WW3 WATCH: North Korea Will Reportedly Send Troops To Help Russia in Ukraine War ‘Within a Month’

Another day, another distressing development threatening to turn the war in Ukraine into WW3.

The red lines on each side are being breached successively at a dizzying speed. Just yesterday it arose that Biden is about to approve American PMC troops to deploy to Ukraine ‘to help repair USW-made damaged equipment’, and we are now faced with the report that North Korea will send troops to Russian-held Donbas Oblast ‘within a month’.

So, there we have it: allies are starting to stack their chips openly into the theater of war.

It’s been a week since Vladimir Putin made his official state visit to the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea, where he and Kim Jong Un signed a defense pact.

Kyiv Post reported:

“The military treaty states: ‘In the event that any one of the two sides is put in a state of war by an armed invasion from an individual state or several states, the other side shall provide military and other assistance with all means in its possession without delay’.

In response to that Pyongyang announced early this week that it will be sending troops in the form of a military engineering unit to support Russian forces on the ground in the Donetsk region. The troops are expected to arrive on the battlefield as soon as next month.”

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Since September 2023, North Korea is reported to have already sent over 2 million rounds of artillery ammunition, as well as rockets for Russian multiple launch rocket systems and even ballistic missiles.

Active participation of North Korean troops is probable to escalate the conflict, since in the War of Ukraine there are not ‘safe deep rear areas’ anymore.

It’s an artillery-drone-missile war that kills everywhere.

‘Rocket Man’ Kim Jong Un.

Pentagon spokesperson Pat Ryder: “I think that if I were North Korean military personnel management, I would be questioning my choices on sending my forces to be cannon fodder in an illegal war against Ukraine – we’ve seen the kinds of casualties that Russian forces [have been taking].”

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Telegraph reported on the stated goal of the North Korean troops:

“North Korea will send a ‘large number’ of engineering and construction troops to help rebuild Russian-occupied cities in eastern Ukraine, according to reports. 

The soldiers will arrive as early as June and take part in ‘reconstruction’ works largely in the heavily bombed Donetsk region, TV Chosun reported, citing a South Korean government official.”

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“The report stated that the North Korean army has 10 engineering brigades, three out of four of which will be sent to Ukraine in exchange for an annual payment of $115 million (£92 million) from Russia.

‘The goal is to rebuild a city destroyed by fighting’, said the unnamed official, without specifying further on the location.”

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