ENDLESS ESCALATION: Biden Regime To Allow American Private Military Contractors To Deploy to Ukraine

Lately it seems that every day we are faced with yet another escalation by the Joe Biden administration from hell towards a military confrontation with Russia.

Days after Biden began allowing Kiev to fire US-supplied long range missiles on Russian territory, it now surfaces that he is about to allow American PMC companies to fight in the Ukraine war.

That’s American boots on the ground. And worse – on the side that’s being decimated by the overwhelmingly superior Russian air force, artillery, missile and drone capabilities.

Prepare the body bags.

US officials ‘familiar with the matter’ have disclosed that the administration will lift a ‘de facto ban’ on American military contractors deploying to Ukraine.

The current report say the deployments would be ‘to help the country’s military maintain and repair US-provided weapons systems’ – but we know how these things change, and furthermore, once they enter the theater of war, in whatever capacity, they will instantly become priority targets for all Russian firepower.

This is another significant shift towards war in the Biden administration’s Ukraine policy.

CNN reports:

“The policy is still being worked on by administration officials and has not received final sign-off yet from President Joe Biden, officials said.

‘We have not made any decisions and any discussion of this is premature’, said one administration official. ‘The president is absolutely firm that he will not be sending US troops to Ukraine’.”

The change in policy is likely to be enacted this year,

“US-provided military equipment that has sustained significant damage in combat has had to be transported out of the country to Poland, Romania, or other NATO countries for repairs, a process which takes time.  US troops are also available to help the Ukrainians with more routine maintenance and logistics, but only from afar via video chat or secure phone—an arrangement that has come with inherent limitations, since US troops and contractors are not able to work directly on the systems.”

The idea is to allow experienced, US government-funded contractors in Ukraine means to fix damaged, high-value equipment much faster.

While there are to be ‘risk mitigation plans’ to decrease threats to their employees, there is absolutely no guarantee that this will work.

In the Ukraine war, the threat of attack is not contained near the frontlines. Even the deep rear areas are constantly pounded by missiles and drones – so American boots in the ground will be in deadly danger all the time.

“Current and former officials familiar with the discussions about deploying contractors to Ukraine emphasized that the policy change will not result in the kind of overwhelming American contractor presence there that existed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Instead, it would likely result in anywhere from a few dozen to a couple hundred contractors working in Ukraine at a time.”

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