Rep. Adam Schiff’s Car Ransacked in San Francisco, Forcing Him to Give Speech in Hiking Vest

Credit: Fox News

Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff had his car was vandalized in San Francisco this week, forcing him to attend a dinner party without the appropriate attire.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Schiff was given a rude introduction to the crime-ridden city as he works to drum up support for his Senatorial campaign:

Hello to the city, goodbye to your luggage. That was Senatorial candidate Adam Schiff’s rude introduction to San Francisco’s vexing reputation for car burglaries Thursday when thieves swiped the bags from his car while it sat in a downtown parking garage.

The heist meant the Democratic congressman got stuck at a fancy dinner party in his shirt sleeves and a hiking vest while everyone else sat in suits. Not quite the look the man from Burbank was aiming for as he rose to thank powerhouse attorney Joe Cotchett for his support in his bid to replace the late Dianne Feinstein in the U.S. Senate.

Schiff’s car had been parked in the garage while he visited the area for a couple of days of appearances, which included a jaunt south to Burlingame for the dinner at Ristorante Rocca. Cotchett said Schiff was unruffled by the kerfuffle, and carried on as though everything was fine. 

San Francisco is renowned for its shocking levels of lawlessness, with crimes such as shoplifting, drug dealing and acts of public disorder routinely ignored by authorities and local prosecutors.

Meanwhile, Schiff, a proven liar and conspiracy theorist, remains fully commited to the far-left Democratic agenda and is very likely to become California’s next Senator in November.

Earlier this month, he expressed fear that Donald Trump would throw him in prison if he wins back the White House in November.

“We’re taking this seriously because we have to,” Schiff said about risks to his freedom. “We’ve seen this movie before … and how perilous it is to ignore what someone is saying when they say they want to be a dictator.”

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