WATCH: Crooked Fulton County DA Fani Willis Gets Triggered Over the Way “Idiots” Pronounce Her Name as a Way to Supposedly Humiliate Her

Credit: Daily Caller/Fox News Channel Screenshot

Fulton County DA and homewrecker Fani Willis flashed her anger on Thursday over the pronunciation of her name while defending her corrupt prosecution against President Trump.

As Georgia Public Radio reported, Willis addressed a crowd gathered in Marietta for the African Methodist-Episcopal Planning Conference. The speech was held at the Turner Chapel AME Church and laughably focused on “criminal justice and equal treatment under the law.”

During the speech, Willis lashed out at critics who righteously blast her work while ironically insisting she’s ignoring them.

But then she quickly loses it over how supposed idiots pronounce her name. Willis claimed they call her “Fanny,” as in a woman’s rear, to embarrass her.


WILLIS: While they over there running their mouth, I’m over here paying them no mind.

See, I’m so tired of hearing these idiots call my name as ‘Fanny,’ in a way to attempt to humiliate me. Because like silly schoolboys, the name reminds them of a woman’s rear.

Fani is pronounced as FAH’-nee. Of course, multiple other individuals who are not Trump fans have probably pronounced Willis’s name as “Fanny.”

Are they all silly schoolboys as well?

Willis went on to whine about other names that critics have called her while she tries to throw President Trump behind bars. For instance, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani referred to Willis as a “ho” last weekend in Michigan.


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