Biden’s Border Crisis: Hundreds Of Illegal Aliens Cross the Rio Grande Into Eagle Pass, Texas (VIDEO)

The invasion at the southern border continues with literally no end in sight. Let us once again thank the Biden regime for this disaster.

Earlier on Wednesday, a large group of illegal aliens crossed the Rio Grande into Eagle Pass, Texas. One would ask, where is the Border Patrol? Instead of protecting the border and preventing this invasion, many of our great agents are instead being used to process illegals and then let them into our country.

More than 10 million illegal aliens have crossed over the US border since Joe Biden was installed in January 2021.


This is happening because those that are crossing into the U.S. illegally won’t be stopped. They understand that the Biden regime will let them in. This is a coordinated and intentional effort to flood our country with illegals.

Our Constitution under Article 4, section 4 gives the United States the power and the obligation to protect us from invasion. This is clearly an invasion.

The Gateway Pundit has been consistently reporting on the invasion at the border. In September the report showed illegals flooding into Eagle Pass Texas with help from the Border Patrol. They were helped by the Border Patrol as they cut the barbed wire to help them cross into the U.S.

In September, Customs and Border Protection cut a barbed wire barrier and allowed illegal aliens to flood into Eagle Pass, Texas. You can thank Joe for that.

“Eagle Pass, Texas where just moments ago, Customs and Border Protection cut a hole through the constantina wire that has been stretched by Texas DPS along the border there to allow migrants to come through. It was initially a group of about 60 to 70 people. It swelled to some 300 very, very quickly.”



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