Updated: RADICAL LEFTIST LAWYER ATTACKS Michele Bachmann at Right Online 2011 (Video)

The radical left attacked Michele Bachmann today at Right Online 2011 after her speech.

And, then they completely justify it.

UPDATE: Marooned in Marin pointed this out earlier:

Jim: This woman is an attorney at National Lawyers Guild – Minnesota Chapter. She represented some of the anarchists arrested in the 2008 raids before the GOP Convention in a civil suit.

It figures. She’s a freakin radical leftist lawyer.

Here’s more on the attacker Rachel E. B. Lang:

She is a lawyer at the Communist allied National Lawyers Guild – Minnesota Chapter, according to this link. She was an attorney for some of the anarchists who were plaintiffs in a settlement for a 2008 raid before the Republican National Convention.

More… Instapundit asks, “Where was the security?”
Agreed. This leftist should have been pepper sprayed before she got 10 feet from the stage.

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  • dwd

    Disgraceful. “Our ideas don’t work, we can’t have an adult conversation, so we throw stuff at people who disagree with us.”

    Try doing this to a Democrat and see how different the reaction would be, compared to a Republican victim.


    Liberal scum. The next thing you know they will be shooting.

  • SeniorD

    Hey, if the Stalinist/Leftists hate Ms. Bachman so much, and if they attack her with such vitriolic nonsense, they MUST be scared of her!

    Vote Michelle and watch a leftist’s head explode!

  • rbosque

    People who support abortion as the left does should be ashamed of themselves. It’s the left that’s perverse and defends dictators and Marxism. How is any of that “American”? Instead of being pests they should leave this country since it’s obvious they hate it here.

  • NeoKong

    I bet the military is eagerly waiting for her.
    Her aim was awesome.

  • catwoman368

    Why did they allow this wacko to walk up to Rep Bachman, it could have had a weapon. All the violence is on the left.

  • Richard Aubrey

    So smugly, complacently pleased with herself and sure she’ll have an effect.

  • smarty

    The golden rule with these people has to be either press charges or simply beat the snot out of them on the spot. We cannot surrender any ground to the left, not the high ground, and not the low ground.

  • Cnation


    That’s so gay.


  • a former dem

    To the lefty trolls that read this blog, and I’m sure they do.

    This is why sane democrats have now left the party and will continue to flee this disgusting undemocratic party.

    I support gay rights, and in fact I’m a staunch believer in the 10th amendent, so I have no issues with MA having the right for gay marriages, just as VA or MT or UT will never approve that for their states, and so I absolutely appreciated and agreed with Bachmann’s answer in the debate in NH concerning this issue, which an amendent to the US Consitution, and for that to happen, 2/3 of states will have to ratify that, which at this time, will not happen, in the future it may, but then there will be a consensus in the population for it, rather than COngress shoving this, and ramming it down Americans who don’t agree with it.
    (and you lefty trolls, read the federalist papers as to the how the founding fathers were geniuses to set up the system this way)

    You lefties are scum, I used to be a leftie until 2008, and all you are doing by this absolutely rude and juvenile behavior is converting more and more indepedent minded dems into constiutional conservatives. You all seem to forget there are cameras everywhere to record everything, before you all could get away with this nonsense, because 1 not as many cameras, and 2, the LSM controlled the information, neither of these 2 are applicable anymore.

    Shame on you, and you know what? keep on going, because everyday you all do this kind of nonsense, another independent voter is realised.

  • Rob Crawford

    So smugly, complacently pleased with herself and sure she’ll have an effect.

    She’s had an effect — making more of us aware the left considers assault and battery a legitimate part of political discourse.

  • Cnation

    In all seriousness (and in agreement w/catwoman368’s post above), they really need to tighten up security at these things. That could just as easily been a gun, lye…you name it. The right online people ought to know just about better than anyone else just what kind of people we’re up against.


  • Kieran

    Another attention whore hipster, totally insignificant. Too bad the Secret Service didn’t give her a couple of extra holes.

  • Granny

    Loved her “disguise” – you KNOW she doesn’t walk around in that ultra-conservative religious, down to the wrists and knees, everything covered up costume in her regular life!

  • Hedgehog

    Gay rights? I’m sick of this. If you are “gay”, big deal. I don’t want to hear about it. Go back to your home, be gay all you want, and shut the hell up. Stop trying to make it normal. It is not. Think about it. Did she become a carbon based life form by way of gay sex?

  • nobama2012

    Since Bachman announced for president where was secret service? Why is this girl not jailed?

  • Mad Hatter

    Typical 2nd grade, Alinsky child throwing glitter on someone to get attention.

    Gay right? Exactly where is that in the U.S. Constitution?

  • http://politicons.net Henry D’Andrea

    The Anti-American group Code Pink are behind these attacks. They did it to Tim Pawlenty and Newt Gingrich too.

  • ebayer

    Loved the Grey Fox at the end.

  • CMA6

    The bankruptcy of leftist, especially “gay” ideas is shown by the fact that they do not use logic or facts but rather anti-social, violent attacks.