Senator Ted Cruz Blasts Biden’s Broken Immigration Policy: “The Border Agents Laughed-Democrats Don’t Visit Here” (Video)

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) blasted the Biden Administration’s broken immigration policy and questioned the president’s motives amid the humanitarian crisis at the border.

His comments came after a visit late last week to the Rio Grande Valley at the southern border. John Barrasso (R-WY), Mike Lee (R-UT), and Pete Ricketts (R-NE) joined Senator Cruz and Senator John Cornyn(R-TX) for the visit on the heels of Biden’s request for more funding for his failed immigration strategy.

“When we were down there, we asked the Border Patrol Agents, we said, ‘How many Democrats come down to do this?’ And they laughed.  They said ‘Oh, Democrats don’t do this.'”

“A couple of Democrats have been to the border. They don’t go on midnight patrols. They don’t go actually encounter the illegal immigrants. We now know Joe Biden went to the border once, he went El Paso, and he instructed his advance team, ‘clean all the illegal immigrants out.'”

“He said, according to the White House, said he did not encounter a single illegal immigrant when he was there.  He only went to a bridge,  he met with government officials and he left. That is deliberate.”

This week, Cruz shared additional insights on the visit on his podcast, “Verdict” about what he saw.

“One of the things we learned, which I had never heard, which is in the past year, the Biden administration has put out new guidelines for pursuit of illegal aliens. This is illegal aliens that are running, that are trying to get away. And the guidelines, you’d have to effectively call them guidelines for non-pursuit, because they are told you cannot pursue illegal aliens if there is anything that could potentially endanger someone’s safety.”

He also relayed a disturbing scene that unfolded during a midnight patrol involving women and children that hinted at possible signs of human trafficking.

“The one that was haunting for me was in the back there was this man, a grown man, maybe 35 years old. And he was with a little girl who was 10. And he said she was his daughter. She said he was her dad. It was obvious to everyone he was not her father.”

“He had his arm around her. And it was like locked tight, like he was holding her, almost so she wouldn’t run away. And the look of terror in that little girl’s face. She was so frightened of this large, sweaty man who had his arm around her and was saying he was her father. And there’s a frustration and helplessness that there’s nothing we can do, that nothing the Border Patrol can do. Because when they take them in, the Biden administration instructs them ‘release them.’”

Cruz shared that Biden’s decision to cancel DNA testing at the border  makes it harder, if not impossible, to determine if children were entering the country with their actual parents or with traffickers.

“Biden canceled the DNA test. Like, you want to talk about one of the great scandals, these Democrats who prance around and say they’re so compassionate, they no longer test to find out if father and alleged daughter or father and alleged son are related because they don’t want to know, they don’t care. They are perfectly happy just leaving a pedophile with a little girl or a little boy who’s being abused.”


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