Defiant Joe Biden Vows to Fight for Re-Election During Call with Staff – Forgets Name of His Chief of Staff During Call

Joe Biden has addressed reports of people trying to push him out with one simple message: not on my watch. But in true Dementia Joe style, he could not go one day without proving why he is a national embarrassment.

NBC News Senior Correspondent Gabe Gutierrez reported that during a campaign staff call Wednesday, Biden vowed to continue running until the bitter end, and no one would stop him.

During the call, Biden said, “Let me say this as clearly as I possibly can, as simply and straightforward as I can: I am running. No one’s pushing me out. I’m not leaving.

“I’m in this race to the end and we’re going to win.”

Kamala Harris supported Biden during the call, saying, “We will not back down. We will follow our President’s lead. We will fight, and we will win.”

“Joe Biden has devoted his life to fighting for the people of our country. In this moment I know all of us are ready to fight for him.”

White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients also begged people during the meeting to ignore the “noise” and focus on governing.

But Biden could not go through a simple call with the friendliest possible audience without humiliating himself again. Trump Communications advisor Steven Cheung, who infiltrated a Biden campaign internal call yesterday, managed to get on the campaign staff call. He revealed that Dementia Joe had another distressing “episode” when he and Harris called in.

It turns out Biden forgot the name of HIS OWN CHIEF OF STAFF. Afterward, there was a long pause and awkward silence on the line as Biden’s “brain” froze again.

The Gateway Pundit revealed earlier today, Biden is reportedly worried he will not be able to save his candidacy if he’s unable to convince the American people that he has the mental acuity to handle the job following last week’s awful debate performance according to a key ally.

If Biden honestly believes he is fit for the job and is not just gaslighting America, then he is even more delusional than previously thought. Trump supporters are openly begging Biden to remain in the race as his poll numbers continue to crumble.


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