President Trump and Other Conservatives Drop “Incredible” Mugshot Memes on Social Media Mocking and Blasting Democrats’ Attempts to Destroy Him

As Jim Hoft previously reported, President Trump was booked last night in Fulton County on speech charges. He officially arraigned on 13 charges related to his effort to challenge the 2020 election in Georgia.

While Trump was arraigned, they took his mugshot after he was booked at the Fulton County jail and released it for the world to see.

Liberals were no doubt hoping the booking photo would humiliate Trump and demoralize his supporters. But the opposite happened instead.

First, Team Trump utilized the mugshot to launch a fundraising bonanza. Then the memes from Trump supporters took over the Internet.

As one can see below, they do a remarkable job making Trump look like an absolute boss and turning the tables on the Democrats who sought to embarrass him. One individual remarked on how “incredible” the memes he had seen were.

Then the 45th President reposted one on his Truth Social Account.


Finally, Trump shared a meme showing a doctored photo of his mugshot surrounded by guns. Among those targeting Trump in the photo are the “globalists,” the “swamp,” the “deep state,” “RINOs,” and “Marxists.”

Credit: Trump Truth Social


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