Ronna McDaniel Has Train Wreck Interview on Laura Ingraham After Republicans Suffer More Election Losses (VIDEO)

Fox News host Laura Ingraham confronted RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel about her abysmal record after Democrats had another successful election night earlier this week.

Republicans have suffered losses under Ronna McDaniel’s leadership. Republicans got crushed in 2018, 2020, 2022, and 2023.

Earlier this week, Ronna McDaniel was confronted about the RNC’s lack of involvement in Virginia’s election. Virginia Democrats retained control of the state senate and flipped the House of Delegates from red to blue.

Things were so bad on Tuesday night that Susanna Gibson, a porn star who performed online sex acts for ‘tokens’ narrowly lost her election to Republican David Owen.

An amateur porn star almost won a seat in Virginia’s House of Delegates!

“The RNC had no involvement in these elections in Virginia, per Governor Youngkin’s request?!” Larry O’Connor said.

“Well, we were told…they didn’t need us, that they had all they money and they were good, so that was a conversation…” Ronna McDaniel said.


Steve Bannon and John Solomon this week called on Ronna McDaniel to resign following another disastrous performance.

Ronna “Romney” McDaniel appeared on Fox News to defend her abysmal record.

The entire interview was a total train wreck. It was hard to watch.


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