REPLAY: President Trump Delivers Remarks to United Auto Workers in Clinton Township, MI During Second Republican Primary Debate (VIDEO)

Former President Donald Trump speaks at the Turning Point Action Conference at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, on July 15.

President Trump is delivering remarks to UAW members in Clinton Township, Michigan, as their strike for higher wages and many fear Joe Biden’s electric car mandates will ship jobs to China.

The President departed for Michigan aboard Trump Force One at approximately 4:40 pm ET.

Via Dan Scavino:

This event is being held at Drake Enterprises manufacturing facility at 24800 Capital Boulevard, Clinton Township, MI.

President Trump is expected to speak at 8pm ET, according to a press release. Watch live coverage of the event below.

AP reports,

As his Republican rivals gather onstage in California for their second primary debate, former President Donald Trump will be in battleground Michigan on Wednesday night working to win over blue-collar voters in the midst of an autoworkers’ strike.

The Republican front-runner’s trip comes a day after President Joe Biden became the first sitting president in U.S. history to walk a picket line as he joined United Auto Workers in Detroit. The union is pushing for higher wages, shorter work weeks and assurances from the country’s top automakers that new electric vehicle jobs will be unionized.

The dueling appearances preview what will likely be a chief dynamic of the 2024 general election, which is increasingly looking like a rematch between Trump and Biden. Michigan is expected to again be a critical battleground state as both candidates try to paint themselves as champions of the working class.

Trump’s decision to skip another debate comes as he maintains a commanding lead in the GOP primary — even as he faces four separate criminal indictments — and as his campaign works to pivot to the general election months before primary voting is set to begin next year.

“This is nothing more than a PR stunt from Crooked Joe Biden to distract and gaslight the American people from his disastrous Bidenomics policies that have led to so much economic misery across the country,” President Trump said in a statement about Biden’s campaign stop in Michigan. “The fact is that President Trump will be the nominee and will. beat Biden because he’s the only person who can supercharge the economy, secure our border, and safeguard our communities.”

As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier, Union workers are worried that Joe Biden and the radical left’s push for electric vehicles will cause job loss. President Trump has vowed to keep manufacturing and jobs in America instead of China like Crooked Joe Biden wants.

“If the UAW “leadership” doesn’t ENDORSE me, and if I don’t win the Election, the Autoworkers are “toast,” with our great truckers to follow,” said President Trump on Truth Social. 

President Trump to Deliver Remarks TONIGHT to United Auto Workers in Clinton Township, MI During Second Republican Primary Debate

President Trump also released a video statement one week ago, highlighting Joe Biden’s “extreme leftwing policies” and “cripling mandates,” saying, “If Biden’s assault is not stopped, American auto-production will be totally DEAD.” He concluded, “If you want to have an auto industry, you need to defeat Joe Biden–HE’S A CORRUPT PRESIDENT–and reelect President Donald J. Trump. Thank you very much; we will take care of you.”

Trump leads Joe Biden by six points in a recent General Election poll. The Democrats will need to pull out the old ballot trafficking and secret counting tricks as the indictments and attempts to remove Trump from the ballot fail.

President Trump is the only candidate who can take on the Swamp and beat Old, Stubmbly Joe Biden in a General Election.

Watch Trump’s full speech below via Right Side Broadcasting Network:

President Donald J. Trump is expected to address former and current United Auto Workers about the ongoing UAW strike in Detroit.

Broadcast is expected to begin at 6:00 p.m. ET

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