“We Have Committed That 50% of The Class Will Be Women and People of Color” – United Airlines CEO Admits to DEI Quota Because There are too Many White Men Flying Airplanes

United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby

Meritocracy is dead.

United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby, in a recent interview, admitted that they are no longer seeking the most qualified candidates to safely transport their passengers on commercial flights.

Instead, Kirby says, “We have committed that 50% of the classes will be women or people of color,” instead of the most qualified individuals they can find.

What could go wrong with putting one’s skin color or gender over safety and competency?

Anti-whiteness appears to be evolving into a trend in the airline industry.

As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier, a source from Delta Airlines has revealed that the company, in a leaked memo, is asking its employees to capitalize the words “Black” and “Brown” but not “White” when describing one’s race.

Racist Delta Airlines Sends Memo to Employees Asking Them to Capitalize “Black” & “Brown” but Write “White” in Lowercase – Format Follows Far-Left Associated Press Guidelines

It is unclear whether or not United follows this writing format, but the United CEO boasts their discriminatory hiring practices.

To add some irony to this story, Mark Cuban, in an unhinged, explicative-filled rant on James O’Keefe, said, “DEI has nothing to do with quotas, and only a f*cking moron thinks DEI has to do with quotas.” Watch O’Keefe’s full interview with far-left, Trump-hater Mark Cuban here.

Despite Mark Cuban’s delusions, John Kirby, without using the word “quota,” said his DEI quota for women and people of color is 50%.

Via Libs of TikTok:

INTERVIEWER: How is diversity and diversity targets working into the Aviator Academy?

KIRBY: We have committed that 50% of the classes will be women or people of color. Today, only 19% of our pilots at United Airlines are women or people of color. And by the way, from all the data I’ve seen, that’s the highest of any airline in the country.

INTERVIEWER: White males don’t just dominate in the cockpit. It’s also in the C suite at United Airlines.

KIRBY: Well, look, at United, I’m proud of the diversity that we actually have in our C suite. I think if you look around corporate America…

INTERVIEWER: So this is just based off your website, the people you list as executives, but out of 11 people, three are women, I believe one is a person of color.

KIRBY: Um… That’s correct. But, you know, in corporate America, I think, you know…

INTERVIEWER: That’s a low bar. How do you raise your own bar?

KIRBY: Well, a lot of this is, you know, focusing on it. We have programs to one of the things we do is for every job when we’re doing an interview, we require women and people of color to be involved in the interview process, bringing people in early in their careers, as well, and giving them those opportunities and creating a stronger bench.

“INSANITY!!!” said conservative pundit and former California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder.

Wall Street Silver, a popular finance account on X, warned people that they should not fly with an airline that puts woke DEI standards over safety:

“At this point, I think people really need to think twice about flying on United. The top priority of any airline on 100% of their hiring, especially pilots and mechanics, needs to be safety. Anyone who thinks DEI (racism) should play any role in hiring, that person needs to be removed from the process. The board of directors should terminate the CEO immediately and focus on safety, and only safety.”

Elon Musk also chimed in, saying, “This is messed up.”

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