EXCLUSIVE: GOP Rep. Tom Tiffany Speaks to The Gateway Pundit After Police Called at Secret Illegal Immigrant Housing Facility in Tucson, AZ – Says He’s Asked Jim Jordan to Hold Public Hearing on NGOs Aiding and Abetting Invasion

Rep. Tom Tiffany (left), Rep. Doug LaMalfa (right)

GOP representative Tom Tiffany (R-WI) spoke to The Gateway Pundit on Monday to discuss his experience at an illegal alien compound, where employees called law enforcement on him in Tucson, Arizona.

More than 11 million illegals have been let into our country, transported, clothed, and housed at the expense of American citizens on Joe Biden’s watch. One Border Patrol agent at the Lukeville, Arizona border port of entry told The Gateway Pundit that illegals from all over the world turn themselves in at the ports of entry because they know they’ll be given a free pass on Biden’s invitation despite not qualifying for asylum or planning to work in America. “It doesn’t matter,” said the agent.

Rep. Tiffany told The Gateway Pundit, “In Whitewater, Wisconsin, in the southern part of the state, population of 15,000, they have 1,000 illegal immigrants in their community, and they don’t know how to pay for it.” He added, “It’s a microcosm of what’s going on in Chicago and New York.”

Representatives Tom Tiffany (R-WI) and Doug LaMalfa (R-CA) recently stopped at the secret Casa Alitas illegal immigrant housing compound in Tucson, Arizona, to investigate how federal funds are being used to transport and house immigrants who illegally crossed the border.

One employee can be seen in the video below refusing to grant entry or answer the lawmakers’ questions and telling them the manager was not around to answer their questions.

“Call 911,” another employee shouted repeatedly while refusing to answer questions after Rep. Tiffany simply introduced himself. She then began practically running away from him and acting like she was being intimidated by the two Congressmen.

“We’ll be urging the Judiciary Committee, Ma’am. You can pass that on to the higher-ups that we should have a hearing down here, and I think we should probably; we should be doing a tour here also,” Rep. Tiffany told the woman.

Tiffany told The Gateway Pundit, “Quite honestly, I was not surprised by the reaction because they do not want us to know what’s going on. The NGOs work in the shadows; they work very quietly. If the American people understood the full extent of what they are doing, being complicit in the illegal immigration chain that is going on across the world, bringing people into the United States, if there was full transparency, the American people would rise up against them. They don’t want us to know what they’re doing.”

The Gateway Pundit recently reported on the video footage of Reps. Tiffany and LaMalfa arrived at the facility and requested access. The two were immediately met with pushback from employees and accused of trespassing. A Pima County Sheriff’s Deputy was eventually called to stop them.

To add more “irony,” said Rep. Tiffany, he ran into four male Guatemalan illegal immigrants at the Tucson airport, who were carrying papers from the shelter with instructions to get to Philadelphia!

Similarly, as The Gateway Pundit reported, James O’Keefe was accosted by sheriff’s deputies last week when he attempted to report on the Casa Alitas human smuggling operation in Tucson.

WATCH: James O’Keefe Infiltrates Secret Illegal Alien Compound in Tucson, Arizona – Threatened With Arrest by Gestapo Sheriff’s Deputies

Casa Alitas is a a humanitarian aid project committed to helping asylum-seekers in Tucson, Arizona, after ICE and Border Patrol releases them into detention, according to their webpage. The group is part of a program under the globalists at Catholic Community Services.

After last week’s betrayal by three RINOs who voted against impeaching DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the House will vote tonight to try to impeach Mayorkas again. “Very clearly, Mayorkas has lied to Congress and the American people, and he has failed to uphold his duty to the Constitution, which is to carry out the laws of the United States of America. He’s not doing that, and so I think there’s at least two things that are impeachable offenses,” Tiffany added.

Read the transcript from The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson’s conversation with Representative Tiffany below:

CONRADSON: This one girl, who was an employee of the nonprofit, was acting downright intimidated and running from you as she shouted, “Call 911!” What was she so afraid of?

TIFFANY: I believe she was an assistant manager, and I believe she was given specific instructions. They had the James O’Keefe thing that happened the day before, I think it was. And I think she was given specific instructions: If anything like this happens again, you immediately call the Sheriff’s Department because the security person that was there, who was the first person we talked to at the cones of the entrance to the hotel, the first thing he said is this is private property, you cannot go on it. So that was the mantra that was repeated. And then you cannot come on to this property, and as you saw with the assistant manager, it was immediately call the Sheriff; this is unacceptable.

CONRADSON: You think she’s an assistant manager. Do you think they were being honest with you when they said there was no manager there for you to speak to?

TIFFANY: I have no idea. But I mean, that’s part of the reason why we were stopping there is let’s see what is happening. These are federal dollars that are going through the NGO Casa Alitas. And you know, one of the functions that we undertake as Congress is oversight, meaning really just oversight. We want to be able to report back to our constituents and the American people that this is what is happening with your tax dollars.

CONRADSON: And so when you did eventually get the sheriff’s deputy called on you, he got to the scene, and he also appeared to not be so forthcoming with you saying, “All I know is this is a hotel that houses people,” and he acted like he didn’t know the name of the organization. I don’t know the inner workings of a sheriff’s department, but I would think the top law enforcement officials in the county are briefed on what’s going on. Do you believe that he doesn’t know about what they’re protecting in his own jurisdiction of Pima County?

TIFFANY: Well, the first reaction by the sheriff’s deputy, I thought, was appropriate, and he’s just trying to sort out, what’s the dispute here? I mean, you think about that’s what they do for a living dispute resolution. And I think he was just trying to figure out okay, what’s the dispute here? Who are the players, and how should I be reacting to this? So, I thought he was fair in that manner. But to the ultimate question of the sheriff’s department, I would believe, knows what is going on at the Ramada Inn at the Casa Alitas near the airport.

CONRADSON: When you got to the airport, what kind of stuff did you see there?

TIFFANY: It was at the height of irony, we leave the Ramada, and I had a flight in about an hour leaving from the Tucson airport, and I’m walking in the airport, finding the location where I need to go to check my bags. And four, it turns out to be Guatemalans and of course all young males, and they came up to me handed me a piece of paper and you saw on the piece of paper the very top of it says, “I do not speak English. And can you help me,” and so I immediately took a picture and sent it to my staff but then told them that they should go to the Delta desk I pointed out where the Delta desk and they should get their answers there. But I thought it was the height of irony that here are these four Guatelmalans who had just stayed at Casa Alitas, and now had papers that were going to take them to Phoenix and then to Philadelphia. There end destination was Philadelphia as you saw on the paper, but you know, I guess I shouldn’t say it’s ironic, because I’m sure the Tucson airport is funneling these people out one after another.

CONRADSON: will the judiciary committee or the Natural Resources Committee be holding a public hearing on this?

TIFFANY: I don’t know the answer to that. I have asked Chairman Jordan, for us to have a hearing on this issue because it continues. While it initially was not a top issue in the many facets of illegal immigration, you know, just the various layers of the onion here that is illegal immigration, people are becoming more and more aware that there are these NGOs and so-called charitable organizations that are being paid to assist in the invasion of our country. And I think it’s our duty as elected representatives to highlight that they are part of the invasion. They are a part of it every bit as much as IOM, the United Nations group, the International Organization for Migration. They are a part of it every bit as much as the federal government. They are a part of it as the cartels are, and I know they take umbrage when I link them with the cartels, but they are one of the links in the chain here. Just like the cartels are a link in the chain.

Contact House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan to urge him to hold a public hearing and question the heads of these NGOs here!

Watch below:

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