NYC Restaurateur Pulling Out of Hotel Turned Migrant Shelter

Leftist restaurateur Danny Meyer is getting hit right between the eyes with results of the policies he embraces.

Two of Meyer’s New York City restaurants, Maialino and Marta, are being shuttered after the hotel housing was converted into a migrant shelter.

New York is disintegrating under the weight of Biden’s broken border policy.

The Gateway Pundit reported on a former New York City hotel worker’s shocking claims about what’s going on in migrant hotels including drugs, crime and destruction.

In May, New York City Mayor Eric Adams complained that 50% of the city’s hotel rooms are now occupied by illegal migrants. This is a massive loss in tourism dollars for the city.

And, even while closing the restaurants and the negative economic that has on the neighborhood, employees and other businesses, a statement from Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group continues his virtue signaling.

NY Eater reports:

As tenants of the Redbury, our two restaurants, which occupy the lobby floor, have been eagerly anticipating the hotel’s full post-pandemic reopening. Now, as the Redbury partners with the City to house asylum seekers, it’s become clear that the timeline for that reopening has been extended indefinitely. While we admire and respect the Redbury’s decision, the viability of our business relies significantly on hotel-related F&B operations, including event venues and the lobby bar, spaces that are now unavailable for our use.

We remain fully supportive of the Redbury’s initiative and will continue advocating for policy change that expedites work permits for asylum seekers.

The Shake Shack founder  fully embraced COVID mandates and required  both employees AND customers to show proof of vaccine to get inside their restaurants.

When Iran fired off missiles at US bases in Iraq following the funeral of Qassem Soleimani, Meyer partied with Nancy Pelosi at his Maialino Mare restaurant in Washington DC.

But fill a hotel with illegals and the restaurateur cuts and runs.


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