Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey Sues New York For “Waging War on American Democracy” – “Illegally Scheming” to Jail President Trump


Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey


After threatening legal action last week, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey filed a lawsuit today against the State of New York claiming that the stay against President Donald Trump, the front-runner in the 2024 Election, should be put aside.  AG Bailey is also calling on the US Supreme Court to invoke its original jurisdiction to hear the case.

AG Bailey states that the gag order “threaten[s] to infringe the rights of Missouri’s voters and electors.”  Specifically that New York’s gag order and impending sentence unlawfully :

  • impede[s] the ability of electors to fulfill their federal functions.
  • violate[s] the Purcell principle.
  • violate[s] the First Amendment rights of Missouri citizens to listen to the campaign speech of a specific individual on specific topics.

Missouri is asking the Court to stay any gag order or sentencing until after the Presidential Election.

In a Press Release on Wednesday, the Attorney General wrote:

Today, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey filed suit against the State of New York for violating Missourians’ First Amendment right to hear from a presidential candidate in the 2024 presidential election. Bailey’s lawsuit asserts that New York’s illicit prosecution, gag order, and sentencing of President Trump has undermined his ability to campaign for president. This overt meddling in a presidential election sabotages Missourians’ ability to hear from and cast a fully-informed vote for president mere months before the election.

Attorney General Bailey calls on the United States Supreme Court to invoke its original jurisdiction under Article III, Section II of the Constitution to settle the legal battle between the two states. His lawsuit petitions the Court to declare that New York’s restrictions on President Trump’s ability to campaign unlawfully interfere with the presidential election, to remove any gag orders against the former president, and to halt the impending sentencing until after the presidential election.

“Right now, Missouri has a huge problem with New York. Instead of letting presidential candidates campaign on their own merits, radical progressives in New York are trying to rig the 2024 election by waging a direct attack on our democratic process,” said Attorney General Bailey. “I will not sit idly by while Soros-backed prosecutors hold Missouri voters hostage in this presidential election. I am filing suit to ensure every Missourian can exercise their right to hear from and vote for their preferred presidential candidate.”

Bailey called the lawfare against President Trump “poisonous to American democracy” and said the American people should be able to participate in the election without interference from the State of New York.

He then notes that New York Judge Juan Merchan “violated state judicial ethics by donating to the Biden campaign.”  He also mentions judge Merchan’s daughter’s financial interest in the outcome of these trials as the President of Authentic Campaigns, whose clients include Adam Schiff and the Senate Majority PAC.  Both organizations fundraised off the trial.  The Schiff email began with, “It is a somber moment, and unprecedented for a former president to be indicted, but his alleged offenses are also unprecedented.”

AG Bailey wrote that he believes it’s “very likely” that President Trump would be successful on appeal, however, by then the damage would be done to the campaign.  He claims that Missouri citizens should be able to hear President Trump campaign “free from any gag order” or “interference imposed by the State of New York.”

During the CNN Debate last week, there were several instances in which the political lawfare being waged against President Trump was mentioned by his opponent.  It makes sense that Missouri would argue it’s improper for President Trump to be restricted from mentioning Matthew Colangelo by name.  Fact-checkers also claimed that there is no evidence of Colangelo doing so in coordination with the Justice Department or Joe Biden.  Colangelo was the Acting Assistant Attorney General at the DOJ before leaving to take a senior line prosecutor job.


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