Videos From The Streets of San Francisco: Smash and Grab Car Burglars Filmed in Broad Daylight; Homeless Camp Burns on City Sidewalk

The streets of San Francisco have turned into a third world jungle under progressive Democratic Party rule. The latest videos from the City by the Bay, one filmed Wednesday, the other on Thursday, showcase a city in steep decline.

A video taken Wednesday shows smash and grab car burglars cruising the city in a white Lexus, letting a burglar out of the passenger side to peek in windows of parked cars and smash the windows of those that have stuff to steal.

The video taken Thursday shows a homeless encampment on a sidewalk in front of a business on a busy street engulfed in flames as cars and pedestrians pass by like it is an everyday occurrence.

First the fire video, posted by KPIX-TV reporter Betty Yu, “SoMa resident shared video of this fire near an encampment w me. It happened at Mission & 7th today”

The car burglars video was posted by KTVU-TV. The burglars do not appear concerned they are being followed and filmed by a car driving behind them as they cruise the streets, peeking in cars, smashing windows and scooping out valuables.

KTVU reporter Henry Lee posted the video to TwitterX, “These guys in Lexus bipped cars all over SF’s Fisherman’s Wharf, one by one. “I started following them, and they just didn’t care, obviously, that they were being followed or not, and it kept happening,” witness tells me.”

KTVU reported: “The San Francisco Police Department has not responded to KTVU’s inquiries about the auto burglaries.”

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