San Francisco’s Sold-Out ‘Doom Loop’ Tour of Drug-Infested City Cancelled, Counter ‘Positive Walk’ Ends Up with Same Tour of Addicts and Homeless Camps

A SF Anonymous Insider planned a ‘doom loop’ tour of drug-infested San Francisco touting an up-close-and-personal experience of a Blue city that is a “model of urban decay,”

Locals and tourists paid $30 a ticket, but controversy around the event forced the anonymous tour guide to cancel the walk.

The New York Post reports, “Community activist Del Seymour and others with the nonprofit Code Tenderloin — who had gathered at the tour’s designated starting point to protest the event — “then led about 70 people on an nearly 2-mile “anti-doom loop tour” through areas such as City Hall, Union Square, Mid-Market and the Tenderloin District.”

As it turns out, the ‘Positive Walk’ provided the exact same snapshot of the decaying city.

The streets of San Francisco have turned into a third world jungle under progressive Democratic Party rule. Video taken last week shows smash and grab car burglars cruising the city in a white Lexus, letting a burglar out of the passenger side to peek in windows of parked cars and smash the windows of those that have stuff to steal.

Conditions in the city have deteriorated to the point where government employees who normally report to work at a downtown federal building have been told to work from home.

From The New York Post:

One of their stops, the Civic Center district, was eerily empty except for half-baked drug addicts bent over after taking a hit on fentanyl and other drugs.

As the tour group walked past shuttered stores such as the Whole Foods grocery store on Market Street, drug deals were happening in broad daylight.

A homeless man yelled at some in the group as they passed by the encampments.

As Seymour took the group to the Glide Memorial Church and a nightclub called the Power Exchange in the Tenderloin neighborhood, participants passed by rows of tents, many with homeless addicts passed out inside.

In the corners, men exchanged crumpled up money for balls of foil.

Some openly smoked fentanyl and other drugs as the tour group walked past them.

Sounds like the ‘Positive Walk’ delivered what the ‘doom loop’ tour promised.



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