Blinken Sits for Interview with Al-Jazeera News Anchor Who Expresses Hope for Israel’s Destruction

Jalal Chahda interviews Antony Blinken/Imatge: Video screenshot

Al-Jazeera news anchor Jalal Chahda is well known for his extremist views, including vocal praise and support for Hamas and other terror organizations, as well as opposing Israel’s very existence.

Yet this is the reporter with whom U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken chose to do an interview with on June 12.

In July 2014, Chahda posted, “I used to believe that armed resistance in occupied Palestine was one of the means of liberation, but today I have come to believe that armed resistance is the only means.”

Chahda also expressed support for Hamas’ tunnels, tweeting, “Gaza’s tunnels are the Zionists’ graveyard.”

On July 29, 2012, he wrote, “Today , on the day known as the Ninth of Av, the Jews in Israel  mark the destruction of their Temple. The hope is that we Arabs can soon celebrate Israel’s destruction and its expulsion from our region.

Image courtesy of MEMRI

Blinken chose to give Chahda, who has openly expressed praise for terrorists and cheered for the destruction of Israel, access to one of the most senior officials in the Biden administration.


Visit MEMRI for a detailed collection of tweets showing Chahda’s extreme views.




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