What Is Wrong With Joe? New Video Shows Smiling Biden Again Refusing to Comment on Maui Fire While on Delaware Beach Vacation

Vacationing Joe Biden refused entreaties three times on Sunday by reporters asking him to speak to the American people about the devastating fire on Maui that has killed upwards of 100 people killed and left about 1000 unaccounted for.

Biden spent the weekend at his vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Sunday morning he rode his bike past reporters, just saying “We’re looking at it” when asked about Maui and later in the day saying “No comment,” when asked about Maui as he left the beach. (TGP reports by Cristina Laila here and here.)

New video broadcast Monday but taken on Sunday shows Biden saying, “No, no comment,” when asked about Maui and then smiling and waving at reporters who were begging for a comment as he got in the presidential SUV.

Reports from Sunday on Biden blowing off commenting on Maui:


Meanwhile, Kamala Harris was at Martha’s Vineyard over the weekend.

On Maui, New York Times reporter Kellen Browning reported survivors were sleeping outdoors and having to fend for themselves due to the slow, inadequate response from the Hawaii and federal governments:

“Most evacuees have found places to sleep in shelters or with friends. But at least a few dozen people camped out here last night under shade tents or trees, according to Ryan Taylor, who set up the site. The Ritz Carlton is apparently taking some of them in tonight.”

“A group of locals in Honokowai were filling up gas cans on their own dime to distribute to towns in need. Power is back in west Maui, some places have Starlink and cell towers are being set up. But still no large-scale govt presence where we were.”

Browning posted a gift link to his Times article.

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