the fact that they do not use logic or facts but rather anti-social, violent attacks.

  • sara

    Disturbing on so many levels. Sure doesn’t say much about the security at these things. Don’t they have to check their items at the door? Hope people like Palin bring their own body guards & guns since they already receive death threats…very scary & not unthinkable what the Libs will do given their over-the-top intolerance for different viewpoints & thier Obama-style Chicago thug tactics. Let’s get vocal about denouncing this & be very aware.

  • Annaleesea

    If that was my daughter I’d say,”Honey,,Dad and I love you and will support you in anything you do, but DAMN, you made an ass of yourself today. We spent money on Accutane, use it.”

  • Jim: This woman is an attorney at National Lawyers Guild – Minnesota Chapter. She represented some of the anarchists arrested in the 2008 raids before the GOP Convention in a civil suit.

  • Tjexcite

    How did she get so close…… The next one will not be glitter it will be a pistol, knife or weaponed body fluids. She should have not got within two feet before being on the floor. No time for a second swing of anything.

    Take some money out of the food budget and get security. Take a page from the left on how they treat uninvited guests at their party. If someone tried this at NN11 they would leave in ambulance even if it was does by a invited guest and speaker at NN11.

  • Mark1960

    They should have beaten the crap out of that POS. Until such time as you start beating them down (literally), they will not stop.

  • billypaintbrush

    This idiot is going to get hurt. She is going to assault the wrong person and pay for it. Moron

  • Callipygian1

    Throwing glitter on someone? That was a queer thing to do.

  • Leatherhelmet

    I wonder if the right copied these tactics how it would go over?

  • gus

    LIBTARDS do ALL of the things they do. From WELFARE to ABORTION to GLITTER, because there is no CONSEQUENCE.

  • Dave-O

    #15 Hedgehog – I am with you 1,000%.

  • MaryW

    These people are so screwed up and deranged it’s almost hard not to feel pity for them.

  • gus

    Mary, they know no bounds, and they hate you.

  • Conservative Ken

    With the left’s pro gay agenda, how are they still breeding?

  • Joanne

    Gay rights and pride? Homosexuals have the same rights as anyone. Marriage is between a man and a woman – they can make up their own name for a union of same sex individuals, but it will never be marriage, and they have some nerve trying to put us in their box of perversion. Pride? Pride for what? I’m not proud to be a heterosexual; I just am – what do they have to be proud about if ‘they just are’. I wonder if this woman ever wonders why her mate dresses like a man.

  • gus

    Joanne, you are correct. Homo’s have the same rights as anyone else. I cannot marry my Uncle, my Sister and my German shepherd, nor can homosexuals. I can’t marry both of the Gonzalez twins…Juanita and Maria. That isn’t FAIR!!!!
    This isn’t about RIGHTS. This about POWER, this is about FORCING THEIR AGENDA, whatever it may be, DOWN OUR THROATS.
    Some of these LIBTARDS are GOOFY LEFTIST IDIOT CLOWNS. But the DEMOTARD PARTY has been COMPLETELY COMPLETELY COMPLETELY co-opted, by POWER BROKERS, who recognize that the LIBTARD PARTY, has painted itself into a corner. Everything they PRETENDED to believe and stand for, has been UN-MASKED. It’s about power. And the LIBTARDOCRAT PARTY has NOTHING LEFT TO PROMISE. Except the FULL COMMIE CLASS WAR.
    They HATE US. OK.

  • random leftie

    @Gus – I don’t hate you guys, I feel sorry for you. The hate and impotent rage that is displayed on these pages is just sad. Letting your Obama-hate, left-hate, union-hate, whatever-hate consume your lives is pathetic and sad.

  • big L

    Michele needs to have a goon, our goon that has a nunchuk and some martial (not marital,heh) arts training.They are pretty good. Remember they let the code pinkos or the other one try to handcuff Cheney and he shoved them back.Twice.
    From what I have seen from the Airport security, check-in desk and to these meetings, the security and maybe the cops are sympthetic to the lefty goof-balls and are letting them do these attacks. Maybe not. but the attacks and the terrorists are being slipped thru too often.

  • gus

    Random Libtard. I don’t care what you think. I’m more than willing to eradicate you and those like you. I hope you give me that oppurtunity. Bring it ass hole.

  • Island Girl

    Gus – *************threadwinner********* *****

  • random leftie

    @ Gus: Your internet tough guy act is almost amusing. http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_l8e3y4Tylm1qzlowso1_500.jpg Maybe it’s time for you to check your blood pressure.

  • Glitter is so incredibly gay. Talk about playing to homo stereotypes.

  • badnewzbearz

    random leftie,

    The only thing people here hate is the damage and destruction the left is doing to this country. And oh, we’re not the ones who go out and throw stuff at people.

  • #36 June 18, 2011 at 11:48 pm
    random leftie commented:
    I don’t hate you guys, I feel sorry for you. The hate and impotent rage that is displayed on these pages is just sad. Letting your Obama-hate, left-hate, union-hate, whatever-hate consume your lives is pathetic and sad

    Soo, where’d you get this stereotype that Republicans and Conservatives aren’t happy?

    How many guys with say, 8 kids have a need to be prancing about in the locker room taking pictures of their lonely package to spice up political discussion on TWITTER? Rep Weiner is over 40 years old, all buffed up and sad, very sad. He’s typical of sad Lefties everywhere, all talk about how happy they are all the time, but sad sad sad.

    No sir, a Conservative finding hmself alone, in a room, in a towel, and a phone, would turn off the phone and take a nap.

  • gus

    wanumba. This LEFTARD has no intention of debating or considering the LIBTARDS immorality.
    I don’t play along with LIBTARDS.

  • What’s next? Throwing feces like a monkey?
    ( I’m sure someone will construe this as RAAACIST!!! so I will pre-denounce Mah’sef’… )

    Honest to God, I no longer recognize my own country. This is absurd.

  • gus

    Backhoe. Have you seen what has been going on in Wisconsin??

    The monkey’s have thrown their SCAT already.


    We should???

  • Michelle and other strong conservative women scare liberals.

  • Chisum

    #40 June 19, 2011 at 12:16 am
    random leftie commented:

    random leftie/lesbo,

    Odd that you chose to change your nickname in a thread about gays. Aren’t you proud of your orientation?

  • This makes me ill

    They are complete idiots. After watching hannity show last night it confirms this—they need to move to Russia where all money is controlled and REDISTRIBUTED. My son and I were rolling with laughter when two of the lefty’s stated “you should tax the rich MORE”–geez. Then someone said to a lefty–have you ever seen a poor person give someone a job????? Then the lefty replied, “they ain’t spending the money they are saving it!!! Wow!! We couldn’t stop laughing they are so clueless!!!! 47% of Americans pay nothing!!! If all rich folks and business owners left America—–they would be one big banana republic!!!!
    I vote for liberals to pay for all social benefit programs!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jim

    Once Bachmann learns her U.S. History and fires Ed Rollins, she may have a chance.

  • chuck in st paul

    @50 Jim,

    American history..?? Do you mean the Paul Revere thing? the Paul Revere thing where she was proven correct by the man’s own letters on it?

  • chuck in st paul

    This scrunt is a member of the University of Minnesota Moron Brigade, Law School division.

  • Mad Hatter

    I can see some of the Alinsky children are lost and need to find their way back to the DailyKook website.

  • jorgen

    If the Left hate Michelle Bachmann that much, then she must be good. Vote for her!

  • The same anarchists may be connected to the arson of the Texas Governor’s Mansion..

    ‘ Investigators have also established a direct link from the persons of interest to an Austin-based anarchist group that was linked to a planned attack on the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis in September 2008, which involved Molotov cocktails.

    The same bunch that plotted to attack the RNC may actually have burned the Texas governor’s mansion.’


    ‘An Austin-based anarchist group whose members were prosecuted for plotting to bomb the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn., three years ago has been linked to the unsolved June 2008 arson fire that gutted the Texas Governor’s Mansion, officials said Thursday.

    Steve McCraw, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, said that a white Jeep Cherokee photographed by surveillance cameras at the mansion four days before the fire has been “connected to people who were part of that anarchist group.” The connection was confirmed about three months ago, he said.’


    Please forward all photos and videos of anarchists to the TX DPS.


  • Ron

    Aren’t Senators and Congresspeople offered Secret Service protection? I remember the first wookie was out there demanding Secret Service protection for then candidate Obama during the 2007/2008 campaign. What’s the deal here? After what happened to Congresswoman Giffords someone should scream “Hey! What the F!”. But then again Michelle Bachman is a Republican Female rep and doesn’t fit the narrative of whom should deserve protection from political violence.

  • mg4us

    Security needs to be present for these leftist wackos and pepperspray and taser them if they try to do physical altercations to Conservative Candidates. . .

  • mg4us

    PS. .Hopefully the local tea party will have a demonstration in front of her place of employment

  • Granny


    Senators and Representative do not get Secret Service protection under most circumstances. As I recall, it is only the official candidates for POTUS (after the conventions) that receive SS protection, not everyone who says they are going to run.

  • noislamocommie

    OMG!..these progs all have WEINER accents too! Here I am the day before having to drive to Austin (for the 100th time) to defend Texans from the INVASION and I see this. Man I need a sedative!

  • donh

    The Glitteratti cultist blows by a man in a wheel chair to get access to the stage.

  • HeavyDee

    She is a lawyer at the Communist allied National Lawyers Guild – Minnesota Chapter

    Isn’t that funny?? I thought the first tenet of Communism was “kill all the lawyers.”
    Willfully aligning yourself with a philosophy that demands your extermination, what a dumba$$.

  • Got Billy Ayers on Speed Dial

    Welcome to Palin World, Ms. Bachmann.

    Be sure to hide the kids from pervert David Letterman.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    What if someone had stuck their foot out and tripped her as she walked past..?

  • Ron

    #59 Granny: I appreciate the info ,but I’m pretty sure MO was demanding SS protection for BO even before he was nominated. Now I could be wrong; it seems like Odumbo has been in office for 100 years with all the crap that’s happened since Jan. 2008, but I digress.

  • Looks like a complaint to the Bar would be appropriate. How can she be held in good standing to practice law if she assaults speakers at conventions?

  • Creed

    Gay marriage? In the 70’s, gays begged to be ‘tolerated’ and as a kid, I thought “Why not?” We should just leave them alone. So, now that they’ve gotten that, they want to take it further.

    No. I will TOLERATE your lifestyle, but I will not CELEBRATE your lifestyle. Nor will I teach my children it is ‘normal’. It’s sick as hell.

  • #44 June 19, 2011 at 2:50 am
    gus commented:
    wanumba. This LEFTARD has no intention of debating or considering the LIBTARDS immorality.
    I don’t play along with LIBTARDS.

    I know. Just was pointing out how unhappy they are, and they are so isolated from meaningful contact with other folks that they think everyone suffers they way they do. No kids to clean their houses, no kids to mow their yards, so they have to hire illegals who they can’t communicate with, their females promote males being sterilized, then turn around and slap the men and call them useles. Meanwhile, the Republicans have all the hot babes, but they are already married to guys they publically claim they like. The Lefties fret about what they eat, agonize whether where they live is the right address, constantly have to verify what coffee brand is okay to drink; they live in Ohio and get dizzy panic spells about rising ocean levels that are undetectable to islands like Puerto Rico or Bermuda or Samoa or Hawaii, and they had to vote for Obama to prove they weren’t racist …so fearful and unhappy. All the time. 24/7. They hate their lives so… it must be true for everyone right? Not one of them knows a soul who voted for Bush or Reagan.
    A total mystery how they got elected.

    And then the sad symptomatic story of Democrat Weiner who needed to show SOMEBODY his body, so ripped and buff from the gym, because his Democrat wife didn’t care because she’d rather hang around her female Democrat boss and wonk policy, and now the entire world can download his you-know-what, yet despite all that he’s no closer to getting laid then he was in high school, three decades ago.

    Just more sad Leftie material for F* MY LIFE blog.

  • Rachel E. B. Lang:

    She is a lawyer at the Communist allied National Lawyers Guild – Minnesota Chapter

    She belongs on F* MYLIFE … a lawyer throwing glitter at politicians.
    When lawyers could pull in $500 per hour and more, business must suck or she’s an incompetent freakoziod at her stated profession who can’t get anarchist clients out of jail or fines. She’ll probably whine at the injustice of losing her law license just because of a tube of $2.29 glitter, unless she’d already lost it and didn’t advise her clients that.

    More very sad. sad. sad.

  • averagemelon

    Please help me.

    I cannot make the connection between pushing a man’s junk into another man’s rump, glitter, and LOVE. All this out of a LAWYER’S mouth.

    I know I’m not mensa but I’m not stupid either. Holy mackerel, this is just queer.

  • #70 June 19, 2011 at 5:39 pm
    averagemelon commented:
    Please help me.

    I cannot make the connection between pushing a man’s junk into another man’s rump, glitter, and LOVE. All this out of a LAWYER’S mouth.

    SOUTH PARK did.

    I don’t really know how, but being the geniuses they are, they did.

  • big L

    You get security people that are trained. They step into this person’s path and guidethem aside. Then theyu grab the wrist and pull the arm up in back and the person goes down or they frog march off-stage. Like a few seconds. Otherwise there is going to be a mess. It alos lets these
    goofs know how deep the water is and that unlike GWB, there are folks that will fight.

  • Varmint Hunter

    Like many others here, I am greatly concerned over the lax security witnessed in the video. The left is the violent, unhinged sector of American politics, and I will be plenty pi**ed off if one of ours gets hurt because of a foreseeable, predictable security failure. I think this video demonstrates that many conservatives STILL don’t understand the danger the left poses to this country and those attempting to rescue it from Obama’s clutches. It is unimaginable that such a security breech could occur after the Tucson incident.

  • tommy mc donnell

    random leftie…did you ever listen to a speech by howard dean?

  • Iconoclast

    Gotta feel bad for this fundamentally misunderstood victim, so lost, alone, forlorn and bored in her barren existence. Get a man, some loving and a life, cupcake. You’ll forget all about the leftist nonsense, to say nothing of the insane public meltdowns.