New Episode of The Political Prisoner Podcast: Capitol Policeman Steals Roseanne Boyland’s Ambulance to Hospital? Yes!

Breaking news from The Gateway Pundit’s very own Alicia Powe on The Political Prisoner Podcast this week – A Capitol Police Officer JUMPED the line on Roseanne Boyland to take an ambulance to the hospital and, of all things,   to treat pepper spray residue on his genitals!

Alicia reports Roseanne’s lifeless body was in a stretcher waiting for the next ambulance to take her to the hospital for possible resuscitation measures, when a Capitol Police Officer STOLE her ride to the hospital and was treated in less than 12 minutes!

We have seen another recent truth finding report by Alicia on The Gateway Pundit surrounding Roseanne Boyland, a 34 year old unarmed female Trump supporter who was murdered on the steps of the Capitol by Capitol Police.

Jake Lang is credited with attempting to save Roseanne’s life from the crush of falling protestors by pulling on her body for minutes, trying to dislodge her, and waving frantically to the police to stop pummeling more people on top of her.

See the full story by watching ‘The Truth About January 6’ documentary on . The documentary was originally aired on Gateway Pundit last year on Rumble.

Watch the interview with Alicia:

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