Two of Three Voters Do Not Support Biological Males Playing Female Sports

Most Americans do not support biological men who identify as transgender being allowed to play female sports.

A Center Square Voters’ Voice poll of 2,500 registered voters across the U.S., conducted by Noble Predictive Insights, found that 67 percent of voters do not support allowing males to play female sports.

The pollsters report that men who took the poll were 75 percent against allowing transgender females to play girls’ or women’s sports and women were 60 percent opposed.

Nearly half of all Democrats even oppose the far-left agenda to allow boys to compete against girls.

“Republicans were 89% opposed, 6% supportive and 5% unsure, while Democrats were 45% opposed, 36% supportive and 19% unsure,” the pollsters report. “The only subsection of voters to support transgender females playing female sports was those who identified as ‘strong Democrats.’ Those ‘strong Democrats’ were 43% supportive with 37% opposed and 20% unsure.”

The poll also found that two out of three voters who describe themselves as independent were against allowing transgender females from playing female sports.

The founder of Noble Predictive Insights said that the Biden administration has “really embraced” this far-left effort.

“The group driving that support are very left-leaning Democrats,” said Mike Noble, founder and CEO of Noble Predictive Insights, which conducted the poll. “It is pushed by Democrats on the left. Biden’s administration has really embraced it.”

For this reason, Noble believes that this is a good issue for Republicans to tackle ahead of the election.

“This is a huge opportunity for Republicans this election to use it as wedge issue,” Noble said. “They don’t have a lot of wedge issues. This is a good issue for Republicans.”

Noble Predictive surveyed 1,000 registered Republicans, 1,000 registered Democrats, and 500 independents, culminating in a sample size of 2,500 from July 31 to August 3.


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