HILAROUS! “Ask Your Doctor About Bidenica” – Trump Trolls Biden Before Debate With Ad for Sleep Aid “Made From 100% Joe Biden Press Conference” and Compilation of Joe Lying (VIDEO)

President Trump is leveling the playing field by showing the truth about Joe Biden before tonight’s rigged debate.

President Trump and Joe Biden will face off in the first presidential debate tonight. The debate will be hosted by CNN in Atlanta.

The microphones will be muted except when it is the candidate’s ‘turn’ to speak.

Of course, this is expected to be used against Trump, giving Biden a platform to lie about his administration’s failures unchecked.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, it appears that CNN may also implement a one or two-minute delay on the live feed of the upcoming debate and edit the broadcast in real time and further rig it for Biden.

After spending the week at Camp David and doing “debate prep,” such as practicing standing for 90 minutes straight, Biden is expected to be jacked up on stimulants so that he doesn’t keel over or start speaking gibberish. If he can actually speak English and stay awake tonight, Joe Biden will be applauded by his Democrat colleagues and leftists in the media. What an embarrassment.

President Trump has repeatedly called on Biden to take a drug test before the debate and offered to take one also. Trump is joined by former White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson in demanding Joe Biden take a drug test before and after the debate. However, the Biden Camp is officially refusing to drug test Joe Biden.

This is likely why CNN will force the press to watch a feed of the debate from a building across the street, citing the belief there may be a “medical emergency” involving one of the presidential candidates (Joe Biden). An overdose?

Trump shared two meme videos from FOX News radio host and comedian Jimmy Failla. One features an advertisement for a sleep aid medication “made from 100% Joe Biden press conference,” called “Bidenica.” The other

The Gateway Pundit previously reported on Failla’s epic “Keeps Falling” parody music video of Tom Pett’s hit “Free Falling.”

FOX News Saturday Night Host Jimmy Failla Releases “Keeps Falling” – The Ballad of Joe Biden… And HE NAILS IT! (Video)

“If you’re having trouble sleeping, ask your doctor about BIDENICA….” Trump said in a Truth Social post earlier today. The clip features videos of Joe Biden lying and facing brain malfunctions during public speeches.

"When they sold out American jobs and killed the Keystone pipeline, it kept me up all night worrying about how we pay our bills. But then I got Bidenica, and I've never slept," says one user of Bidenica.

Another child whose parents dope him up with Bidenica, like Biden's handlers do with stimulants, says, "Sometimes when I get hopped up on sugar, my parents give me Bidenica so I pass out. Other times, they give it to me during the day, probably so they can do the deed… Gross."

If you're having trouble sleeping, ask your doctor about Bidenica, the sleep aid made for 100% Joe Biden press conference.

Bidenica has a patented blend of confusion and forgetfulness that will calm the most overactive brains.

In another clip Trump shared on Truth, a compilation of Biden's lies about his upbringing, involvement in the Civil Rights movement, and his record, along with media headlines calling him a "terrible liar" or pointing out how many times he lied during one of his speeches, is set to a parody song titled "Biden Lies."

Watch below:

The left may attempt to steal another election with this confused serial liar, but the American public will no longer be fooled or threatened into silence.

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