Gov’t-Funded Migrant Healthcare Staffing Firm Was Paying $200/Hour For Workers at Migrant Facilities; Two Made $14,000 and $20,000 in ONE WEEK

Chicago residents have just about reached their limit with city officials who are bending over backwards to accommodate illegal immigrants while US citizens are being widely ignored.  Meetings across the city are attended by outraged residents who have asked about closing the state or city’s borders in order to thwart Joe Biden’s failed immigration policy.

On Thursday, The Gateway Pundit reported that Mayor Brandon Johnson has signed a $29 million contract with Garda World to construct six camps across the city to house 200 to 1,400 migrants per zone.  Migrants will receive bedding, laundry, showers, and three meals per day, which is more than most homeless people are afforded despite being citizens.

Homeless migrants have been housed at police stations and at Chicago O’Hare airport, behind black curtains to keep them concealed from the public view.  The local police union even suggested that City Hall house migrants, as reported by The Gateway Pundit.

The City of Chicago has budged millions for the migrant crisis and expects to spend $302 million by the end of the year.  This is seemingly in addition to federal funding.  So where is that money going?

NBC 5 Chicago requested documents to show where the money was going.  Some of the records they’ve received thus far have showed that some employees of these migrant shelters are making at least $135 per hour.  Invoices show some employees are making almost $200 per hour!

The obtained invoices from Favorite Healthcare Staffing show that a facility manager made $14,000 in just one week in December and a nurse made over $20,000 in one week!  Favorite Healthcare Staffing is based out of Kansas and has been paid at least $56 million since last October to help care for the 13,000 migrants in Chicago, according to NBC 5’s investigation.

Alderman Raymond Lopez of the 15th Ward seemed shocked by the numbers.  He told NBC 5:

To see invoices like that are disgusting.  They’re outrageous.  They should be cause for an immediate investigation.

The City of Chicago is still withholding numerous documents showing where the “hundreds of millions of dollars” are being spent.  A letter was previously sent by the Attorney General’s Office to the City, however, that letter was reportedly ignored.

Chicago is currently facing a $538 million budget shortfall, with more than one-third of that attributed to the Joe Biden’s migrant crisis.

More Than a Third of Chicago’s 2024 $538 Million Budget Shortfall Tied to Migrant Crisis

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