Update: Fulton County Judge in Young Thug Case Issues “Show Cause” Order for ALL Parties in Illegal Ex Parte Meeting

Attorney Brian Steel prepares to be taken into custody by bailiffs in Fulton County – source: Law&Crime

Earlier this week, The Gateway Pundit reported on an absurd ex parte meeting that took place during the RICO trial of rapper Young Thug.  Judge Ural Granville held an ex parte meeting in his chambers that included the Fulton County prosecutors, their star witness Kenneth Copeland, and other staff from the State and the Court.  Defense counsel was notably absent from this meeting.

Brian Steel, the attorney for Jeffrey Williams (Young Thug), raised concern of that meeting that took place earlier that morning to the Court.  However, Judge Glanville was more interested in how Steel found out about the meeting rather than the ethics and legality of the meeting itself.  After unsuccessfully attempting to compel Steel to reveal his source, Glanville had Steel arrested and held in contempt.


In a new development, Judge Granville yesterday issued an Order to Show Cause to all parties involved, not just Williams’ attorney.  According to the document:

“…all individuals that were present for the ex parte conversation that took place in the Court’s chambers on the morning of June 10, 2024 – to include the witness Mr. Kenneth Copeland, his attorney Ms. Kayla Bumpus, and all representatives of the State and Court security personnel that were in attendance – are HEREBY ORDERED to Show Cause before the Honorable Ural Glanville…why one or more of them should not be held in contempt for disclosing information from the ex parte conversation to members of the Defense counsel.”

TownHall columnist and “Inside the Law” host Phil Holloway posted to X, “He is obsessed with finding the ‘leak’ – which was perfectly legal.”  Holloway goes on to say that he believes Glanville “should immediately step aside from this case and retire” and that “he seems to be emotionally invested in everything about this case.”


Holloway also posted an Emergency Motion for Supersedeas Bond on Criminal Contempt that was filed with the Georgia Court of Appeals by attorney Brian Steel:


Steel’s contempt charge ordered him to serve 20 weekends in the heinous Fulton County jail, where Trump RICO defendant Harrison Floyd was ordered to remain after being the sole defendant initially denied bail.  The jail also had an inmate was “eaten alive” by bed bugs in 2023.

source: @PhilHollowayEsq on X
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